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My Points Review Get Rewarded

My Points Review Get Rewarded

MyPoints is one of the most popular rewards program website that pays users for doing certain tasks online. The service has been around for more than two decades now and there have never been any indications that it is a scam.

There are dozens upon dozens of MyPoints review and all of them are of the opinion that the site is legitimate.

Apart from being paid for shopping online through the platform, here are more tasks users get rewarded for:

To watch videos.

Take surveys.

Play games.

Follow email links.

Use their web browser extension.

Print coupons.

Searching the internet.

Refer friends.

How The Website Works

First off, the free registration process is pretty straight forward. The first reward you get is a ten dollar gift card offer when you make any purchase worth $20. The catch is that you will only receive the bonus if you make the purchase within the first thirty days of signing up.

Immediately your registration is approved, which is when you confirm your email address, you can start earning points.

You will earn about ten points once you complete your profile and another hundred when you add the MyPoints score to your favourite web browser. This is basically an extension that will save you time because it will register your online actions automatically with the platform.

This saves you time from constantly going back to the MyPoints website and you can enjoy surfing as you earn points. Completing your profile unlocks daily surveys. The completion of each survey gets you about 50 MyPoints points.

The next step is to look at the video topics on offer. Watching videos can give you up to 500 points per day. To put it into perspective, one point is the equivalent of about $0.006. Therefore, about one thousand MyPoints points will net you $6.

The rewards will come one of these forms:

Get retail electronic vouchers.

Receive airline miles.

Convert your points to gift cards.

Convert MyPoints points into cash and receive it through PayPal.

The minimum a member can redeem is 700 points. This is about $5 when converted to cash. There is a feature where a user can deposit accumulated points into their PayPal account. The same goes for miles, a member is able to deposit their travel miles to a mileage account. Gift cards can be redeemed at various service providers and the common one is Amazon.

Who Qualifies For The Service?

If you are 18 years of age and above, then this is the best platform to earn a bit of extra cash and make savings on purchases. MyPoints is a great service for people that love shopping online because they get to earn $10 for every $20 purchase they make.

If you enjoy playing games online, then it is time to think about getting rewarded for this hobby. Other platforms offer points for gaming online but very few services will allow the user to convert their hard earned points into hard cash. Video gaming is a great way for mental development and so the rewards are just part of the benefits a user will enjoy.

An advantage is that a member is able to watch a video on one tab and carry on with other tasks in other browser tabs. A user is able to take surveys as well as read emails while following the links and even refer friends all simultaneously. This is a great strategy if you are looking to rack up points at a faster pace.

If you are penny-wise, printing coupons and shopping online through the MyPoints service will net you much needed discounts.

The secret is that the more MyPoints points a member accumulates the bigger the reward. There are many benefits to using this reward program service and apart from being rewarded for your online activities. Here are some more:

Completing surveys

Many people overlook the fact that surveys contain valuable information. Doing surveys is a great way to consume news. This is because surveys will inform about current as well as past and future events.

Some surveys will contain hidden information of the direction a particular organization is going and what their plans are.

For example, today, you might fill out a survey that seeks to learn about the internet consumption habits in your area. Then months later, a new internet service provider pops out of nowhere and becomes a successful venture operating in your area. After sometime, you get another survey gauging your view on investing in such a venture and that is how you miss out on identifying signs of a life changing investment opportunity.

Many people look at the real reason behind a survey and they take advantage of that information to better their lives. That way they get rewarded twice.

Watching videos and reading emails

These videos and email links contain life changing information. This is because the topics being discussed are purposefully made for the betterment of consumers.
Watching free MyPoints videos will save you money because the same information can be found on premium platforms.

Instead of paying a $10 subscription fee to a health and fitness program, why not watch videos related to the topic and earn more than the ten dollars. First, you get to keep fit and receive valuable tips and tricks and second; you get to earn from the process.

It is possible to watch videos that will make you an expert and at the same time get paid for the activity.

my points watch videos

Shopping and printing coupons

There are more than two thousand retail stores that have partnered with MyPoints. This gives a shopper a wide range of options on where to shop to rack up cash back offers.

The offer size depends on the purchase amount. The higher the amount, the more the cash back is. This reward system becomes significant if you are a frequent online shopper and if make large purchases. MyPoints is ranked among the top five of some of the best services that offer these kinds of discounts.

Each time a member prints a coupon, they earn about ten points. This is different from the coupon’s discount value. A user can print a coupon from the site and use it at their local stores and they will still receive points for that.

Playing games

Members get to enjoy phenomenon games like Angry Birds and many more. Apart from being rewarded for having fun, there are many advantages to playing games. They improve the player’s critical thinking skills and increase their ability to learn better.

Believe it or not, playing video games makes a player physically active. The activity is also a great way to manage stress.

Travel miles

A member earns point when they compare travel related content. All you need to do is compare travel offers to get rewarded with airline miles. This is a great opportunity for those that love to travel to take advantage and gain more experience in the travel content.

They can use this knowledge to land well-paying gigs that are related to travelling. These are not limited to travel blogs and consultation. If done correctly, a MyPoints user can earn as they enjoy travelling the world.

Mypoints review


The mobile app version of the platform offers users the freedom to earn without being tied to a specific location.

The use of the application encourages members to go about their daily life and treating the tasks as a side hustle.

Referral program

Members will receive 25 points the moment someone they referred signs up. When that referred person makes a purchase worth $20, the member is rewarded 750 points. On top of this, they also go on to enjoy 10% of the points that person is rewarded in future.

Think about how effective this system becomes as a form of passive income. A member can focus on referring people and in no time have an entire network that brings in passive rewards.

Of all the great things members get to enjoy, they will also come across these disadvantages:

The platform is only open to users who reside in Canada and the United States of America. People from other parts of the world are not legible to apply for MyPoints.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. Many people that want to get rewarded for services online expect to cash in big after a very short period. Anyone that has earned significant amount from the internet is well aware of the patience and hard work required.

The only way a user can earn a lot in a short time is if they carry out all the tasks being offered by MyPoints simultaneously. This is an unrealistic strategy. The best approach would be to go big; make huge and regular purchases to receive the most discounts. Another way is to focus on the most rewarding tasks where you will get more points for a single task.

It is recommended to have an effective plan and stick to it. There are many tips around on how to make the most out of such services like MyPoints.

In Conclusion

MyPoints is a great service is you are looking to make some income on the side. Click here to sign up and explore more of this reward program website. Just like other similar services, this is not suitable for people that are looking for full-time engagements.

The best part is that the platform has endless activities for the member to earn significant rewards from.

How Does SwagBucks Work

How Does SwagBucks Work

Hello and welcome to Truth About Surveys. In todays post I want to go over what swagbucks is,and how does swagbucks work. I myself have been doing survey’s for a while now , and have earned money, gift cards, so I do have experience with site’s like swagbucks. Just a note that you will not become rich doing surveys or doing simple things like filling out offers, watching ads etc… Sites like Swagbucks will help you earn free gift cards and even cash but wont replace your income.

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at
how does swagbucks work

What is SwagBucks and How Does swagBucks Work

SwagBucks  is one of the most popular reward site’s that will give you free gift cards and cash everyday for the things that you probably already do. Of course you will have to put little bit of effort in getting these rewards like  watching something, or doing online surveys, shopping, searching the web, and even playing games. Every time you complete a task you will receive swag bucks for the task that you did, and every task pays out different amount of swagbucks. Once you accumulate enough swagbucks you can go over to Swagbucks redeem section and redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards and even PayPal.

Is SwagBucks Legit?

I also want to answer a question that some might ask if swagbucks is legit? Yes Swagbucks is legit and it is one of the legit site’s out there where you can actually get rewarded for the work you do and not worry about getting scammed. There has been a lot of people that got gift cards, and you can even type it into google and have a look for your self.

How to Join SwagBucks

If you would like to join Swag Bucks CLICK HERE ITS FREE


To wrap things up, SwagBucks is definitely a great place to get some rewards for thing that you might already do like I mentioned above. If you are also looking for more way to get rewarded for what you do online than check out my top 5 survey site’s recommendation’s, or feel free to check out some of my older post’s hope this helps! Feel free to leave comments or questions.

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Panda Research Is It a Scam?

Panda Research Is It a Scam?

In this economy, most of us could use an additional source of income, especially young people out there that live in countries where the United States dollar is worth a lot more than it is in the western world. This is the primary reason why a lot of people look for work online, but not everyone has a marketable skill that is sought after in the world of online business. Not everyone is a programmer, a web designer or a SEO expert.

If you’re new to the world of online money making then you’ve probably come across websites that pay users to fill out surveys. Now, this may seem like petty cash at the first glance, but people who’ve worked long enough at these websites swear by them and claim they’ve, over time, become their main source of income. There are dozens of these websites on the world wide web, some of them are better known than the others and some of them are still up and coming websites that don’t really have a reputation yet.

A new company of this kind has recently resurfaced and seems to be talked about a lot recently – it’s called Panda Research, and a lot of people are, rightfully so, asking themselves the following questions: Is Panda Research a scam or a legit website? How much money can I make working on Panda Research? Do they pay on time? How much do they pay? These are all legitimate questions and we are here to give you the answers, so make sure to keep reading.

Panda Research: Another Elaborate Scam or A Legit Website That Pays on Time?

Just like with most of these survey websites, what Panda Research is offering seems to be good on paper. Basically, they claim all that you need to do to make money is take a few minutes of your time each day and fill out a few simple surveys, but is this really the truth? Unfortunately no, it is not. Mind you, this is not just how Panda Research are advertising themselves, all of these websites do the exact same thing. Before getting into details, lets clear something up: making money is not easy, doesn’t matter if you do it online or offline and whatever it is that you do, you can be certain you will never be able to make a decent amount of money working only “a few minutes a day”.

This false advertising is the first thing that sticks out when you start researching about this website. But, as you research, you come to realize that is the least of your problems. If you type the phrase “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search bar, dozens if not hundreds of results come up. This is, clearly, another big warning sign. You can go ahead and type “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search box and see for yourself. Now, this doesn’t have to mean this website is actually a scam – a lot of websites have been written about online and most of them have been called scams, even those that are 100% legitimate and pay on time.

We have done a lot of research on this website and we’ve come to a few different conclusions. Of course, you don’t need to research a lot yourself, as we have done all the heavy lifting for you. You will get all the information that you might need in this article, so make sure to keep reading. So, lets continue.

What is it that separates Panda Research from other similar websites? First thing that one notices when doing research about this company is their ridiculously high payment threshold – you need to make at least 50 USD before cashing out your money. If you’ve ever worked on similar websites, you know very well how long it takes to make that much money filling out surveys. This could be a deal breaker for some of you, but others might not mind it as much.

Another thing that becomes pretty obvious about this online firm, after a while, is the fact that, as you do research, you come across hundreds of forum posts, case studies and blog entries from people complaining about not getting paid. Needless to say, this is incredibly worrying. Could this be a coincidence? Why would so many people complain about this? There must be at least some truth to it. Well, sadly, it really does seem like there is, not some, but a lot of truth to this claim. It really seems as if this Panda Research scam has properly scammed a lot of people. However, from time to time, you come across someone saying how they got paid on time and how happy they are with this website. What does this tell us? All that this means is that Panda Research is, most probably, a waste of your time.

Panda Research Scam or Not? Pros and Cons


• There are people online who claim they have been paid on time

• The company seems to have been around for quite a long timepanda research scam

• The sign up process is pretty easy
• You can start working right away


• A lot of people seem to have been scammed by this firm

• Their payment threshold is incredibly high

• They have a very negative reputation

• Their support team seems to be slow and unresponsive

• Takes a lot of time to make money

The Bottom Line: Panda Research Scam or Not, It’s Still Not Worth Your Time

While this Panda Research scam doesn’t seem like a completely obvious scam, there are hundreds of reports and hundreds of people complaining about them. To be fair, there are people who claim to have been paid, but does that really matter? What matters the most is that filling out surveys is not the best way out there to make money – far from it. Filling out surveys takes a lot of time and dedication and the end result is far from satisfying. You will not make a lot of money filling out surveys.

Granted, you might be able to make a little bit of money, but that much cash is only enough to get you started and maybe make it easier for you to work online, because you’ll be able to reinvest that cash into something more lucrative – like, perhaps, your own website. All in all, Ill leave the decision making to you, and it is my personal look at it and from reading many other online reviews. If you do want to earn a income from home  some ways I can recommend like affiliate marketing. If you need more info check out my older post learn Affiliate Marketing  

Thanks for reading for questions feel free to comment below.



I Global Survey Review Another Scam?

I Global Survey Review Another Scam?

iglobal survey review

There are countless ways to make money online. Arguably, the most popular way is filling out surveys. A lot of people, especially those who are new to this, turn to them and hope to make some quick cash. These websites were extremely popular years ago and it seems like they’re making a comeback. But, is this a good thing? This could be a good thing – it’s great when everyone has a chance to make some money, however, a lot of these websites are scams, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. In this article we will focus on a new online company of this kind called iGlobalsurveys.

iGlobalsurveys Review: Is This a Legitimate Company?

iGlobalsurveys is a relatively new company and there isn’t a lot of information about them out there, but we have dug up some things and none of it looks promising. For a start, the fact that there is little to no information about this company means that their marketing is pretty bad and also that they don’t have a lot of active users. If there was a lot of people making money on this website, surely some of them would have written a thing or two about them somewhere. Once you google the words: “iGlobalsurveys” or “iGlobalsurveys review” not a lot of things come up. What comes up is their website and social media profiles and this is where it gets worse. Why? Keep reading.

iGlobalsurveys, at this very moment, has 84 likes on Facebook and 4 followers on Twitter. Surely, a reputable company would have a much, much stronger social media presence and a lot more followers and likes. This is, most definitely, a huge sign we are talking about people who don’t take their business seriously and people who you definitely don’t want to be working with. But, that is not all. Last posts on their social media sites are a year or a couple of years old. What does this tell us? This tells us that we are talking about an incredibly unprofessional company at the very least. However, it gets a little better once you pay a visit to their website, as it’s nicely done and seems pretty easy to use. This is pretty much where it ends. There is no further information about them online and it seems as if this company doesn’t actually exist or function at a very high level. In the following part of our iGlobalsurveys review, we will provide you with a short list of pros and cons.

iGlobalsurveys Review: Pros and Cons


• Their website is user friendly and well designed


• No real information about them online

• They seem really unprofessional

• They pay no attention to their social media profiles

• There are no user experiences available online


iGlobalsurveys is definitely a company that you might want to  stay away or you can  give it a try ill leave that up to you from. It’s hard to determine if they’re a scam or not. If filling out surveys online is what you want to focus on, there are countless alternatives out there. There are many companies with good reputation, who have paid out thousands and thousands of users. IGlobalsurveys dose not have much info or reviews, and for me personally I know how long it takes to cash out so I do not want to spend my valuable time doing it.

Earning Station Scam

Earning Station Scam

Website –

Price- Free to join

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

What is Earning Station

Is earning station scam really a scam? Earning station launched back in 2011, pays it’s users to complete surveys, watch videos take polls, and shop. All paid in station dollars to where then you can withdraw them for gift cards of your choice, and they do offer a good variety of them in there.

What to Expect 

Like most of survey site’s out there  do not expect to get rich, and that is something that I always say only because there are a lot of scams out there that try to lure you in on joining or to buy something  to make money doing surveys, and that is usually a scam where it is to good to be true. Do not believe any site’s that try to  tell you that you can make 25 to 50 bucks an hour because that is usually not true, just from my personal experience you will be lucky to make 5- 10 bucks an hour since most surveys pay only 1-3 and take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Pros and Cons of Earning Station and Other Survey Site’s


  • You can earn with Earning Stationearning station review
  • Lots of different choices between gift cards
  • Lost of diffrent way to earn points


  • Most surveys little pay so take a a bit to reach your goal
  • No option to get money in a check form but there is visa gift card
  • Spam like any other survey site
  • Do not always qualify for surveys so end result you waste your time.

Ways to Earn Point’s

  • Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Take shot Polls
  • Complete Offers
  • Refer others

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to get paid for their time in exchange for gift cards like amazon or other options that they have.

Final Thoughts

Finishing up my post just wanted to say Earning Station is legit but if you read all my other reviews you will find that doing surveys is not going to make you rich but can provide some small spare cash, but do remember you will  have to pay, and by that I mean with your time. If you would like to try something different, I would recommend affiliate marketing or starting your own store online. If you would like more info check out my post how to start affiliate business. Got question’s or comment’s feel free to ask below.


Survey Club Review Yes or No?

Survey Club Review Yes or No?

What is Survey Club

Survey club review my personal own review. Survey club started in 2005 a site where you can find research studies and where you can join a list of other paid survey site’s out there that are legit, and earn money taking surveys.  Also you will find surveys to take on survey club most of the surveys you find there pay between 0.25 cents  and up to ten bucks,and some even more than that. Like all survey site’s do not expect to get rich off doing surveys.

Pros and Cons                                                                             survey club scam


  • Legit


  • Low paying surveys
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • Time consuming like many other site’s out there

What to Expect

Do not expect to get rich with survey club or any other survey site out there but you can make some extra spare cash if you have nothing better to do with your time. Personal experience I have made money with surveys maybe 200 bucks a month back couple years ago but gave that up because took to much of my time.

Yes or No

Well if you want to earn extra cash sure why not , and like I said survey’s are time consuming and expect to not qualify for all of them, that is why in a way it is a waste of time but, you can still earn some money. No if you want something more serious than I would suggest starting your own business, like affiliate marketing or you sell thing on or ebay there are plenty of thing that you can do to make a living online, it all take’s work. If you are interested in still doing surveys check out   or if you want feel free to visit my older blog posts on starting your own online business . Got questions, or comments feel free to ask will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

What Is Superpay.Me Another Offer Scam?

What Is Superpay.Me Another Offer Scam?

What is Superpay.Me                  what is

So what is  To sum it up in couple words and not waste your time it is a site where you will be able to earn some spare cash to complete offers and fill out surveys. If you came across superpay. me then you might be thinking if this is really legit, and can you actually earn money completing survey’s and offer’s? Yes you can actually earn money by filling out surveys and doing offers online.

Problem With Many Survey and Offer Site’s

Like I mentioned earlier you can make money doing survey’s and offers, but the big problem I came across myself even with is that many time’s the survey’s barley pay enough for the time that you spend doing them, that is the first problem. Second problem is getting spammed, and if you ever done offers you will also have to be very careful when filling out offers like a trial offer most the time if you do not cancel a trial offer you will get charged full retail price for what ever offer you are trying to complete. Even with doing offers online I found myself always getting phone calls from different marketing company’s trying to offer me something which get’s annoying really quick.

How to Earn With Superpay.Me

With you can earn 3 ways, first is completing surveys, second is completing offers, and last is referring others and getting paid 25% of what the person you referred earns.

Most surveys pay only 1 to 3 bucks sometimes more, and you can expect to spend anywhere 5 to 30 minutes or more for survey, and also do not forget that you will have to qualify for the survey you are doing in order to earn money, for example you might be doing a survey and you are ten minutes into it  boom you could get a message saying sorry you did not qualify, that is another big problem with doing survey’s it sometimes becomes a big waste of time.

How You Get Paid With

Super Pay will pay instantly to your paypal account or the other options are moneybookers ,or Amazon Gift Cards.

Pros and Cons


  • Get paid instantly which is great because most survey sites takes about 4-6 weeks to get paid.


  • Like most survey sites, low pay surveys
  • spam

Final Thoughts

If you are still thinking either to sign up or not  that choice will leave up to you . Like I said before you can earn money just dont expect to earn a lot doing it, and be ready to spend or waste in most cases your precious time. There are may other options that you can earn money online and surveys is not your only option! If you like to write or express your opinion why not try blogging about something that you love and make money doing, if you would like to learn more feel free to check out my how to start affiliate marketing biz, or ask below and ill be glad to help. Also if you are still interested in doing surveys you can check out my review on thanks and have great day.

Is Vindale Research a Scam?

Is Vindale Research a Scam?

What is Vindale Research

Is Vindale Research a scam?Hello and welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to share a review on Vindale Research and just do a run down of it and, if it is worth joining Vindale Research or just to stay away. Vindale Research has been around for a while now and one of the older survey site’s out there, maybe you have seen Vindale advertise their site that they claim that you could earn 5-75 dollars a survey just wanted to say from my personal experience is that no one will pay you 75 bucks for a survey that is rare! Vindale Reasearch Pay their members to

  • Doing Surveys
  • Watching Survey Videos pays up to 25 cents a video                                                                      Is Vindale Research a Scam?
  • Reading your email up to 10 cents
  • Referral Program that pay’s 5 Dollars for every Person you refer
  • Your Photo, take a picture of you getting paid and get 5 bucks.
  • cash contests up to 15$
  • Deals like coupons and discounts in your local area

Is there a cost to joining and is it worth it?

Well the good part is that it is free to join and they will not ask a penny from you. Now lets take a look at what do they survey’s actually pay


One of the big thing about survey’s and the hype is that people think that they will become rich doing survey’s which in all reality that is not true. Most of the survey site’s that you sign up with they will only pay 1-5 bucks a survey for a lot of time’s 30 minutes worth of your time.

Cons of doing surveys

  • Time consuming
  • low paying
  • a lot of times when doing survey you could have done 15 or 20 minutes of the survey and at end it will say sorry you did not qualify! Really did not qualify I just spend 20 minutes of my life Doing a survey online that did not pay. Trust me gets annoying!


  • Survey’s are legit way to earn money online.

Evaluation Surveys

Evaluation survey in Vindale Research is basically you doing offers/trial offers some pay pretty good amount anywhere 5 to maybe 75 bucks. The thing about all of there trial offers is that you have to make sure you cancel before you get charged the full amount of the products or service. Couple thing to keep in mind when doing these offers read the terms and conditions make sure your not getting dragged into something that later you will regret, other thing make sure the offer that your doing is a site that you would want to give out your personal info to some offers don’t recommend only because you will get spammed  like crazy. My overall look on these trial offers is that I do not recommend them, there are better ways to make money online besides giving your personal info away and getting spammed with calls and emails.

Yes or No and What other Online Review Say About Vindale Research

Well this will be my personal opinion but you can decide for your self yes because Vindale research is legit and no because it is not worth the time wasting on something that takes  a whole month to do to earn only 50 bucks no thanks.

There are many reviews out there good ones and bad but this is what I found from users that had good experience and a lot of bad experience’s but you can decide to check it for your self

here is the link  to the reviews.

Pros and Cons of Vindale Research


  • One of the survey sites that still pays you cash either through Paypal or check
  • Many bad and good comments if it is legit or not but ill say they are legit just have to be careful with the trial offers.
  • Has not bad referral program if you know how to refer people instead of annoying your family with it.


  • High withdraw 50 Bucks
  • Spam
  • Surveys low Paid
  • Take about month to get to accumulate 50 bucks
  • Lots of time wasted


Well to finish up just wanted to say you can earn money with Vindale but I do not recommend it because having lots of  experience with survey’s it is time consuming and low pay, but decision is yours. If you are interested in learning how to make money online and build a legit online business that pays and a business that is worth investing your time than I suggest you read my older post on How I Got Started. I hope this cleared some of your question’s about Vindale if not please leave a comment ill be lad to help answer any questions you might have thanks.

Harris Poll Scam Exposed

Harris Poll Scam Exposed

Harris Pollharris Poll Scam
Overall Ranking: {5 out of 10]
Price: {free}
Owners: {Harris Interactive}
Website: {}

What is Harris Poll and it it a Scam?

Harris Poll is a survey site that started about 50 years ago and has been around ever since. Like many other survey site’s Harris Poll rewards you for take online survey’s, participation in focus groups and telephone survey’s. Harris Poll has been working with 74 of the 100 fortune company’s to help get opinion on product’s and brand that will help make a difference in everyday life. Many people today are curious if these survey site’s actually work, ill be the first one to say yes a lot of them are legit like Harris poll but  the question you should ask how much could I actually make from this? In my experience not enough to make it worth my time wasting.With Harris Poll you get rewarded with points then you use those points to cash out for

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Walmart gift cards

When you have reached 1250 points which is 10 Dollars then you can withdraw and get one of those rewards mentioned above. Getting back to the question that I always ask when joining is how long will this take me to get or will I waste my time doing it? With Harris Poll from hearing from many different folks and my personal experience it take almost a month to get enough to cash out,but some sooner depending how many survey’s you get.




  • Harris Poll is legit
  • You can earn earn rewards


  • Takes to long to collect enough to cash out
  • Most the time takes up to 15 business days to receive your reward not to bad compared to other sites that can take up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Like most survey’s you could take a survey and spend 15 minutes on it and it will say you did not qualify which makes it a big time waster.


Harris Poll is for anyone that wants to earn some rewards for taking survey’s online if you have the time to do it, and invest in it.

Eligibility: USA/Canada residents must be 13+ to participate. Users from other countries must be age 14+.



Free to Join


Just wanted to wrap thing up and say my final thought’s on Harris Poll. Harris Poll is not a scam it is legit but, in my eyes it is to time consuming  better off getting a job or starting your own online business.If you are interested in learning how to actually earn money online from home than I recommend you read my Wealth Affiliate Review that will point you in the right direction to earning a income from home. Hope this helped for question’s or comments feel free to comment below.

My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

About My Survey

Hello today wanted to share a post of my survey and wanted to begin talking a little about their history. My survey is a part of Lightspeed GMI, both owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups. has been gathering  the opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946 as National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS. My survey was created in 2001 for consumers to express their opinion online.

How to Earn Money With My Survey?


my survey review

There Couple ways to Earn money with My Survey’s

  • Survey’s is one of the ways you can earn money with my survey’s and talking from personal experience it is not east to make a living doing survey that only pay 1 to 5 bucks some not even that.
  • Referral is the other way to earn income and like many other survey website’s it is not bad income if you know how to  and most people do not so they just stick with surveys. With My survey you earn about 1.50 per referral which in reality is nothing.
  • Product testing is a probably a better way to get paid due to some product testing can pay 10 or more dollars.

My Survey Pay there members points and they can use these point’s to redeem either to your Paypal account or gift cards to like Macy’s ect…..

Is My Survey legit or a big Scam?

Well my survey is legit and you can earn a income with them but not enough to quit your job,maybe just enough to fill your car with gas! That is the most common problem with survey’s people get pulled into a lot of scam thinking they can make 5000 to 7000 dollars a week and that is not the case. My survey is legit but in reality there is really no money to be made but time wasted!


They are a legit company and you can earn some spare cash.


  • Survey’s do not pay enough if you are older you will be better off working part time somewhere than doing survey’s
  • If you hate spam in your email than this is not for you but that is your decision  just know with most survey site like My Survey your email will become a spam box.
  • A lot of reviews online of people not getting paid or waiting up to 6 week to get their payment.


To join or not to join decision is your, just sharing my experience with you that no one get’s rich doing survey’s unless there is a good referral with the survey site that you are doing, but looking at my survey’s not much potential to earn a lot of money. My survey’s is legit but if you looked at the pros and cones you can see that you will waste more time  trying to do  My Survey than earn money.