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Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Learning How To Make Money Online

So what is the best way make money online no scams? Today wanted to share just that and what I found that worked for me, and also share other ways to earn money online that are not so great.Ill will start by talking about Affiliate Marketing for my first pick in earning money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process where you earn commission for selling other people’s products or services. Example would be I have a website about shoes and I found shoes on amazon that I like, and like amazon they have a affiliate program where you earn commission for selling their products, so when I promote those shoes or write a review on them I then could make commission off that item. Amazon or other affiliate site’s other give you a affiliate link with your own code that you use to direct other people to. Depending if you get traffic to your site or not and if your content is found useful.

Things you need to make money with Affiliate Marketing

  • Website
  • Traffic
  • Content that Converts

But before even all of that you will need to learn how to build a site and how to get it ranked so you can get traffic and start making money. Biggest mistake people do seem to make with this business is that they go after the money instead of trying just to help people in their niche. When you do start affiliate marketing put your mind on creating content that helps people instead just selling things to people.

How to Get Started?

To get started with Affiliate Marketing I recommend you read my best way to learn Affiliate Marketing post  and that should point you in the right direction.

MLM or Direct Sales

MLM or direct sales is another way that you might notice a lot of folks promoting their stuff online. MlM  is a multi level marketing and sometimes people call it a scam, which in a lot of cases there are many scams so knowing which company to join is very important. Direct sales is company’s like Avon ,Monat Global ,Mary Kay and many others these are called direct sales they are based more on talking to people and building your business socially online and by talking to people face to face.

Pros of MLM

  • Residual income


  • A lot of time do not have a product that you can promote more based on referrals and usually get shutdown quickly
  • Start Up Cost’s and monthly memberships could get costly if your not making any money
  • Usually Bad Training

If you Join MLM or Direct Sale thing to look out for

Make sure when you join a company the company has a good product that you can promote, because if there is no product or legit product or service company fail. Watch out for get rich quick schemes and also what they call ponzi schemes. Look for company’s that have good product and free start up cost’s or low start up costs if you decide to join. My personal recommendation is do not but If you do decide I will recommend Monat Global a hair product company that been out for only year  and still you will have the opportunity to be on top since not many people know about it because it is new and the products are great!


What are surveys? Well it is as it sound you get paid for your opinion. Ill keep this one short and sweet paid survey are great for those that do not need a lot of money. Most surveys that I have done and I have experience of about a year worth of surveys and Ill tell you that you will not make a living doing it you can get some spare cash for the movies and gas for your car. So far the only way I saw people make some decent money with survey’s is by referring other folks.


  • Survey’s are legit but also a lot of scam out there so be careful
  • Can make some spare cash


  • Time consuming
  • Low Pay
  • Survey you do you have to qualify for them so you can do survey for 15 minutes and then you will get a message saying sorry you did not qualify that is what I called time wasted.
  • Long time to get payment about 4-6 weeks with most survey site’s


Well those are just some ways to earn money online the one that I recommend is Affiliate Marketing, making money online take’s work and nothing will be just handed to you and, will have to put some effort into it  so be careful with site’s that promise you thousand’s or hundred’s within a week or days because if it sound to good than probably a scam. There are many other ways to earn money online like Ebay and Fiver or working for online company’s being a live agent, but I recommend what I tried and worked for me although tried many thing affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn a full time income online. Your success depends on how hard you want to work for it. I hope this will point you in the right direction if you have any question’s or comment’s feel free to comment below. Also to any one that is interested in learning affiliate marketing I recommend you get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate  where you can learn the online marketing and be successful online.


What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing intro!What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing probably one of the best way to earn income today. Today a lot of folks find freedom from their daily 8-5 job clock in and clocking out by doing affiliate marketing. Couple years ago I also just got so tired and just wanted something different beside’s my 8-5 job working making someone else rich! For some folks it might be about the money for me it is time, if you could stop time or control time how you spend it you would probably use it for something better like spending time with your family or loved one’s!

Becoming a Slave

What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing is a question I asked myself couple years ago and today will share it with you! Have you ever got so tired or just wanted to give up because you just tired of being a slave to the same job or same schedule? I am not here to tell you that with affiliate marketing you will become rich overnight, it take’s work and dedication and most of all patience something I find my self struggling with. Becoming successful in affiliate marketing  takes couple thing one is wanting to start and wanting to help people, not as much about the money as helping folks out in any niche you decide to choose.

What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Learning will be a big part of your success online, and were you learn will make a big difference because, a lot of program’s out there promise many thing and do not deliver. Scams are also a big thing out there today that promise rags to riches in a day or weeks when you know that money dose not come that easy and you have to work for it like with anything else. I started out over a year ago with a online University called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is probably the older of any online course out there that provides the best online learning experience there is. I am here not to just give you a bunch of crap so I can make money off you even though if you do decide I might or might not make money  depending how serious you are, anyways I am  here just to help you out.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

There are probably a lot of reviews of there about wealthy affiliate mostly good reviews. Wealthy affiliate offers more than most online training site out here like affilorama, wealthy affiliate offers a community of people like you and me that get together and share their success stories, struggles and advice on how to achieve success online something that no other online affiliate course offers!

Wealthy Affiliate Has 

  • Community of over 10,000 people that provide support and training to help each other succeed.
  • Hours and Hours of step by step training , from starting building your site to getting ranked and running ad campaigns, everything you need is there.
  • Live Video Classes weekly to keep you up to date.
  • Web Hosting
  • 2 free starter website’s
  • Awesome affiliate program if you decide to do it.

Cost of Wealthy Affiliate

You are probably thinking what the cost is to join? Well with Wealthy Affiliate you can get started for free! That is correct for free but if you want more of your membership with Wealthy Affiliate than I recommend going premium which is 19$ dollars first month than 47$ monthly or 359 yearly. If you decide you think that might be to expensive than go with the started membership and get most out of it as you can since it is free so you are not loosing anything. Investing in learning  will help you become successful online since it is your business and there is no business where you don’t have to invest, most business you start will have a higher start up cost than your online business where you only need a good online learning course like Wealthy Affiliate and website, hosting which hosting is free with Wealthy Affiliate just got to get the domain and put your time and work into it.

How To Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate?

If you would like to get started you can go HERE and, remember it is free to start so don’t worry about cost just go and try it out and see if it is for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask will be glad to help you out.


What is the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing the answer is Wealthy Affiliate because helped me get to where I am now. Starting out is not always is and can be frustrating but remember that hard work and determination will pay off main thing is do not give up set goals and go for it and if you don’t than that is your choice just remember you live once make it count life is short and time fly’s spend it wisely cant take those minutes or hours back but you can make a difference now!I hope that this came in useful to you and will help you get started with affiliate marketing either you are expert or beginner wealthy affiliate is for anyone  that want to be successful online.



Online Profit System Scam

Online Profit System Scam

Online Profit System 

Name: Online Profit System Scam
Website: profit system
Price: Could not get that far
Owners: no names
Overall Rank: out of 100

Online Profit System  Review

Hello today wanted to share a small short review on a site called online profit system. I came across this site reading about online profit system scams, a scam by Angela Bussio’s that has been going around and, I stumbled across this site online profit system and wanted to see if it was the same thing or not.

Once I signed up or filled out the information there this is what I found

Online Profit System Scam


As you can see  after I filled out my info this poped up saying I just got a virus on my computer! So folks that is were I stopped I did not try it again because I then had to get a virus off my pc lol so my recommendation is to stay off this site if you ever come across it in my experience it is a website that gave me a virus!


My final verdict on this like I said stay away because I got a virus from it so I do not recommend lol below I posted a Picture on my web search result’s if anyone needs it. If anyone had any other luck or problems with this site feel free  to comment or ask question’s below, will appreciate any feedback or experience’s you guys might of had with this site, but from my experiacne I would stay away. Just wanted to say if you are looking for a work from home opportunity than my recommendation is to start in affiliate marketing, the most legit way to earn income today  so if you are interested let me know Ill be glad to help or you can read my WA REVIEW on how I got Started.

Online Profit System Scam



Online Profit System

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Legit spam

Madness Cash System Scam

Madness Cash System Scam

What is Madness Cash System?Madness Cash System Scam

Here is a site that I call a scam site that really is to good to be true and it is interesting how you could turn 10 bucks into 10,000 in 7 days hmmm. Madness Cash System claims that you make 10,000 dollars online with no work what so ever.

  • no building website
  • no selling products
  • no advertising
  • no data entry
  • no adsense
  • no mailing lists
  • no rebate processing
  • no recruiting new members
  • no up lines
  • no gambling

So How Do You Make Money?

Well they do not specify exactly how to make money online  or don’t say anything about it, all I know is that they do ask 10 bucks from you bu,t just looking at this site is enough to say this site is a total scam and if you do spend 10 bucks probably gonna loose that money and get nothing from it.


A lot of people look for easy ways to earn money online or quick ways to earn cash and, find them self falling into scam’s like these that promise 10,000 in a week trust me I was one of those people that fell for these kind of scam and over time lost a lot of money! If it sound’s to good to be true than it is probably a scam,nothing in life is easy and takes work to get something no one will give you 10,000 for click couple buttons on your computer. My recommendation is stay away from site’s like Madness Cash System you will only loose your money. If you are looking into investing in something long term and building yourself a online business and making money with it I recommend trying to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not your get rich scheme it takes work and time and if you do not know how to do it then I recommend you visit my wealthy affiliate page  and read my personal review it will point you in the right direction.

Madness Cash System Scam


Is Vindale Research a Scam?

Is Vindale Research a Scam?

What is Vindale Research

Is Vindale Research a scam?Hello and welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to share a review on Vindale Research and just do a run down of it and, if it is worth joining Vindale Research or just to stay away. Vindale Research has been around for a while now and one of the older survey site’s out there, maybe you have seen Vindale advertise their site that they claim that you could earn 5-75 dollars a survey just wanted to say from my personal experience is that no one will pay you 75 bucks for a survey that is rare! Vindale Reasearch Pay their members to

  • Doing Surveys
  • Watching Survey Videos pays up to 25 cents a video                                                                      Is Vindale Research a Scam?
  • Reading your email up to 10 cents
  • Referral Program that pay’s 5 Dollars for every Person you refer
  • Your Photo, take a picture of you getting paid and get 5 bucks.
  • cash contests up to 15$
  • Deals like coupons and discounts in your local area

Is there a cost to joining and is it worth it?

Well the good part is that it is free to join and they will not ask a penny from you. Now lets take a look at what do they survey’s actually pay


One of the big thing about survey’s and the hype is that people think that they will become rich doing survey’s which in all reality that is not true. Most of the survey site’s that you sign up with they will only pay 1-5 bucks a survey for a lot of time’s 30 minutes worth of your time.

Cons of doing surveys

  • Time consuming
  • low paying
  • a lot of times when doing survey you could have done 15 or 20 minutes of the survey and at end it will say sorry you did not qualify! Really did not qualify I just spend 20 minutes of my life Doing a survey online that did not pay. Trust me gets annoying!


  • Survey’s are legit way to earn money online.

Evaluation Surveys

Evaluation survey in Vindale Research is basically you doing offers/trial offers some pay pretty good amount anywhere 5 to maybe 75 bucks. The thing about all of there trial offers is that you have to make sure you cancel before you get charged the full amount of the products or service. Couple thing to keep in mind when doing these offers read the terms and conditions make sure your not getting dragged into something that later you will regret, other thing make sure the offer that your doing is a site that you would want to give out your personal info to some offers don’t recommend only because you will get spammed  like crazy. My overall look on these trial offers is that I do not recommend them, there are better ways to make money online besides giving your personal info away and getting spammed with calls and emails.

Yes or No and What other Online Review Say About Vindale Research

Well this will be my personal opinion but you can decide for your self yes because Vindale research is legit and no because it is not worth the time wasting on something that takes  a whole month to do to earn only 50 bucks no thanks.

There are many reviews out there good ones and bad but this is what I found from users that had good experience and a lot of bad experience’s but you can decide to check it for your self

here is the link  to the reviews.

Pros and Cons of Vindale Research


  • One of the survey sites that still pays you cash either through Paypal or check
  • Many bad and good comments if it is legit or not but ill say they are legit just have to be careful with the trial offers.
  • Has not bad referral program if you know how to refer people instead of annoying your family with it.


  • High withdraw 50 Bucks
  • Spam
  • Surveys low Paid
  • Take about month to get to accumulate 50 bucks
  • Lots of time wasted


Well to finish up just wanted to say you can earn money with Vindale but I do not recommend it because having lots of  experience with survey’s it is time consuming and low pay, but decision is yours. If you are interested in learning how to make money online and build a legit online business that pays and a business that is worth investing your time than I suggest you read my older post on How I Got Started. I hope this cleared some of your question’s about Vindale if not please leave a comment ill be lad to help answer any questions you might have thanks.

Harris Poll Scam Exposed

Harris Poll Scam Exposed

Harris Pollharris Poll Scam
Overall Ranking: {5 out of 10]
Price: {free}
Owners: {Harris Interactive}
Website: {}

What is Harris Poll and it it a Scam?

Harris Poll is a survey site that started about 50 years ago and has been around ever since. Like many other survey site’s Harris Poll rewards you for take online survey’s, participation in focus groups and telephone survey’s. Harris Poll has been working with 74 of the 100 fortune company’s to help get opinion on product’s and brand that will help make a difference in everyday life. Many people today are curious if these survey site’s actually work, ill be the first one to say yes a lot of them are legit like Harris poll but  the question you should ask how much could I actually make from this? In my experience not enough to make it worth my time wasting.With Harris Poll you get rewarded with points then you use those points to cash out for

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Walmart gift cards

When you have reached 1250 points which is 10 Dollars then you can withdraw and get one of those rewards mentioned above. Getting back to the question that I always ask when joining is how long will this take me to get or will I waste my time doing it? With Harris Poll from hearing from many different folks and my personal experience it take almost a month to get enough to cash out,but some sooner depending how many survey’s you get.




  • Harris Poll is legit
  • You can earn earn rewards


  • Takes to long to collect enough to cash out
  • Most the time takes up to 15 business days to receive your reward not to bad compared to other sites that can take up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Like most survey’s you could take a survey and spend 15 minutes on it and it will say you did not qualify which makes it a big time waster.


Harris Poll is for anyone that wants to earn some rewards for taking survey’s online if you have the time to do it, and invest in it.

Eligibility: USA/Canada residents must be 13+ to participate. Users from other countries must be age 14+.



Free to Join


Just wanted to wrap thing up and say my final thought’s on Harris Poll. Harris Poll is not a scam it is legit but, in my eyes it is to time consuming  better off getting a job or starting your own online business.If you are interested in learning how to actually earn money online from home than I recommend you read my Wealth Affiliate Review that will point you in the right direction to earning a income from home. Hope this helped for question’s or comments feel free to comment below.

Big Spot Survey Scam

Big Spot Survey Scam

Big Spot Survey Scam Exposed

Hello folks today wanted to do a review on Big Spot Survey and give you a walk through on what you could expect if you would have signed up. If you have bumped into this site  and just wanted to know if Big Spot Survey is a scam then I ll help you out with that question after I walk you through and show you what I found after signing up. Big Spot Survey has 2 websites one is and other one is

Big Spot Survey Scam   Big Spot Survey Scam


What Is Big Spot Survey and is it a Scam?

Big Spot Survey Is a survey site that claims you can make money doing survey’s. What I found out was that Big Spot Survey is actually a site that offers a list of other survey site’s that you could sign up with. With Big Spot Survey when you sign up it will take you to the page below and there will be different survey site’s that you could join but, you might be asking what is the point in that well when you sign up the owner of Big Spot Survey gets a referral and most of the time makes a commission for referring some one depending on how the other survey site’s work. The whole point of Big Spot Survey is to get you signed up with other survey site’s so they can make a commission.

Big Spot Survey Scam


Verdict: Is Big Spot Survey Scam

Well folks you can decide that for yourself Big Spot is just there to collect referral’s in most cases people will say it is a scam some will say they are just providing legit survey site’s to sign up with either way, my recommendation is don’t do it only because you probably will get spammed and if you do sign up with the survey site’s they usually don’t pay much as they the claim in the tv commercial, unless you are referring other people. Either way thank’s for stopping by hope this post helped some of you out if you would like read my other post on survey money machines .

If you would like to learn how to make money online check out wealthy affiliate below,  for question’s or comments ask below.

Survey Money Machines Scam

Survey Money Machines Scam

survey machines scam

About Survey Money Machines Scam

Hello and welcome to today wanted to share a honest review on survey money machines and ill start by explaining a little about them. Survey Money Machines was created by Hailey Gates and was made to help folks find survey’s that pay. Survey Money Machine’s you will not earn money with them they basically just give you information or a list of different survey site’s that you can join.

Is Survey Money Machines Scam?

I wanted to go through and show you around what I found about Survey Money Machines. First thing I did was I went ahead and registered and used email that I don’t care much about so I don’t get spammed on the email I use most. Once I signed up it took me to this page. On this page I was asked to fill out some general info, something like you would do for a survey.Survey Money Machines Scam

Took me about maybe 3-5 minutes to do that and then I went to the next page and basically got a big list of survey that I could sign up with.

Survey Money Machines Scam


Scam Or Legit?

So here is the question is it legit or a big scam? Survey Money Machines in my opinions is not a scam only because they are only offering a list of survey site’s. Most of the survey’s there I have been a member of and they are legit but only problem is that survey’s don’t pay worth a crap to even earn a living, so in that case it is a scam to some folks so depends how you look at it.

The Problem

Here is another thing I found if you asked your self a question on why would some one make site like Survey Money Machines? It is simple once you get to the last page and you do sign up with all theses survey site’s  the person that made Survey Money Machines is earning referral credits and it could range from 5 bucks to more or less depending on what all those survey site’s pay. The other question is are you gonna make as much doing survey’s as this person probably not because from personal experience surveys only pay 1- 10 bucks and you only get 1 to 2 survey’s a day. Also you would have to qualify for those survey’s in order to make anything and be registered with 10 or more site’s to keep the survey’s coming.

How do people earn money with surveys?

Most folks that have experience actually make most of their money referring other folks and the best way to do that is through a website like Survey Money Machines. If you are a beginner and want to make money with survey’s it is possible but you earning will be little and you will waste a lot of time and I am taking from personal experience.


  • Survey’s are legit


  • Little pay
  • Don’t always qualify for survey’s
  • Can become a big time waster
  • Payments on most survey sites take about 4-6 weeks to get which is pretty long for me.


Well to wrap up my post just wanted to say Survey Money Machines is not something that I would recommend joining but that is up to you and, you will probably gain nothing out of it except research and you can do that your self if you wanted to. Survey Money Machines is another way someone will make money if you sign up with all the survey site’s they have posted. Survey’s that are shown on the last page most of them are legit and some I would not even waste my time on kinda do the research on that, or if you have question’s feel free to ask ill be glad to help. Thank for stopping by and reading my Survey Money Machines Scam post.

Read my older post get paid 4 duty review

If you want to learn how to earn income from home and how I got Started I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate  they teach how to start affiliate marketing business the in’s and out’s and, best thing is that it is free.


Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

What is Get Paid 4 Duty?

Is GET PAID 4 Duty Scam? If you have came across this site lately then you are wondering if you can actually make money with it. Why I decided to review this site is because I actually have personal experience with this site and Ill explain in depth about this site and how it work’s.

get paid 4 duty scam


How Do you get Paid and What Do you Have to Do? Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

So how do you make money? Well in order to make money you have to basically send people over through a referral link and get people to click on the link and you make 10 Dollars and 25 Dollars a referral. In order to withdraw that money you have to get at least 300 dollars accumulated.

Personal Experience 

Well if your wondering if it is real I am here to tell you it is a big scam. Back about a year or so ago I saw someone advertise this site and I was young and dum enough to fall into the scam. I signed up and was all excited to start earning money, so I went on Facebook and started spreading my link and next thing you know that same night I had 300 dollars or more in my balance. The next step I wanted to see if it was real and tried to cash out and nothing happened I never received my money I was scammed. There you go folks no one will pay you 10 dollars a click to a website and 25 per referral, if it was that easy I would doing it right know but I am not because it is a big scam.

A while back I believe also the domain was different and seems as if they keep changing the domain so they get more people to fall for their scam I am here to tell you do not waste your time they will not pay you!

Also Beware of  Money and it is Same Scam As Get Paid 4 Duty

There is the same site called money and task same exact website promoting the same scam just a heads up that there could be duplicate’s of the same site out there  just keep a heads up if you run into one!


To wrap things up with my post about  get paid 4 duty scam, I would like to say stay away because you will not earn anything. Most scams that offer you to make 500 dollars a day right away is a big scam, there are many legit business out there  get paid 4 duty is not one of them I recommend if you wan to build a business to try Affiliate Marketing  were company’s like amazon pay you commission’s to promote their products. My number 1 recommendation that helped me with my success is a site called Wealthy Affiliate were I learned how to do online marketing, and the in’s and out’s of starting a online business, if interested you can click the banner to check it out it is free. Hope this help some of you out for question’s or comments feel free to comment below.






My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

About My Survey

Hello today wanted to share a post of my survey and wanted to begin talking a little about their history. My survey is a part of Lightspeed GMI, both owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups. has been gathering  the opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946 as National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS. My survey was created in 2001 for consumers to express their opinion online.

How to Earn Money With My Survey?


my survey review

There Couple ways to Earn money with My Survey’s

  • Survey’s is one of the ways you can earn money with my survey’s and talking from personal experience it is not east to make a living doing survey that only pay 1 to 5 bucks some not even that.
  • Referral is the other way to earn income and like many other survey website’s it is not bad income if you know how to  and most people do not so they just stick with surveys. With My survey you earn about 1.50 per referral which in reality is nothing.
  • Product testing is a probably a better way to get paid due to some product testing can pay 10 or more dollars.

My Survey Pay there members points and they can use these point’s to redeem either to your Paypal account or gift cards to like Macy’s ect…..

Is My Survey legit or a big Scam?

Well my survey is legit and you can earn a income with them but not enough to quit your job,maybe just enough to fill your car with gas! That is the most common problem with survey’s people get pulled into a lot of scam thinking they can make 5000 to 7000 dollars a week and that is not the case. My survey is legit but in reality there is really no money to be made but time wasted!


They are a legit company and you can earn some spare cash.


  • Survey’s do not pay enough if you are older you will be better off working part time somewhere than doing survey’s
  • If you hate spam in your email than this is not for you but that is your decision  just know with most survey site like My Survey your email will become a spam box.
  • A lot of reviews online of people not getting paid or waiting up to 6 week to get their payment.


To join or not to join decision is your, just sharing my experience with you that no one get’s rich doing survey’s unless there is a good referral with the survey site that you are doing, but looking at my survey’s not much potential to earn a lot of money. My survey’s is legit but if you looked at the pros and cones you can see that you will waste more time  trying to do  My Survey than earn money.