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What is Project BreakThrough?

What is Project BreakThrough?

what is project breakthrough

What is Project Breakthrough?

This is my personal Opinion on What is Project Break Through.

Project Breakthrough is a video course spanning over a 14 day trial period set up by successful internet marketers Vick and Jason. These training videos essentially teach you how to develop an online income and generate up to 27 different modes of passive income using the powers of internet. The whole procedure is quite appealing and with bold claims by the pair, Project Breakthrough draws quite an attention to struggling online marketers. Vick and Jason claim that if the program is cautiously followed and implemented people can generate anything between $20,000 and above every month with no higher limit. The 14 day trial period is set in a way that users can’t skip one and move on to another which is good as a lot of people are impatient and want to reach the conclusion before going through the whole thing first.

While the duo does not guarantee an assured income through this, however they also assure that it is nearly impossible to not know how to generate commissions by the end of the trail run. However, that’s not all about what is Project Breakthrough.

Who are the two mentors?

Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain together formed the High Traffic Academy (HTA) and shot to fame. They are recognized as very eminent online marketers having established their online presence for over a decade. They have been fairly successful in their multiple endeavors to utilize internet and generate a high income. Generally people have a notion that such bold claims and promises of earning a lot of money online implementing some strategies usually means a scam. This isn’t a fact and many successful entrepreneurs and online marketers can vouch for it, but all that glitters is not always gold. Before we jump to any conclusions there are a few things one should know about the mentors before understanding what is project breakthrough.

Vick Strizheus was also the founder of Empower Network which was based on MLM scheme or the pyramid scheme business. Multi-level marketing although might sound appealing to many, it isn’t always legit and the strategy has been used time and again by many scammers to trick gullible people into it. Vick has been associated with a number of such groundbreaking ideas or opportunities’ to utilize online marketing and multi-level-marketing schemes, some of which were borderline scams. Moreover Vick used to go around by a completely different name before he changed it when sentenced prison time for insurance theft – not a very remarkable background history for a mentor trying to impart once in a lifetime income opportunities to people.

Hidden costs

Project Breakthrough proudly claims a free trial of 14 days to teach essential tips and tricks on online marketing and how to generate ten folds income sitting at home using these strategies. But what is smartly avoided is the mammoth expense per year or per month that is waiting at the end of the trial period. Misdirection is a key to successful scams and this makes me wonder whether it is a scam or a legit working program. The trial period teaches you about tools that are essential in the process and also imparts some commendable knowledge but needs you to sign up for Elite membership at the end of it. This is in a way mandatory to “actually” earn anything at all. Unless you pay the hefty fee of $297 p/m, you will not earn any money as claimed initially thus making the entire training useless.

One might question that with some added knowledge and information about the essential tools for the program, why can’t someone start generating their own income without upgrading to Elite membership in Project breakthrough? Well, that is because these essential tools also cost quite a bit and have no trial period to test their authenticity. Paired with added costs of training modules and with negligible or no information about how to use these tools effectively, they are basically useless unless you shell out near about $300 for the Elite program and that too without any guaranteed returns.

Support system

Having discussed all the above issues, one might wonder that at the least Project breakthrough will have a strong real-time support system to cater to the queries and needs of people particularly those who are paying for an upgraded program and buying these costly tools. Unfortunately, there is no support system provided with the program and the mentors encourage users to leave comments at the end of each day’s trial video. Having gone through those, I can vouch that most queries go unanswered even the ones made by people who have paid truck load of money to buy all essentials as asked and yet not getting the claimed benefits from these tools. A faulty support system with barely effective response makes the whole program very shady and doubtful.

Benefits: Pros & Cons

Writing an unbiased product review requires an honest opinion about both the advantages and disadvantages that come along for the users. While personal opinions and experiences are crucial, it is also necessary to fairly appreciate the aspects that are beneficial. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the program to understand better the basic question – What is project breakthrough?


The 14-day trial period for training is absolutely free for all.

During the training period, credit card details or any other payment details are not required.

The information provided in the trial period is somewhat beneficial if not wholesome.

The videos explaining the matter and context have been well-arranged and described by both Vick and Jason thus making it appealing and interesting.


Although a free trial period is provided, it is redundant unless upgraded to an Elite package by paying a hefty amount and buy the essential tools as mentioned.

The package along with the tools is not where the expenses end. There are upsells, training modules and further hidden costs which are staggeringly high.

The tools do not come with a trial period and paying for them is the only way to check their authenticity.

The past records and background of one of the mentors, Vick Strizheus is extremely controversial.

There is no proper support system for free or paid users of the program.

Other options to learn how to make money Online.

There are other option is learning online one of them is called Wealthy Affiliate and that is where I started out at and can say that it though me a lot of stuff probably the same as project breakthrough, but I can say anything for project break through because it is little over priced especially for newbies and I wouldn’t recommend invest 400 or 500 bucks a month just to learn and for some tools there are cheaper way out there, so if you are interested check out Wealthy Affiliate below to start learning for free and then if you want to upgrade only 47$ dollars a month and training is amazing.

Wealthy Affiliate Training


Verdict: Scam or Legit?

Having discussed the various aspects, this program is not highly accredited and neither is the response from various users very trustworthy or motivating. Given that one of the mentors has a dicey history with such online schemes and that there are more negative aspects about it than positive, at worst this might be a well-marketed scam. But the information in the trial period is helpful and the benefits post purchase of the package and tools might be better if not exceedingly promising. At best, a minutely beneficial package against a major set of expenses is the right way to sum up the query – What is Project Breakthrough? If you have comments or questions feel free to ask.

Ways to Earn a Income Online

Ways to Earn a Income Online

What Are Some Ways to Earn a Income Online?

Here are a couple ways to help you start earning income online, ill start with my favorite and work my way down the list I hope you will find this useful.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to earn a income online. If you have a passion for something like books for example than you can make money online by promoting books out there, it does not really matter what your passion is the fact is that you can turn it into a career. The way affiliate marketing works is you choose a

  • Niche
  • Build a Website
  • Find Products to Promote
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Make Money

It is  a pretty simple process but not always easy does take work and dedication so do not expect to do nothing and make money. If you are intrested in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing check out Wealthy Affiliate where you can get started for free.
Ways to Earn a Income Online

Sell Your Own Shirts!

Have you ever though about designing and selling your own t-shirts? If you haven’t than this might be a great option especially if you are good at designing. Teespring and there are couple more site’s out there where you can design your shirt and make profit on it, even if you are not a  designer you could always have some one design for you for a small fee. Also you do not always need a website to sell the shirt good option is to make Facebook or Instagram page and promote it there, even start running some ads.

Ebay or Etsy

Like making your own stuff? How about try and selling it on Etsy a great place where you can post your stuff that you make and earn money for doing what you are good at. Also other option is eBay most of you know eBay it is another option that you can take.


Another way to earn some money is through drop shipping but it is not my favorite way but is not to bad ,especially if you have your own site where you will be selling otherwise I found to much competition on eBay and was hard to make a profit.

Online Surveys

Its free to get started but you will need a lot of time, it wont make you rich but it will provide some spare cash. You can check out getpaid. social my personal recommendation on a survey site, and they offer many tasks that you can make money with. Some other sites like global testmarket, and opinion outpost  are the other one that personally recommend but like I said wont make your rich but will put some extra cash in your pocket if you have the time.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world you can really make money with anything you want online if you really want to but most people tend to give up to quick. Couple things I will recommend especially if you want to build a strong online career and quit your full time job is take some time and learn and implement what you learn, like I said earlier if you want to learn affiliate marketing than Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start not just because I promote it because it actually works, and that is where I got started online. I hope this will help you get going in the right direction if you got question’s or comments feel free to ask.

Click Intensity Scam Exposed!

Click Intensity Scam Exposed!

Click Intensity Another MLM?

Click Intensity scam is it really a scam? Here is my personal opinion.  Click Intensity it is simply a revenue share website that has more features than most revshare sites, where members can get paid for doing a variety of different things. Basically, Click Intensity system features a combination of Revenue sharing, MLM, PTC and Affiliate program.

The business focuses mainly on sharing the revenues that come into the company, which are often generated when new members join. They claim that members will make money every 30 minutes guaranteed to 100%.

So how does Click Intensity system work?        Click intensity scam

Well, the click intensity system works in different ways. It offers their members more than one way to earn money. But, it’s very important you understand that first the system will charge $25 for packages. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to risk you can simply choose to be a free Member and not invest maybe until you’re certain of their reliability. They claim that their package schemes will help members get back their $30 ROI on $25 investment.

How to Earn Money from this Site

Click Intensity has five different ways which members can use to get paid daily. They include:

Complete Daily Tasks 

Both free and paid member are usually provided with various tasks and are rewarded on completion. You will have to complete the everyday tasks such as clicking on Ads, sharing or liking Facebook post/page and etc in order for you to qualify to participate in their revenue sharing program. Paid members are often considered as being more serious therefore gets more tasks to do and earn more money.

Profit Shares 

You can earn up to 120% on your investment through profit sharing. But, you must purchase silver coin packs worth $25 if you want to be part of this. Purchasing one pack gives you 1 share in the company. The silver pack will return you daily income until you earn $30, and that means you’ll make a profit of $5. However, there is no fixed daily percentage about how much will be shared because this entire opportunity revolves around the sales made by the company. So, you are not guaranteed any share if there is no revenue earned for the day.

Direct Referrals 

When you refer personally to the Click Intensity system through your Affiliate links, you will earn a commission of 10% whenever the personal referred members purchase a Silver Coin Pack worth $25. Free members can still profit from this although the commission rate is set to 5%. There are no limitations on the number of personal referrals. So if you are smart at doing this, you can easily refer more people to get more out of the system.

Team Income (MLM)

This income is only meant for paid members. Basically, you must spend atleast $25 to benefit from this MLM opportunity. Click Intensity will reward you up to 7 levels deep.

Back end Sales 

You earn a commission from anyone deep down in your team to 7 levels deep, when he or she purchases a premium advertising product like pop-ups or solo ads.


  •  Multiple earning opportunities
  •  Free to get started
  • Strong customer support, including their Facebook group


  •  High risk involved
  •  Free members are limited to smaller earnings
  •  Requires a decent investment
  •  Doesn’t accept Paypal. This is a big waving red flag.
  • Doesn’t offer guarantees for their members. Everything depends mainly on the overall income generated for the day.
  •  Takes time to earn profits
  • No refunds offered to members
  •  Their sales pitch looks very misleading
  •  Not suitable to every individual, especially those who don’t have much money to spend. For example, you may have to spend up to $100, 000 so that you can benefit from all levels.
  •  Multi-level marketing is not a good business model.

Why Click Intensity could be a bad home based business?

As mentioned above, the whole system is very risky and the worst part is that there are No guarantees that you’ll make any money at all even if you invest in it. In addition, they don’t offer refunds. It simply means if you invest your hard earned money in the system and things don’t work out well for you, you’re actually screwed.

Also, Click Intensity is one of those a dime a dozen programs. Programs like this are being created all the time. Their continuity is almost uncertain and they usually don’t last long because of their borderline scam schemes. In fact, they are normally shut down within a few months after their launch.


Learn How to Make Money Doing Online Tasks

How to Boost Blog Traffic

How to Boost Blog Traffic

Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog or site can some times be very frustrating, today want to help you with boosting your blog traffic, and ill share what has worked for me. So how to boost blog traffic, well first thing is first are you posting daily or at least 3 times a week? Here is a list of things that I came up with that actually helped me.

Steps to Boost Blog Traffic   increase blog traffic

  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Do a good keyword research on each topic to make sure I will be actually able to rank for that.( here is the tool I use to do it Jaxxy Keyword Research).
  • Post on Facebook, google plus and other social media site’s.
  • Go to google webmaster tools and let google know that you made a post by  going to fetch tab

Creating Post’s that Rank

When creating a post or page make sure you do your keyword research and a serp analysis. When you found what you are going to write about follow these couple steps bellow to help you get better rankings on google and bing.

  • Post should be minimum 300 words, I recommend a little more than that anywhere 500-2000 words all depends if you can cover everything in what your post is about.
  • Your keyword should be in the title, and somewhere in first paragraph.
  • Make sure you have good keyword density but do not stuff your article with keywords, that is called keyword stuffing and you will not rank.
  • Post a image with your keyword relevant to what you are writing.
  • Post a video, your or someone else’s
  • Share your post social media
  • Let google and bing know that you made a post through google webmaster tools
  • Something else I like to do is see what my visitor’s are doing on my website or when they are reading my blog post’s, I do that by using a heat map and you can check out more about heat maps here

Final Thoughts

Those are just some basics that will help you get started if you want more info feel free to ask or you can check out Wealthy Affiliate a great online training university where you can learn more.


Google Analytics Heat Map

Google Analytics Heat Map

What is a Heat Map?                  google analytic heat map

Heat map is where you can track visitor’s on your site, and what exactly are they doing and where they are clicking. Heat maps are a great tool and a must have especially if you are getting traffic buy not much conversion’s, with a  heat map you can see what the visitor is doing and  from there you will be able to get an idea on what you need to improve, or fix in order to improve your conversions and get leads. Google analytic s heat map does google even have one? Well unfortunately google does not provide a heat map with it google analytic tool.

Is Google Analytic Enough?

Google analytic is a great free tool that you can use to see how much visitor you are getting to your site, there are also some more features that it provide’s but is google analytic enough? For some folks it is enough but if you are serious about building a successful business you will need more than just google analytic. If you have your own website and your getting traffic but not enough conversion’s ,wouldn’t you want to see what your visitor’s are doing? So how can you see what your visitors are doing on your site?

Using Heat Map to Spy on Your Visitors!

How about seeing what each and every visitor did on your site would that help you improve your website and help you get more leads and conversions? Yes in my personal experience it does help to know  what every person is doing on your site.

Spy Visit Heat Map

Ill be sharing what I have been using recently and actually very impressed with this heat map tool, it is not just any heat map tool. How is Spy Visit diffrent? Well here are some reason why Spy Visit is different from other heat maps

SpyVisit key features included:
1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings
* Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.

2. Clicks Heat Maps
* See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what “you think” they are clicking.

3. Eye-Tracking Heat Maps
* See where website visitors are looking at on your website.

4. Scroll Heat Maps
* See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!

5. Real-Time Reporting
* See what website visitors do at all times.

6. Works perfectly with Google Analytics
* SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analaytics. You will get even more data using both!



There are many heat maps out there that you can get some are free, but it will just have the basics just showing where visitors are clicking buy with Spy Visit you will be able to see much more.


  • Free trial 7 days
  • $12 month one website with unlimited pages 15,000 recorded sessions up to 450MB storage
  • 27$ month unlimited website’s and pages with 40,000 recorded sessions and up to 1200 MB storage
  • 47$ month unlimited websites’s and pages with 100,000 recorded sessions and up to 3200 MB storage
  • 97$ month unlimited website’s and pages with 250,000 recorded sessions and up to 7000 MB storage

Spy Visit Installation

One of the thing I found when trying Spy visit is that it was very easy to install and with step by step tutorial to help me get that done, only took me about 1 to 5 minutes to get it setup.



Wrapping things up do you need a heat map? Yes because you should know what your visitor’s are doing on your website, you could then use that information to better your website, and to get more leads and conversion’s.If you would like to try Spy Visit for free click above, for question’s or comments feel free to comment below will be glad to help.


This Tools Increased Sales, Leads and Click-Through Rate WITH LESS traffic!

This Tools Increased Sales, Leads and Click-Through Rate WITH LESS traffic!

Get More Leads

This Tools Increased Sales, Leads and Click-Through Rate WITH LESS traffic!
Hi guys, what’s up?

I believe that every one of us would like to know how to achieve what I have written in the title.

And the good news is that the trick is actually very simple, which is by “spying” on what each visitor does on your website. Once you understand what your visitor’s behavior is, you can optimize your website easily. 🙂

But the problem is, how we can achieve that? I will explain on how below.

Spyvisit, a company that invented a tool that able to see what your visitors do on your website using real-time visitor recordings & heat maps (which is not provided by Google Analytics). And one of the best thing is that their system is able to work perfectly with Google Analytics and get more detailed data.

You may check out more from their website as below :

SpyVisit key features included:

1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings
* Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.

2. Clicks Heat Maps
* See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what “you think” they are clicking.

3. Eye-Tracking Heat Maps
* See where website visitors are looking at on your website.

4. Scroll Heat Maps
* See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!

5. Real-Time Reporting
* See what website visitors do at all times.

6. Works perfectly with Google Analytics
* SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analaytics. You will get even more data using both!


Oh yeah, they provides multiple packages which are suitable for almost all ranges of website owner including affiliate marketer, product owner, Adsense user, and many more!

Remember these offers are quite limited, so you have to check it now and ask the support team about what you need. I strongly recommend you to at least have a look at it.

If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it. Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do. I DID tell you it’s a limited offer 🙂


What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

Are you living the American Dream? Most of use are not living the  American Dream but more of a pay check to paycheck type of life, drowning in depth and getting more and more into depth is that sound like your American Dream. If it does your not the only one  and actually about 80 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck or drowning more and more into depth. Have you ever wanted to change your financial situation?

How to live the American Dream?                What is Your American Dream?

For some the American dream is being really  rich and for some like me the American dream is having just enough, no debt , and to be able to have control over your time since time is something that we can not get back , time will pass by before we even know it. Why do we work for someone for 40 years and than die? What was the point? I am talking to people that want something more than a 8-5 job but a career that you will enjoy. In order to change your current situation and to be off to living the American Dream you have to do one thing to get started, and that is work on yourself.

Work on Your Self

Why work on your self? Well if you do not work on your self than nothing will change right? What are you doing now that can make you more money or get you out of the current situation? If your not doing anything than nothing will change for you unless your start working on your self, and that could be learning something new, trying something new, starting a business of your own, creating a new schedule with a goal  and moving forward. One of the hardest thing is not being distracted by everything else, by that I mean it is hard coming home from work tired and just wanting to lay down on the couch and do nothing!

Final Thoughts

Want to live the American Dream? Start working on your self, if what you are doing is not working stop, think what you can do to change that situation that you are in right now, because if you do nothing , than nothing will happen. I hope this will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and try to do something different. Questions or comments feel free to ask below.

Earning Station Scam

Earning Station Scam

Website –

Price- Free to join

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

What is Earning Station

Is earning station scam really a scam? Earning station launched back in 2011, pays it’s users to complete surveys, watch videos take polls, and shop. All paid in station dollars to where then you can withdraw them for gift cards of your choice, and they do offer a good variety of them in there.

What to Expect 

Like most of survey site’s out there  do not expect to get rich, and that is something that I always say only because there are a lot of scams out there that try to lure you in on joining or to buy something  to make money doing surveys, and that is usually a scam where it is to good to be true. Do not believe any site’s that try to  tell you that you can make 25 to 50 bucks an hour because that is usually not true, just from my personal experience you will be lucky to make 5- 10 bucks an hour since most surveys pay only 1-3 and take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Pros and Cons of Earning Station and Other Survey Site’s


  • You can earn with Earning Stationearning station review
  • Lots of different choices between gift cards
  • Lost of diffrent way to earn points


  • Most surveys little pay so take a a bit to reach your goal
  • No option to get money in a check form but there is visa gift card
  • Spam like any other survey site
  • Do not always qualify for surveys so end result you waste your time.

Ways to Earn Point’s

  • Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Take shot Polls
  • Complete Offers
  • Refer others

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to get paid for their time in exchange for gift cards like amazon or other options that they have.

Final Thoughts

Finishing up my post just wanted to say Earning Station is legit but if you read all my other reviews you will find that doing surveys is not going to make you rich but can provide some small spare cash, but do remember you will  have to pay, and by that I mean with your time. If you would like to try something different, I would recommend affiliate marketing or starting your own store online. If you would like more info check out my post how to start affiliate business. Got question’s or comment’s feel free to ask below.


Survey Club Review Yes or No?

Survey Club Review Yes or No?

What is Survey Club

Survey club review my personal own review. Survey club started in 2005 a site where you can find research studies and where you can join a list of other paid survey site’s out there that are legit, and earn money taking surveys.  Also you will find surveys to take on survey club most of the surveys you find there pay between 0.25 cents  and up to ten bucks,and some even more than that. Like all survey site’s do not expect to get rich off doing surveys.

Pros and Cons                                                                             survey club scam


  • Legit


  • Low paying surveys
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • Time consuming like many other site’s out there

What to Expect

Do not expect to get rich with survey club or any other survey site out there but you can make some extra spare cash if you have nothing better to do with your time. Personal experience I have made money with surveys maybe 200 bucks a month back couple years ago but gave that up because took to much of my time.

Yes or No

Well if you want to earn extra cash sure why not , and like I said survey’s are time consuming and expect to not qualify for all of them, that is why in a way it is a waste of time but, you can still earn some money. No if you want something more serious than I would suggest starting your own business, like affiliate marketing or you sell thing on or ebay there are plenty of thing that you can do to make a living online, it all take’s work. If you are interested in still doing surveys check out   or if you want feel free to visit my older blog posts on starting your own online business . Got questions, or comments feel free to ask will be glad to answer any questions you might have.