Instant Money Network Review

Instant Money Network Review

What is Instant Money Network?

Welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to do a quick instant money network review it is gonna be my personal opinion on it. Instant Money Network is a network where you can sign up for free to earn money by completing offers and referring others to the network. The way it works is when you sign up for free you will have to complete a offer yourself, before you can start promoting, these offer are fortune 500 company’s that they have partnered with. One example would be Netflix is one of their offers that you can complete to get started. When you are done completing one of the offers in order to earn money you will have to get another person to do the same.

Steps to Make Money With Instant Money Network

  • Sign up complete offer
  • Get other people to do the same, each time you sign some one up and they complete offer you will be able to earn  anywhere from 20 and up to 160 depending which package you choose when you signed up, and ill explain what those two package’s are.
  • There are two package where you can start with one is where you can make 20 bucks every time some one complete and offer,and that only takes one offer that you have to do in order to make that 20 bucks every time some one else complete’s an offer. Other package is where you will have the option to complete more than one offer in order to increase your earning up to 160 dollars from every person that you will refer and they complete a offer.

nstant money network review

Can You Actually Make Money With Instant Money Network?

The answer to that is yes you can, I have made money not with instant money network but similar to it.  Is it easy? No it is not easy but it will depend how well you are good with marketing, and how your skill level is with promoting it online.

Pros and Cons 


  • It is Legit
  • Can make decent money with it if you know what you are doing


  • Have to complete a offers to start
  • Most the offer are trial offer so you will have to cancel before you get charged for it.
  • Referring others and having them complete the offer is not always easy to do especially for newbies.
  • Not much training

Final Thoughts

Expert or newbie is yes you can make money with this but it is not the only option out there to earn money with , it does take work  to earn money online but most people fail because there is not enough training on how to actually market and promote these offer or any offers in general. My personal recommendation is yes you can make money but if you never promoted something I would personally go and learn how to be successful online, and I personally recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn everything you need. Remember in order to make money online and this is something I learned we tend to dive into things really quick but then quit because we dint make any money so we quit or we have lack of skill and information so tend to give up, and my personal recommendation is go learn and apply until you are successful do not try million things at once because you will get frustrated. take it little by day.

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5 Replies to “Instant Money Network Review”

  1. Hello Inzhirov,

    I think that I am a little bit confused as to what this offer is about. Do you make money with the offer? Is it just a pyramid scheme? I am also confused about what you are selling.

    Could you give me just a little bit more information about it?

    1. Hello Richard I am not really selling anything just doing a review on instant money network. In a way it is a pyramid scheme, but is legit and you can make money with it by reffering members and having them complete offers and in return you get paid.

  2. I’m not usually a fan of these Get Paid To websites because they claim to pay good money but in reality it’s just a few dollars here and there.

    However, Instant Money Network seems like it offers some OK commission rates BUT I have no real experience when it comes to online marketing so I’ll have to look into wealthy affiliate before I consider joining IMN.


  3. money making have been the dream of every person but in most cases people use to fail to find alternative ways on how to generate money and sometimes refers it to as a scams

    thanks for proving your honest and for attracting peoples interests and please provide me with more information on how to make money online



    1. Hey Jose I would recommend checking my page out on wealthy affiliate it is a great place to start learning how to start earning money from home.

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