Click Intensity Scam Exposed!

Click Intensity Scam Exposed!

Click Intensity Another MLM?

Click Intensity scam is it really a scam? Here is my personal opinion.  Click Intensity it is simply a revenue share website that has more features than most revshare sites, where members can get paid for doing a variety of different things. Basically, Click Intensity system features a combination of Revenue sharing, MLM, PTC and Affiliate program.

The business focuses mainly on sharing the revenues that come into the company, which are often generated when new members join. They claim that members will make money every 30 minutes guaranteed to 100%.

So how does Click Intensity system work?        Click intensity scam

Well, the click intensity system works in different ways. It offers their members more than one way to earn money. But, it’s very important you understand that first the system will charge $25 for packages. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to risk you can simply choose to be a free Member and not invest maybe until you’re certain of their reliability. They claim that their package schemes will help members get back their $30 ROI on $25 investment.

How to Earn Money from this Site

Click Intensity has five different ways which members can use to get paid daily. They include:

Complete Daily Tasks 

Both free and paid member are usually provided with various tasks and are rewarded on completion. You will have to complete the everyday tasks such as clicking on Ads, sharing or liking Facebook post/page and etc in order for you to qualify to participate in their revenue sharing program. Paid members are often considered as being more serious therefore gets more tasks to do and earn more money.

Profit Shares 

You can earn up to 120% on your investment through profit sharing. But, you must purchase silver coin packs worth $25 if you want to be part of this. Purchasing one pack gives you 1 share in the company. The silver pack will return you daily income until you earn $30, and that means you’ll make a profit of $5. However, there is no fixed daily percentage about how much will be shared because this entire opportunity revolves around the sales made by the company. So, you are not guaranteed any share if there is no revenue earned for the day.

Direct Referrals 

When you refer personally to the Click Intensity system through your Affiliate links, you will earn a commission of 10% whenever the personal referred members purchase a Silver Coin Pack worth $25. Free members can still profit from this although the commission rate is set to 5%. There are no limitations on the number of personal referrals. So if you are smart at doing this, you can easily refer more people to get more out of the system.

Team Income (MLM)

This income is only meant for paid members. Basically, you must spend atleast $25 to benefit from this MLM opportunity. Click Intensity will reward you up to 7 levels deep.

Back end Sales 

You earn a commission from anyone deep down in your team to 7 levels deep, when he or she purchases a premium advertising product like pop-ups or solo ads.


  •  Multiple earning opportunities
  •  Free to get started
  • Strong customer support, including their Facebook group


  •  High risk involved
  •  Free members are limited to smaller earnings
  •  Requires a decent investment
  •  Doesn’t accept Paypal. This is a big waving red flag.
  • Doesn’t offer guarantees for their members. Everything depends mainly on the overall income generated for the day.
  •  Takes time to earn profits
  • No refunds offered to members
  •  Their sales pitch looks very misleading
  •  Not suitable to every individual, especially those who don’t have much money to spend. For example, you may have to spend up to $100, 000 so that you can benefit from all levels.
  •  Multi-level marketing is not a good business model.

Why Click Intensity could be a bad home based business?

As mentioned above, the whole system is very risky and the worst part is that there are No guarantees that you’ll make any money at all even if you invest in it. In addition, they don’t offer refunds. It simply means if you invest your hard earned money in the system and things don’t work out well for you, you’re actually screwed.

Also, Click Intensity is one of those a dime a dozen programs. Programs like this are being created all the time. Their continuity is almost uncertain and they usually don’t last long because of their borderline scam schemes. In fact, they are normally shut down within a few months after their launch.


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4 Replies to “Click Intensity Scam Exposed!”

  1. I have heard of Click Intensity, but never really looked into this platform. It sounds like you have to spend a good amount of money to make a few dollars.
    I personally am not able to spend much money so this doesn’t seem like a good way to earn a living.
    Your thoughts suggest that there are other opportunities out there that offer better chances of something working to make money.
    Are you aware of any other platforms that work better?
    Thanks for your review and look forward to more in the future.

    1. Yes Sheila I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate great place to start and you can learn more by going to my number one recommendation page.

  2. This sites as you said just come and go it’s hard to build trust when there are so many scams so I guess doing a scam better I used to have like five or six accounts on this sites wasting my time clicking ads all day but I guess it’s all about traffic in the end

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