Excel Cash Flow Scam Exposed

Excel Cash Flow Scam Exposed

Make Millions Posting Links WHAT!!

It is pretty funny how there are website’s out there that say you can eventually earn millions on the internet, and that is true you can, but with excel cash flow it is a different story they are saying you can earn some great cash just for posting links! Sounds pretty cool right, if it was only true I think that every one would do it right?

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Excel Cash Flow Scam Exposed

Created by Emily Hudson, in her site she describe that you can make money by posting links, and earning 15$ dollars for every link that you post. There are three steps required to make money online with excel cash flow.

  • Step one go into your back office and copy the unique code.
  • Step two Post link, enter the section of your personal account where you’re given customer records for you to post links for
  • Step three fill out the detail and submit to create site, this last step that you have to fill out the details and submit to create site was were I myself go confused on why would I build a site? No detail provided

If it was only that easy right just post a link that takes 1 to 2 minutes, and boom you made 15$ bucks, So your probably thinking is it really possible to make money posting links?

Personal Experience Similar to Excel Cash Flow

Back couple years ago I feel into a scam I was lured into a scam where I got told I would get paid to view websites, and there were couple different packages, and each package was priced differently lower to higher.I ended up buying a package for 5,000 thousand dollars, and there would be enough website’s to view to make me $100 dollars a day, like a full time job.


After a while I have accumulated enough money to withdraw, first pay check I got was 1,000 bucks but later the company bankrupted and I wasn’t able to get 7,000 dollars that I had in my account, lesson learned there is no easy money.

Cost to Join

To be able to join there is a 97 dollars one time sign up fee, and another thing that gave me a red flag on this site is when you get to the bottom a lot of these site’s like to lure you in by posting that there is limited spot’s available , that is used so you go for the bait. Also they offer 60 day money back guarantee, which I do not believe you will get your money back.

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If you want to you can sign up, but I will not recommend only because I had enough of wasting money for things that do not work, there is no such thing as easy money, you will have to work in this world in order to make money, unless you win the lottery. If you would like to lean how to make money online there, is a couple ways to go about that, my number one recommendation is affiliate marketing ,but there are other ways to earn money online but so far affiliate marketing is the best option in my opinion. You can learn more about affiliate marketing, and how to start your own online business here. Question’s or comments feel free to leave below will be glad to help.

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  1. Hey, Val! I think this is an easy enough scheme to avoid. Nowadays there are many newer and more sophisticated schemes that err on the legal/illegal side, but I believe this is one of the older types that just basically require people to be very credible. It is good that you are exposing it for what it is! Thanks for the help.

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