How to Pick a Good Domain Name

How to Pick a Good Domain Name

Picking a Domain Name

How to Pick a Good Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is basically choosing a face for your company, niche, or your blog. Domain name’s are very important without one your website dose not seem professional, I guess you can say that, but if you really want to stand out you need a domain name not just a free hosted domain name which is fine if you are starting out, but if you are serious you will need your own domain.

Tips How to Pick the Right Domain For Your Site

So lets say you already have a blog or a website that you are working on, and you decided you want a domain for your site, here are couple tips to follow when picking your domain that I use myself.

  • Make sure it is related to what your website is about, if you sell protein shake’s name it about protein shakes, or if you have your own product name, you could use that.
  • When choosing a domain name try to stay a away from any kind of dashes like for example I found using dash harder to rank, and harder for people to remember your site name.
  • When buying a domain name I try to get a .com instead of . net or .org , if you have a commercial for profit website use .com, if you have non profit then go with .org or if you have network related than go with .net

Where to Buy Domain Name

There are many domain , hosting company’s out there that you can purchase your domain from, Ill give you 2 of my favorite’s, but you can also use your own which ever you prefer.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is not only where I can buy a domain but host the domain, and ill explain more what Wealthy Affiliate is. Getting a domain name through Wealthy Affiliate is different because they provide domain privacy protection. If you ever buy a domain through any where else you will have to pay extra every year to keep your domain private, because the reason why is if you do not want to get phone spammed by a bunch of different offers and scams I recommend getting your domain private, and Wealthy Affiliate does that already when you buy domain for $15 bucks for free. If you want more info on Wealthy Affiliate Check out this Post .


  1. Go Daddy is another big one or is the big one, and I have used them for couple years now but slowly moving away to just Wealthy Affiliate. With Go Daddy you can purchase a domain around 2 or 3 buck if you get it for couple years but if you just want it for a year is around 12 or 13 and then 15 but, like I said earlier that does not include keeping your domain private. If you do want your domain to be private it will be another 7.99. If you want the best deal there both great but I prefer Wealthy Affiliate since there is not so much up sells.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to pick for your domain name make it something that people can remember, nothing crazy long something simple, and related to what your site is about. I hope this will help you out in finding your own domain name, if you have questions or comments feel free to ask.

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  1. Nice tips on choosing a domain name. When it comes to staying away from dashes, I tell people to think about being on the radio and giving out your domain name. If my domaine name is the-best-website(dot)com, on the radio I’m saying “the dash best dash website(dot)com”. It’s a little odd. Also numbers and shortening words can lead to confusion. For example websites4u(dot)com, is the number 4 spelled out or numeric. What about the letter you? If I’m on the radio, how will I explain that? “website the number 4 and letter u(dot)com? Odd, right.

    Another place to consider for domains is namecheap. Great pricing!

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