Infinity Profit System Scam Exposed

Infinity Profit System Scam Exposed

infinity profit system scam

What is infinity Profit System?

Infinity profit system scam is it really a scam? Infinity Profit for me is just another mlm or a ponzy scheme because it is really based on referring other members. With infinity Profit System you have the option in buying 2 packages a starter or basic  one is 25 other is 100 dollars if you invest 25 dollars you will be able to get 25 dollar commission’s or if you invest 100 dollars you will get 25 or 100 dollars commission and lastly you can also invest in both and get 125 dollar commissions.


This review is my personal opinion on the company from what I researched and learned and trying to give you a heads up from my personal experience with other mlm company’s in the past. So if I am wrong feel free to correct me, any comments or questions feel free to share thanks.

How to earn money with Infinity Profit System?

To make money with Infinity profit system you will have to refer other people and you will than earn a commission. It is another mlm scheme only because there is really no legit product behind this, and most company’s like these fail because it is based on just referrals. Also to me personally 25 or 100 bucks is pretty expensive to pay monthly to be able to earn money for just referring other members.

Can you actually make money with Infinity Profit System?

Yes you can if you know what you are doing, also depends on what training material they give you and if it is any good. The problem I found with a lot of mlm system’s that the training is not the best and really dose not not give you the best training to be successful in my opinion but I might be wrong so any comments will be appreciated. I would love to hear from member’s that actually tried this but for me 135 bucks a month is to much to just throw away since being scammed by many other mlm’s, and scams out there before.


  • You can make money
  • Cancel any time
  • Training provided with the Ecourse and blog platform


  • High monthly cost to promote
  • No good product except the Ecourse and blogging platform which tells me this company will not last long if dose not have good product
  • Personal opinion is it is a Ponzi Scheme


Well I will wrap this up and tell you my final opinion on this product, personally to me it is not worth joining and when there is no solid product just referral’s make’s it a ponzi scheme for me. This is my personal opinion but you may have a different one so it is up to you if you decide you want to join or not but I had my fair share of losing money with mlm system’s . I hope this will help some of you and if you have any personal experience feel free to comment thanks and have a great day.

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8 Replies to “Infinity Profit System Scam Exposed”

  1. Hi there,

    very nice warning of what could be a scam or ponzi scheme. I’ll certainly kep my eye out for that one. But I am afraid your review not very detailed like what is infinity profits system? what kind of product is being promoted? what is required by members?

    Any support or support forum? site owner?

    1. Hello Derek infinity profit system is a mlm based on referrals and there products are basically a blogging platform and training almost like empower network not sure what kind of training but if I find out ill let you know and ill update my blog to make more clear for you.

  2. MLM companies have been around for years. One of the first I can recall was a company called Amway. Many companies have adopted this system to achieve sales. The only problem is to me are the things you have to do to recruit people. I feel it creates awkwardness between your family and friends. I tend to stay away from companies that require these tactics. Reason being,
    1. Sketchy Recruiting Tactics
    2.No Real Product or Substance
    3.Here today Gone Tomorrow (With a large percentage of such companies)

  3. Great review on the infinity profit system. You lay out the pros and cons really well for one to make an educated, informed decision.

    I appreciate your verdict and letting me know in advance that the system is simply not worth one’s time.

    Thank you so very much for the great, comprehensive review! Keep up the spectacular writing!

  4. I got conned by Domonique Barbee.I asked for my money back.No surprise I didnt get it.She lied to get me to join.Then after everyone kept asking if it was a scam.I was left with no money and I got scammed.

    1. Sorry to hear that Lisa,I myself lost a lot of money in the past so I learned always got to do my research on everything.

    2. I too lost my money .. seems like every couple months she changes the program name and redresses it up and the old one she links don’t work and i noticed the trend she keep some of he same friends so they gotta be in on it.. they do little motivational videos talking about god and how they love the people but truly using the sleight of hand showing you one thing doing another …sad!

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