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Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Scam Or Legit?

Taking Surveys from home can be a great way to earn some extra money if you are good at it! Today I wanted to take a look at a survey site called Vindale Research and see if you can really make money doing surveys and if they are legit or not. Vindale Research is a older site that has been around for  a while now just becuase I remember taking surveys about 5 to 10 years ago  and seeing Vindale Research as one of the top ones. Now Vindale Reseach most likely not a scam but how hard is it to really make money with Vindale Research or any survey site in that matter?

Vindale Research Review

Sign Up Process And Facts About Vindale Research

To get started in doing surveys with Vindale Research it is pretty simple for the most part you fill out a sign up form or just link it to your facebook account and it will take a lot faster. After you get that done you will get offered to sign up with a lot of other survey sites that are similar to Vindale Research. If you wanted to take surveys all day then you can sign up for all of them, so you would have more surveys to do,and could pick out the better pay ones and leave the ones that dont pay anything alone. Once you are done with getting through the sign up process you will be asked to do a tutorial which takes 5 minutes,and you will earn $1 for doing it. I started doing the tutorial and ended up spending about 10 to 15 mintues and getting nothing at the end becuase the way it works is you will answer questions and they will find you a survey once you qualified for that survey and completed it you will then recieve your dollar. But in my case I was answering same questions for about 15 minutes and ended up getting disqualifed for it. Next Ill share some facts about Vindale Research

Vindale Research Facts

  • Hundreds of online surveys added daily
  • Millions have been paid out to members
  • You will get paid real money not points and you can get paid by check or paypal. The time it takes to get that money might be a week or more they process payments 15 of the month.

Ways To Get Paid At Vindale Research

There is several ways that you can get paid at Vindale Research here are 6 that are listed on their website.

  • Paid surveys which we already went over.
  • Reward points which you can get if you join the Vindale Community on the blog  and social pages, there you will find challenges, polls, etc.. there you will find reward codes worth cash.
  • Reffereals is another way to get some extra cash by inviting others to join Vindale  Research you will earn $5 for each person you reffer.
  • Take a picture of your self getting paind from Vindale and get another 5 bucks
  • Earn cash for reading your email
  • And last one is watching videos and giving feedback which in return you will earn cash.

How To Sign Up For Vindale Research

If you thinnk that you would like to join Vindale Research and see if it is something that you would like to do or just to give it a try I posted a link below.

Get Started With Vindale Research

Or if you dont think that this is something you would want to spend your time on than I will tell you about some other ways you can earn money from home!

Work From Home Blogging

Ways To Earn Money From Home

There are othere great opportunity’s out there that you can really make some extra cash or even a full time income something that every person dreams about working for them selfs and not a boss. Couple ways that you can get started in earning some income is by blogging, promoting affiliate products or services has been a great way for me and many people in earning extra cash and even turning it into a full time business! Doing affiliate marketing is maybe the least expensive way to get started in your own business, considering all you need is time a website and some seo skill which there is plenty of information. If you would like to start doing affiliate marketing and need great training in getting started Ill recommend joining a program called Wealthy Affiliate which it is free to join and get your feet wet! So if you would like to get started I dropped a link below .

Join Wealthy Affiliate


Another way that has been popular is dropshipping but it does take a little bit more money to start but it is still a great way to make money if you know what you are doing. It has become harder over the past year dure to a lot of competiton and many same products that are being promoted. If you are interested in dropshipping drop me a comment and ill get you some more info on how to get started!

Final Thoughts On Vindale Research

Overall I think that Vindale Research is not a bad survey site to take surveys, but it is very time  and  not so much pay. In my opinion if I had to choose from starting my own business or takeing survey I would go with starting my own affiliate marketing business rather than spending time taking surveys that might make me littlle income and ton of time invested into something that wont give me significant returns. I hope you enjoyed this Vindale Research Review have a blessed day, feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions. 

CTFO Review

CTFO Review

Hemp Gold Rush

With Hemp becoming more popular and cbd oil becoming more in demand due to it helping people with different health problems it has become a very popular product especially for those that struggle with anxiety. Cbd oil has many benefits that can overall help improve your health! Either your looking to earn money with CTFO or your looking to purchase their amazing products in this post I wanted to go over both and you can decide if this is something for you.

Ctfo Review

What is CTFO

CTFO is a company that has been around for about 3 years now and has been offering many different kinds of hemp products from cbd oil to different creams, and even cbd for your pets. CTFO hemp is 100 percent grown in the USA with no THC. With CTFO there is also a opportunity to earn extra money promoting their products and earning commission which I will explain later in the post and how you can start for free.

CTFO Business Opportunity

Are you ready to start your own business in the hemp industry? CTFO has a great way for those looking to maybe get into starting their own business promoting their cbd products and none cbd products and earning commission  for everything you sell. It is a great opportunity if you are looking to supplement your income on the side and maybe even replace your income depending if you have any experience in online marketing or sales, even if you don’t there is plenty of information out there to learn.

CTFO Compensation Plan

  • Retail Sales, receive 100 percent of commission volume paid out
  • Unilevel Pay 5 levels deep
  • Regenerating Matrix Pay up to 21 levels deep
  • Profit Sharing

To Sign Up For Free Click Here

CTFO Products

There is more than one product, and in here I will go over some of the products that CTFO offers.

  1. CBD Oil one of the most loved products that CTFO carry which helps with relaxation and overall health.
  2. CBD Ultimate Healing Pain Cream  helps with pain and hydrates skin.
  3. Isolate CBD Drops
  4. Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu oil aids joint alignments and stiffness.
  5. Pain Free-ze Rub With Pure Hemp CBD Oil helps penetrate deep into the skin to target points of pain.
  6. Roll on 100mg CBD for pain relief.
  7. CBD Hair Growth System stimulate hair growth and promotes healthy hair.
  8. CBD AntiAging Serum clinically proven to restore collagen.
  9. Massage Oil with Anointing Oil soothing and calming.
  10. Dead Sea Mask helps clean, rejuvenates and exfoliates skin

CTFO Products

Plus Much More For all the products make sure to check out there website HERE

Is CTFO A Scam

Well considering they been around for a while ,and that they have products that work, and a business opportunity that is free considered many other mlms out there that require you to pay for a membership to just be able to promote their products. In my opinion this a great opportunity because you got nothing to loose and some great products for those that are looking for a more natural way to being healthier these products may not cure you but they may help I am not a doctor so talk to your doctor if you have any questions about CBD products.

Will CBD Work For Me?

Everyone is different and I am not a doctor so this is something that you have to try out and see, how it will work for you I do not know, but I do know it has worked for a lot of people including me helping with my anxiety. If you have any concerns feel free to ask your doctor about using CBD regarding to your health concerns.

IF You Want To Learn How TO Make Money Working From Home Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate REVIEW

Wealthy Affiliate Review From A Member

Wealthy Affiliate Review From A Member


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Have you ever wanted to make money online? Or maybe you have tried and had no luck in  earning money. There are a lot of internet gurus out there and everyone is promoting something and trying to get you to buy there course’s or system. Here is the problem though many of those course’s are filled with basic information that you can google or read somewhere in a article, and most the time you are left with nothing. Wealthy Affiliate review is the name of the post because I wanted to share my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate and why it is different from all other courses out there!

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Many people have their own description of what Wealthy Affiliate is and mine is that it is  a platform made to help you succeed in the online world. Wealthy Affiliate is a huge online platform full of courses and training to help you build you very own online business! Live video classes, live help from other expert member’s in the industry, and full of video courses from beginner to expert. Not to forget Wealthy Affiliate offer’s your very own website and hosting all inside Wealthy Affiliate including feedback for your site and site comments, and your very own email for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate success stories, but I want to share my own success story. I  been in the business for about 3 years now and I started out learning on my own and ended up losing a lot of money and scammed by many company’s promising me that I can make a lot of money easy and quick which was not the case. Until I found Wealthy Affiliate I was wondering around chasing all these gurus buy expensive course and no results! To keep things short with the first year I was able to build a successful blog and replace my wife’s full time income, of course it did not happen over night but I put a goal for myself and that is one day to be my own boss and to have more time with family and do things that I love to do instead of spending my days at work every day.

The Cost For Success

Many people are looking for something free all the time which there is nothing wrong with that I do to. Wealthy affiliate folks will cost you nothing if you decide you want to join it is free but limited because it is free, if you are serious about creating a career for yourself than there is a premium version of 49$ month . Free version is limited but if you do decide to join you will be able to use everything for 7 days and then it will go back to just the basic stuff. There is a price for everything but if I was to invest in any platform that has everything you need it would be Wealthy Affiliate!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate if for anyone that wants to learn how to make money online or if you just want to learn more how to start a website or blog on the WordPress platform which requires no coding and is all automated. If you are individual that is looking to make 2017 a difference than I definitely recommend joining.

How to Join

If you Would like to join feel free to click here and sign up or click any of the banners, its free and no credit card required so check it out!


Well I hope you found this post useful and I hope you take action and join and make 2017 a great year for you and your family! Making money online is not easy but if you do it right you will reap the rewards from it. This post is based on personal experience and not just to sign you up, if you don’t that is fine your not hurting my feeling’s :). If you have any question’s or comments feel free to comment below in the comment section I will be glad to answer any question’s that you may have and helping you start earning money online.




Top 5 Survey Sites

Top 5 Survey Sites

My Top 5 Survey Sites That I made Money With

Young or old we all need money! Question today is where to get the money? Well if you do not mind answering question’s or filling out surveys, then doing survey’s will be a great way to earn some extra cash wont be much but every bit does help, so today I wanted to share my top 5 survey site’s that I have made money in the past before I started my own online business.

1. Opinion OutPost

One of my long time favorite’s is Opinion OutPost it has been around for very long time and one of the faster paying survey site’s out there that I have made money with and had success with. Also they are the higher paying survey site’s out there so check them out. They Pay via Pay pal or you can redeem for mileage airfare which is pretty cool something new that has been added, and also you can donate to red cross and much more.

Sign Uptop 5 survey sites

2. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is another great survey site that you can make some spare cash with and I have made quite a bit with them in the past. They are pretty good about always paying on time. With Global Test Market you can earn points and then you use these points to get cash through PayPal or gift cards and much more so check them out below.

Global Test Market Link

3. Swag Bucks

Number 3 is swag bucks a very popular one today that has also been there for quite a while where you can earn swag bucks and redeem them for pretty much cash to gift cards and much more just by filling out surveys, watching something, or searching the web something that you do already.

Here is the Link to Join


Get paid to test products and do surveys! Toluna is another survey that I will recommend that I have received money from and that you can trust. They pay out in gift cards or Pay Pal, they also have sweepstake’s that you can join.


5. Ipoll Surveys

Last one that is not bad is Ipoll that you can earn money with, they pay through Pay Pal like most of the other survey site’s and  or you can exchange for amazon gift card or I tunes



To wrap this up just to finish and to say some last thing about doing survey’s is that they are time consuming and you will not always qualify for every survey you do, that is why I call it spare cash not a full time income so I hope this will help some of you out. If you do have any questions feel free to comment below. Or if you are interested in starting your own online business check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and how I got started.


What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

Are you living the American Dream? Most of use are not living the  American Dream but more of a pay check to paycheck type of life, drowning in depth and getting more and more into depth is that sound like your American Dream. If it does your not the only one  and actually about 80 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck or drowning more and more into depth. Have you ever wanted to change your financial situation?

How to live the American Dream?                What is Your American Dream?

For some the American dream is being really  rich and for some like me the American dream is having just enough, no debt , and to be able to have control over your time since time is something that we can not get back , time will pass by before we even know it. Why do we work for someone for 40 years and than die? What was the point? I am talking to people that want something more than a 8-5 job but a career that you will enjoy. In order to change your current situation and to be off to living the American Dream you have to do one thing to get started, and that is work on yourself.

Work on Your Self

Why work on your self? Well if you do not work on your self than nothing will change right? What are you doing now that can make you more money or get you out of the current situation? If your not doing anything than nothing will change for you unless your start working on your self, and that could be learning something new, trying something new, starting a business of your own, creating a new schedule with a goal  and moving forward. One of the hardest thing is not being distracted by everything else, by that I mean it is hard coming home from work tired and just wanting to lay down on the couch and do nothing!

Final Thoughts

Want to live the American Dream? Start working on your self, if what you are doing is not working stop, think what you can do to change that situation that you are in right now, because if you do nothing , than nothing will happen. I hope this will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and try to do something different. Questions or comments feel free to ask below.

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

If I had to choose which online business to join either a mlm business or affiliate marketing, I would definitely go with affiliate marketing and I will explain why. Why affiliate marketing? Well to start off I do not have to recruit the whole point of affiliate marketing is to help your visitor’s, with mlm you really have to do a lot of recruiting and you are limited to what you are promoting compared to affiliate marketing I can promote what ever my heart desire’s.

Problem with MLM

Are all mlm bad? No they are not all bad, and there are some good ones out there that have been around for a while, but you also have to be careful what you getting into. Problem with mlm’s most the time is that they get shut down because there is no legit product behind their company, and it is mostly based on referrals ,but that not all here are some other reason why I dislike mlms.

  • Most the time overpriced memberships
  • only couple products to promote or , none
  • No or little training to help you get started
  • Most of the revenue come’s from referring others.

Why Affiliate Marketing and Not Mlm

With affiliate marketing you have a choice in what niche you want to get into, and  you can promote almost any product you want related to your niche. Affiliate marketing offers the freedom to explode your business with no recruiting necessary, but same time I am not saying you can’t do that with mlm, just with mlm your limited to what product’s you promote, and with affiliate marketing you can always promote something new.

Why Affiliate Marketing

  • No recruiting necessary
  • Focus on helping people instead signing people up
  • Choose what your passion is and turn it into a career
  • Low start up costs
  • Don’t have to be dependent on just one company to promote their products or service’s

Final Thoughts

Mlm or affiliate marketing my recommendation is affiliate marketing but there are mlm company’s that are legit, and actually worth joining just have to do your research. Like said earlier if you want more freedom and build a successful online business I would recommend affiliate marketing, and like always you will need hard  work and dedication.