Click Intensity Scam

Click Intensity Scam

What is Click Intensity

This is my personal Research and my opinion.

Its so hard to find a decent online company these days. There are so many scammers out there and these illegitimate and unethical companies seem to be popping up every day. One can’t help but wonder is the entire “make money online” thing a complete and utter scam, filled with false promises and self-proclaimed “gurus”, looking to make a quick buck by scamming others and luring them into their pyramid schemes? Luckily, while logical, this assumption is not entirely accurate. There are legitimate ways to make money online, but you have to know where to look and, most importantly, you need to stick to reputable companies.

Click Intensity is another relatively new company that has been gaining a lot of traction online lately, on various specialized forums, communities and micro-niche websites and blogs. Is Click Intensity a scam or is it a real, legit company? Is there money to be made on Click Intensity? What is this company all about and what is it like? All of these questions and much more will be answered in our detailed, in-depth Click Intensity review below, so make sure to keep reading.


Click Intensity Scam – The Basics

In the beginning of our Click Intensity review we will focus on providing information about this company, the way it works and the money making opportunities it provides. For a start, this company is allegedly based in the United States and, according to official data, the CEO of this company is a person named Nick Johnson. This sets some alarms right off the bat. When researching about Nick Johnson we haven’t come across a lot of information about this person – the only information we were able to find was his Facebook profile that wasn’t made long ago and that looks like its been made for the sole purpose of promoting Click Intensity. On top of that, the profile looks fake and like someone simply took a man’s photo, cropped it and put it up. Does this individual even exist? Obviously, this is a huge warning sign, but lets not draw any conclusions yet.

This online firm encompasses a few different concepts all in one. It is, at the same time, a MLM company, an affiliate program, a PTC and revenue share company. Is this another warning sign? It could be, because its hard to believe that a single company can pull so many different elements together, while at the same time looking fake and making quite a few false promises. Additionally, they do not support PayPal, which is another quite big warning sign. One of the payment systems they use is Payza, who are well known for scamming hundreds of people out of their money. Now, this is definitely a reason for concern. What reputable company would use Payza as one of their payment systems?

Click Intensity Review – What Do They Offer?

Now, lets see what is it that this company is actually offering to people who sign up hoping to make money. For a start, they state you can make money by simply completing certain tasks, such as: watching videos, sharing social media posts, clicking on ads and much more. Additionally, they have a profit sharing program, an affiliate program, a MLM (multi level marketing) program and another, undefined program, which includes buying and reselling coins – basically, they offer people to gather coins, but don’t describe how and they claim that these coins can be turned into cash, which can later be withdrawn using one of their payment systems.

All of this sounds shady, to say the least. Its important to note that there are companies who operate in a similar way and offer similar services, and are 100% legitimate, however, Click Intensity doesn’t seem that way. Their programs seem undefined and every person that’s connected to this company seems fictional. Is this an elaborate scam? Also another thing that I want to point out is that another way that you make money is by investing your own money into silver or gold package and getting a return.One  example silver package cost 25 so in the end you would make 5 bucks profit on it not much and sound just like a big waste of time and hassle.

If this isn’t enough, there is no need to worry.

In the next part of our Click Intensity review we will focus on the pros and cons when it comes to this company, even though there obviously doesn’t seem to be too many pros, there are some things about this company that seem legit.

• Offers a “complete a task” program that is a legitimate way to make money
• Their website and YouTube videos look decent and seem to be professionally done

• Made up personalities on social media
• Possibly fake traffic or bought likes
• Shady payment systems
• False promises and advertising
• Undefined programs
• Many more


The Bottom Line: Click Intensity Is Most Probably a Scam Not Worth Your Time or Money

click intensity scam

In the end of our Click Intensity review we can only come to one conclusion: all research that we have conducted seems to point in one direction – this company is one that I would stay away but I will leave that up to you to decide . If you are still not convinced, feel free to read reviews of this company online, most of them seem to be negative and there are already people talking about how they got scammed out of their money by this unethical firm. In short, stay away from Click Intensity and save your time and your money. There are many legitimate companies out there that offer real jobs and actually pay people for their work. If you would like to learn how to make money online I would recommend learning affiliate marketing if you would be interested feel free to click the banner below to learn more!





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