Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Learning How To Make Money Online

So what is the best way make money online no scams? Today wanted to share just that and what I found that worked for me, and also share other ways to earn money online that are not so great.Ill will start by talking about Affiliate Marketing for my first pick in earning money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process where you earn commission for selling other people’s products or services. Example would be I have a website about shoes and I found shoes on amazon that I like, and like amazon they have a affiliate program where you earn commission for selling their products, so when I promote those shoes or write a review on them I then could make commission off that item. Amazon or other affiliate site’s other give you a affiliate link with your own code that you use to direct other people to. Depending if you get traffic to your site or not and if your content is found useful.

Things you need to make money with Affiliate Marketing

  • Website
  • Traffic
  • Content that Converts

But before even all of that you will need to learn how to build a site and how to get it ranked so you can get traffic and start making money. Biggest mistake people do seem to make with this business is that they go after the money instead of trying just to help people in their niche. When you do start affiliate marketing put your mind on creating content that helps people instead just selling things to people.

How to Get Started?

To get started with Affiliate Marketing I recommend you read my best way to learn Affiliate Marketing post  and that should point you in the right direction.

MLM or Direct Sales

MLM or direct sales is another way that you might notice a lot of folks promoting their stuff online. MlM  is a multi level marketing and sometimes people call it a scam, which in a lot of cases there are many scams so knowing which company to join is very important. Direct sales is company’s like Avon ,Monat Global ,Mary Kay and many others these are called direct sales they are based more on talking to people and building your business socially online and by talking to people face to face.

Pros of MLM

  • Residual income


  • A lot of time do not have a product that you can promote more based on referrals and usually get shutdown quickly
  • Start Up Cost’s and monthly memberships could get costly if your not making any money
  • Usually Bad Training

If you Join MLM or Direct Sale thing to look out for

Make sure when you join a company the company has a good product that you can promote, because if there is no product or legit product or service company fail. Watch out for get rich quick schemes and also what they call ponzi schemes. Look for company’s that have good product and free start up cost’s or low start up costs if you decide to join. My personal recommendation is do not but If you do decide I will recommend Monat Global a hair product company that been out for only year  and still you will have the opportunity to be on top since not many people know about it because it is new and the products are great!


What are surveys? Well it is as it sound you get paid for your opinion. Ill keep this one short and sweet paid survey are great for those that do not need a lot of money. Most surveys that I have done and I have experience of about a year worth of surveys and Ill tell you that you will not make a living doing it you can get some spare cash for the movies and gas for your car. So far the only way I saw people make some decent money with survey’s is by referring other folks.


  • Survey’s are legit but also a lot of scam out there so be careful
  • Can make some spare cash


  • Time consuming
  • Low Pay
  • Survey you do you have to qualify for them so you can do survey for 15 minutes and then you will get a message saying sorry you did not qualify that is what I called time wasted.
  • Long time to get payment about 4-6 weeks with most survey site’s


Well those are just some ways to earn money online the one that I recommend is Affiliate Marketing, making money online take’s work and nothing will be just handed to you and, will have to put some effort into it  so be careful with site’s that promise you thousand’s or hundred’s within a week or days because if it sound to good than probably a scam. There are many other ways to earn money online like Ebay and Fiver or working for online company’s being a live agent, but I recommend what I tried and worked for me although tried many thing affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn a full time income online. Your success depends on how hard you want to work for it. I hope this will point you in the right direction if you have any question’s or comment’s feel free to comment below. Also to any one that is interested in learning affiliate marketing I recommend you get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate  where you can learn the online marketing and be successful online.


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  1. Hi Valentin: You have a great and timely niche. Good choice. I would suggest updating your site identity from admin to Valentin or a pen name to build trust. There are a lot of typos on your site on various pages. Correcting these will greatly increase the confidence your readers will have in your content. Best for success in 2016! Bethany

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