legacy Direct Scam

legacy Direct Scam Exposed

Product: Legacy Direct TV Price:$399 for box 25 for controller and  25 for game pad controller Website: freedom.legacy.direct What is Legacy Direct Legacy direct a new company...
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What Is o2 Worldwide

Product: o2 Worldwide Price: Free to join 02 drops: 44.95 30 day money back guarantee. Overall Rating: 3/10 Owner: Dan Putnam Website: let us close What is O2 Worldwide? So...
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Zyn Travel Review

What Is Zyn Travel? Exposed

Product: Zyn Travel Website: http://zyndio.com/ Price:499$ Platinum +19.99 dollars setup fee and 14.99 month Gold Membership: 199.99 + 19.99 setup fee, and 14.99 month Silver...
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