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Get Your Boom Back

Get Your Boom Back

What is Get Your Boom Back

Can you imagine what could happen if everyone practiced a healthy lifestyle? There would be a significant reduction of diseases that are caused by unhealthy lifestyles like obesity. That is why get your boom back was created to help people get the tips and techniques that would give them a better life.

Get Your Boom Back

When you use the get your boom back products, you will feel confident to go anywhere, and you will always feel happy about yourself. According to the modern lifestyle, people are faced with a lot of things that put their body cells at risk hence contracting different forms of diseases.

The foods we eat and the methods that are used to cook them can bring a lot of harm to your body. Gone are the days when people used to cook their meals using firewood and coal. They have replaced the method of cooking, and now they are using the microwave. How can you get your boom back when you are not living a healthy lifestyle? It will be hard for a lot of people.

Stress is another thing that may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. It does not only ruin your physical appearance but affects you emotionally. That is why you should eat nutritious foods to keep you going and overcome any stressing situation. You are advised to avoid some frequencies that pose the danger to your body cells. These frequencies include radio waves, electromagnetic fields, microwave radiation and satellite signals. Some of these frequencies surround us as we do our day to day activities.

You do not have to worry about that extra weight that you just gained. Get your boom back is the best solution for you. They have a broad range of products that will ensure that a healthy lifestyle is all you got. They also use the current technologies and qualified personnel that will take you on the healthy lifestyle journey. Do not get worked up anymore.

Get your boom back is also a great consideration when it comes to preventing the occurrence of diseases. When you sign up for this program, you will be taught of various ways to prevent diseases and the products that you have to use to increase your immunity. Get your boom back believes that the energy that was to be wasted when you are nursing several diseases, you could have used it for other productive activities.

Get your boom back has a wide range of products that can suit your health demand. Some of the products include meditation band, amino boosters, frequency band, petifi frequency pet tag and drinkifi taste enhancer.

Advantages of Get Your Boom Back

  • Helps in stress management

Stress can create a lot of anxiety. Get your boom back will give you various products like wristbands and amino boosters that will enable you to cope up with life well.

  • Better sleep

Have you spent a lot of sleepless nights and you are wondering how you will get back your sleep? Worry no more because get your boom back has a solution for that. You will be given a wristband that you can wear at night, and you will have a good night sleep.

  • Increase energy

Amino boosters are used to increase your energy. The amino boosters are also used for muscle growth and increased sexual desires. You will get these supplements from get your boom back and you will never regret.

Disadvantages of get your boom back

  • Poor customer services

According to various testimonials, people are claiming that they have received bad customer services from get your boom back. You will purchase the products, and they may take a while before they are delivered to you.

  • Product Guarantee


Affiliate Program Earn money with Get Your Boom Back

With get your boom back you can also participate in their affiliate program where you will have a chance to earn 10 percent commission on every product that you sell, and you will also be able to earn 9 levels deep for every person you refer and get lifetime commissions. Free to sign up as a affiliate and no auto ship required or minimum orders like most mlms.

  • Level 1 pays – 7% – this means every person you refer who becomes an affiliate and then buys through their own affiliate link earns you 7% of their sales.
  • Level 2 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from people who have been referred by the original people you referred (these are your “level 2 people”)
  • Level 3 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 3 people
  • Level 4 pays – 2% – 5his means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 4 people
  • Level 5 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 5 people
  • Level 6 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 6 people
  • Level 7 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 7 people
  • Level 8 pays – 2% – this means you get paid 2% of all sales from your level 8 people
  • Level 9 pays – 4% – this means you get paid a whopping 4% of all sales from your level 9 people. This is deliberately a higher percentage because you can end up with way more people on this level than on any other, so this level has the biggest potential to earn you the most commission.

Final Thoughts

The fact that there are only four products that are known to the customers, you may not end up making the anticipated sales that you wanted.

There are a lot of people who have used get your boom products, and they have testified that their lives have changed for the best. How about you give it a trial too? You can sign up on the portal that has been created for you and start your healthy journey. Do not let unhealthy lifestyle rob your happiness off; you have the power to protect your well being. You will also get the get your boom back newsletters through your email and learn more about a fresh beginning. Signing up is free.


Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing started around 1996  and the first company was amazon, you probably shopped there before, but they also have a affiliate program where you can earn money by promoting the products from amazon. Here is how affiliate marketing works let’s say you have a website  and your website is about baby shoes and lets say you wanted to make money by selling baby shoes but you do not have your own product but you found something you like on amazon and want to sell it so you sign up as a affiliate through amazon and get your own affiliate link to whatever product you want to promote.When person clicks on that link and buys you make a commission on that product, below is a break down how it works, and next ll explain where to learn about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Learning affiliate marketing can sometimes be very frustrating especially if you are just starting out since there are some many scams out there promising you all the secrets in the world and end result is that there only after your money , I will give my personal experience on what I believe is the best program out there and you can try it for free! Wealthy Affiliate is the program that I want to talk about and why it is the place to go to learn online marketing.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate started back 2005 by Kyle and Carson when they them self’s learned how to earn money doing affiliate marketing so they decided to open up Wealthy Affiliate and teach others how to do the same.  Wealthy Affiliate is a large community of folks that are there to help each other to succeed in the online business world. Wealthy affiliate offers many tutorials on building your own online business from building a website to getting traffic and much more and not to mention you can host and build your website inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Why Wealthy Affiliate well one reason that I love Wealthy Affiliate apart from other programs out there is because the support and the help that you get from the community is not compared to any other place online. Other reason why Wealthy Affiliate is because the training there is awesome and easy to understand and pretty much everything you will even need to know is right there. Live video classes every week to keep you up to date so you can keep learning and improving your online business.

Pros and Cons


  • Great Community
  • Video tutorials everything you need to know
  • Keyword Research  Tool to help you find the best keyword when looking to rank for keywords on Google
  • Live Video Classes
  • WordPress Builder and Site comments and just recently added can start purchasing domains inside Wealthy Affiliate and get free domain protection.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offer great affiliate program
  • And Much More:)


  • Cant really think of any


There are two memberships one is the free membership and it is great for starters but if you want to go hardcore then I would recommend Premium membership and that is 47$ month or 359 dollars for a whole year that way you save money.

Who is it for?

Anyone that is interested in starting there own online business and making money from home.

How to Join


Final thoughts

If you are really interested in starting your won business and want to learn how then I recommend you sign up for free and try it out you will not regret it since it is free so why not give it a go. One more thing that I like to say is that don’t expect to start making money right away it takes work and dedication same as with any business work hard and you will reap the rewards just do not give up and keep pushing on. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below will be glad to help you out.

Check out my older post How to get Started in Affiliate Marketing.


EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam Exposed

EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam Exposed

Product: Eps Prosperity Hotline

Price:25 Dollars plus 10$ dollar one time replicated website


Legit or Scam: Scam

What is Eps Prosperity Hotline?EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam

Eps prosperity hotline is a program where you can earn money for every email you process and they pay you 25 for every email. Eps Prosperity Hotline scam is it really a scam? Just by the statement get paid 25 dollars for every email already give’s me a red flag, because if it was that easy to make money I believe everyone would be doing that. With Eps you will only need a few things to get started and that is 25 dollars, a computer with internet, and 20 minutes a day sound’s pretty easy right !

Here is what you get for 25 Bucks

Pre written ads

Step by step instructions

Unlimited access to Eps support

Option to purchase a 10 dollar replicated website and hosting


EPS Prosperity Hotline Exposed

The problem with eps prosperity is that if you think about how does the company make money? Well here is how it really works you found some one online advertising Eps and you paid 25 dollars and you go and do the same, post ads that they give you and if someone  signs up you send them a email with the instructions and you earn 25 bucks so basically your just signing people up and taking their 25 bucks, sound like a scam? This is what I call a scam and their is no money to be made here.




It  is a scam stay away

Final Thoughts

To finish my review up I do not recommend this program to anyone because it is not worth wasting your money and time for a scam. If you want to earn money online it will take work and sometimes lots of work but it is worth doing the work that later pays off. If you are interested in learning how to build a successful business online I recommend you check out my page on Wealthy Affiliate there you will find how you can start your own online business and make money working from home. I hope this will point you in the right direction if you have any comments or questions please feel free to comment below will be glad to help answer any questions that you may have.
EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam Exposed

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Start

Hello and welcome today wanted to share with you on how to start affiliate marketing business, and ill give the steps you need to take to get going in the right direction.

Find a Niche

First off when starting a affiliate marketing business you will need to find your self a niche that you would be interested in doing, by that I mean if you like football you might want to get in on the football niche and sell football apparel or helmet’s, but also find something that  you can write about at least couple times a week, because you will need to build your own site and have content put on it regularly to keep it up to date, and fresh for your visitor’s to read.


Research would be our next step after you found your niche you will need to then do some research about see if it will be something worth getting in to or not. Here is a great video that you can watch at Wealthy Affiliate about learning how to research and brain storm your own niche.How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business



This is the most critical step and most important step for me personally is learning, if we do not learn we will get no where. Start Learning for free at Wealthy Affiliate like I mentioned earlier is the best choice I made for myself, with Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to learn how to build your site, and all the way to driving traffic to your site and much more. Wealthy Affiliate is your online school to learning how to start a affiliate marketing business.

Hosting and Domains

After you have completed those couple steps you will be on soon to building your own site! Next step would be is to choosing a domain and hosting if you are not sure about what you want yet and just want to use Wealthy Affiliate they offer 2 free websites that you can host with them for free until you decide on a domain name. Where you host is up to you I do my hosting through Wealthy Affiliate because it comes with my membership and offers much more like site comments. There are many other options also like Go Daddy and or going through WordPress, but if you want the most of  out of your membership I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, and the hosting  comes with your premium membership of 47 dollars a month, which is pretty good deal because you get awesome training and much more all at Wealthy Affiliate.

choosing a domain



Building Your Website

All right our next step is building our site, this is the step people worry a lot today thinking they need some html to build a site and all reality that is done already for you , all you have to worry about is the content and not the html. WordPress is what I recommend  when building your site it is easy to use and  has lots of options for you to customize the themes to what you want it to be. If you are registered with Wealthy Affiliate WordPress is already there and you can start building your site and getting things setup if you do not have Wealthy Affiliate and do not want to use it than you can go to WordPress and get your site going there or through GoDaddy. As free member at Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to start watching these videos below on how to setup your site and how to get things rolling.

setting up site

setting up your website


Final thoughts

To wrap things up I hope this will help you out and get you going in the right direction with your affiliate marketing business. There is way more steps after setting up your site but Ill share that next time or if you have signed with with Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to find all the training there you need to keep going with your business. If you have questions or comments I would be glad to answer them and any thought’s that you have feel free to comment below and thanks for reading how to start affiliate marketing business. If you want more info on Wealthy Affiliate Please be sure to check out my older Wealthy Affiliate Training Post.



Making Money Online As A Affiliate

Making Money Online As A Affiliate

Can You Earn Money as  a Affiliate?Making Money Online As A Affiliate1

Making money online as a affiliate has become one of the best ways to earn income today and more folks are trying to learn affiliate marketing but many fail over time. Most folks that start doing affiliate marketing think that it will be a easy  and you will be making money in no time, although I wish that was true but sadly it is not and believe or not it takes hard work and not to mention lot of learning but if you stick with it eventually it will pay off and you will be glad you did not give up.

Why so Many People Fail in Affiliate Marketing?

So why do many people fail in affiliate marketing, well there is a couple reasons and that is people are in the business for the short run what I mean by that is that they want to make quick cash with little work which that will never work out and most people get frustrated because they are not making any money within there first month or third month. If you want to be successful in the online business you need to not give up and work to achieve your success.

Other reason why some many people tend to give up is because lack of information meaning they do not know how affiliate marketing works, or how to maybe start building your own site and marketing it online ectt… There is big list that I could make on why lot’s of folks give up but these two reasons is why I gave up in the first place, but later realizing that nothing is easy and everything takes work, and if I put my time and effort for my business than it will definitely be worth doing.

Push Through the Wall that is keeping you from success!

Sound pretty funny but very true we tend to build a wall around use with obstacles that keep use from reaching our goals, and some are being lazy! or making up excuses  to put things off to the next day instead of working twords your goals that you set. If you can I like to put in at least one hour of work into my business everyday  either learning new things or working on my site’s.


If you want to be successful you have to learn and I mean learn and keep learning, because the more you learn the more value you will add to yourself. Things that helped me out is a site called Wealthy Affiliate where I started out my online learning and probably the best course out there right now that you can learn from and be successful online, but of course it all depends on you to put the effort to make things happen no effort no progress.

Final Thoughts

So to answer the question can you make money online as a affiliate? Yes you can and but it takes work and dedication and wanting to succeed online. I hope this will help you out and get you going in the right direction and I do recommend for folks to sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate and give it a try to start learning online marketing for free, and if you want more info check out my older posts on Wealth Affiliate Training Program.

Making Money Online As A Affiliate 

What Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce

What Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce

Ibuyrite  Ecommerce Review

So what is ibuyrite ecommerce? Ibuyrite is a new ecommerce platform where you can earn a income from your own online store which is preloaded with over 1 million brand name 25 product category’s. With Ibuyrite you will be able to purchase a a big box store and start selling and earning commission for your sales. Maybe you have seen shopify  where you can also build your own online store, but only difference is with Ibuyrite the products are already preloaded for you to sell, unlike shopify you have to get your own products to sell.

How Does Ibuyrite Work?


How much does it really cost to join well to join and be a  affiliate is free, but if you would like to have your own big box store it is 300 dollars for the starter kit and then 199$monthly for each niche store, unless you have two store than it will be 149 month and 3 store 100 dollars month for each.

Benefits of owning your own Niche Store

  • Personalized store
  • Pays up to 20% commissions
  • Extend your brand Pre-loaded inventory
  • Load your own products
  • SEO marketing
  • Daily deals / couponsWhat Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Multi channel marketing
  • Like it to know it / Instagram
  • Real time analytics
  • Receive your own merchant card processing account

Earn as a Free Member

Like I mentioned earlier you can also earn money being a affiliate, when you sell a niche store at monthly price of 199.00 you will earn 50 dollar commission, when you sell 6 store front you will be on your way to getting your own 300 dollar value big box store and enter the binary and uni-elevel program.

What you get as a Associate Power Player

There are two membership that you can get signed up with the first one is associate power player and detail are below and other one is a free member which ever you choose you will be able to earn money depending how much work you put in of course.

  • $300 Starter Kit
  • Receive your own replicated Big Box everything store and earn up to 10% cash commission
  • Sell a niche store for $199 monthly fee and receive a $100 commission: $50 direct cash commission and $50 direct into the Uni-Level.
  • Receive technology license for Back Office management system ($50 per month, 50% pays into Uni-Level)
  • Participate in the Binary and Uni-Level compensation plans Pays up to 3% of retail sales from all niche stores and Big Box Stores monthly into the Uni-Level
  • 20% commission on every Boost Ad Program sold (10% direct cash, 10% into Uni-Level)
  • Personalized Power Player customer care experience:
  • Direct contact person assigned to give you exceptional service!
  • Receive Reward Points for everything you do! (Upline in the Binary and Uni-Level)
  • Receive your own merchant card processing account

Boost Ad Package

Need more traffic? Ibuyrite offers a boost package which you can purchase, in my opinion little high but might be worth it if you got the money to invest.

Local Facebook: $300 Regional Facebook: $600

Social + Search Package:

Local Facebook + Google: $650 Regional Facebook

+ Google $1,250

Premium Packages:

Custom Placement Facebook + Google: $1,900

Pros and Cons


  • Great opportunity compared to shopify and other ecommerce plat forms out there, because of the products that are pre loaded with your store
  • Not bad commission’s
  • Everything is taken care of from website design to taking payments its all setup and ready to use.


  • One of the cons is that even though everything is made for you even seo optimized I still believe it might be hard to rank on google  for particular keywords as you would if you had your own blog or website through WordPress. Unless you can edit your site than that is a different story but having everything pre made in my opinion will be hard to get traffic to, because one of the ways I use to get traffic is by seo.
  • Price a little high a month but I guess if your getting everything than it is not bad.


Just some final thoughts on Ibuyrite I personally believe it is not a bad gig especially if you do not have that much experience in eCommerce and having to have your own products, which with Ibuyrite that is taken care of which is pretty cool in my opinion. Price might a little high but if can make money or make a career out of this than it is definitely worth it. If you would like to sign up for free feel free to do so I will leave a link or if you have questions or comments or if you had any personal experience would love to hear how it is working out for you feel free to ask  any questions thanks and have a great day.

Sign up for free here

legacy Direct Scam Exposed

legacy Direct Scam Exposed

Product: Legacy Direct TV

Price:$399 for box 25 for controller and  25 for game pad controller


What is Legacy Direct

Legacy direct a new company that not to long ago just launched where you can stream movies and shows online, and surf the internet and much more. With just plugging in the box and hooking your internet you could be watching your favorite show online, but not only that, you can also earn money online by promoting and selling the tv box and earn a income from home. One of the questions that I ask is is it legal  according to legacy direct it is legal because your just streaming. Ill try and explain more in depth about the company as we go,and ill give my opinion if LegacWhat is Legacy Directy Direct Scam is really a scam.

Legal or Illegal?

I am not a lawyer so I will not be saying if it is legal or not but just throwing couple thoughts out there how does big company’s like Netflix  for example don’t they need to pay something and get licensing to allow its users to stream movies and shows? Even though they say it is legal I don’t agree with pirated things make me not want to join a business like that but that is my personal take  on that, if you do decide to join that is totally up to you.

Legacy Direct Opportunity

With legacy direct you will be able to earn income for selling the tv boxes, the cost to join is 49 dollars that will get you started with your back office and replicated website. Can you earn money with this,sure if you want to sell a 400 dollar box that is not including remotes which is another 25 bucks. I personally believe you can make money online with anything but personally selling 400 dollars boxes that could be found cheaper on eBay or other boxes that are probably the same for 50 or 60 is not very appealing to me and not something I would want to promote but you can if you choose to that is just my look at things.


Legacy Direct Scam is it or not? Well if it is legal than no in this case if they say that it is than yes it is legit but my take on this is your still watching pirated movies and shows which I do not feel confident in selling this box or buying just for that reason but I will let you decide this is just my personal opinion. If you do wish to earn a income online I will recommend something that did work for me called Wealthy Affiliate that is where I got started in learning online marketing if you are interested read my review on Wealthy Affiliate also you can check out a similar box called vstream ,it is another review that I wrote that is similar to Legacy Direct Box. For comments or questions feel free to comment below thanks.

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Hello today wanted to give my personal  honest wealthy affiliate review. Wealthy affiliate is a online marketing  course, for folks that are looking on how to create a successful online business. Wealthy affiliate been out for several years now , and has helped many folks out there achieve financial freedom. With Wealthy Affiliate you will discover many hours of great video tutorials, live video training, and most of all a big community of people that are there to learn and grow with you, and some folks that have become very successful on the internet, you will be able to  learn from them and ask them questions.

My Small Story and My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I wanted to make my post to share with you that anything is possible even when you  failed over and over. I started out learning affiliate marketing a while back or should I say that I tried to learn but instead I fell into many scams that over time lost over 5,000 dollars of hard earned money.Big question I asked my self was what was I  doing wrong? Well to start off I was chasing after easy quick money which in our world does not exist folks you will have to work your ass off for every penny to put food on your table. I got to a point were I just quite for couple months, and said I am done, as much as I hated working for a boss I knew that was not the end, that I will keep trying until something works. One day landed on someones website when searching learn affiliate marketing and found Wealthy Affiliate. From there I learned how to build a site ,and just took a step at a time, and after couple months I managed to start making money online it wasn’t a lot but anything at this point was awesome,and gave me more motivation to keep going. Just wanted to say with great training and great community, and most of all not giving up I am earning extra money from home now, and so can you just don’t give up, do what you like to do, and do not be a slave to your job.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Anyone who is searching how to build their own business online.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for free

If you think you would be interested in joining as a free member  click banner below or if you would like more information check out my older post on Wealthy affiliate legit or scam

I hope this will point you in the right direction if not at least I tried thanks for reading my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.
Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

What Is o2 Worldwide

What Is o2 Worldwide

Product: o2 Worldwide

Price: Free to join

02 drops: 44.95 30 day money back guarantee.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Owner: Dan Putnam

Website: let us close

What is O2 Worldwide?

So What is 02 Worldwide, well it is a new mlm company that is currently in its  prelunch stage that sells o2 drops. These o2 drops are one of a kind formula of bio available oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals. These drops according to o2 worldwide  are natural non toxic, safe, and ph balanced, they also might provide benefits in improving your health since oxygen is a very important to keep your body healthy.o2 worldwide supplement facts

Why Oxygen Important?

Well without oxygen you would not be able to live right? With today there is a lot of pollution that is effecting how much oxygen we really get, and the less oxygen we get the more health problems we tend to develop. Feeling tired, maybe you are not getting enough oxygen ,with o2 worldwide according to them this might improve your health in the list below that is listed.

Benefits of o2 Drops                                        

  • Can dramatically boosts energy levels
  • May help strengthen the immune system
  • May heighten concentration and alertness                               02 worldwide review
  • May exert a calming effect on the nervous system
  • May help relieve headaches
  • May Reduce the symptoms of hangovers
  • Helps improve blood circulation without drug side effects
  • May help the liver in cleansing itself of toxins
  • May help with inflammatory conditions by assisting body in carrying away cellular debris and free radical toxins
  • May promote faster recovery from injury, stress or strenuous exercise
  • May help promote weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning
  • Can be used for skin and acne care
  • Increases blod flow and oxygen to the skin make the skin look more beautiful
  • May help relieve the pain and itching of bug bites and skin rashes and promote healing
  • Has been used clinically to reduce gum disease and kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • May be used as a gargle to relieve sore throat conditions
  • May be used as a nasal irrigation spray to provide moisture and to help control bacteria in the nasal cavity
  • May be used as completely safe and natural hand sanitizer
  • May be used as a safe biocidal counter and bathroom spray
  • Can be used as safe vegetable and fruit wash
  • May be used as a preservative for short-term water storage to control harmful anaerobes

02 Worldwide Opportunity and Compensation

With o2 worldwide you can earn a income from home with leads that are given to you, and ill explain that little later. O2 worldwide you can earn 5 ways, and it is pretty simple.

This is a 2 team Compensation Plan.

    • Customer Bonus earn 50% percent commission of your direct sales, and 40% percent  cv goes into two team plan.
    • Fast Start Bonus is basically the same as your customer bonus except with fast start you get paid for bringing in new distributors and earn 50% percent on personal and %40 goes into your two team plan.
    • Two Team Pay earn 12.5% on the matched cv of your two teams. example your right team has 1000 dollars and right team 1200 dollars you will get 250 dollars and,200 dollars will rollover to the next week.
    • Matching Bonus  based on your two teams you sponsored so if your team on right brings in 1000 dollars, and team on left 1000 dollars you will get 2000 dollars 100% matching bonus.
    • K club earn incentives, cash, and trips

Cost to Join 02 worldwide

To join 02 worldwide is free  you do not have to pay membership fee, which kind of surprised me since most mlm’s there is some sort of fee. With o2 worldwide you will have to become active, and this is were you might spend a little money if you decide, and that is by purchasing a package, here is the 3 different packages that you can get

  • O2 drops & Call Center Pin (NOTE THIS PACK DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU FOR THE 100% MATCHING BONUS  cost :39.95
  • O2 drops, Call Center Pin, 20 Internet Surveyed Leads, and Upgraded Online System cost: 59.95
  • O2 drops, Call Center Pin, 50 Post Cards, 50 leads, and Upgraded Online System ( us resident’s only) cost:59.95

With the o2 drops there is 30 day money back guarantee, and with the packages you will be able to receive leads ,if you are not very good at getting them than you have a chance to purchase leads like getting 50 leads where all you do is go out send out the post card, and if the person wants to sign up they follow directions on the card, and the call center takes care of it all don’t even have to talk to anyone if you do not want to.

Upgraded Online System

If you decide you want to purchase the packages then you will receive a upgraded online system with lead capture pages, auto responders  follow up emails, lead capture pages, and sales funnel. Is it required? No not required  but if you want the most of it  I recommend it since especially if you are getting started ,will help out.

My Own Personal Testimonial after using the o2 drops

I have actually ordered the o2 drops and received it about a week later and since have been using it, did not  really see a big change from taking the o2 drops and after being a member for more than 3 months and having a downline of more than 150 people I did not make a penny from this.

Final Thoughts

The question most people ask is it legit? I believe it is not that great of a product period just a bunch of hype , I have tried it and it did nothing for me, tasted like salt water lol. I believe that there are other ways of making money online and after trying this i will not recommend this more of a waste of time in my opinion like with many other mlm’s. My recommendation is no I do not recommend but that is my personal opinion.






What Is Zyn Travel? Exposed

What Is Zyn Travel? Exposed

Product: Zyn Travel


Price:499$ Platinum +19.99 dollars setup fee and 14.99 month

Gold Membership: 199.99 + 19.99 setup fee, and 14.99 month

Silver Membership:49.99 + 19.99 setup fee, and 14.99 month

Owner: Anthony Powell

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

This is my personal review I am not a affiliate, and do not promote zyn travel just my personal thoughts.

What is Zyn Travel?

What is Zyn Travel? Well Zyn Travel  is a new mlm that is currently in the pre launch stage that specializes in the travel industry. Get paid to travel maybe you have hear of that before, there are couple company’s that are out there where you can make money while promoting different memberships, and referring other folks to the opportunity. Is Zyn Travel any different? Zyn Travel like many other opportunities out there not any different in my personal opinion.

What Kinds of Discounts Do you Get if You are a Member?

Discounts on

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Rental Cars
  • Time Shares
  • Service

Here is a list of what you will be able to save money on if you become a member of Zyn Travel, are the discounts big my guess is no on that because personally the way I look at it is how can you offer cheaper airline discounts than the major website’s like expedia ect…? In my opinion there is not enough proof of discounts to make me even sign up. According to Zyn Travel you could save up to 85% percent on hotel.

Cost of Memberships, and Business Opportunity

Zyn Travel Review

As you see above there are 3 memberships that you can enroll in. If you want to earn money and to maximize your earning you will have to get the platinum membership. There are 8 ways to earn with Zyn Travel, and here is a quick run down of Zyn Travel Compensation Plan.

  • Affiliate Travel Commissions you will be able to  earn 25 percent commissions as silver ,or 50 percent gold, and 100 percent commission  if platinum ,and it will depend on travel cost,and travel  retail price paid on Zyn Travel so for example: retail price is 600, and  travel site profit 200 as silver you will receive  50, gold 100, platinum 200.
  • Affiliate referral bonus  is where you get paid when you refer other members of up to 20 percent, and 5 percent of when your affiliate enrolls a new affiliate.
  • 3×2 matrix  where you must fill 12 positions, and you will receive 150 silver, gold 450, and 750 platinum , and this happens every time you complete the cycle.
  • Earn a additional 10% travel bonus on top of your completed cycles.
  • Affiliate matching bonuses when your team completes a cycle you will receive a commission.
  • Affiliate lifestyle bonus for platinum members only or if you upgrade  will be able to get cool rewards like iPad, gopro, and even a car.
  • Affiliate marketing bonus help your team grow , and earn extra cash down to 3 levels.
  • Affiliate Global Bonuses earn a share of global pool

Pros and Cons


  • Still in prelunch
  • not bad compensation plan
  • Good products if they really do provide the discount’s


  • Starting price is expensive if you want to have the full earning potential you need platinum membership.
  • No proof of discounts, so do not know if this will have any value in it.
  • Monthly membership

Final Thought’s

I hope this will give you a idea of what is Zyn Travel, also wanted to give my insight on Zyn Travel,  of what I personally think ,and my past experience’s with mlm programs. I believe that Zyn Travel is not that bad, but I would not sign up for couple reason’s there is not enough proof that discounts that they offer are actually worth investing in ,and promoting this opportunity. Also the price for the membership is high about 500 dollars, unless you get the silver membership which is cheaper but don’t get all the benefits of platinum membership which is a big downside to the business. I have seen couple travel site before that have failed because the failed to offer what they advertised, if there is no proof of the discount’s on products , then that just gives me a red flag. This is personally to me another mlm program mostly based of referrals. If you really want to learn how to build successful online business I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate Training, where you can learn how to build a business that will have value. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.