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Acorns Investment App Scam

Acorns Investment App Scam

Is Acorns Investment App a Scam? Read To Find Out

Acorns Investment app turns your loose change from card purchases to an investment into a savings account. This is yet another app of many where you link your credit or debit card and the app does all of the work. This app rounds up the change from every purchase you make to the next dollar. What sets Acorns aside from other apps is that it transfers your money to a portfolio for investments from your linked account. I’m going to tell you whether this app is legitimate, where your money goes, and if there are any hidden fees.

Also just to let everyone now that I dont not provide any trading or investment advice this article is my personal experiance and my opinion if you decide to invest that is all up to you.

All About Acorns

The Acorns Investment app has a 4.7-star rating on the iOS marketplace. A lot of the reviews rave about the continuous learning about investments. While some reviews give one star the app development does an excellent job of responding to the reviews to help the user feel more at ease with the app. Since Acorns deals with money directly from your checking account that might make you a little uneasy but rest assured Acorns doesn’t take any money out of your account until you have reached a total of $5 in change that is rounded up from purchases. The fact that this company responds to customer complaints in a swift manner and doesn’t touch any of your money until you’ve accrued so much money over time makes it seem more legitimate.

Acorns investing app scam

How Acorns Works

What makes potential customers question the app’s legitimacy is the claims that it makes that it rounds up your change after every purchase you make isn’t entirely true. No one can round up your purchase except for the merchant itself. For example, if you go to Target and make purchase of 7.53 and then donate .47 to the Children’s Miracle Network, Target can round your purchase to the nearest dollar. Acorns cannot do that. Acorns operates with roundups where you make that’s same purchase at Target and that extra .47 populates on the appand shows you how much is available for an investment. Acorns does not take any money from your linked account until you have reached $5 in rounded up change from purchases. It takes multiple purchases to reach that $5 amount meaning that a couple of times a month $5 will be transferred from your linked account and sent to a stock portfolio set up for you by Acorns.

One positive thing about the Acorns app is that nothing is stored on your phone when you have the app. Meaning if your phone is lost or stolen none of your personal information can be tampered with in any way. Apple devices and Android devices allow you to pay with your phone now making it easier to link the app to your card. Making the app more convenient to use. Security if of importance to both the users and creators of the Acorns app making it seem a lot more legitimate. The app being secure and easier to use does not make this app appear as a scam, but instead a legitimate investment app.

Any Fees?

Now, you may be wondering if there are any fees for using the app and there are. Acorns is very forward about the fact that they do charge you fees for using their app. If your account is less than $5,000 then you pay Acorns $1 a month for their services. However, if you are a college student Acorns is free to you. It appears Acorns is targeting the college age demographic and making it easy for them to invest. So, if you’re a college student here is how you avoid using those fees. If you are younger than 24 and have a college email that ends in .edu then you are eligible to use the app with no extra charge. If you are older than 24 and a college student by listing your employment status as student, you along with your .edu email you surpass having to pay the $1 monthly fee. As a caution, don’t falsify information saying you are a college student when signing up as that could get you into legal trouble later on down the line while using the app.

You are also questioning where Acorns puts your money after they take that $5 out of your linked account. It does not go into a savings account, but an investment portfolio created just for you. Luckily, there are places you can go online to see what exactly those investment portfolios look like. After you have began making investments with the money Acorns takes out your balance will fluctuate with the markets. If you are thinking of making this a long-term investment for retirement or your children’s future that is one thing you have to keep in mind while using this app. Your investments will not stay the same and will fluctuate over time. However, Acorns is a good learning tool for those new to investing. Acorns is different from its competition in that your money doesn’t go into a savings account, rather an actual investment for your long or short-term future.


How To Join Or Sign Up

Sign up For Acorns Here  and get $5

Legit Or Scam Final Thoughts

Acorns Investment app is a legitimate application for people that are wanting to become investors. When you make a purchase at any retail store and restaurant Acorns allows you to make an investment in your future. $5 a couple of times a month over an extended period of time can make an impact on your investment future. Acorns gives you the opportunity to have your own stock portfolio, and like it’s many reviews educates you on what it means to invest into stock. With Acorn’s positive reviews you can be more confident in the fact that it is not a scam, but a legitimate investment app.

If that does not solidify your confidence in this investment app then remember that there is a lot of security surrounding it. While it is something that is linked to your credit or debit card the app doesn’t store things to your phone meaning you wont lose anything if there is a loss or stolen issue with your phone. Acorns is changing the way people invest by helping them invest in themselves with each purchase they make by taking the residual change from those purchases and adding them to the nearest dollar. Acorns is not a scam but a legitimate investing app.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Welcome today wanted to take a quick moment and tell you about a great way that you can learn and earn in the 2018 year. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money in 2018, affiliate marketing is a way for you to earn commissions for products or services that you can promote from other company’s like Amazon and earn a percentage from what you sell. So not to take too much of your time ill also talk about Wealthy Affiliate an online program or you can call it an university where you can learn how to be an affiliate marketing expert!

wealthy Affiliate scam

What is Wealthy Affiliate is it Another Scam?

Let get this out of the way since most people would like to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and if it is something worth signing up for. I will tell you my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate, I have been a member with them for about 3 years now and I ll say this it is the more legit company I have been a part of with a great vision and a purpose to help others become successful in the online affiliate marketing world. Later in this post I’ll explain the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and break down the cost with being Wealthy Affiliate member.

Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is all about help you become a better affiliate to start off I want to run down some great pros about the being a member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Training at Wealthy Affiliate is all the training you will need. If you are a beginner or more of an expert there is something for everyone to learn with video lessons from getting started to running ads it is all there an all in one platform for you to learn and keep learning with the changing online world. Also, there are live videos every week where you can learn from the experts that are killing it in the affiliate industry.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

As you may or may not know Wealthy Affiliate is it is own platform offering it is own hosting included in your price of a premium member or a free member you will also have the chance to build your own site for free.

Wealthy Affiliate SSL

Being a member means you have a secure site with Wealthy Affiliate you will have a secured website included in your price, these benefits would cost you a lot more somewhere else.

Wealthy Affiliate Comments/FeedBack

How about writing content and getting feedback for it from other experts? Maybe you have build a site and need a different pair of eyes to see how you can improve it to be even better with wealthy affiliate as a premium member you will have that as well.


If you are ever stuck on your site there is always someone to help you out if you need help. From issues with your site to just regular questions there will be someone to help you out.

Email/Page Speed/Affiliate Boot Camp

Looking to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn some money you can do that also, another thing that is great about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have access to an email that you chose with your site that you build which is another great tool to have and not have to pay extra all included in the price. Also, for another great feature is getting able to look at your site load times and fixing any issues that will slow down the load times.

Keyword Tool and Site Content

For the last two that I wanted to talk briefly is Wealthy Affiliate’s own keyword research tool that will help your life when looking for keywords to write about, and site content very own content writer and content checker so you can write and check spelling and grammar, to even if your article is unqie.

Wealthy Affiliate Price Break Down

Here is the price breakdown between the free version and paid so you can see what you are paying for. Also, there is a cheaper way and that is to go yearly you will end up paying way less.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

To Sign Up Or Not To

Well if you are looking for a way to start your own little business in affiliate marketing than Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start learning and even making some money depends on how dedicated you are. I have layout the benefits above and from me being a member for 3 years I know things are gonna keep getting better at Wealthy Affiliate with more great improvements and for the price you will not find a better all in one plate form like Wealthy Affiliate. If you are ready to sign up feel free to click the banner above or click the link below I’ll be glad to help you out and if you just want to give it a try now that is free and you can get a feel for it to see if this is something that you would want to do.


Sign Up Here




GoodLife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review

Multi level marketing is not really anything new. These companies have been around for ages. Granted, some people have made money in these schemes, but it is usually those at the top of the pyramid that make the most. Alas, that’s how it always is anyway, but is there anything in it for the average Joe, trying to make some beer money? Truthfully, there sometimes is, but more often than not, companies that are based on continuous recruitment and spending are doomed to collapse at some point.

A relatively new MLM company has been advertising itself, fairly aggressively, lately. You may have come across their ads on social media (they have a presence on different social networks) or affiliate marketing websites. They’re called GoodLife USA. What is GoodLife USA, what’s this company all about and is it any good? Is it just another scam or a decent money-making opportunity? Ask no more – we have done all the heavy lifting to so you don’t have to. We’ve conducted heavy research about this company and what follows is our in-depth review. Without further ado, let’s start.

Goodlife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review – Part 1: About the Company

Headquartered in Florida, USA, GoodLife has been founded by two men – Edward Downer and Mark Seyforth. These two seem to be the alpha and the omega of the company, partners and CEOs. While we don’t tend to get too personal when doing our reviews, it’s always good to do some research about individuals running a certain company. After all, don’t you want someone experienced, someone who’s good at what they do to sit at the top of the pyramid?
Unfortunately, Downer and Seyforth both have been involved with not so successful companies in the past, But also some successful company’s that are still around today.  One of them which you might have heard Herbalife. There is some info about them if you want feel free to search around.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 2: How Does it Work?

First impressions were good – their website looks really nice. The content is laid out in a nice, modern way. It seems professional and really makes GoodLife USA look like a legitimate business. The company describes itself as a “discount club” of sorts, selling membership and allegedly enabling its users to get great deals when it comes to travel.

As with any other MLM scheme, affiliates are rewarded for recruiting new affiliates. Those affiliates are then rewarded for recruiting new affiliates and so on. Seems like a typical MLM company. We’ve seen things like this countless times before. But, let’s not write off GoodLIfe USA just yet.

They offer three levels of recruitment – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver affiliates get $25 for recruiting another Silver affiliate and $75 for recruiting a Platinum or a Gold one. Same works for Gold membership affiliates, except they earn 50 – 150 USD for each new person they recruit and Platinum affiliates, naturally, make even more money. There are also travel membership commissions and commission-sharing options. There’s no need to get into each of them individually because they work pretty much the same – you get a certain percentage of the money someone spends. You get a piece of their cake.

GoodLife USA Review – Part 3: What’s the Catch?

Now, this seems pretty simple and easy to do. All you have to do is recruit new people and you’ll earn some decent money. Doesn’t seem too bad. Plus, you get to enjoy some discounts and whatnot, so you’re making money and saving money at the same time. As always, when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. So, what’s the catch?

The catch is – you have to spend money to make money. While it’s common sense to expect a return of investment, in any kind of business, and to expect to spend money to make money, things seem to work differently in GoodLifeUSA. The thing is, you aren’t really buying anything substantial or real – like a product or a service. All you’re buying is a pretty useless membership. Once you buy it, you get other people to buy it. Then they get other people to buy it and so on. This is a classic pyramid scheme. Nothing more, nothing less. Spend money and recruit people to spend money, so that they can recruit people to spend money. This is not how legitimate businesses operate. Of course this is my look on this company and yours can be different, not trying to be negative but when I have to pay so much for membership, just to get some discount’s which are not exactly shown on their website, makes me think is it really worth joining?

GoodLife USA Review – Part 4: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of GoodLife USA as a company and as a system. Surely not everything about this MLM company is as bad as it seems?


• Great, professional-looking website

• Good marketing campaign on social media

• One of the founders was involved with a couple of relatively successful companies


• Classic pyramid scheme

• No value being produced

  • No info on discount’s that you get as a member
  • If you travel one’s or twice a year might not be a good deal since you will be spending more on the membership.

GoodLife USA Review Part 5: Final Verdict

You’ve probably come to your own conclusion by now, but we still feel responsible to write mine own. While there are some seemingly good things about this company, but we have to look at the cons to, unless you are planning to make money with the company and use their travel service, it might be a great gig if you have the experience in the industry. But on the other hand if your looking just for the service which in my opinion might not be great, because I have seen many mlm travel site’s that are 3rd party that they do not really give you any real discount, might be better off booking with like Expedia or some other travel site and saving your money instead paying for some membership club that might not have any real discounts. I will leave the choice up to you, I will though provide my recommendation for a great mlm that I have been for 3 years now Monat Global have a look at my older post for more info. I hope you enjoyed reading GoodLife USA Review feel free to drop a comment or question!

Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie Review


Manufacturers, producers and other business entities often want to receive feedback about their products, from current and prospective clients. Consumer feedback helps businesses to improve their products and make necessary adjustments in service delivery. One of the most popular ways of getting information from consumers is by using surveys. A survey is a preset questionnaire that seeks to get feedback about a certain product or gather information about a particular target group. It may ask questions like, the number of people in your household, the range of your annual income, and your level of education, among other queries.

Surveys have become a quick way of earning money online. If you are seeking to supplement your basic income, consider becoming a survey taker. Companies are willing to pay survey takers, money to undertake various surveys that take less than a few minutes to answer. Sites like Survey Junkie have numerous opportunities for survey takers to earn redeemable points, for participating in their surveys. However, for you to make a substantial amount of money, you have to take numerous surveys, and practice some level of patience, as your income accumulates, steadily. The following is a review of Survey Junkie:

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey junkie is an affiliate marketing research company that provides surveys to users, in the aim of receiving valuable consumer feedback. Members receive rewards after successfully completing a survey, or simply sharing their thoughts. These surveys take less than 20 minutes sometimes even longer and members receive points, which they can redeem for cash or e-gift cards. Survey Junkie does not really provide survey but survey panels, and there have been reports where survey junkie ask to pay to get a bigger list of survey panels to join which you should not ever have to pay anything that is a first rule when comes to surveys.

Is Survey Junkie Legitimate?

Yes, and no there has been many complaints about Survey Junkie not paying. Established in 2005, the survey program has more than 4 million members. Most of their members come from the USA and Canada, as a majority of their research focuses on consumers from that region. Nonetheless, plans are underway to expand their services to other regions.


How to Get Started

Getting started on Survey Junkie is rather easy. Signing up is free! Firstly, you must be 18 years or above. So long as you come from the aforementioned regions, including the USA, Canada and Australia, you can sign up via their website. You need to fill in your personal information including name, age and contacts. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to open a separate email address, to avoid getting spam messages in your main address because there is a lot of spam involved with survey site’s, and like I stated earlier Survey Junkie does not provide Surveys just Survey Panels where you can join.

You also need to provide your consumer preferences, so that they can send you surveys that match your preferences. You should note that the company does not pay their members cash but rather through redeemable points. Once you attain certain points, you can redeem them for cash or e-gift cards.

How Survey Junkie Works

Survey Junkie is an affiliate marketing research company that links members to relevant survey panels. Once you create and account and select consumer preferences, SJ will link you with survey companies that match your preferences. Certain surveys target consumers from a particular region. Therefore, to qualify for a particular survey, you must satisfy specific requirements.

A survey can last for 5 minutes to 20 minutes and some times more, and each can earn you between 50 to 450 points. Once you complete a survey, you will receive redeemable points in your account. For every 1000 points you get, you can redeem it for $10 or an e-gift card. Note  you will not qualify for every survey resulting in some time wasted!

Another way to earn through Survey Junkie is through their referral program. You will earn commissions, for every new member who joins the program via your referral link.


Pros & Cons of Survey Junkie

Just like any other survey site available, Survey Junkie has its advantages and downsides. The following are some of the pros and cons of this survey program.


Free Registration

Registration with Survey Junkie is relatively easy and free. For you to join, you only need to provide your name, age and contact information. Some survey sites require members to pay a subscription fee, in order to receive regular surveys. This is not the case with Survey Junkie.

Wide Array of Survey Panels

Survey Junkie has a wide array of survey panels at their disposal. They can link you to various survey sites and panels that match your consumer preferences. For you to enjoy unlimited access to numerous surveys, make sure you choose your consumer preferences wisely, during the registration process.


Geographical Limitations

Survey Junkie is region-based and has geographical limitations. Only users from the USA, Canada, UK and Oceania regions can sign up for this program. This means that if you do not come from any of the aforementioned regions then you do not stand a chance to enroll for the survey program. Nonetheless, plans are already underway to expand their services to other regions.

Time Consuming

Taking surveys can be relatively time consuming with very little earnings. For you to make a significant amount of money, you need to undertake numerous surveys per day. A survey can take anything from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, with earnings ranging from 50 to 450 points. Before attaining the 1,000 redeemable points, you will have to take not less than three surveys.

Stringent Requirements

Survey Junkie has stringent requirements for you to qualify for a survey. For instance, you must be 18 years and above, to qualify for a survey. Age restriction can be discouraging to students wishing to make some pocket money. Additionally, in case you violate any of their rules, knowingly or unknowingly, chances are you will not receive payment for any of your previous surveys

In conclusion

Earning money through taking survey is a great way of supplementing your income. However, it requires quite a lot of time and commitment, for you to earn any significant income. Nonetheless, working with a company like Survey Junkie  that just provides survey panels to join does not really benefit you but Survey Junkie! If you want free surveys site to join feel free to check out my top 5 surveys sites that I recommend joining. Or if you ever thought about actually working full time or part time and making more than what surveys will ever pay than I recommend checking out Monat Global a company that I have generated a full time income and or Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to build a online business in any Niche!

Click Intensity Scam

Click Intensity Scam

What is Click Intensity

This is my personal Research and my opinion.

Its so hard to find a decent online company these days. There are so many scammers out there and these illegitimate and unethical companies seem to be popping up every day. One can’t help but wonder is the entire “make money online” thing a complete and utter scam, filled with false promises and self-proclaimed “gurus”, looking to make a quick buck by scamming others and luring them into their pyramid schemes? Luckily, while logical, this assumption is not entirely accurate. There are legitimate ways to make money online, but you have to know where to look and, most importantly, you need to stick to reputable companies.

Click Intensity is another relatively new company that has been gaining a lot of traction online lately, on various specialized forums, communities and micro-niche websites and blogs. Is Click Intensity a scam or is it a real, legit company? Is there money to be made on Click Intensity? What is this company all about and what is it like? All of these questions and much more will be answered in our detailed, in-depth Click Intensity review below, so make sure to keep reading.


Click Intensity Scam – The Basics

In the beginning of our Click Intensity review we will focus on providing information about this company, the way it works and the money making opportunities it provides. For a start, this company is allegedly based in the United States and, according to official data, the CEO of this company is a person named Nick Johnson. This sets some alarms right off the bat. When researching about Nick Johnson we haven’t come across a lot of information about this person – the only information we were able to find was his Facebook profile that wasn’t made long ago and that looks like its been made for the sole purpose of promoting Click Intensity. On top of that, the profile looks fake and like someone simply took a man’s photo, cropped it and put it up. Does this individual even exist? Obviously, this is a huge warning sign, but lets not draw any conclusions yet.

This online firm encompasses a few different concepts all in one. It is, at the same time, a MLM company, an affiliate program, a PTC and revenue share company. Is this another warning sign? It could be, because its hard to believe that a single company can pull so many different elements together, while at the same time looking fake and making quite a few false promises. Additionally, they do not support PayPal, which is another quite big warning sign. One of the payment systems they use is Payza, who are well known for scamming hundreds of people out of their money. Now, this is definitely a reason for concern. What reputable company would use Payza as one of their payment systems?

Click Intensity Review – What Do They Offer?

Now, lets see what is it that this company is actually offering to people who sign up hoping to make money. For a start, they state you can make money by simply completing certain tasks, such as: watching videos, sharing social media posts, clicking on ads and much more. Additionally, they have a profit sharing program, an affiliate program, a MLM (multi level marketing) program and another, undefined program, which includes buying and reselling coins – basically, they offer people to gather coins, but don’t describe how and they claim that these coins can be turned into cash, which can later be withdrawn using one of their payment systems.

All of this sounds shady, to say the least. Its important to note that there are companies who operate in a similar way and offer similar services, and are 100% legitimate, however, Click Intensity doesn’t seem that way. Their programs seem undefined and every person that’s connected to this company seems fictional. Is this an elaborate scam? Also another thing that I want to point out is that another way that you make money is by investing your own money into silver or gold package and getting a return.One  example silver package cost 25 so in the end you would make 5 bucks profit on it not much and sound just like a big waste of time and hassle.

If this isn’t enough, there is no need to worry.

In the next part of our Click Intensity review we will focus on the pros and cons when it comes to this company, even though there obviously doesn’t seem to be too many pros, there are some things about this company that seem legit.

• Offers a “complete a task” program that is a legitimate way to make money
• Their website and YouTube videos look decent and seem to be professionally done

• Made up personalities on social media
• Possibly fake traffic or bought likes
• Shady payment systems
• False promises and advertising
• Undefined programs
• Many more


The Bottom Line: Click Intensity Is Most Probably a Scam Not Worth Your Time or Money

click intensity scam

In the end of our Click Intensity review we can only come to one conclusion: all research that we have conducted seems to point in one direction – this company is one that I would stay away but I will leave that up to you to decide . If you are still not convinced, feel free to read reviews of this company online, most of them seem to be negative and there are already people talking about how they got scammed out of their money by this unethical firm. In short, stay away from Click Intensity and save your time and your money. There are many legitimate companies out there that offer real jobs and actually pay people for their work. If you would like to learn how to make money online I would recommend learning affiliate marketing if you would be interested feel free to click the banner below to learn more!





Neo2 Review

Neo2 Review

Neo2 Scam

Neo2 Personal Experiance




Everyone is trying to find an additional source of income, especially in this day and age. The job market is as hectic as it’s ever been, world economy has collapsed a few years ago, the world wide web is an integral part of our lives – all of this is the perfect breeding ground for scammers. Its sad, but true. How, you may ask? Well, there is no definitive answer to that question, some people are just unimaginably unethical and they would do almost anything to get some money out of your pocket. These charlatans thrive on desperation, they advertise themselves aggressively, pay for reviews online and do everything in their power to appear as legit as possible while they are just the opposite; they are cheaters, scammers, thieves, con artists and generally just bad people.

This may sound dramatic to some of you reading this and if that’s the case, then consider yourself lucky because you still haven’t been scammed or cheated. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. Most people fall into the trap of thinking: “I’m not that naive or stupid, no way someone would manage to scam me!”. Do you think that way too? Well, think again. These scams have, over the years, evolved. Companies are using the internet to advertise and assert themselves in a very aggressive manner. Laws and regulations are hard to implement online and scammers always manage to find a way around them and just keep on scamming more and more people each day. To them, the ends justify the means. Their only goal is money. That is all they care about and they will do just about anything to get some money out of your pocket.

One of these companies that does exactly what’s been described in the first two paragraphs of this article is promoting a fake software called Neo2. If you’ve never heard of them before, then just by googling the words “Neo2” or “Neo2 review” or even “Neo2 scam” should be enough to give you an idea about these people, but if you’re interested in specifics of how these charlatans are scamming thousands of people every day, then make sure to keep reading as you will get all the information that you might need in this article. Prepare yourself, because what we are about to tell you might be too shocking for some of you.

Personal Experience

I wanted also  to share some of my personal experience with Neo2 since there are so many shady review promoting this pile of junk, so I actually paid money and tried this software! After I have joined Neo2 I  was directed to deposit 300 dollars with one of the brokers that they have assigned me, and let me tell you right now most of the brokers they give you are shady brokers and you will not receive your money back! Keep reading to learn more why it is a scam!

Neo2 Review – Just Another Scam

Will these people ever stop? Whenever you browse the internet, no matter which website you visit you see all these ads popping up that go something like this: “New revolutionary system – become rich overnight” or “Make money from home doing nothing”. Needless to say, this type of advertising is ridiculous in itself, but why does it still work if its so obviously fake? That is a good question but the answer can be summarized in one word: desperation. They are cashing in on desperation, vulnerability and the need for money.

As previously mentioned, these online scammers have graduated from pyramid schemes into full blown organizations, companies and websites – they use every shady tactic out there to create an image of legitimacy, trust and reliability. But, how do they actually do that? Before we elaborate further, its important to note that even though these scams do seem carefully constructed and expensive at the first glance, they are definitely not. What these people do is they pay vloggers, website owners, hire freelancers, buy gigs on Fiverr, pay for fake reviews and they do all of that just to spread the word around about their product or service. This is exactly how they operate. People have caught on to these scams, so these charlatans are constantly trying to find additional ways to keep their scam going. This is their modus operandi in general, keep reading our Neo2 review to get a closer look at how this particularly shady “company”, if we can call it that, operates.

One wonders what to start from when writing a Neo2 review, because their website is loaded with sentences that are perfect examples of false advertising. For a start, the headline on their website goes something like this: “Our technology is making ordinary users 4 000 USD a week!”. Isn’t that a laugh? If it’s so easy, why don’t they do it themselves? Why would they share such valuable information with others if they actually had the means and the technology to make this sort of money? Besides, do you really think its that easy to make 4 grand a week doing nothing, just clicking a few buttons with your mouse every day and letting the software do all the work? If it was really like that, wouldn’t all of us already be millionaires? What’s the catch? Of course, there is no catch because there is no way to make that much money easily – those who do make that much money online, however, work incredibly hard and are usually individuals with years experience when it comes to trading and guess what? They’ve all probably failed more times than they can remember, but what separates them from others is the fact that they kept working even after they failed so many times. That is the only difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person – successful people work hard and smart, while unsuccessful people try to get easy money all the time and, in the end, they end up being bankrupt.

But, to continue with our Neo2 review, who do these scammers usually target and how do they keep scamming people like this? They target up and coming internet marketers and traders, generally people who are trying to make a bit of money online, to supplement their regular income. The words “The most powerful trading algorithm today” seem to pop up everywhere on their website and they have also installed an email submit button on the side – this is to get your first name and email, so they can spam your inbox with their offers. Do not fall for this and don’t even leave your email to these people because, not only will they constantly send “valuable information” about Neo2 to your email address, they will most probably bombard your inbox with dozens of shady emails in which they masquerade as a 100% legitimate company that is, for some reason, offering you free money. This is spam by definition. But, this is just the beginning. To write a full-blown Neo2 review we would need 10 pages and perhaps an additional e-book to name all the tactics that these scammers are using, but lets stick with the basics in our Neo2 review – they are more than enough to prove how unethical this company is.

Their software is focused on binary options, which is a legitimate way to make money in itself and they are using this fact to manipulate people into believing that their software will help when it comes to making money with binary options. Binary options are basically a form of trading that is based on predictions of whether a certain asset will go up or down. That sounds simple enough, but just like with any type of trading like Forex or stock trading, a good software is only the foundation, a lot of knowledge and countless hours of market analysis are needed to make money with this type of business. The general population does not know a lot about binary options or any form of trading for that matter, but that is exactly what Neo2 is using to their advantage to get people to join their program, buy their software and give them their money. They are using desperation, need for money and lack of knowledge to build their elaborate strategy of scamming you out of your money and burning a hole in your budget.

The golden rule is: “If something seems to good to be true, then it probably is” and that is what you should stick to whenever you come across these programs and websites on the internet. They may promise a lot, but they deliver nothing. In the next part of our Neo2 review we will describe how their website looks like and what it is that they are actually doing – these people are so unethical that what you’re about to read might send shivers down your spine as you stare at your computer screen in disgust and disbelief.

Neo2 Review Part 2 – The Shadiest Website On The Internet

Lets continue with our Neo2 review to see what it is they’re actually doing on their website. Once you open their website a video they have come up with automatically starts playing. In this video, they state how major publications and media giants such as The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have mentioned them and recommended their software as the best software of it’s kind. This is a blatant lie – they have never been mentioned in any of these papers. Can you believe that they would actually lie about something like this? Yes they would and yes they have. They actually claim that these newspapers have mentioned and recommended them, does it get shadier than that? Unfortunately, it does. There are more videos on their websites that are videos of their “clients” and of their CEO, someone named Dr. Jack Piers. However, after you google for that name – it is nowhere to be found. Do the same with the rest of the names on their websites and nothing will come up. But, maybe some of these faces seem familiar to you? Its because they are paid actors. Let that fact sink in a little bit before you keep reading. Yes, they actually hired actors to lie in your face. All of these people, their names, degrees, companies, incomes – it’s all made up. They don’t exist. Its just actors reading from a script and acting in front of camera. It’s unbelievable how far have Neo2 gone with their scam. They have outdone everyone else on the market and did the most horrible, unethical thing possible.

If you’re already cringing and thinking “This can’t be real, they can’t do this!” think again, because this is exactly what they are doing. All of this is just a part of their scheme to get your money. Is there anything good that we can mention in our Neo2 review about this company? Well, about the only good thing about them and on their website is the fact that the actors they hired are so bad, you might get a laugh out of watching them stutter as they fail to remember the script properly. If you’re trying to scam people, at least try to make it look a bit more believable. Neo2 definitely went a step further with their scam when they did something like this, so its probably just a matter of time until they start getting sued by people that they have stolen money from. Maybe The Washington Post an The Wall Street Journal will sue them too for trying to ruin their reputation, who knows. But one thing is for sure, until that happens, they will probably manage to steal more money from naive people just looking for a way to make some extra cash.

Neo2 Review – Avoid These People At All Costs


As we previously said in our Neo2 review, we could go on about how shady, unethical and worst of all, arrogant, these people are, but this is most certainly enough to give you a rough idea about them. If our very own Neo2 review isn’t enough all that you need to do is type the words: “Neo2 review” or “Neo2 review scam” into Google and see how hundreds of websites pop up and how literally everyone is saying that this website and this software is a blatant scam. There are countless testimonials and reviews online that prove what we are saying.

What more is there to add? We hope that, after reading our Neo2 review, you will avoid these scammers and everyone that has anything to do with them at all costs. Please share this article with your friends or on your social media profiles, help us spread the word around so everyone knows that these people are scammers. No one deserves to be scammed and cheated by them. They need to be stopped before they scam more people out of their money. We are all looking for a way to make a bit of extra cash on the side and we need to help each other and expose scammers like Neo2.

Their software is rubbish, they spread false information, advertise in an unethical way, pay actors to fake testimonials, hire people to act as their employees and clients and pay bloggers to write fake positive reviews of their website. They are, by definition, unethical scammers and they have to be stopped. Avoid them at all costs and spread the word around so they finally stop scamming people.


If you have any question or comments feel free to ask below, or if you would like to learn how to earn money from home working as an affiliate feel free to check out my older posts How To Make Money From Home



Panda Research Is It a Scam?

Panda Research Is It a Scam?

In this economy, most of us could use an additional source of income, especially young people out there that live in countries where the United States dollar is worth a lot more than it is in the western world. This is the primary reason why a lot of people look for work online, but not everyone has a marketable skill that is sought after in the world of online business. Not everyone is a programmer, a web designer or a SEO expert.

If you’re new to the world of online money making then you’ve probably come across websites that pay users to fill out surveys. Now, this may seem like petty cash at the first glance, but people who’ve worked long enough at these websites swear by them and claim they’ve, over time, become their main source of income. There are dozens of these websites on the world wide web, some of them are better known than the others and some of them are still up and coming websites that don’t really have a reputation yet.

A new company of this kind has recently resurfaced and seems to be talked about a lot recently – it’s called Panda Research, and a lot of people are, rightfully so, asking themselves the following questions: Is Panda Research a scam or a legit website? How much money can I make working on Panda Research? Do they pay on time? How much do they pay? These are all legitimate questions and we are here to give you the answers, so make sure to keep reading.

Panda Research: Another Elaborate Scam or A Legit Website That Pays on Time?

Just like with most of these survey websites, what Panda Research is offering seems to be good on paper. Basically, they claim all that you need to do to make money is take a few minutes of your time each day and fill out a few simple surveys, but is this really the truth? Unfortunately no, it is not. Mind you, this is not just how Panda Research are advertising themselves, all of these websites do the exact same thing. Before getting into details, lets clear something up: making money is not easy, doesn’t matter if you do it online or offline and whatever it is that you do, you can be certain you will never be able to make a decent amount of money working only “a few minutes a day”.

This false advertising is the first thing that sticks out when you start researching about this website. But, as you research, you come to realize that is the least of your problems. If you type the phrase “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search bar, dozens if not hundreds of results come up. This is, clearly, another big warning sign. You can go ahead and type “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search box and see for yourself. Now, this doesn’t have to mean this website is actually a scam – a lot of websites have been written about online and most of them have been called scams, even those that are 100% legitimate and pay on time.

We have done a lot of research on this website and we’ve come to a few different conclusions. Of course, you don’t need to research a lot yourself, as we have done all the heavy lifting for you. You will get all the information that you might need in this article, so make sure to keep reading. So, lets continue.

What is it that separates Panda Research from other similar websites? First thing that one notices when doing research about this company is their ridiculously high payment threshold – you need to make at least 50 USD before cashing out your money. If you’ve ever worked on similar websites, you know very well how long it takes to make that much money filling out surveys. This could be a deal breaker for some of you, but others might not mind it as much.

Another thing that becomes pretty obvious about this online firm, after a while, is the fact that, as you do research, you come across hundreds of forum posts, case studies and blog entries from people complaining about not getting paid. Needless to say, this is incredibly worrying. Could this be a coincidence? Why would so many people complain about this? There must be at least some truth to it. Well, sadly, it really does seem like there is, not some, but a lot of truth to this claim. It really seems as if this Panda Research scam has properly scammed a lot of people. However, from time to time, you come across someone saying how they got paid on time and how happy they are with this website. What does this tell us? All that this means is that Panda Research is, most probably, a waste of your time.

Panda Research Scam or Not? Pros and Cons


• There are people online who claim they have been paid on time

• The company seems to have been around for quite a long timepanda research scam

• The sign up process is pretty easy
• You can start working right away


• A lot of people seem to have been scammed by this firm

• Their payment threshold is incredibly high

• They have a very negative reputation

• Their support team seems to be slow and unresponsive

• Takes a lot of time to make money

The Bottom Line: Panda Research Scam or Not, It’s Still Not Worth Your Time

While this Panda Research scam doesn’t seem like a completely obvious scam, there are hundreds of reports and hundreds of people complaining about them. To be fair, there are people who claim to have been paid, but does that really matter? What matters the most is that filling out surveys is not the best way out there to make money – far from it. Filling out surveys takes a lot of time and dedication and the end result is far from satisfying. You will not make a lot of money filling out surveys.

Granted, you might be able to make a little bit of money, but that much cash is only enough to get you started and maybe make it easier for you to work online, because you’ll be able to reinvest that cash into something more lucrative – like, perhaps, your own website. All in all, Ill leave the decision making to you, and it is my personal look at it and from reading many other online reviews. If you do want to earn a income from home  some ways I can recommend like affiliate marketing. If you need more info check out my older post learn Affiliate Marketing  

Thanks for reading for questions feel free to comment below.



Traffic Authority Scam

Traffic Authority Scam

Traffic Authority

This is my personal opinion on Traffic Authority.

Economy has taken a huge blow, years ago, and still hasn’t recovered from it. The job market is incredibly competitive and the money is tight. That’s simply the way it is for most people in the western world. This is the primary reason why so many of us are looking for additional sources of income – we could all use some extra cash.
The world wide web is flooded with these advertisements, that go something like this: “Make money from home! Become a millionaire overnight. Never work a day again!”, you’ve probably seen them before. There are so many up and coming online entrepreneurs, wannabe marketers and marketing “gurus” out there, it’s hard to keep track of all these companies and supposed “money making methods” that keep popping up every day. However, most people that try and work hard at making money online fail. Why is it that way? That is a completely legitimate question and it’s not because they’re lazy or unimaginative, the answer is: Because they’re getting scammed. There are thousands of con artists and charlatans, taking advantage of people in financial trouble, one of the companies that does this is called Traffic Authority.

traffic authority scam

The Traffic Authority Scam – An Elaborate Pyramid Scheme

Traffic Authority masquerades as a legitimate MLM (multi level marketing) company. If you’re not sure about what multi level marketing is, to put it simply it is a form of marketing in which you, as a seller, don’t only earn money from your sales, but also from other salespeople that you recruit. Now, MLM is completely legitimate and there are thousands of companies that operate like this – some of them are worth millions.
On the other hand, there is what we call “pyramid schemes” which is a different type of business model (more often than not illegal) that works on the principle of recruiting individuals through a promise of payment, but only if those individuals recruit more people and so on. The points is: pyramid schemes are unsustainable and complete and utter scams.
Unfortunately, while Traffic Authority advertises as a MLM company, it falls into the second category that we have described – it’s much closer to being a pyramid scheme, than it is to being a legitimate company. Take a look at the reasons why we think this Traffic Authority scam is gonna burn holes in many peoples’ budgets.

Why Is Traffic Authority A Scam?

• Traffic Authority scam is not the only scam of this type, there are many similar “companies” out there but what separates Traffic Authority from their competitors is their aggressive, yet naive marketing. For a start, their sales video is full of exaggerations and false promises. They keep offering “free” training and in return, all they want is to lure you in, so you can spend more money to get any of their products.
• Another thing unique about this Traffic Authority scam is the fact that they want you to spend money, before you actually get to try anything that they’re offering out. They offer these different packages (basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium) – the cheapest one is around 200 USD, while the most expensive one costs over 4000 USD. This basically means, they’re offering people to buy up to 4000 dollars worth of website traffic, but what’s worrying about it is this: they do not state where the traffic is from, how targeted it is or even if it’s real. They might as well sell bot traffic. Now, why would you even want to spend that much money on something you have no way of knowing if actually works?

• Here is how Traffic Authority operates like a typical pyramid scheme. It’s one thing their traffic doesn’t seem legitimate, but it’s a whole other thing when they offer you additional money if you get people to sign up under your link. So, not only that they are scamming you – they’re also trying to turn you into a scammer. Imagine how many people fall for this and just keep encouraging others, even their friends, to join this company and buy their products, there is no official data, but that number must be staggering. In fact, it can be said that, just like with any other pyramid scheme, the only people that are making money with Traffic Authority are those at the top of the pyramid – everyone else is just there to set a trap for as much people as possible, without even being aware of what they’re doing.
• Additionally to turning other people into scammers, by luring their into their own pyramid scheme, Traffic Authority also sells a bunch of other “tools” that they call essential. Supposedly these tools are meant to aid you in your pursuit of money and make the entire process of monitoring traffic a lot easier. That seems good on paper and there are actually tools like these out there, that may webmasters and digital marketers use, but here’s what the problem is with Traffic Authority’s tools: All of these tools and products are pretty expensive, but they have constructed the entire scheme in such a way that the entire process seems futile without the use of these so called tools which, in return, means that they are simply trying to get more money out of you while they still can, before you realize this is all an elaborate pyramid scheme.

Traffic Authority Scam: The Verdict – Is Traffic Authority Really A Complete Scam?

What more is there to say in the end? You know what they say: if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Companies like Traffic Authority confirm this decade-old statement. Traffic Authority seems to one of those companies that preys on peoples’ emotions and capitalizes on the fact that we live in such a uncertain age, economically speaking.
They are the definition of an unethical company that is looking to squeeze every last penny out of their gullible, desperate customers’ pockets. In essence, Traffic Authority is not only a scam, they are also a highly unethical company that operates as a typical pyramid scheme. It is highly recommended that you avoid them at all costs and try to find real, legitimate companies out there that will not scam you out of your money and that will actually provide you with useful, quality content and products.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy AffiliateWork From Home

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a community that focuses on providing users with all training, resources, and support needed to build successful online businesses. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will access multiple comprehensive training modules that cover all aspects of building a website and promoting your business online. You can build an entire business without venturing outside the platform. Besides offering training and support in building businesses, they also offer a free website builder, domain name purchasing, keyword research tools and hosting among other vital tools. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for building businesses no matter your skill level or passions.

Wealth Affiliate can help you earn money online in various ways such as:

· Building websites on any subject and drive massive traffic to it

· Finding the best products from other companies and selling them online on Amazon and eBay among other online companies.

· Applying professional ways to get free direct referrals from online work companies

· Promote and sell your own products online in order to boost your income

· Boost the ranking of your content in search engines such as Google

· How to make great YouTube videos and use them to make money

· How to apply for Google AdSense and make money from ads in a professional way

· Join the Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp program and use it to make money

All these are available on the Wealthy Affiliate through in-depth step-by-step lessons in order to ensure that you are getting returns and value for your investment.

Who can work and benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for both beginners and professionals working online. Therefore, anyone who has basic internet knowledge such as sending emails and operating social sites such as Facebook is all set to work and succeed via Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, the platform is perfect for you if you:
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed
· Need more flexibility in your life

· Want to be your own boss

· Online merchant

· Want to travel around the world

· Retired and looking for additional income

· Website owner or blogger who want to improve your sites

· Want to turn your hobby into additional income

· Student who needs part time income

· Want to sell your products online

· Local marketer

· Local company or business

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

The Wealthy Affiliate program has two main parts:

1. The Affiliate Boot camp: This is an affiliate program that members can earn money from.

2. Training courses: Courses for building online businesses and succeeding.



1. Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp

After joining Wealthy Affiliate, members get full training in the Boot camp section where they learn how to succeed in the boot camp program with detailed step-by-step videos, tutorials and guides. This makes it quite easy for members to generate income through the Wealthy Affiliate after learning everything in the courses.

Members who make more than 300 upgraded Wealthy Affiliate referrals annually can attend the annual Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, USA. Everything including the air ticket, food and lodging will be paid by Wealthy Affiliate.


2. Training courses

You can access the training courses by clicking the green bar labeled “Get Started Here” on the left hand side of the menu. This will give you access to all the features necessary for building your own online business and succeed in any online work you desire. After successful completion of these training courses you will be established through your own online career and earn good income. These courses are ideal for both beginners and advanced users who want to learn marketing ideas to sell products online, get direct referrals or drive tons of traffic to their websites.



1. Anyone can benefit from it

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that everyone can benefit from the program regardless of whether they are internet marketing experts or complete beginners. Members of all levels are actively involved in the vibrant community. Moreover, the courses are solid and very beneficial even for filling the gaps you may have in your techniques or knowledge.

2. Honest

Wealthy Affiliate stresses on how you must be ready and willing to invest time and energy in the program in order to be successful. It does not claim that you will get rich instantly. The platform provides the resources and information members need to build successful businesses online.

3. In-depth and comprehensive training

The training offered within Wealthy Affiliate stands out compared to other training platforms. All topics relevant to online marketing have lessons built in order to make you an expert in that specific field even for members who are starting from scratch. On the other hand, there are two main types of training within Wealthy Affiliate; official training (by Kyle and Carson) and community training (created by the community at large). However, it is essential to understand that community training must always be verified and approved to ensure its quality before it’s made available to other members.

The classes in Wealthy Affiliate include; getting started, the WA affiliate program, Niche, market and keyword research, everything WordPress, Writing and authoring content, social engagement and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and programming, local marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and pay per click marketing.

Moreover, all premium members can access a weekly webinar (live training session) where they can learn new concepts and techniques.

4. Additional tools and resources

Besides offering great training material, Wealthy Affiliate also has other numerous resources that are designed to make the general experience as technical-free and easy as possible. In fact, you don’t have to do anything outside the platform to get your websites up and running. Some of these additional resources include website and hosting, keyword research tools, writing tools, and link tracking tools.

5. Takes away all the technical aspects of building your own website

Every aspect of building your websites and online businesses through Wealthy Affiliate is well taken care of and streamlined. This means you can purchase domain names, install WordPress and launch your website without complicated tasks such as writing codes, manual WordPress installation or even dealing with hosting companies.

6. Built-in comment and feedback system

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has built-in comment and feedback system where other members can critique your sites or offer constructive advice or leave high quality comments and you can also do so yourself.

7. Credit system

This is an internal currency within the platform that can be used for various purchases within the platform. You can earn credits by participating in the vibrant community or by referring new members. These credits can be used for site domains, site feedback or site comments.

8. Active community

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and vibrant community where you can choose to get participate with likeminded individuals or even avoid it completely if it’s simply not for you.

9. Price

The price of Wealthy Affiliate is a huge bargain considering the materials members get plus the additional resources and tools. The platform has two price points:

· Starter membership: It is free to join, learn and stay forever

· Premium membership: The first month costs $19 (if members take advantage of the 59 percent discount which is available during the first seven days after joining) and the following months cost $49 each.

10. Support

Members can seek help and get help at any time by posting questions to the Wealthy Affiliate community, searching previously asked questions or contacting the customer support team.


· Wealthy affiliate offers too much information which can be overwhelming at first.

· Members are not allowed to sell or advertise within Wealthy Affiliate

How to Sign up

You can sign up by clicking here  or on any banner.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam?

Wealth affiliate is certainly not a scam. The company was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and has been a top online company since 2009 which besides offering you an opportunity to earn, you will also learn how to earn from your website and other companies including Amazon, eBay, and Google AdSense.

Therefore, besides being a work from home business, Wealthy Affiliate provides you all the training and information needed to be successful in online work and also offers a platform that members can use to earn money. For any question or comments feel free to comment below.


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Instant Money Network Review

Instant Money Network Review

What is Instant Money Network?

Welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to do a quick instant money network review it is gonna be my personal opinion on it. Instant Money Network is a network where you can sign up for free to earn money by completing offers and referring others to the network. The way it works is when you sign up for free you will have to complete a offer yourself, before you can start promoting, these offer are fortune 500 company’s that they have partnered with. One example would be Netflix is one of their offers that you can complete to get started. When you are done completing one of the offers in order to earn money you will have to get another person to do the same.

Steps to Make Money With Instant Money Network

  • Sign up complete offer
  • Get other people to do the same, each time you sign some one up and they complete offer you will be able to earn  anywhere from 20 and up to 160 depending which package you choose when you signed up, and ill explain what those two package’s are.
  • There are two package where you can start with one is where you can make 20 bucks every time some one complete and offer,and that only takes one offer that you have to do in order to make that 20 bucks every time some one else complete’s an offer. Other package is where you will have the option to complete more than one offer in order to increase your earning up to 160 dollars from every person that you will refer and they complete a offer.

nstant money network review

Can You Actually Make Money With Instant Money Network?

The answer to that is yes you can, I have made money not with instant money network but similar to it.  Is it easy? No it is not easy but it will depend how well you are good with marketing, and how your skill level is with promoting it online.

Pros and Cons 


  • It is Legit
  • Can make decent money with it if you know what you are doing


  • Have to complete a offers to start
  • Most the offer are trial offer so you will have to cancel before you get charged for it.
  • Referring others and having them complete the offer is not always easy to do especially for newbies.
  • Not much training

Final Thoughts

Expert or newbie is yes you can make money with this but it is not the only option out there to earn money with , it does take work  to earn money online but most people fail because there is not enough training on how to actually market and promote these offer or any offers in general. My personal recommendation is yes you can make money but if you never promoted something I would personally go and learn how to be successful online, and I personally recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn everything you need. Remember in order to make money online and this is something I learned we tend to dive into things really quick but then quit because we dint make any money so we quit or we have lack of skill and information so tend to give up, and my personal recommendation is go learn and apply until you are successful do not try million things at once because you will get frustrated. take it little by day.

Thanks for Reading Leave Comments Below!