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What Is GetPaid.Social In Depth Review

What Is GetPaid.Social In Depth Review

Product: Get Paid. Social

Price:Free to Sign up , and complete tasks, 9.97 month premium or 97 yearly, and last option is 297 lifetime membership

Overall rating: 7 out of 10

Legit or scam: Legit

What is Get Paid. Social

So what is Getpaid.Social? Well it is a new site that launched here recently where you can earn money for completing tasks like viewing a website, or clicking on a ad. With Get Paid Social you will also be able to advertise with them if you are a online marketer you can pay other members to complete your task’s sorta like pay per click type of deal. This kinda reminds me of traffic exchange site’s where you view some one’s site, and earn credit’s to spend so other folks can view your site, it might be a cheap way to market your stuff but I believe wont see much success because people are on the site to just make money , and not interested in what you are offering, but might work for some one.

How to make money with Get Paid Social

If you want to make money with Get paid Social there is 2 ways to earn. First way to earn is to complete tasks, which with free membership you only get like 2 task a day so far that is what I had with my luck, but in order to receive more task, and higher earning you will have to upgrade to a premium membership, and that will cost you about 10 bucks a month, or 97 yearly, and last option they have is 297 dollars for lifetime membership.

Getpaid.Social Review



Second way to earn money with Get Paid Social

The second way you can earn money is by Referrals. Earn money when someone becomes a premium member and earn up to 40% percent commission every time your direct referral upgrades their membership, and also earn 10% percent when the person you referred and they referred someone who upgrades get 10% percent commission also.


Earn by Completing Surveys Recently Added recently just added a place where you can start doing surveys to earn money also and most surveys start out paying around a dollar, and you will be able to take as many as they have available or 5 at a time.

Perks of Having Premium Membership

  • Earn more with referrals , and get unlimited tasks.
  • Vip and Priority live Support get help with less than 24 hours  on your ticket.
  • Unlock paypal option
  • Get Gold task that pay .50 or more.
  • 100% percent off task listing do not have to pay a fee to list your ads.

What can you really earn as a free member?

Can you really earn as a free member? Question to that is yes you can but probably nothing except pennies since as a free member you will not get that many tasks to do. If you want to earn money you would have to upgrade to a premium membership to unlock unlimited tasks, and the referral bonuses.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap membership costs
  • Not bad Commission on referrals
  • Not bad ad system


  • Free membership is kinda useless since you will not make much just by doing task, most you will earn couple of cents.
  • Not many tasks available  due to program being new.
  • surveys do not pay much like any surveys site but you do have the ability to take as many as you like, or what they have available.

Is GetPaid.Social scam or Legit?

Yes GetPaid.Social is legit, and you can make money.

Final thoughts

To finish up my post just wanted to say this is a legit opportunity that you can really earn a not bad income if you take advantage of building your downline with the premium membership. As for free membership I do not see much value in that. My final recommendation’s if you would like to earn a income online get paid social not bad place to start if you are a premium member. If you would like to try Get paid Social you can do it buy clicking the banner below. If you need help starting your online business than I recommend reading my older post how I got started in online marketing, and you can find free training there to so check out my Affiliate Marketing Post





InCruises Review Get Paid to Travel

InCruises Review Get Paid to Travel

Product: InCruises

Owner: Michael Hutch                                                                               InCruises Review

Price: 195 activation fee and 95 per Year

Overall Rank 6 out of 10

What is InCruises

This is my personal opinion on InCrusies.

Welcome to my InCruises Review today wanted to share a opportunity that I found that is currently in the pre launch meaning it is a ground floor opportunity. In Cruises a brand new company that offer discounts on cruises  for a cheaper price than anywhere on the internet . InCruises also gives the opportunity to be a part of their direct sales business and tap into the 37 billion cruise market.

How does InCruises Work?

I will explain exactly how InCruises work, with InCruises you have two memberships one which is a regular member ship, which is for folks that only want to save money on cruises and the other membership is, the business opportunity where you can make money for promoting the opportunity, and the regular memebership .

3 Ways To Join In Cruises

  • Member/customer : Cost 100 Dollars a month  where you earn cruise dollars which will go twords any cruise you desire. They way it works is when you pay 100 dollars a month you will earn 2 cruise dollars for every dollars, and those cruise dollars than can be used for  any cruise that you decide to go, so basically it is like a savings account with a kick to it.
  • Partner: The partner membership is where you can join, and earn money with InCruises , and get to go on free cruises with an awesome compensation plan which Ill explain later. Partner membership is 195 activation fee, and 95 dollars yearly fee which is not bad for this kind of opportunity.
  • Both: You can if you decided to join both of these memberships but you do not have to.

Tools and Training InCruises

If you decide to join InCruises you will receive

  • A personal referral link with a replicated website
  • Business email address
  • An Unlimited email marketing system which I though was pretty cool and great for the business.
  • Lead management system so you can track your customers, invitation, and earnings.
  • Live and recorded online training
  • Marketing and promotional material
  • Iphone and android apps to track your business on the fly.

Just from signing up, and taking a look at the training material which was  not bad as I expected it to be, compared to many other direct sales company’s out there.

12 Ways to Earn with InCruises

Here is the InCruises Compensation plan that I found.

  • Producer Bonuses:  Each time you enroll 3 new members in a calendar month you will earn 33% commission of 100$ dollars, and there is no minimum to what you can earn.
  • Kick Start Coaching Bonus: With this if you teach your new members how to get three people you will also earn 100 dollars just for teaching, and helping them out.
  • Residual Income: Get paid month after month when you get 5 members to sign up of their initial payment , and earn 10$ for each member that pays their membership. Also get 5 members depending if you have the 100 dollar month membership, and you will get your membership waived, and still earn cruise dollars to spend on your trips.
  • Team Residual Income: Earn 5$ dollars for every customer that pays their membership, after you have 5  directly sponsored member who also at least achieve 3 membership sales, and it goes 5 levels deep. Although it is capped at 5 levels you can get unlimited levels with leadership bonuses. You can earn one out of 8 bonuses  which is higher every month depending on your teams production.
  • 500 dollars car bonus.
  • 1,000 Travel bonus
  • 2,500 commitment bonus
  • 5,000 month leisure bonus
  • 10,000 monthly freedom bonus
  • 20,000 Financial independence bonus
  • 30,000 monthly dream bonus
  • Monthly Worldwide Bonus earn 5% of  total company sales from previous month

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Pre Launch stage good opportunity to get on before every one else does.
  • Great Compensation
  • Great Product if love to go on vacation  a lot.
  • Good Discounts


  • Little expensive start up cost’s but not to bad


Verdict Legit or not Legit

To finish my  InCruises Review just wanted to finish by saying  that InCruises is a ground floor opportunity especially if you love to travel. Is it legit? It is hard to say right now I would say it looks promising but that could always change I will let you decide if you want to join or not.  InCruises it is in pre launch so the opportunity is there if you want to go out, and work for it, I believe you can definitely make a career out of it, if not some awesome travel discounts , and extra cash. InCruises is direct sales opportunity  or you can call it a mlm, most of the mlms out there do not provide good products that is one reason many mlm’s fail, but I personally believe there is a great product here that is worth a good value, and that is why I gave this opportunity 6 out of 10. If you would be interested in joining  you can CLICK HERE.




Volishon Travel Review Exposed

Volishon Travel Review Exposed

Product: Volishon Travel


Owner: Joel Santiago

Price: Volishon Travel Scam

Monthly Membership – $34.95 Per Month plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

6 Month Membership – $199.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

Yearly Membership – $399.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

Overall Rank: 3 out of 10

My Recommendation: No


What Is Volishon Travel?

Welcome to Volishon Travel Review. Volishon is currently in it’s pre luanch stage, Volishon travel is a travel site that you can get discounted prices on

  • hotel and Travel
  • Dining
  • car rental
  • apparel
  • electronics
  • movie tickets
  • theme parks
  • sporting events
  • auto care

When you become a member with Volishon you will be able to earn a income  by promoting Volishon Travel. With Volishon travel there is a price monthly or yearly price tag to be a member of what I call  a mlm biz. Maybe you have seen people talk about it on Facebook or some other place, but today I dint want to make this opportunity look bad just wanted to give some insight in what I see , and hope to help you make right decision.

How are the travel Deals with Volishon Travel?

Well for the most part what I saw on their site is that they had a portal to a 3rd party company  where you can book a flight but I compared it to other travel site’s and dint see any difference in price.I believe that many mlm travel site’s out there that have been out there failed, only because they were guarantying cheapest travel price but in all reality that was not true so many travel mlm company’s are like that, and I believe that Volishon is not any different.

Volishon Travel Opportunity

With Volishon Travel you will be able to earn income by referring other members or promoting the travel deal, I have looked to find what is the commission for selling the products , and they currently do not have that yet, but I did find that when you become a member you will be able to earn in 7 ways.

  1. Power Line Bonuses
  2. Fast Start Bonuses depending which membership you have 1 star, 2 star,or 3 star you will be able to earn 15 to 30 dollars for every person.
  3. Coded Infinity fast start overrides
  4. Residual Income
  5. Matching Bonuses
  6. Profit Sharing
  7. Travel/ Product Commissions

With Volishon your primary way to earn a income is to get someone else signed up, and if you ever been a part of a mlm company that sometime’s is not easy, and most people fail because mostly based on recruiting other members.

Price to Join Volishon Travel

There is 3 prices that you can enroll in the first one is the one star, and that is the cheapest one they have 34.95 month  plus 35 enrollment fee and that qualify’s you to earn a income. Two star is the second package you can purchase, and it is 199.95 for six month membership , and 35 enrollment fee, and qualify’s you to earn bigger commission’s. Three Star Package is the biggest package they have and it is the more expensive one for 399.95 plus one time enrollment fee of 35, and with is membership you qualify to earn maximum income with Volison Travel. The question is it to expensive? I believe it is little pricey only because you have to pay monthly, if you get the monthly package or 200 or even 400 package depending how good you are at recruiting you might earn back your money or might not.

Training for Volishon

Like many mlm’s I do not believe they have a good training programs for their members most of it is common sense stuff that they teach, and nothing  that will help you achieve success.With Volishon I cant say because I have not been a member with them, to see what they have, but going off my past experience many mlm’s do not provide good training something you have to go out and learn on your own, so you can be successful in your business.

Pros and Cons


  • You can possibly earn  a income with Volishon
  • still in the pre lauch stage meaning have greater opportunity to spread the word, and get people signed up
  • Could possibly save you some money


  • Little pricey
  • Mostly based on recruiting
  • Not so great product
  • monthly payments  which  not so great, and something I dislike about mlm ‘s

Final Thoughts

Just wanted to wrap my Volishon travel review , and say some final things. If you love to recruit than I would say go for it, but if you hate recruiting than might not be a business for you.

Like many mlms out there I can not say how long this one will last but if you really want to try it than great, but as for me I had my fare share of mlm’s . If you want my recommendation than I wont recommend, but that is up to you. If you would like though to learn how to build a successful business online than I recommend you learn how to build a legit online business if you would like to learn more on how to build a business than I recommend my Number One Training Program on how to build successful business online. I hope this will help you decide where you want to go from here, if you have question’s or comments feel free to ask will be glad to help.

VStream TV Scam Exposed

VStream TV Scam Exposed

Product: VStream TV Scam

Price: Free to be affiliate and 49$pro membership for perks

363 for tv box plus shipping

Owner: unknown

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

This Is My Personal Opinion

What Is Vstream TV

Vstream TV Scam is it a scam? Recently going through Facebook and stumbled on someone promoting Vstream TV, so I decided to check it out to see what it was about. VStream is a new generation of multimedia player and entertainment for your TV according to VStream. VStream is Based on the Android system that lets you do web browsing. 2d/3d games, video chat, and other things like view movies and TV shows.

According to VStream is is easy to set up and easy to use just plug in to your TV. The VStream come with 60 or more loaded apps  ready for you to use. Also VStream TV is supposed to work with any TV according to VStream. With Just a internet connection, and a power source you can be on your way to watching new movies and your favorite TV shows. With VStream box you  will also  receive a keyboard, and USB mouse, and controller.

Here Are some Specs 

CPU: Quad Core Cortex-A9 CPU, up to 1.6 GHz
OS: Andriod 4.4
ROM: 8 GB NAND Flash
Adaptor input: AC 100V – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Adaptor output: DC power output 5v/2A


USB Port: 2 x USB 2.0 ports
SD Port: 1 x SD/MMC port
Display: HDMI 1.4a and AV output
WLAN: Built-in Wi-Fi Module, support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: Integrated 10/100M LAN Controller, RJ-45 interface
Camera: 2.0 MP Camera with Cover


What is V Stream Tv Pro Perks , and the Biz Opportunity

Also If you have been on VStream site than you noticed that you can become a affiliate to promote and sell the VStream Box , and also you can join to become a pro perks member which gives you the opportunity to but the TV box at a discounted price. With the Pro Perks you will get a chance to save on many things like food, travel etc…To become a Pro Perks member it will cost you 49 bucks a month ,and that is for the discounts, and for your business which you can also sign up for free but with the Pro Perks you receive a bigger commission. One of the questions that I have asked and you have to if this is a scam, well I do not necessarily think it is a scam, but I will explain more on what problems I see with VStream TV.

Is VStream TV Scam?

Maybe you have read other reviews out there ,and the question comes up  if VStream TV is legal? Since VStream dose not provide where they get their content so many people think it is illegal. Like other folks out there .Only because there are company’s out there like Netflix that been around for a while and pay money to get content. One thing that stood out to me is how can you get content without paying for it . Also I have noticed on amazon similar boxes to this one  with a lot of similar apps on there for 40 or 60 bucks, not sure exactly how good  they work, and not gonna try. Is it a Scam, well there are a lot of folks that say that it has worked great for many and some say the shows don’t work if you are a person that watches a lot of show or a lot of cable then might be a great option if it does what it really says it does . But there a lot of reviews out there and many have experienced issues with the box. In my opinion I don’t want to pay 300 bucks for something that might or might not work.


To wrap things up just wanted to say my recommendations, if you think that this VStream TV is a good options than ill leave that up to you  but for me ill stick with my Netflix , and for the Biz opportunity yes you can make money, and if it is legit than it is a great opportunity to make money but, same time you will have lot of competition against other company’s that offer streaming services like Netflix etc. . There are many way’s to earn income, and only one that I found that works well ,and that is affiliate marketing.  This is my personal recomendation to those that are interested in making money.Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a income, and of course it all depends on how hard you work to be successful, but also not to forget a big factor is the learning part if you do not learn than you will not know how to build a successful business.  Great way to start learning for free is a site that I found called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can get started for free, if you want to learn more check out my older post on affiliate training courses. I hope this will point you in the right directions if you have comments or questions feel free to ask.

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool

What is a Keyword Research Tool and Why is it Important?

What is the best keyword research tool out there today that will not cost you a fortune, but before we get into that ill explain what a keyword research tool and why it is is important.

Keyword research tool is a tool that will help you with your research in finding a keyword for you niche that is low competition. It is important to find the right keywords that low competition so you can rank on first page on google. Also there are many other factor like quality content and different seo factor that go into writing a article that will determine your rank on  google but today ill just talk about the keyword tool.

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

There are many option’s on keyword research tools that you can find, but ill share a couple that I found most useful. The first keyword research tools is Jaaxy and it is my all time favorite because it is least expensive compared to many other research tools out there.

Jaaxy Research Tool

Overall Rank  1o out of 10

Price Free 30 searchers, 19  pro membership month, 49 dollars month  enterprise membership

Jaaxy keyword research tool is probably the least expensive tool out there in keyword research and most accurate in my opinion. Below I posted a video of me using the research tool  and how it works.

If you would like to try Jaaxy for free click below to get 30 free searchers.

Wealthy Affiliate Research Tool

Alright here is a other option for folks that would like to try out  it is called Wealthy Affiliate research tool . So what is the Wealthy Affiliate  well if you read my older post on Wealthy Affiliate it is basically a online marketing university to help you learn online marketing with a bunch of great video tutorials from creating your site to getting ranked on google and how to make successful ppc campaigns. So what is so great about wealthy affiliate?  Well there are a lot of great thing one is that you get to learn how to build a successful business online from beginner to expert.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get

  • Help from community of over 10,000 folks that help your stuck with your online business.
  • Video tutorials
  • Live Training
  • 247 Support
  • Web Hosting and 2 free WordPress site’s and 25 for premium members
  • Keyword tool similar to jaaxy get it for free for first week than you have to become a premium member for 19 first month than 47 or 359$ year.
  • Site feedback
  • Site Comments feature get comments for your site
  • Wealthy Affiliate Program

All this plus way more for free for first week than 19 and 47 bucks or 359 for yearly membership  which is a great option if you want everything in one bundle and great for beginners to expert and I am talking from personal experience.  If you want to sign up for free to try it out click bellow on banner and dont worry you will not need your credit card info it is free for starter membership.

Other Keyword Tool Options

Here is another great tool that I like but a bit pricey it is 99 bucks for a month it is called Moz pro. Moz pro is great tool that you can do the research and get info on the serps (search engine results pages) it is where you can get info about how easy it will be to beat your competition even though if you find a low comp keyword , it is very important to look into serps to see who is targeting that keyword and if you will be able to get ranked on google. Sometimes keyword research tools will say it low competition keyword but don’t forget to look into the serps and you can do that manually by going to google search and typing that keyword or phrase and see what comes up and go from there. If the site has a lot of authority meaning social shares, comments, etc.. If all the sites on first page have a lot of authority than I would go for a different keyword because even if not a lot of websites are going for that keyword there is a reason why, and a lot of times it is because of the authority in those sites ,and will be hard to beat them  especially if your site is new.

Back to Moz it is  not bad tool but pricey, it also come with keyword rank check that check your rankings every week if they changed or not. Also there is a tool to  check make sure you got your seo stuff in the article like having your keyword in the tile  and first paragraph ect….


To finish up I just wanted to give my personal recommendation if you want a keyword tool that is great for low price than I would go with Jaaxy or if you want a keyword tool and training especially if you are just starting in the online business than I recommend Wealthy Affiliate they have great tools to help you succeed online, and I would recommend it even if you are not a beginner great way to expand your learning. Now for Moz it is also great tool but more expensive  in my personal experience Jaaxy and moz are about the same but Jaaxy is cheaper.There are other many keyword tools out there but in my personal experiance this is the best that is out there , and I hope this will  help you out get started thanks for reading What is the Best Keyword Research Tool. For any questions or comments feel free to ask below will gladly help you out thanks and have a great day.


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Paid Surveys at Home Scam

Paid Surveys at Home Scam

What is Paid Surveys at home?         Paid surveys at home

Hello today wanted to talk about paid survey at home scam. Paid surveys at home is a site that charges money to get a list of survey’s out there, that you can make money with. Paid surveys at home charges 68, then 34, 17 and then free. The question I ask my self why would I pay that much money to get a list of survey site’s to sign up with when I could look it up myself and find it without having to pay anyone. If you do sign up with the survey site’s even if you do get the free membership there is a good chance that they are collecting referral commission.

Why  Paid Surveys at Home is a Scam

Well first is that they try to get you to pay for something that you could do yourself and that is research. Second is that why charge money and then offer it for free, why not offer it for free to begin with. If paid surveys at home offered it for free than it would be different story other wise if your charging people money and other folks get it for free seems unfair and more like a scam.

Do the Surveys Pay?

Yes if you ever done survey’s most of them do pay but not a lot. Most paid surveys you will not earn to much with them unless you refer other members.

Pros and Cons of Surveys


  • You can earn extra pocket cash and a lot of surveys out there are legit but not all.


  • Little pay 1-5 bucks
  • a lot of time needed sometimes and also a lot of time wasted due to because you have to qualify for surveys. When qualifying for surveys you can do a survey and get almost to the end and a message will say sorry you did not qualify.
  • Need to sign up with bunch of survey site’s in order to keep getting a good amount of surveys to do.


To wrap it up my personal recommendation is stay away from survey site’s that charge money that is my personal recommendation to you, either take or leave it. Also another recommendation is if you are looking for legit way to earn income and make a living doing it I suggest affiliate marketing and best place you can find info and training is on Wealthy Affiliate . If you want more info check out my earlier post affiliate marketing course. If you have any question’s or comments feel free to ask.

Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Learn affiliate Marketing

Hello folks today wanted to share a post where you can get some free affiliate marketing courses where you can get started for free. If you do not now what affiliate marking is than ill explain briefly.

Affiliate Marketing is where you have a website and you promote brands or services and get a commission for every sale that goes through your site.Affiliate marketing

Learning affiliate marketing can be frustrating especially if you never done it, and also because there are a lot of scams out there that promise riches over night which will not happen. With affiliate marketing you will have to put some effort to building a website, and creating content that people will want to read. Your purpose in affiliate marketing is to help other folks and then the sales will come in, but when you focus on the money part of the business usually people do no succeed because they want money right away and that usually never happen, it is a business so it take’s work.


Where to get free Training?

There are many places out there where you can get training for affiliate marketing some are Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate.

Affilorama is online free training course for beginners it is not bad but not the best. Has couple years of experience and personally for me I have gotten more spam from them trying to offer me different products, but that is just me maybe some of you had other experience.

Wealthy Affiliate is another free affiliate marketing course which in my personal experience is way better than Affilorama because of the great tutorial’s and help. But I will also say that there is a premium membership and you can get a lot more out of it, premium membership is mostly for those who want to take their business to the next level and I highly recommend it.


Either you are expert or beginner I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate even though  there are many programs out there Wealthy Affiliate in my experience was the best I had experience with. If you are interested in learning more you can check out what is Wealthy Affiliate Training . You can also ask me question’s and Ill be glad to help you out in any way I can. If you wish to try out Wealthy Affiliate for free click the banner below to sign up and get your training for free.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Hello and today wanted to share with you what exactly is wealthy affiliate and what is wealthy affiliate training is. Wealthy Affiliate is a online boot camp you can say or, online school to learn how to do online marketing.Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a few years now since 2005 and it is  the best affiliate training program out there personally in my own experience. Wealthy Affiliate founder and co founder Kyle and Carson started out learning the same way except they had no help and when they created success online they wanted to teach other folks how to earn income from home so that is how Wealthy Affiliate came to be.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Training?

Well like I mentioned earlier Wealthy Affiliate is online education course were you can learn online marketing. If you ever tried to learn online marketing and failed there are many reason why couple are personally that I ran into are

  • Paid money for programs that did not work
  • Did not know what I was doing so I gave up once nothing worked for me.
  • Got scammed

Those are just some of the few thing’s that you will see or experience outside of Wealthy Affiliate. There are many other programs that teach you how to earn money some are legit and some are not, so watch out.

What are you chasing?

What I saw personally in me is that I seemed to focus my business on money and that is where people make a big mistake. Making money online is the goal but the bigger goal is to help someone out in whatever niche you are in. Making money is not done overnight but with hard work and those folks that invest their time and effort will see success especially if you have a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you everything you need to get started.

What does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Wealthy Offers this in their training.

  • Hours and hours of video tutorials on how to build a site and how to get it ranked on google.
  • This is probably one of the coolest thing you will see in any affiliate training program out there is that ,Wealthy Affiliate has a large community of people who are beginners and expert in the online world that will help you achieve success online even when you get stuck you will find inspiration to keep going because of folks just like you.
  • Live Video Classes every week to help you learn from the experts and further your online business and success, the key is do not give up shoot for the starts.                Wealthy affiliate community
  • Hosting and WordPress platform Site Rubix where you can host and build website right there with Wealthy Affiliate!
  • 24/7 support
  • Keyword tool to help you choose the right keyword to rank on google to achieve better results.
  • Site feedback
  • Site Comments to help you achieve authority with google and help with the ranks.
  • Also great Affiliate program
  • And much more to come this year this is just a portion of it.

What is You Dream?

Living paycheck to paycheck is not a dream I do not think so, so what is your dream? I have a goal and a dream that one day I will help people doing what I love to do instead beaning stuck in 7-5 job day in and day out. What is your dream? Do not think you are stuck because you are not all it take’s is the first step and your journey will began from there even if you fail which is FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEANING  don’t give up but keep striving and you will see success , because folks that go out and get it they will achieve what they want!

Cost with Wealthy Affiliate

Well the cost is free to get the starter membership and premium membership is 19 first month and 47 every other month or 359 yearly. Is it worth it? Ya it is worth every penny to invest in your future, and how much are you willing to invest for your success?



To wrap things up do not give up and for Wealthy Affiliate it is awesome place to learn online marketing and get your business going. Wealthy Affiliate was made for beginners and expert to achieve great results with their online business. I hope this will get you going in the right direction if you have question’s and comments feel free to ask will be glad to help you out, and thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read what is Wealthy Affiliate training.

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Monat Global Scam

Monat Global Scam

What is Monat          Monat Global Scam

Hello,  today I wanted to do a review on a company called Monat global! Like most people you want to know if Monat is a scam or is it the real deal if you keep reading ill explain everything  you need to know about Monat. First I wanted to give some information about  Monat Global and the business oportunity.  Monat Global started back in 2014 and became one of the first anti-aging hair care company’s that you can earn money with and the same time have healthy looking hair again. Monat Global is an anti-aging hair care company where it provides different hair products for different hair needs, from help with hair loss to just more youthful and stronger hair that everyone needs. Also with Monat, you have a chance to earn some money for anyone that is interested in that I will explain more later in the post.

What Products Does Monat Sell?

Well, Monat Global specializes in anti-aging hair products. Monat Hair products that can help with that dry hair to hair growth, and hair loss, Monat has different products for different hair needs.Just a little about the products. Monat hair products are naturally based so no harmful chemical’s in it compared to many other shampoos and conditioners that have harsh chemical’s that are bad for you. With Monat Hair Products we do not test on animals and also say no to.

Monat Says no to

PEG Sulfates
Harmful colors
Harmful fragrances
Harsh salt systems
Monat Has 10+ Different Oils in their products to help your hair grow and, be strong and, healthy.

Do Monat Products Work

Recently I got comments on the products if they really work or not and where is the proof that Monat Hair Products work. Well, to start off I had personal experience with the products because I use them daily and my hair is healthier than ever before, so is my wife’s. Also, there are many testimonials out there on the internet and proven clinical studies that Monat does work. Also, I want to Include a Facebook Link of customers, VIP, and market Partners of their testimonials so


Of course, every person has a different result so it is something you have to try and see for your self. And like always there are samples available to those that would be interested in buying the products.

Monat Hair ScamMonat Hair Scam




This is a picture of Jacqui Mac where she has suffered hair loss and she tried different products and nothing seemed to work until she tried Monat!


Plus more testimonials can be found in upper link.


 Monat Global Scam Exposed

Alright is Monat a Scam? From personal experience from trying the product to being in the market partner side, I found Monat to be a very great company to deal with. From a product point of view might not work for everyone, of course, has worked for me and my family and many others and if you been suffering from bad hair why not give it a try? There is a 30-day money back guarantee that Monat offer’s so you have nothing to worry about.

Monat Market Partners-Earning Money With Monat

For Every one that is interested in joining Monat and Earning some extra money or even have a full-time career.  I found Monat to be one of the best direct sales business that you can be a part of, I myself had lot’s of success with Monat and being able to earn extra money to pay my bills and even replaced my wife’s income, of course, it all depends on you and how much work you want to put in it. Below I wanted to talk little about why to join Monat.

Why Join  Monat

  • They carry real products that are good and are going to be around for a while, While comparing to many other company’s out there, Monat is the better choice if you are looking into direct sales.
  • They pay ( Personal experience).

Monat Global is a good business to get in to since it is still new and there is a lot of opportunity to earn money if you want to work for it. Monat is also know as a social company because a lot of folks promote it social media or face to face, because it is a direct sales company. Also it is a $40 billion market place with projected growth to $59 billion in less than 3 years!




Monat Global Market Partners receive up to 40 percent on personal sales and 12 percent on group sales. which is very good compared to many other company’s out there.


  • New and a lot of opportunity
  • Great products
  • Good Compensation Plan
  • Your own eCommerce store
  • No inventory to carry and no deliveries to make
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Consumable product line- with 30 day money back guarantee



  • Price for products a little expensive but worth it.
  • Price to join is 100 dollars for your kit and 20 dollars renewal fee every year which is not that bad since you are getting a lot of things in the kit including training material and samples.(If you buy product pack usually the 100$ kit fee is waived and you get up to 40% off the products with the kit included.

Training and Support

So how is the training on Monat Global? Well from my experience it is not to bad when you join you will get access to a lot of training material on the products and much more information on how to promote. I believe support is pretty quick in helping resolve any issue’s that there might be. From my personal experience there is someone to help answer your questions, it is a new company and as it is growing and they are always adjusting to meet customer’s needs.

Monat Reviews

Now there are many reviews out there about Monat and how they helped other folks, either with their hair or financially. Also, there are some bad review’s out there also, that some people might not have liked the product, that is why Monat offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and of course, samples that distributor like me offer for free at our own cost so you can try before you buy. If you want my personal review please make sure to visit my Monat Hair Products page how it has helped my hair and my family’s. If you have a review you would like to leave please do below, or if you have any question’s I would love to help answer any that you may have.


So the question again, is Monat Global Scam really a scam? and I will say again Monat Global is a legit company from the product side to the business side. Like always just want to say that it is something you would have to try to see if it works for you. Start a new career, or earn some extra income with Monat is definitely something I would recommend. If you are not into the business and want the products than the products are awesome and I definitely recommend trying. There are many scams’s out there this is not. If you wish to join you can click join below and or you can buy the products also. I hope this will point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading Monat Global Scam I hope this answered some or all your questions if you have any other questions feel free to comment below.



Training For Affiliate Marketing

Training For Affiliate Marketing

Need Help Learning Affiliate Marketing?Training For Affiliate Marketing

Hey welcome to truth about survey today wanted to share about how I got my training for affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn income from and is growing every day, and more  people are earning full time income from the comfort of their home. To do affiliate marketing you will have to learn how to

  • Build a Website
  • Learn Seo
  • Learn how to drive traffic to your site either social media or just seo even ppc(pay per click)
  • How to write content that converts

Those are just a few thing that you will have to learn how to do in order to start affiliate marketing.

Where to learn affiliate marketing?

There are many courses out there like Affilorama and many others my personal favorite is Wealthy Affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliate over  a year ago and I managed to start bringing extra income online doing it part time. With Wealthy Affiliate I learned how to build a website, dont worry it is not hard to build a site also learned pretty much everything that you need to know for affiliate marketing to get started and much more. As of today I am still learning and getting more knowledge thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Well there are many different review’s out there this is my personal look and my experience.

  • Great community of people of over 10,000 folks who have many years of experience to some folks that have none and all there to help each other to be successful online.
  • Hours and Hours of video tutorials how to build your business from scratch
  • Live Video webinars every week to help you keep growing your business
  • Free hosting
  • 2 free site rubix WordPress site’s that you can build and host for free to get you started.
  • Keyword tool to help you find the right keywords to rank for which many programs out there do not offer.
  • And Much More

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a while now and probably has by far the better online training than any other site that I came across. Here is my comparison of Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate.

 What is the Cost

The biq question people ask what is the cost to sign up well it is free. That is correct it is free and you will not have to pay anything unless you decide to go premium than it will be 19 dollars first moth and then 47 every month or 359 for yearly .



If you are searching for training for affiliate marketing than I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate and, the best part is that you can try it out for free. With Wealthy Affiliate you will not be disappointed if you are than you are not losing anything since you can try it out for free and see if you like or not.I hope this will help you get going in the right directions if you would like to sign up click any of the banners. If you have question’s or comments feel free to ask below.