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Binance was invented by the Chinese to serve as an online currency exchange market. The platform enables users to access crypto exchange services. Although the market is still new to users across the globe, its magnificence has increased its popularity. It has impressed a lot of people who exchange currency on the platform due to its low trading charges, as well as the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is enabled to accept a wide variety of coins. This article will look more into Binance, including its operations, trading fees, customer service and security, among other things which are important and should be made aware for users and non-users.

Binance Review

The User Interface 

If you are opening the website for the first time ever, you will see two options presented to you. It is specifically designed for two kinds of people- The basic option and the advanced option. The platform allows you to access a simplified described process of the currency exchange for basic option, while in an advanced section there is a complex technical analysis of the whole process of the digital currency exchange. Language used here can be easily understood by those who have knowledge concerning digital currency exchange and have experience over it. The basic option simply states “Binance Trading View” while the advanced option reads “Advanced View.”

Sign up and Log in

Like any other platform, sign up and login is necessary in Binance before you proceed towards the exchange of currency. Once you open the website, the sign up process is very simple because it does not require a lot of things from you. You are allowed to move through the first level easily because its withdrawal is only 2Bitcoins (BTC) per day. Once you reach the second stage, you are required to add your profile picture for verification purpose and once you are approved, you are good to go. The second stage is set for a limit of 100BTC withdrawal daily. This platform allows for even higher withdrawal limits, but only after you have made contact with them for it.

Once your account has been verified and approved, you are good to go. You are able to start the exchange process, and all these start by funding your personal Binance account. Once you are done with this step, you are required to decide on the desired type of digital currency you will use to fund your account. All the steps necessary to complete this whole process are provided in the “Funds” section. After depositing currency to fund your account, you are ready now to proceed to the trading platform and start exchanging currency. With the Binance account, you will be able to perform all digital currencies related services freely and at affordable trading fees. They also provide abundant ICO programs accompanied with their demonstrations or tokens. This platform, however, only allows limited number of trading options which include limited market orders.

Crypto currencies in Binance

This platform has impressed many users across the world due its diversity of support coins used by traders. It has made possible for traders to perform multiple digital currency exchange including the use of BTC , Ethereum (ETH), NEO, among many others. However, the platform is not limited to only this type of currency. Additionally, traders can make profit through trading of supported abundant tokens by the platform.

Binance initial coins offering (ICO)

Binance has enabled the use of the Binance Coin, which will be used to cater for traders’ fees. The coin was distributed to users during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This coin has also been considered as part of the platform’s future strategies that would ensure a Devolved Exchange. The Binance coin will be among those that would be declared as the main currencies to be used during exchange. The platform has set strategies that would make the binary coin valuable. It has decided to buy back the coins from users and destroy them. This will help in restoring the value of the coin because its supply would decline. The Binance coin, therefore, is a good investment due to its upcoming value.

Fees and Limits 

The platform charges as little as 0.1% from users, from every digital trade they make online. Binance cheaper charges have attracted many, who have been fascinated by how easy and cheap it is to currency trade through Binance. The platform also gives a desirable offer to traders who would like to make payments through the Binance tokens. They are offered a fifty percent discount on each trade they perform, which is favorable to traders.

However, each currency has its own withdrawal fee. Depending on their value, some currencies withdrawal charges might be relatively higher than other currencies. For instance, when compared, Bit coin withdrawals charges are 0.0005, whereas ETH withdrawals charges are 0.005. While trading in the platform, you can deposit as much coins as you can because there are no limits set to restrict a certain amount of coins. When withdrawing, though, there is limit when you or your account has not been verified. Due to this, you will only be allowed to withdraw some amount of coins. During verification of a user, usually done at the second stage after signing up, s/he is required to disclose all the necessary information about them, which include his ID, nationality, gender, and other necessary information. After you are approved, you can freely access your account and the withdrawal of coins would not be limited.


Binance also has a way of appreciating its users. They often offer users a chance of winning gift hampers through competitions they hold. They reward their traders with twenty thousand waves in the Waves competition, and this is determined by the number of currency exchange they have made. The winner is the trader who make the highest number of trades. The platform also holds another competition known as Tron (TRX). This offers an opportunity to participants to win a Maserati car, MacBook Pro, and iPhone X and a Mercedes Benz car. The winner is determined and declared, again from the trader who made huge number of currency trades. Apart from these two, Binance also hold other competitions for their traders, making it one of the best trading platforms due to its consideration of its users.

Although not all users win, the competitions are fun to participate in because you learn a lot from them.

Binance Trust and Security 

Binance has gained popularity among many users. This has been facilitated by its reliable operations, including trusted security. Despite that fact that it is still one of the most recent currency exchanges, its rising popularity has been enhanced by the level of security it provides. It has earned trust from traders and the general digital currency community. Quite a number of users believe that their funds are safely kept, although they are not sure about the strategies kept by Binance to ensure safety of the funds. However, authenticity is only approved when the two parties have taken part in it, that is, the platform and the trader.

Binance customer service

Like any other online platform, Binance has its own team of customer service, who are there to ensure that exchanges take place in a smooth and efficient manner. Binance customer care team are well trained on how to handle their clients. They are also capable of responding to questions asked by traders, who need help in finalizing their trading exchanges. They are also trained to offer professional assistance whenever it is needed by users. All responses to questions are sent to customer emails by the support team, which have proved to be fruitful because of the increasing number of clients joining the platform regularly. In addition, you can find more up to date information about Binance through FAQS the platform and how the operation of currency exchange has been modified or enhanced.

Advantages of Binance

It is easy to use Binance in crypto currency exchange services. The reason why it is considered easy to use is because of its considerate program towards its users. First time users are able to understand the language in the most basic manner. On top of that, sign up is merely a small task. The user is not required to provide a lot of information until s/he reaches another stage. This will prevent the user to be discouraged. As a result, it has attracted many currency traders.

Binance charges low trading fees. In each trade made by a user, binary platform charges only 0.1% fees. This is of great advantage to the trader, because they can save more and pay a little, even after conducting a larger volume of trading with Binance. Also, users who pay for charges with their Binance tokens are advantaged because they are guaranteed a 50% discount charge on each and every trade they perform.

Binance offers good support to its traders. Through a well-trained support team, they are able to offer professional assistance to their clients. Responses are delivered to traders email. Furthermore, Binance provides FAQS that provide vital information to their traders. This helps users be well informed and up to date.

Binance also offers its traders abundant number of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) listings. This has made and is still increasing the platform’s popularity by attracting traders across the world.

Security is guaranteed. Although it is among the newest currency exchange markets, it has acquired itself profound trust from its traders. This is even after a little information about the strategies it sets to ensure maximum security to their clients’ funds. Nevertheless, it is one of the most trusted crypto currency exchange market.

Disadvantages of Binance

Limited withdrawal. This can happen every time you try to withdraw before your identity is verified. Due to this, you are only eligible to withdraw a total of 2 BTC per day and nothing more.

Transmittal is slow. This happens normally because of lower charges on each trading activity that takes place. As a result, there is a detected sluggishness when you are attempting to withdraw you money. This delay can be up to four hours or more before your BTC withdrawal is completed.

It does not work on phones. The platform has not been modified enough to be supported by phones. This means that users have to use only enabled devices in order to make currency exchanges.



The expansion of Binance is significant enough that even its operation proves how consistent it is. In every second, an estimated 1.4 million exchange orders are made! This ranks the whole crypto currency exchange among the fastest in the market. Binance has also made it possible to trade from anywhere, using any device, including android, HTML5, the web, WeChat among others. The platform has also made a step ahead in translating its digital exchange services and up to now it has enabled additional languages for exchange including chines, Korean, Japanese and the major language, English.

It does not require too much when signing up for the first time, making it simpler task. This is probably one of the reasons why its popularity is rising. For first time users, you are provided with an option that corresponds to your basic knowledge in currency exchange markets. For those who have substantial knowledge about the process, they can click on the advanced options, since they are a little more conversant of the technical language used.

Users marvel at the affordable trading charges the platform requires from every exchange they order and finalize. They are also grateful for its security, which makes it one of the most trusted exchange platforms, although it is among the newest currency exchange markets.

Binance is becoming more and more famous and it should not be considered as a surprise when it will top the list of the most used crypto currency exchange markets.


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Pexda Review

Pexda Review

Pexda a new way to look for products to sell on your shopify store. Maybe you have stumbled upon this site from a Facebook advertisement and was wondering if it is really worth investing in. I wanted to share my personal experience and tell you my take on it and if it is really worth investing in.

What is Pexda

Pexda is a spy tool or a tool to find winning products for drop shipping off aliexpress. Starting your own drop shipping store can be hard especially not knowing what to sell or trying to run ads to products that might not be winners. So with Pexda they give you products that might be winning products and they also have products that have already been tested and are getting engagement, and sales.

Cost to Join Pexda

Pexda has 3 different options that you can sign up as and below I included a picture of the pricing options


Is Pexda Worth the Investment

So is it worth getting started with Pexda, from my own personal experience I have seen potential and I believe that yes it definitely would be a good investment, to see products that could potentially make you sales or products that are already making sales all you have to do is test out a bunch of different audiences and see which audience will actually buy. Quick tip is to take $2-3 and make a bunch of different audiences and see which gets sales and those that don’t kill the ad.


  • Have different options of winning products and products that could be potential winners
  • Investment not to costly
  • Shows different audiences that you can target


  • Wish they had more products add more often

Other Ecom Spy Tools Out There

There are also many other spy tools out there like Big Big Ads and that is one my favorite ones that I am using because I can go and search for ads that are actually working on Facebook and their is no limit. Another one similar to Pexda is ecomhunt which is not bad as well.


Wrapping thing up just wanted to say Pexda I believe has potential and it might be good investment especially if you don’t want to pay too much. Below I will include a link if you will want to sign up and also feel free to drop any comments you may have.


Join Pexda

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Thrive 2.0 A New Way to Live Life King Size

Thrive 2.0 A New Way to Live Life King Size

thrive 2.0 review

After the huge success of thrive 1.0, Le-Vel is all set to launch Thrive 2.0 in 2018. This is a new level with a new experience of the Thrive 1.0 of the 8 week experience. During the first phase of the project, the company saw a huge success rate in a matter of five years.

Even the people who were promoting the product equally gained from it. The product saw massive success and was also responsible to change many lives. Before understanding what Thrive 2.0 is all about, let us do a small re-cap about what Thrive 1 was all about.

The launch of Thrive 1.0

Thrive 2.0 is the advanced version of Thrive 1.0. This health supplement is designed to help a person get the necessary vitality and energy that they need to make it through the day. The formula of these supplements consists of enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, plant extracts, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. This 8 week program helps to enhance the overall wellbeing and health of a person.

It became the biggest reason behind the largest movement the health and wellness industry had seen. This record braking revolutionary product even broke all records within no time and reached the top position. In less than 5 years, the sales of this product touched more than a billion and has a fan following that was close to 7 billion and growing.

Many people who promoted the product even had the opportunity of earning a 6 figure income by becoming brand promoters. They were independently operating and only through the reviews and experiences provided by other customers; they earned as much as they could.

The loyal fan base and followers of Thrive 1.0 are eagerly waiting for the launch of Thrive 2.0. This product changed lives but even more it changed the way of living. They saw positive effects within a short time.

Coming back to Thrive 2.0 – a better and bigger promise

The Thrive 2.0 is an advanced version of the first version. The guarantees given by LeVel – the company behind this innovative product is not said on thin air. The money that the company saved after the first success was re-invested into better resources for research and development.

The opportunity to live a better live with Thrive 2.0

Thrive is a health supplement that is aimed to help people live a better quality life. While we invest time and energy into working out and taking care of ourselves; this supplement provides the necessary boost. It comes in different flavors and is a health oriented shake that you can have daily.

Earn money by marketing Thrive 2.0

Just as much as the product gives you a chance to live a healthy life, it also gives people a chance to earn. You can join the community of promoters and work your way to a new way of living. This program has changed the lives of many people. In fact in the first phase itself, around 75 people became billionaires only by promoting the product.

work from home thrive le-vel

A product that any age group can use

A good thing about the Thrive 2.0 is that it is not designed only for adults. A person of any age group can benefit by drinking this supplement daily. For children, this supplement helps their body to grow and develop better because it is loaded with the necessary nutrients.

As we age, out body starts to give in to the aging prove; even our energy levels start going down. Well, Thrive 2.0 is designed to ensure that it provides the necessary support and supplements. It helps to boost the immunity of the body and also takes care of the lack of nutrition.

Elders equally stand to gain considering that they are prone to ailments post the age of 60. By drinking this one supplement, they no longer need to take any other multi-vitamin tablets or medication. Even the cardiovascular health becomes better.

For youngsters, the constant running around and desk job can be harmful to their health. Many people experience fatigue and body pain every morning. Stress at work and long working hours also play a toll on a person’s health. By drinking Thrive 2.0, they can feel energetic and revitalize.

Prominent features of people who want to become Thrive 2.0 promoters

We all want to earn a little extra money and there is nothing wrong with it. By becoming an independent promoter, you have the flexibility of selling/marketing this product at your own space. You can set the number of hours you would like to work and how much you want to earn.

The concept of selling Thrive 2.0 is not difficult considering the success it has already seen. This is a brand that is recognized by many people and presently is considered the largest in the industry. The track record and success of Thrive 1.0 gives you a better foundation and back up while marketing.

Minor challenges you may face

The only challenge that you may face is the lack of info about the product’s qualities. Nevertheless, do not let this come down on you. You do have live testimonies, videos and various events and promotions that can back you up during your journey.

Along wit that, you can also join the community forums and get help from experts or seniors who have been with the company since day one. This product has no information about the step wise way to join in. All it needs is the will to do something and a mind to market the product properly.

A final note

When it comes to healthcare supplements, people always look out for the best. As a matter of fact, through this product, you are not giving any false hope or commitment to anybody. What they see and hear is what they get. To market the product better, you yourself can first try the product and take out photographs or videos as a proof. When you are sure of a product, you can market it better and earn more. So make a change this 2018 and become a promoter and follower of Thrive 2.0

Join Now : https://inzhirov.thrive2point0…