Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

What is Get Paid 4 Duty?

Is GET PAID 4 Duty Scam? If you have came across this site lately then you are wondering if you can actually make money with it. Why I decided to review this site is because I actually have personal experience with this site and Ill explain in depth about this site and how it work’s.

get paid 4 duty scam


How Do you get Paid and What Do you Have to Do? Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

So how do you make money? Well in order to make money you have to basically send people over through a referral link and get people to click on the link and you make 10 Dollars and 25 Dollars a referral. In order to withdraw that money you have to get at least 300 dollars accumulated.

Personal Experience 

Well if your wondering if it is real I am here to tell you it is a big scam. Back about a year or so ago I saw someone advertise this site and I was young and dum enough to fall into the scam. I signed up and was all excited to start earning money, so I went on Facebook and started spreading my link and next thing you know that same night I had 300 dollars or more in my balance. The next step I wanted to see if it was real and tried to cash out and nothing happened I never received my money I was scammed. There you go folks no one will pay you 10 dollars a click to a website and 25 per referral, if it was that easy I would doing it right know but I am not because it is a big scam.

A while back I believe also the domain was different and seems as if they keep changing the domain so they get more people to fall for their scam I am here to tell you do not waste your time they will not pay you!

Also Beware of  Money and it is Same Scam As Get Paid 4 Duty

There is the same site called money and task same exact website promoting the same scam just a heads up that there could be duplicate’s of the same site out there  just keep a heads up if you run into one!


To wrap things up with my post about  get paid 4 duty scam, I would like to say stay away because you will not earn anything. Most scams that offer you to make 500 dollars a day right away is a big scam, there are many legit business out there  get paid 4 duty is not one of them I recommend if you wan to build a business to try Affiliate Marketing  were company’s like amazon pay you commission’s to promote their products. My number 1 recommendation that helped me with my success is a site called Wealthy Affiliate were I learned how to do online marketing, and the in’s and out’s of starting a online business, if interested you can click the banner to check it out it is free. Hope this help some of you out for question’s or comments feel free to comment below.






13 Replies to “Get Paid 4 Duty Scam”

  1. Hi Valentin,

    That’s awful, Get Paid 4 Duty really is a scam then. If your balance was very little and couldn’t earn enough money as advertised, it’s a kind of scam too, but in Get Paid 4 Duty’s case, you balance actually said 300 dollars, but couldn’t cash any of it out, so it’s a real “con” business. I’ll definitely stay away!

    Thanks for find these things out, it’s very helpful.

  2. I’ve heard of get paid 4 duty and yes it’s a total scam. I’m glad you put this out there. It seems like to me they only want people to view their sites so they can get rankings on the net. It’s a shame that they do these things gimmicks and tricks to try and swindle people.

  3. Its Alexey,
    Wow it was a very short review, hah!
    After reading your review – Get Paid 4 Duty really sounds like a total scam. Fast money in that ammount will never be realistic. I know a few programms where you can make money “Here and now” but its about half a dollar, maybe dollar is the top.
    Good luck buddy,I am happy you found Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Thanks mate for this helpful review.

    I like people who warn other to stay away from scams online. I really appreciate your effort and honesty.
    I will definitely not join to this Get paid 4 duty. I instead am affiliated to another program which is pretty awesome.

    thanks again for your review. wish you the best of luck here.

  5. Its good to know, all about online business because there is a lot of get rich scams that are out there and the sad thing is that a lot of people have been scammed out off their hard earn money. Your website can educate your viewers about some of what goes on with online business. I must agree wealthy affiliate is the real deal, i am part of this wonderful community and i plant to stay, Wealthy affiliate is the best online business in the world.
    Your website is very informative. Good job.

  6. Yeah the reward side of things seems to be pretty high with this particular offer – who would have enough fund to pay out that much per click?
    Still, as you pointed out, newbies to the online earning world will be taken aback by this and will probably dive in head first…
    Did you pay any money to sign up with them?

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