InCruises Review Get Paid to Travel

InCruises Review Get Paid to Travel

Product: InCruises

Owner: Michael Hutch                                                                               InCruises Review

Price: 195 activation fee and 95 per Year

Overall Rank 6 out of 10

What is InCruises

This is my personal opinion on InCrusies.

Welcome to my InCruises Review today wanted to share a opportunity that I found that is currently in the pre launch meaning it is a ground floor opportunity. In Cruises a brand new company that offer discounts on cruises  for a cheaper price than anywhere on the internet . InCruises also gives the opportunity to be a part of their direct sales business and tap into the 37 billion cruise market.

How does InCruises Work?

I will explain exactly how InCruises work, with InCruises you have two memberships one which is a regular member ship, which is for folks that only want to save money on cruises and the other membership is, the business opportunity where you can make money for promoting the opportunity, and the regular memebership .

3 Ways To Join In Cruises

  • Member/customer : Cost 100 Dollars a month  where you earn cruise dollars which will go twords any cruise you desire. They way it works is when you pay 100 dollars a month you will earn 2 cruise dollars for every dollars, and those cruise dollars than can be used for  any cruise that you decide to go, so basically it is like a savings account with a kick to it.
  • Partner: The partner membership is where you can join, and earn money with InCruises , and get to go on free cruises with an awesome compensation plan which Ill explain later. Partner membership is 195 activation fee, and 95 dollars yearly fee which is not bad for this kind of opportunity.
  • Both: You can if you decided to join both of these memberships but you do not have to.

Tools and Training InCruises

If you decide to join InCruises you will receive

  • A personal referral link with a replicated website
  • Business email address
  • An Unlimited email marketing system which I though was pretty cool and great for the business.
  • Lead management system so you can track your customers, invitation, and earnings.
  • Live and recorded online training
  • Marketing and promotional material
  • Iphone and android apps to track your business on the fly.

Just from signing up, and taking a look at the training material which was  not bad as I expected it to be, compared to many other direct sales company’s out there.

12 Ways to Earn with InCruises

Here is the InCruises Compensation plan that I found.

  • Producer Bonuses:  Each time you enroll 3 new members in a calendar month you will earn 33% commission of 100$ dollars, and there is no minimum to what you can earn.
  • Kick Start Coaching Bonus: With this if you teach your new members how to get three people you will also earn 100 dollars just for teaching, and helping them out.
  • Residual Income: Get paid month after month when you get 5 members to sign up of their initial payment , and earn 10$ for each member that pays their membership. Also get 5 members depending if you have the 100 dollar month membership, and you will get your membership waived, and still earn cruise dollars to spend on your trips.
  • Team Residual Income: Earn 5$ dollars for every customer that pays their membership, after you have 5  directly sponsored member who also at least achieve 3 membership sales, and it goes 5 levels deep. Although it is capped at 5 levels you can get unlimited levels with leadership bonuses. You can earn one out of 8 bonuses  which is higher every month depending on your teams production.
  • 500 dollars car bonus.
  • 1,000 Travel bonus
  • 2,500 commitment bonus
  • 5,000 month leisure bonus
  • 10,000 monthly freedom bonus
  • 20,000 Financial independence bonus
  • 30,000 monthly dream bonus
  • Monthly Worldwide Bonus earn 5% of  total company sales from previous month

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Pre Launch stage good opportunity to get on before every one else does.
  • Great Compensation
  • Great Product if love to go on vacation  a lot.
  • Good Discounts


  • Little expensive start up cost’s but not to bad


Verdict Legit or not Legit

To finish my  InCruises Review just wanted to finish by saying  that InCruises is a ground floor opportunity especially if you love to travel. Is it legit? It is hard to say right now I would say it looks promising but that could always change I will let you decide if you want to join or not.  InCruises it is in pre launch so the opportunity is there if you want to go out, and work for it, I believe you can definitely make a career out of it, if not some awesome travel discounts , and extra cash. InCruises is direct sales opportunity  or you can call it a mlm, most of the mlms out there do not provide good products that is one reason many mlm’s fail, but I personally believe there is a great product here that is worth a good value, and that is why I gave this opportunity 6 out of 10. If you would be interested in joining  you can CLICK HERE.




4 Replies to “InCruises Review Get Paid to Travel”

  1. Val, if you permit, here is one addition to your review. INCRUISES LLC is a registered seller of travel in California, Florida, Iowa, Hawaii, Washington, and Virginia under each state’s seller of travel regulations. Member of ACLIA #00516413.

  2. Hi.

    I’ve been doing some research about this MLM company.
    There are some things that do not fit me.

    1. Why is there not a physical office of this company?

    2. The registration numbers provided by the company are not where they should be validated. In fact, there are some contradictions in some points. On the one hand, you say be registered in Florida and on the other hand, say they have yields in Iowa.

    3. The website has been using open and closed more than 5 times in the last 12 years.

    4. No customer reviews.

    5. Little information Mr. M. H. In Internet. And besides, Mr. Frank Codina, has not given any statement of belonging to the company.

    Regards, Jack.

    1. Hello Jack wanted to sat thanks for the information that you found. Also thanks for sharing and giving some red flags on InCruises and giving readers a head ups.

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