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Best Direct Sales Companies 2017

Best Direct Sales Companies 2017

What Are The Best Direct Sales Companies 2017

Welcome today wanted to share just a little of what I think are the best direct sales companies of 2017 that I had personally been involved in. Direct sales is a great way to earn extra income and even replace your full time job! No matter what it is either your looking to earn some extra money or quite your day job and be your own boss, direct sales is a great way to do it. Ill share 2 companies that I think are crushing it in 2017 even though they might be a couple years old, these are the companies that are unique and are to stick around and they are growing, so their is a lot of potential.

best direct sales companies 2017

Monat Global

The first company that I want to talk about is Monat Global, this is the company that is super unique like no other. Monat is a anti aging hair company specializing in hair detox to hair growth, with a wide range of different products for your hair and needs Monat is super unique due to the fact that there is not many company’s that offer what Monat offers and that is to be in the 40 billion market and be able to earn the money that you want by being your own boss! Of course everything takes work, but if you put your time in it will pay off. Next I want to talk about Monat Compensation plan. Being a Monat market partner means that you could earn up to 30 to 40% commission on retail customers, and 15 to 25% on vip customers. But that is not all you can also earn generous bonuses and rank advancement bonuses  not to forget you can even get cash for your next Cadillac plus much more! Next just want to cover some pros and cons and run down some costs to join Monat.


  • Ground floor opportunity lots of potential
  • Monat is Unique
  • Monat Products are awesome and in demend
  • Generous compensation plan and discount plan for market partners that purchase the products 30% off



  • Price of products might be little pricey for some folks but in my opinion it is worth the investment.

Cost to join Monat and how to join

The cost to join Monat is 99 dollars  and 20 dollar renewal fee each year. If you do decide to join Monat they do offer diffrent packages that come with a big discount up 40- 45% depending on the package you choose and the starter kit fee is waived so that alone is a great deal and your able to try all the products that Monat has to offer.

How to Join

If you would like to join you can visit


Vasayo is also another company that is pretty new and offers some unique products in the health industry, they specialize in  non-GMO liposomes and micronutrient encapsulation technology. Meaning that vasayo has products with advanced delivery technology using  liposomes to help nutrients pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body. Vasayo offers  couple products as of now and here they are

1. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Essentials

2. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro

3. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy

4. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew

5. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

Vasayo was founded by founded by two people, Dallin and Karree Larsen with a solid background in direct sales meaning they know what they are doing. With Vasayo there are 8 ways to earn and I have posted a video below with the 8 ways you can earn money with Vasayo.

Either you want to earn a full time income or some extra cash to pay for that next vacation with Vasayo it is possible if you put some work into it like everything else in life. To wrap things up will do some pros and cons and how you can join if you think that is something that you would be wanting to do.


  • Nice variety of products from energy to helping you get a good night rest
  • Nice Compensation plan
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Unique


  • Some products little bit priced high but that overall dont have anything negative yet to say about Vasayo

How to join Vasayo and the Cost

The cost to join Vasayo is 49.95 for the the starter kit which include material to get you started and a back office. There is also other packages that you can get to help you save money and be able to try all the different products  that Vasayo carry’s.

How to join, you can join by going to this website

Final Thoughts

Well I will wrap things up and say what ever you decide on  these two companies in my opinion are worth joining. Some join to make extra money and some do it to have a full time income and be able to do thing they could not with their regular jobs. Like I said earlier these two companies are unique in my perspective and that I tried. If you do have any questions feel free to drop a comment below.




GoodLife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review

Multi level marketing is not really anything new. These companies have been around for ages. Granted, some people have made money in these schemes, but it is usually those at the top of the pyramid that make the most. Alas, that’s how it always is anyway, but is there anything in it for the average Joe, trying to make some beer money? Truthfully, there sometimes is, but more often than not, companies that are based on continuous recruitment and spending are doomed to collapse at some point.

A relatively new MLM company has been advertising itself, fairly aggressively, lately. You may have come across their ads on social media (they have a presence on different social networks) or affiliate marketing websites. They’re called GoodLife USA. What is GoodLife USA, what’s this company all about and is it any good? Is it just another scam or a decent money-making opportunity? Ask no more – we have done all the heavy lifting to so you don’t have to. We’ve conducted heavy research about this company and what follows is our in-depth review. Without further ado, let’s start.

Goodlife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review – Part 1: About the Company

Headquartered in Florida, USA, GoodLife has been founded by two men – Edward Downer and Mark Seyforth. These two seem to be the alpha and the omega of the company, partners and CEOs. While we don’t tend to get too personal when doing our reviews, it’s always good to do some research about individuals running a certain company. After all, don’t you want someone experienced, someone who’s good at what they do to sit at the top of the pyramid?
Unfortunately, Downer and Seyforth both have been involved with not so successful companies in the past, But also some successful company’s that are still around today.  One of them which you might have heard Herbalife. There is some info about them if you want feel free to search around.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 2: How Does it Work?

First impressions were good – their website looks really nice. The content is laid out in a nice, modern way. It seems professional and really makes GoodLife USA look like a legitimate business. The company describes itself as a “discount club” of sorts, selling membership and allegedly enabling its users to get great deals when it comes to travel.

As with any other MLM scheme, affiliates are rewarded for recruiting new affiliates. Those affiliates are then rewarded for recruiting new affiliates and so on. Seems like a typical MLM company. We’ve seen things like this countless times before. But, let’s not write off GoodLIfe USA just yet.

They offer three levels of recruitment – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver affiliates get $25 for recruiting another Silver affiliate and $75 for recruiting a Platinum or a Gold one. Same works for Gold membership affiliates, except they earn 50 – 150 USD for each new person they recruit and Platinum affiliates, naturally, make even more money. There are also travel membership commissions and commission-sharing options. There’s no need to get into each of them individually because they work pretty much the same – you get a certain percentage of the money someone spends. You get a piece of their cake.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 3: What’s the Catch?

Now, this seems pretty simple and easy to do. All you have to do is recruit new people and you’ll earn some decent money. Doesn’t seem too bad. Plus, you get to enjoy some discounts and whatnot, so you’re making money and saving money at the same time. As always, when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. So, what’s the catch?

The catch is – you have to spend money to make money. While it’s common sense to expect a return of investment, in any kind of business, and to expect to spend money to make money, things seem to work differently in GoodLifeUSA. The thing is, you aren’t really buying anything substantial or real – like a product or a service. All you’re buying is a pretty useless membership. Once you buy it, you get other people to buy it. Then they get other people to buy it and so on. This is a classic pyramid scheme. Nothing more, nothing less. Spend money and recruit people to spend money, so that they can recruit people to spend money. This is not how legitimate businesses operate. Of course this is my look on this company and yours can be different, not trying to be negative but when I have to pay so much for membership, just to get some discount’s which are not exactly shown on their website, makes me think is it really worth joining?

GoodLife USA Review – Part 4: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of GoodLife USA as a company and as a system. Surely not everything about this MLM company is as bad as it seems?


• Great, professional-looking website

• Good marketing campaign on social media

• One of the founders was involved with a couple of relatively successful companies


• Classic pyramid scheme

• No value being produced

  • No info on discount’s that you get as a member
  • If you travel one’s or twice a year might not be a good deal since you will be spending more on the membership.

GoodLife USA Review Part 5: Final Verdict

You’ve probably come to your own conclusion by now, but we still feel responsible to write mine own. While there are some seemingly good things about this company, but we have to look at the cons to, unless you are planning to make money with the company and use their travel service, it might be a great gig if you have the experience in the industry. But on the other hand if your looking just for the service which in my opinion might not be great, because I have seen many mlm travel site’s that are 3rd party that they do not really give you any real discount, might be better off booking with like Expedia or some other travel site and saving your money instead paying for some membership club that might not have any real discounts. I will leave the choice up to you, I will though provide my recommendation for a great mlm that I have been for 3 years now Monat Global have a look at my older post for more info. I hope you enjoyed reading GoodLife USA Review feel free to drop a comment or question!

Instacart Review

Instacart Review


Over the years, the emergence of service and product providers has been rapid due to the fast growth of the on-demand economy. The on-demand economy similarly well-known as the access economy ranges from vacation rentals, pet care, shipping, health, beauty, home cleaning, to car rides to, of course, delivery. The growth of the on-demand delivery service market has been facilitated mostly by lifestyle changes, apart from other factors. One of the areas of delivery services that have not been left behind in all of this is that of grocery (fresh fruits and vegetables) delivery. An array of grocery delivery alternatives exists for customer’s use, but the most notable ones include; Amazon’s Prime Fresh, Google’s Express and, of course, Instacart.

Instacart was founded in the year 2012 with services in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Mountain View. With the phenomenal growth in business operations over successive years, Instacart services are presently available for use by customers in over 15 cities in the USA including Denver, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Oregon, New York City and Philadelphia, plus much more.

instacart review

How Instacart Works, the Uber of Delivery!

The major advantage Instacart has over his peers is that it does not stock fresh produce. Its job is simply letting you shop in your favorite grocery stores. This is done through its website and smartphone app available for both IOS and Android platforms. These grocery stores include; the Food Emporium, Costco, Cub Foods, Bi-Rate Market and Whole Foods. There are three basic steps for Instacart grocery shopping.

I. You first creating an Instacart account.Subsequently, you order fresh groceries online from local stores of your choice; you can make orders from any smartphone device through the Instacart app. your order will then be sent to one of the Instacart employees.

II. You schedule the time you want the fresh groceries delivered.

III. Your fresh groceries will then be delivered to your doorstep by the personal shopper.

Instacart Product Pricing

Sometimes the prices of groceries in Instacart are lower, the same or even occasionally higher when compared to in-store prices. What you are guaranteed, in most cases, is a good deal with Instacart.

How Ordering For Groceries Work with Instacart
Choosing a groceries store or stores after logging into instacart is the first step.

Before confirming an order, Instacart allows you to substitute the items that may be out of stock. Apart from that, it offers its own recommendations to you.
After placing an order, the confirmation page gives you live updates until your personal shopper delivers your items. These live updates include the name of your personal shopper and when the shopper started shopping. The receipt is often emailed after groceries delivery to you.

Working As an Independent Contractor with Instacart.

Independent contractors usually don’t enjoy the benefits of permanent employees such as minimum wage restrictions, compensation for expenses and health insurance.

Over 4,000 personal shoppers are contracted by Instacart who work in various cities across the country. The compensation of independent contractors is based on a formula that factors in two key things; First, the total number of orders for every shift and secondly, the number of items for every order.

Requirements for an Independent Contractor to Sign Up with Instacart
a. An acceptable driving record with 2+ years of experience in driving
b. A reliable access to an effective transport vehicle.
c. Consistent access to and effective use of the latest smartphone ( Android 4.0 + or iPhone 5 or above ).
d. Be able to transport alcohol ( 21+ ).
e. Be able to lift 30 – 40lbs.

What the Work of Independent Contractor Involves
a. A recommended grocery which often will be the first store for your shopping is often texted to you about 30 minutes before your shift commences. ( Time is of the essence ).

b. Assigning you a batch may take time even after your shift commences. You will have to wait. After receiving the batch; an amount of time is given for you to “acknowledge” the batch. Acknowledging the batch effectively starts the order.

c. After that, you will receive a text with a link which when clicked opens in the Instacart shopper app with a list of items to shop. The major issue here is that the weights and or prices are not always correct.

d. After dealing with all the items in your shopping list, you check for any replacements made and confirm with the customer through a call for the same. If the customer doesn’t receive the call, you will be forced to leave a message.

e. In the checkout section, payments are made with the credit cards issued by the company. You are required to keep all receipts and deposit them in the office of city manager.

f. Immediately you get to your car, you proceed to the app and click “Start delivery” and the customer is notified of the same.

g. Finding a nearby legal parking in residential areas can be a challenge, but if you can avoid paying the parking fees the better.

h. You then deliver the groceries to the customer’s “doorstep.”

i. Repeat the same process.

The Advantages of Instacart
• Easy ordering experience and customer-friendly personal shoppers.
• The online item selection is as close to what you would get in-store.
• You are able to order from different stores at once.
• Very convenient.
• First order delivery is free

The Disadvantages of Instacart
• Since the prices attached to items are set by Instacart, they may vary from actual in-store prices.
• Instacart does not take store sales, rewards or coupons into account.
• You can’t overly be fastidious about an item or items.

Take away

Instacart is heavily dependent on the quality of the services offered by its workers, who are mostly independent contractors. like other jobs, working as an independent contractor comes with disadvantages and advantages  as already alluded above. With Instacart, it is no different. In fact, for the last five years of its existence, Instacart has been the subject of various lawsuits by independent contractors revolving around the refusal by the company to classify its independent contractors as employees – which would guarantee them associated benefits. Therefore, having a healthy workforce with a motivation to render their services will always remain a challenge to the likes of Instacart. At same time you do have the opportunity to decide when to work as for many busy moms, and dads might be a great option.

To sign up to work click here

Or Check Out My Number One Recomendation

Laguna Blends Review

Laguna Blends Review

There are many multi-level marketing companies out there and, if you’re looking for a way to make money online, you’ve probably already done your research, read a few reviews and testimonials, but you haven’t really made up your mind yet. This is probably because there is a lot of contradicting information and a lot of these companies, in all fairness, seem pretty shady, for want of a better term. This makes the entire process much harder than it already is.
Thankfully, a young, exciting company called Laguna Blends (launched in March 2016.) seems to be the best online business opportunity for anyone who wants to get into multi-level marketing. In this review, we will try to cover everything there is to know about Laguna Blends, provide some useful information to get you started and, in the end, deliver our final verdict on the company. If you’re interested, feel free to keep reading.

laguna blends review

Laguna Blends Review – About the Company

As previously mentioned, Laguna Blends is a company that sells products through a network marketing business model. What’s unique about this company is the fact that they distribute high quality health and wellness products. While conducting research about Laguna Blends, a name of the CEO and founder – Stuart Gray popped up. This was a good sign, because mister Gray has over 20 years of experience in business – you don’t want to be involved with a company lead by inexperienced people, so this is definitely a good sign, fight of the bat. A few more competent and experience individuals are also involved in running the company, which makes it even more legitimate.
We had to get that out of the way – it is absolutely crucial to determine whether a company is legitimate or not, because sadly there are so many scammers out there right now. Luckily, Laguna Blends is a 100% legitimate network marketing company.

Laguna Blends Review – Product Range

Enough about their background, what about the products they promote? Like we said, health and wellness products are what this company is focusing on, with the two best and most famous ones being Laguna Blends Caffe and Pro369. Let’s get describe these two products individually first, because it’s important to understand what exactly are you selling, if you decide to join Laguna Blends.
Laguna Blends Caffe is an instant coffee drink, mixed with whey protein and hemp. Needless to say, those who are into fitness and eating healthy will love this product, but the fact that it is mixed with coffee is perhaps its biggest selling point – who doesn’t drink coffee? This is a unique twist on a health product that makes Laguna Blends Caffe stand out and that makes it, potentially, a lot easier to sell for marketers who decide to join this network.
The second product is called Pro369. This is a protein-likes shake, that consists of Ginseng, Hemp protein and Hemp omega. Each of these ingredients carry a wide variety of health benefits. Everyone involved in fitness probably knows that already, but what makes Pro369 is the 4 different flavors a consumer can choose from – chocolate banana, mixed berry, tropical and vanilla caramel. This is perhaps this product’s biggest selling point and definitely some info that can come in handy for anyone considering to join their marketing program.

Laguna Blends Review – How to Make Money?

When it comes to earning compensation from the products that you manage to sell, there are multiple ways to make an income. In fact, there are 8 different ways to make money with Laguna Blends.
For a start, you can earn income directly by retailing products and earning bonus points (Fast Start Bonuses – this is how they’re called) and by sponsoring new people. Just like with most network marketing companies, the compensation plan is a binary model, so what matters the most is building the best team of people – these teams are called the left and the right team.
Naturally, the more your team grows the larger the compensation becomes and the more money you make. What’s best about this is the fact that the money is automatically credited to your account via the integrated Laguna Blends software. You don’t have to go through the support team or wait for the money at all. All you have to do is let your team grow and as they start selling their products the computer will pay out the bonus automatically. The best marketers manage to active the bonus weekly and even daily.
In conclusion, although it may seem a bit complicated if you’re unfamiliar with this form of marketing, the system is highly effective and, most importantly, very lucrative. It all comes down to selecting the right team of people – the more money they make, the more money you will make. So, make sure to pick the people you work with carefully and make sure to push the right products to the right demographic. It may take some time – this is, after all, a trial and error game, but once you get used to this system making money will not be an issue. In fact, you can expect a nice stream of passive income fairly regularly.
Laguna Blend Review: Is There Anything Bad About Laguna Blends? Are There Any Cons?
You’re probably wondering by now if there is anything bad with Laguna Blends and does this company and their multi-level system have any cons. Although that is a completely legitimate question, it is fairly difficult to produce a good answer to it. Why? Well, become this mostly depends on how experienced you are.
If you haven’t had any experience with this form of marketing, you may find it a bit difficult in the beginning and it might take some time to get used to how things work. Everything might seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but if you manage to get through the first few weeks successfully, you will inevitably get used to the entire system and start making money.
Other than that, there aren’t any obvious flaws. This is a legitimate company and a real money-making opportunity.

Laguna Blends Review: Final Verdict

As promised, at the end of our Laguna Blends review we will deliver a final verdict. In short, this is a legitimate company and a great way to make some extra money on the side, selling great products. Those of you who master the process might even consider turning this into a full-time job. However, it is highly recommended that you take things one day at a time and focus on building and growing the right team of people. Most importantly, the products that Laguna Blends sells offer a lot of value to potential buyers, which makes everything a lot easier. The system is simple, although it may seem complicated at first and the company is run by highly experienced individuals. What more can you ask for? Highly recommended.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy AffiliateWork From Home

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a community that focuses on providing users with all training, resources, and support needed to build successful online businesses. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will access multiple comprehensive training modules that cover all aspects of building a website and promoting your business online. You can build an entire business without venturing outside the platform. Besides offering training and support in building businesses, they also offer a free website builder, domain name purchasing, keyword research tools and hosting among other vital tools. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for building businesses no matter your skill level or passions.

Wealth Affiliate can help you earn money online in various ways such as:

· Building websites on any subject and drive massive traffic to it

· Finding the best products from other companies and selling them online on Amazon and eBay among other online companies.

· Applying professional ways to get free direct referrals from online work companies

· Promote and sell your own products online in order to boost your income

· Boost the ranking of your content in search engines such as Google

· How to make great YouTube videos and use them to make money

· How to apply for Google AdSense and make money from ads in a professional way

· Join the Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp program and use it to make money

All these are available on the Wealthy Affiliate through in-depth step-by-step lessons in order to ensure that you are getting returns and value for your investment.

Who can work and benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for both beginners and professionals working online. Therefore, anyone who has basic internet knowledge such as sending emails and operating social sites such as Facebook is all set to work and succeed via Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, the platform is perfect for you if you:
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed
· Need more flexibility in your life

· Want to be your own boss

· Online merchant

· Want to travel around the world

· Retired and looking for additional income

· Website owner or blogger who want to improve your sites

· Want to turn your hobby into additional income

· Student who needs part time income

· Want to sell your products online

· Local marketer

· Local company or business

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

The Wealthy Affiliate program has two main parts:

1. The Affiliate Boot camp: This is an affiliate program that members can earn money from.

2. Training courses: Courses for building online businesses and succeeding.



1. Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp

After joining Wealthy Affiliate, members get full training in the Boot camp section where they learn how to succeed in the boot camp program with detailed step-by-step videos, tutorials and guides. This makes it quite easy for members to generate income through the Wealthy Affiliate after learning everything in the courses.

Members who make more than 300 upgraded Wealthy Affiliate referrals annually can attend the annual Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, USA. Everything including the air ticket, food and lodging will be paid by Wealthy Affiliate.


2. Training courses

You can access the training courses by clicking the green bar labeled “Get Started Here” on the left hand side of the menu. This will give you access to all the features necessary for building your own online business and succeed in any online work you desire. After successful completion of these training courses you will be established through your own online career and earn good income. These courses are ideal for both beginners and advanced users who want to learn marketing ideas to sell products online, get direct referrals or drive tons of traffic to their websites.



1. Anyone can benefit from it

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that everyone can benefit from the program regardless of whether they are internet marketing experts or complete beginners. Members of all levels are actively involved in the vibrant community. Moreover, the courses are solid and very beneficial even for filling the gaps you may have in your techniques or knowledge.

2. Honest

Wealthy Affiliate stresses on how you must be ready and willing to invest time and energy in the program in order to be successful. It does not claim that you will get rich instantly. The platform provides the resources and information members need to build successful businesses online.

3. In-depth and comprehensive training

The training offered within Wealthy Affiliate stands out compared to other training platforms. All topics relevant to online marketing have lessons built in order to make you an expert in that specific field even for members who are starting from scratch. On the other hand, there are two main types of training within Wealthy Affiliate; official training (by Kyle and Carson) and community training (created by the community at large). However, it is essential to understand that community training must always be verified and approved to ensure its quality before it’s made available to other members.

The classes in Wealthy Affiliate include; getting started, the WA affiliate program, Niche, market and keyword research, everything WordPress, Writing and authoring content, social engagement and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and programming, local marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and pay per click marketing.

Moreover, all premium members can access a weekly webinar (live training session) where they can learn new concepts and techniques.

4. Additional tools and resources

Besides offering great training material, Wealthy Affiliate also has other numerous resources that are designed to make the general experience as technical-free and easy as possible. In fact, you don’t have to do anything outside the platform to get your websites up and running. Some of these additional resources include website and hosting, keyword research tools, writing tools, and link tracking tools.

5. Takes away all the technical aspects of building your own website

Every aspect of building your websites and online businesses through Wealthy Affiliate is well taken care of and streamlined. This means you can purchase domain names, install WordPress and launch your website without complicated tasks such as writing codes, manual WordPress installation or even dealing with hosting companies.

6. Built-in comment and feedback system

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has built-in comment and feedback system where other members can critique your sites or offer constructive advice or leave high quality comments and you can also do so yourself.

7. Credit system

This is an internal currency within the platform that can be used for various purchases within the platform. You can earn credits by participating in the vibrant community or by referring new members. These credits can be used for site domains, site feedback or site comments.

8. Active community

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and vibrant community where you can choose to get participate with likeminded individuals or even avoid it completely if it’s simply not for you.

9. Price

The price of Wealthy Affiliate is a huge bargain considering the materials members get plus the additional resources and tools. The platform has two price points:

· Starter membership: It is free to join, learn and stay forever

· Premium membership: The first month costs $19 (if members take advantage of the 59 percent discount which is available during the first seven days after joining) and the following months cost $49 each.

10. Support

Members can seek help and get help at any time by posting questions to the Wealthy Affiliate community, searching previously asked questions or contacting the customer support team.


· Wealthy affiliate offers too much information which can be overwhelming at first.

· Members are not allowed to sell or advertise within Wealthy Affiliate

How to Sign up

You can sign up by clicking here  or on any banner.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam?

Wealth affiliate is certainly not a scam. The company was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and has been a top online company since 2009 which besides offering you an opportunity to earn, you will also learn how to earn from your website and other companies including Amazon, eBay, and Google AdSense.

Therefore, besides being a work from home business, Wealthy Affiliate provides you all the training and information needed to be successful in online work and also offers a platform that members can use to earn money. For any question or comments feel free to comment below.


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Instant Money Network Review

Instant Money Network Review

What is Instant Money Network?

Welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to do a quick instant money network review it is gonna be my personal opinion on it. Instant Money Network is a network where you can sign up for free to earn money by completing offers and referring others to the network. The way it works is when you sign up for free you will have to complete a offer yourself, before you can start promoting, these offer are fortune 500 company’s that they have partnered with. One example would be Netflix is one of their offers that you can complete to get started. When you are done completing one of the offers in order to earn money you will have to get another person to do the same.

Steps to Make Money With Instant Money Network

  • Sign up complete offer
  • Get other people to do the same, each time you sign some one up and they complete offer you will be able to earn  anywhere from 20 and up to 160 depending which package you choose when you signed up, and ill explain what those two package’s are.
  • There are two package where you can start with one is where you can make 20 bucks every time some one complete and offer,and that only takes one offer that you have to do in order to make that 20 bucks every time some one else complete’s an offer. Other package is where you will have the option to complete more than one offer in order to increase your earning up to 160 dollars from every person that you will refer and they complete a offer.

nstant money network review

Can You Actually Make Money With Instant Money Network?

The answer to that is yes you can, I have made money not with instant money network but similar to it.  Is it easy? No it is not easy but it will depend how well you are good with marketing, and how your skill level is with promoting it online.

Pros and Cons 


  • It is Legit
  • Can make decent money with it if you know what you are doing


  • Have to complete a offers to start
  • Most the offer are trial offer so you will have to cancel before you get charged for it.
  • Referring others and having them complete the offer is not always easy to do especially for newbies.
  • Not much training

Final Thoughts

Expert or newbie is yes you can make money with this but it is not the only option out there to earn money with , it does take work  to earn money online but most people fail because there is not enough training on how to actually market and promote these offer or any offers in general. My personal recommendation is yes you can make money but if you never promoted something I would personally go and learn how to be successful online, and I personally recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn everything you need. Remember in order to make money online and this is something I learned we tend to dive into things really quick but then quit because we dint make any money so we quit or we have lack of skill and information so tend to give up, and my personal recommendation is go learn and apply until you are successful do not try million things at once because you will get frustrated. take it little by day.

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Monat Global Scam

Monat Global Scam

What is Monat          Monat Global Scam

Hello,  today I wanted to do a review on a company called Monat global! Like most people you want to know if Monat is a scam or is it the real deal if you keep reading ill explain everything  you need to know about Monat. First I wanted to give some information about  Monat Global and the business oportunity.  Monat Global started back in 2014 and became one of the first anti-aging hair care company’s that you can earn money with and the same time have healthy looking hair again. Monat Global is an anti-aging hair care company where it provides different hair products for different hair needs, from help with hair loss to just more youthful and stronger hair that everyone needs. Also with Monat, you have a chance to earn some money for anyone that is interested in that I will explain more later in the post.

What Products Does Monat Sell?

Well, Monat Global specializes in anti-aging hair products. Monat Hair products that can help with that dry hair to hair growth, and hair loss, Monat has different products for different hair needs.Just a little about the products. Monat hair products are naturally based so no harmful chemical’s in it compared to many other shampoos and conditioners that have harsh chemical’s that are bad for you. With Monat Hair Products we do not test on animals and also say no to.

Monat Says no to

PEG Sulfates
Harmful colors
Harmful fragrances
Harsh salt systems
Monat Has 10+ Different Oils in their products to help your hair grow and, be strong and, healthy.

Do Monat Products Work

Recently I got comments on the products if they really work or not and where is the proof that Monat Hair Products work. Well, to start off I had personal experience with the products because I use them daily and my hair is healthier than ever before, so is my wife’s. Also, there are many testimonials out there on the internet and proven clinical studies that Monat does work. Also, I want to Include a Facebook Link of customers, VIP, and market Partners of their testimonials so


Of course, every person has a different result so it is something you have to try and see for your self. And like always there are samples available to those that would be interested in buying the products.

Monat Hair ScamMonat Hair Scam




This is a picture of Jacqui Mac where she has suffered hair loss and she tried different products and nothing seemed to work until she tried Monat!


Plus more testimonials can be found in upper link.


 Monat Global Scam Exposed

Alright is Monat a Scam? From personal experience from trying the product to being in the market partner side, I found Monat to be a very great company to deal with. From a product point of view might not work for everyone, of course, has worked for me and my family and many others and if you been suffering from bad hair why not give it a try? There is a 30-day money back guarantee that Monat offer’s so you have nothing to worry about.

Monat Market Partners-Earning Money With Monat

For Every one that is interested in joining Monat and Earning some extra money or even have a full-time career.  I found Monat to be one of the best direct sales business that you can be a part of, I myself had lot’s of success with Monat and being able to earn extra money to pay my bills and even replaced my wife’s income, of course, it all depends on you and how much work you want to put in it. Below I wanted to talk little about why to join Monat.

Why Join  Monat

  • They carry real products that are good and are going to be around for a while, While comparing to many other company’s out there, Monat is the better choice if you are looking into direct sales.
  • They pay ( Personal experience).

Monat Global is a good business to get in to since it is still new and there is a lot of opportunity to earn money if you want to work for it. Monat is also know as a social company because a lot of folks promote it social media or face to face, because it is a direct sales company. Also it is a $40 billion market place with projected growth to $59 billion in less than 3 years!




Monat Global Market Partners receive up to 40 percent on personal sales and 12 percent on group sales. which is very good compared to many other company’s out there.


  • New and a lot of opportunity
  • Great products
  • Good Compensation Plan
  • Your own eCommerce store
  • No inventory to carry and no deliveries to make
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Consumable product line- with 30 day money back guarantee



  • Price for products a little expensive but worth it.
  • Price to join is 100 dollars for your kit and 20 dollars renewal fee every year which is not that bad since you are getting a lot of things in the kit including training material and samples.(If you buy product pack usually the 100$ kit fee is waived and you get up to 40% off the products with the kit included.

Training and Support

So how is the training on Monat Global? Well from my experience it is not to bad when you join you will get access to a lot of training material on the products and much more information on how to promote. I believe support is pretty quick in helping resolve any issue’s that there might be. From my personal experience there is someone to help answer your questions, it is a new company and as it is growing and they are always adjusting to meet customer’s needs.

Monat Reviews

Now there are many reviews out there about Monat and how they helped other folks, either with their hair or financially. Also, there are some bad review’s out there also, that some people might not have liked the product, that is why Monat offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and of course, samples that distributor like me offer for free at our own cost so you can try before you buy. If you want my personal review please make sure to visit my Monat Hair Products page how it has helped my hair and my family’s. If you have a review you would like to leave please do below, or if you have any question’s I would love to help answer any that you may have.


So the question again, is Monat Global Scam really a scam? and I will say again Monat Global is a legit company from the product side to the business side. Like always just want to say that it is something you would have to try to see if it works for you. Start a new career, or earn some extra income with Monat is definitely something I would recommend. If you are not into the business and want the products than the products are awesome and I definitely recommend trying. There are many scams’s out there this is not. If you wish to join you can click join below and or you can buy the products also. I hope this will point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading Monat Global Scam I hope this answered some or all your questions if you have any other questions feel free to comment below.