I Global Survey Review Another Scam?

I Global Survey Review Another Scam?

iglobal survey review

There are countless ways to make money online. Arguably, the most popular way is filling out surveys. A lot of people, especially those who are new to this, turn to them and hope to make some quick cash. These websites were extremely popular years ago and it seems like they’re making a comeback. But, is this a good thing? This could be a good thing – it’s great when everyone has a chance to make some money, however, a lot of these websites are scams, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. In this article we will focus on a new online company of this kind called iGlobalsurveys.

iGlobalsurveys Review: Is This a Legitimate Company?

iGlobalsurveys is a relatively new company and there isn’t a lot of information about them out there, but we have dug up some things and none of it looks promising. For a start, the fact that there is little to no information about this company means that their marketing is pretty bad and also that they don’t have a lot of active users. If there was a lot of people making money on this website, surely some of them would have written a thing or two about them somewhere. Once you google the words: “iGlobalsurveys” or “iGlobalsurveys review” not a lot of things come up. What comes up is their website and social media profiles and this is where it gets worse. Why? Keep reading.

iGlobalsurveys, at this very moment, has 84 likes on Facebook and 4 followers on Twitter. Surely, a reputable company would have a much, much stronger social media presence and a lot more followers and likes. This is, most definitely, a huge sign we are talking about people who don’t take their business seriously and people who you definitely don’t want to be working with. But, that is not all. Last posts on their social media sites are a year or a couple of years old. What does this tell us? This tells us that we are talking about an incredibly unprofessional company at the very least. However, it gets a little better once you pay a visit to their website, as it’s nicely done and seems pretty easy to use. This is pretty much where it ends. There is no further information about them online and it seems as if this company doesn’t actually exist or function at a very high level. In the following part of our iGlobalsurveys review, we will provide you with a short list of pros and cons.

iGlobalsurveys Review: Pros and Cons


• Their website is user friendly and well designed


• No real information about them online

• They seem really unprofessional

• They pay no attention to their social media profiles

• There are no user experiences available online


iGlobalsurveys is definitely a company that you might want to  stay away or you can  give it a try ill leave that up to you from. It’s hard to determine if they’re a scam or not. If filling out surveys online is what you want to focus on, there are countless alternatives out there. There are many companies with good reputation, who have paid out thousands and thousands of users. IGlobalsurveys dose not have much info or reviews, and for me personally I know how long it takes to cash out so I do not want to spend my valuable time doing it.

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