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GoodLife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review

Multi level marketing is not really anything new. These companies have been around for ages. Granted, some people have made money in these schemes, but it is usually those at the top of the pyramid that make the most. Alas, that’s how it always is anyway, but is there anything in it for the average Joe, trying to make some beer money? Truthfully, there sometimes is, but more often than not, companies that are based on continuous recruitment and spending are doomed to collapse at some point.

A relatively new MLM company has been advertising itself, fairly aggressively, lately. You may have come across their ads on social media (they have a presence on different social networks) or affiliate marketing websites. They’re called GoodLife USA. What is GoodLife USA, what’s this company all about and is it any good? Is it just another scam or a decent money-making opportunity? Ask no more – we have done all the heavy lifting to so you don’t have to. We’ve conducted heavy research about this company and what follows is our in-depth review. Without further ado, let’s start.

Goodlife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review – Part 1: About the Company

Headquartered in Florida, USA, GoodLife has been founded by two men – Edward Downer and Mark Seyforth. These two seem to be the alpha and the omega of the company, partners and CEOs. While we don’t tend to get too personal when doing our reviews, it’s always good to do some research about individuals running a certain company. After all, don’t you want someone experienced, someone who’s good at what they do to sit at the top of the pyramid?
Unfortunately, Downer and Seyforth both have been involved with not so successful companies in the past, But also some successful company’s that are still around today.  One of them which you might have heard Herbalife. There is some info about them if you want feel free to search around.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 2: How Does it Work?

First impressions were good – their website looks really nice. The content is laid out in a nice, modern way. It seems professional and really makes GoodLife USA look like a legitimate business. The company describes itself as a “discount club” of sorts, selling membership and allegedly enabling its users to get great deals when it comes to travel.

As with any other MLM scheme, affiliates are rewarded for recruiting new affiliates. Those affiliates are then rewarded for recruiting new affiliates and so on. Seems like a typical MLM company. We’ve seen things like this countless times before. But, let’s not write off GoodLIfe USA just yet.

They offer three levels of recruitment – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver affiliates get $25 for recruiting another Silver affiliate and $75 for recruiting a Platinum or a Gold one. Same works for Gold membership affiliates, except they earn 50 – 150 USD for each new person they recruit and Platinum affiliates, naturally, make even more money. There are also travel membership commissions and commission-sharing options. There’s no need to get into each of them individually because they work pretty much the same – you get a certain percentage of the money someone spends. You get a piece of their cake.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 3: What’s the Catch?

Now, this seems pretty simple and easy to do. All you have to do is recruit new people and you’ll earn some decent money. Doesn’t seem too bad. Plus, you get to enjoy some discounts and whatnot, so you’re making money and saving money at the same time. As always, when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. So, what’s the catch?

The catch is – you have to spend money to make money. While it’s common sense to expect a return of investment, in any kind of business, and to expect to spend money to make money, things seem to work differently in GoodLifeUSA. The thing is, you aren’t really buying anything substantial or real – like a product or a service. All you’re buying is a pretty useless membership. Once you buy it, you get other people to buy it. Then they get other people to buy it and so on. This is a classic pyramid scheme. Nothing more, nothing less. Spend money and recruit people to spend money, so that they can recruit people to spend money. This is not how legitimate businesses operate. Of course this is my look on this company and yours can be different, not trying to be negative but when I have to pay so much for membership, just to get some discount’s which are not exactly shown on their website, makes me think is it really worth joining?

GoodLife USA Review – Part 4: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of GoodLife USA as a company and as a system. Surely not everything about this MLM company is as bad as it seems?


• Great, professional-looking website

• Good marketing campaign on social media

• One of the founders was involved with a couple of relatively successful companies


• Classic pyramid scheme

• No value being produced

  • No info on discount’s that you get as a member
  • If you travel one’s or twice a year might not be a good deal since you will be spending more on the membership.

GoodLife USA Review Part 5: Final Verdict

You’ve probably come to your own conclusion by now, but we still feel responsible to write mine own. While there are some seemingly good things about this company, but we have to look at the cons to, unless you are planning to make money with the company and use their travel service, it might be a great gig if you have the experience in the industry. But on the other hand if your looking just for the service which in my opinion might not be great, because I have seen many mlm travel site’s that are 3rd party that they do not really give you any real discount, might be better off booking with like Expedia or some other travel site and saving your money instead paying for some membership club that might not have any real discounts. I will leave the choice up to you, I will though provide my recommendation for a great mlm that I have been for 3 years now Monat Global have a look at my older post for more info. I hope you enjoyed reading GoodLife USA Review feel free to drop a comment or question!

Instacart Review

Instacart Review


Over the years, the emergence of service and product providers has been rapid due to the fast growth of the on-demand economy. The on-demand economy similarly well-known as the access economy ranges from vacation rentals, pet care, shipping, health, beauty, home cleaning, to car rides to, of course, delivery. The growth of the on-demand delivery service market has been facilitated mostly by lifestyle changes, apart from other factors. One of the areas of delivery services that have not been left behind in all of this is that of grocery (fresh fruits and vegetables) delivery. An array of grocery delivery alternatives exists for customer’s use, but the most notable ones include; Amazon’s Prime Fresh, Google’s Express and, of course, Instacart.

Instacart was founded in the year 2012 with services in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Mountain View. With the phenomenal growth in business operations over successive years, Instacart services are presently available for use by customers in over 15 cities in the USA including Denver, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Oregon, New York City and Philadelphia, plus much more.

instacart review

How Instacart Works, the Uber of Delivery!

The major advantage Instacart has over his peers is that it does not stock fresh produce. Its job is simply letting you shop in your favorite grocery stores. This is done through its website and smartphone app available for both IOS and Android platforms. These grocery stores include; the Food Emporium, Costco, Cub Foods, Bi-Rate Market and Whole Foods. There are three basic steps for Instacart grocery shopping.

I. You first creating an Instacart account.Subsequently, you order fresh groceries online from local stores of your choice; you can make orders from any smartphone device through the Instacart app. your order will then be sent to one of the Instacart employees.

II. You schedule the time you want the fresh groceries delivered.

III. Your fresh groceries will then be delivered to your doorstep by the personal shopper.

Instacart Product Pricing

Sometimes the prices of groceries in Instacart are lower, the same or even occasionally higher when compared to in-store prices. What you are guaranteed, in most cases, is a good deal with Instacart.

How Ordering For Groceries Work with Instacart
Choosing a groceries store or stores after logging into instacart is the first step.

Before confirming an order, Instacart allows you to substitute the items that may be out of stock. Apart from that, it offers its own recommendations to you.
After placing an order, the confirmation page gives you live updates until your personal shopper delivers your items. These live updates include the name of your personal shopper and when the shopper started shopping. The receipt is often emailed after groceries delivery to you.

Working As an Independent Contractor with Instacart.

Independent contractors usually don’t enjoy the benefits of permanent employees such as minimum wage restrictions, compensation for expenses and health insurance.

Over 4,000 personal shoppers are contracted by Instacart who work in various cities across the country. The compensation of independent contractors is based on a formula that factors in two key things; First, the total number of orders for every shift and secondly, the number of items for every order.

Requirements for an Independent Contractor to Sign Up with Instacart
a. An acceptable driving record with 2+ years of experience in driving
b. A reliable access to an effective transport vehicle.
c. Consistent access to and effective use of the latest smartphone ( Android 4.0 + or iPhone 5 or above ).
d. Be able to transport alcohol ( 21+ ).
e. Be able to lift 30 – 40lbs.

What the Work of Independent Contractor Involves
a. A recommended grocery which often will be the first store for your shopping is often texted to you about 30 minutes before your shift commences. ( Time is of the essence ).

b. Assigning you a batch may take time even after your shift commences. You will have to wait. After receiving the batch; an amount of time is given for you to “acknowledge” the batch. Acknowledging the batch effectively starts the order.

c. After that, you will receive a text with a link which when clicked opens in the Instacart shopper app with a list of items to shop. The major issue here is that the weights and or prices are not always correct.

d. After dealing with all the items in your shopping list, you check for any replacements made and confirm with the customer through a call for the same. If the customer doesn’t receive the call, you will be forced to leave a message.

e. In the checkout section, payments are made with the credit cards issued by the company. You are required to keep all receipts and deposit them in the office of city manager.

f. Immediately you get to your car, you proceed to the app and click “Start delivery” and the customer is notified of the same.

g. Finding a nearby legal parking in residential areas can be a challenge, but if you can avoid paying the parking fees the better.

h. You then deliver the groceries to the customer’s “doorstep.”

i. Repeat the same process.

The Advantages of Instacart
• Easy ordering experience and customer-friendly personal shoppers.
• The online item selection is as close to what you would get in-store.
• You are able to order from different stores at once.
• Very convenient.
• First order delivery is free

The Disadvantages of Instacart
• Since the prices attached to items are set by Instacart, they may vary from actual in-store prices.
• Instacart does not take store sales, rewards or coupons into account.
• You can’t overly be fastidious about an item or items.

Take away

Instacart is heavily dependent on the quality of the services offered by its workers, who are mostly independent contractors. like other jobs, working as an independent contractor comes with disadvantages and advantages  as already alluded above. With Instacart, it is no different. In fact, for the last five years of its existence, Instacart has been the subject of various lawsuits by independent contractors revolving around the refusal by the company to classify its independent contractors as employees – which would guarantee them associated benefits. Therefore, having a healthy workforce with a motivation to render their services will always remain a challenge to the likes of Instacart. At same time you do have the opportunity to decide when to work as for many busy moms, and dads might be a great option.

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