Is Vindale Research a Scam?

Is Vindale Research a Scam?

What is Vindale Research

Is Vindale Research a scam?Hello and welcome to truth about surveys today wanted to share a review on Vindale Research and just do a run down of it and, if it is worth joining Vindale Research or just to stay away. Vindale Research has been around for a while now and one of the older survey site’s out there, maybe you have seen Vindale advertise their site that they claim that you could earn 5-75 dollars a survey just wanted to say from my personal experience is that no one will pay you 75 bucks for a survey that is rare! Vindale Reasearch Pay their members to

  • Doing Surveys
  • Watching Survey Videos pays up to 25 cents a video                                                                      Is Vindale Research a Scam?
  • Reading your email up to 10 cents
  • Referral Program that pay’s 5 Dollars for every Person you refer
  • Your Photo, take a picture of you getting paid and get 5 bucks.
  • cash contests up to 15$
  • Deals like coupons and discounts in your local area

Is there a cost to joining and is it worth it?

Well the good part is that it is free to join and they will not ask a penny from you. Now lets take a look at what do they survey’s actually pay


One of the big thing about survey’s and the hype is that people think that they will become rich doing survey’s which in all reality that is not true. Most of the survey site’s that you sign up with they will only pay 1-5 bucks a survey for a lot of time’s 30 minutes worth of your time.

Cons of doing surveys

  • Time consuming
  • low paying
  • a lot of times when doing survey you could have done 15 or 20 minutes of the survey and at end it will say sorry you did not qualify! Really did not qualify I just spend 20 minutes of my life Doing a survey online that did not pay. Trust me gets annoying!


  • Survey’s are legit way to earn money online.

Evaluation Surveys

Evaluation survey in Vindale Research is basically you doing offers/trial offers some pay pretty good amount anywhere 5 to maybe 75 bucks. The thing about all of there trial offers is that you have to make sure you cancel before you get charged the full amount of the products or service. Couple thing to keep in mind when doing these offers read the terms and conditions make sure your not getting dragged into something that later you will regret, other thing make sure the offer that your doing is a site that you would want to give out your personal info to some offers don’t recommend only because you will get spammed  like crazy. My overall look on these trial offers is that I do not recommend them, there are better ways to make money online besides giving your personal info away and getting spammed with calls and emails.

Yes or No and What other Online Review Say About Vindale Research

Well this will be my personal opinion but you can decide for your self yes because Vindale research is legit and no because it is not worth the time wasting on something that takes  a whole month to do to earn only 50 bucks no thanks.

There are many reviews out there good ones and bad but this is what I found from users that had good experience and a lot of bad experience’s but you can decide to check it for your self

here is the link  to the reviews.

Pros and Cons of Vindale Research


  • One of the survey sites that still pays you cash either through Paypal or check
  • Many bad and good comments if it is legit or not but ill say they are legit just have to be careful with the trial offers.
  • Has not bad referral program if you know how to refer people instead of annoying your family with it.


  • High withdraw 50 Bucks
  • Spam
  • Surveys low Paid
  • Take about month to get to accumulate 50 bucks
  • Lots of time wasted


Well to finish up just wanted to say you can earn money with Vindale but I do not recommend it because having lots of  experience with survey’s it is time consuming and low pay, but decision is yours. If you are interested in learning how to make money online and build a legit online business that pays and a business that is worth investing your time than I suggest you read my older post on How I Got Started. I hope this cleared some of your question’s about Vindale if not please leave a comment ill be lad to help answer any questions you might have thanks.

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