How to Boost Blog Traffic

How to Boost Blog Traffic

Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog or site can some times be very frustrating, today want to help you with boosting your blog traffic, and ill share what has worked for me. So how to boost blog traffic, well first thing is first are you posting daily or at least 3 times a week? Here is a list of things that I came up with that actually helped me.

Steps to Boost Blog Traffic   increase blog traffic

  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Do a good keyword research on each topic to make sure I will be actually able to rank for that.( here is the tool I use to do it Jaxxy Keyword Research).
  • Post on Facebook, google plus and other social media site’s.
  • Go to google webmaster tools and let google know that you made a post by  going to fetch tab

Creating Post’s that Rank

When creating a post or page make sure you do your keyword research and a serp analysis. When you found what you are going to write about follow these couple steps bellow to help you get better rankings on google and bing.

  • Post should be minimum 300 words, I recommend a little more than that anywhere 500-2000 words all depends if you can cover everything in what your post is about.
  • Your keyword should be in the title, and somewhere in first paragraph.
  • Make sure you have good keyword density but do not stuff your article with keywords, that is called keyword stuffing and you will not rank.
  • Post a image with your keyword relevant to what you are writing.
  • Post a video, your or someone else’s
  • Share your post social media
  • Let google and bing know that you made a post through google webmaster tools
  • Something else I like to do is see what my visitor’s are doing on my website or when they are reading my blog post’s, I do that by using a heat map and you can check out more about heat maps here

Final Thoughts

Those are just some basics that will help you get started if you want more info feel free to ask or you can check out Wealthy Affiliate a great online training university where you can learn more.


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  1. I’ve always found that social media gives my articles or posts a massive boost on a daily basis. One of the blogs I run (weight loss) doesn’t even need keyword research – I simply use Twitter and Pinterest and I draw in over 1000 visits a day! Sure, this won’t happen for every niche – but it’s certainly worth thinking about!

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