Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy AffiliateWork From Home

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a community that focuses on providing users with all training, resources, and support needed to build successful online businesses. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will access multiple comprehensive training modules that cover all aspects of building a website and promoting your business online. You can build an entire business without venturing outside the platform. Besides offering training and support in building businesses, they also offer a free website builder, domain name purchasing, keyword research tools and hosting among other vital tools. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for building businesses no matter your skill level or passions.

Wealth Affiliate can help you earn money online in various ways such as:

· Building websites on any subject and drive massive traffic to it

· Finding the best products from other companies and selling them online on Amazon and eBay among other online companies.

· Applying professional ways to get free direct referrals from online work companies

· Promote and sell your own products online in order to boost your income

· Boost the ranking of your content in search engines such as Google

· How to make great YouTube videos and use them to make money

· How to apply for Google AdSense and make money from ads in a professional way

· Join the Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp program and use it to make money

All these are available on the Wealthy Affiliate through in-depth step-by-step lessons in order to ensure that you are getting returns and value for your investment.

Who can work and benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for both beginners and professionals working online. Therefore, anyone who has basic internet knowledge such as sending emails and operating social sites such as Facebook is all set to work and succeed via Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, the platform is perfect for you if you:
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed
· Need more flexibility in your life

· Want to be your own boss

· Online merchant

· Want to travel around the world

· Retired and looking for additional income

· Website owner or blogger who want to improve your sites

· Want to turn your hobby into additional income

· Student who needs part time income

· Want to sell your products online

· Local marketer

· Local company or business

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

The Wealthy Affiliate program has two main parts:

1. The Affiliate Boot camp: This is an affiliate program that members can earn money from.

2. Training courses: Courses for building online businesses and succeeding.



1. Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp

After joining Wealthy Affiliate, members get full training in the Boot camp section where they learn how to succeed in the boot camp program with detailed step-by-step videos, tutorials and guides. This makes it quite easy for members to generate income through the Wealthy Affiliate after learning everything in the courses.

Members who make more than 300 upgraded Wealthy Affiliate referrals annually can attend the annual Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, USA. Everything including the air ticket, food and lodging will be paid by Wealthy Affiliate.


2. Training courses

You can access the training courses by clicking the green bar labeled “Get Started Here” on the left hand side of the menu. This will give you access to all the features necessary for building your own online business and succeed in any online work you desire. After successful completion of these training courses you will be established through your own online career and earn good income. These courses are ideal for both beginners and advanced users who want to learn marketing ideas to sell products online, get direct referrals or drive tons of traffic to their websites.



1. Anyone can benefit from it

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that everyone can benefit from the program regardless of whether they are internet marketing experts or complete beginners. Members of all levels are actively involved in the vibrant community. Moreover, the courses are solid and very beneficial even for filling the gaps you may have in your techniques or knowledge.

2. Honest

Wealthy Affiliate stresses on how you must be ready and willing to invest time and energy in the program in order to be successful. It does not claim that you will get rich instantly. The platform provides the resources and information members need to build successful businesses online.

3. In-depth and comprehensive training

The training offered within Wealthy Affiliate stands out compared to other training platforms. All topics relevant to online marketing have lessons built in order to make you an expert in that specific field even for members who are starting from scratch. On the other hand, there are two main types of training within Wealthy Affiliate; official training (by Kyle and Carson) and community training (created by the community at large). However, it is essential to understand that community training must always be verified and approved to ensure its quality before it’s made available to other members.

The classes in Wealthy Affiliate include; getting started, the WA affiliate program, Niche, market and keyword research, everything WordPress, Writing and authoring content, social engagement and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and programming, local marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and pay per click marketing.

Moreover, all premium members can access a weekly webinar (live training session) where they can learn new concepts and techniques.

4. Additional tools and resources

Besides offering great training material, Wealthy Affiliate also has other numerous resources that are designed to make the general experience as technical-free and easy as possible. In fact, you don’t have to do anything outside the platform to get your websites up and running. Some of these additional resources include website and hosting, keyword research tools, writing tools, and link tracking tools.

5. Takes away all the technical aspects of building your own website

Every aspect of building your websites and online businesses through Wealthy Affiliate is well taken care of and streamlined. This means you can purchase domain names, install WordPress and launch your website without complicated tasks such as writing codes, manual WordPress installation or even dealing with hosting companies.

6. Built-in comment and feedback system

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has built-in comment and feedback system where other members can critique your sites or offer constructive advice or leave high quality comments and you can also do so yourself.

7. Credit system

This is an internal currency within the platform that can be used for various purchases within the platform. You can earn credits by participating in the vibrant community or by referring new members. These credits can be used for site domains, site feedback or site comments.

8. Active community

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and vibrant community where you can choose to get participate with likeminded individuals or even avoid it completely if it’s simply not for you.

9. Price

The price of Wealthy Affiliate is a huge bargain considering the materials members get plus the additional resources and tools. The platform has two price points:

· Starter membership: It is free to join, learn and stay forever

· Premium membership: The first month costs $19 (if members take advantage of the 59 percent discount which is available during the first seven days after joining) and the following months cost $49 each.

10. Support

Members can seek help and get help at any time by posting questions to the Wealthy Affiliate community, searching previously asked questions or contacting the customer support team.


· Wealthy affiliate offers too much information which can be overwhelming at first.

· Members are not allowed to sell or advertise within Wealthy Affiliate

How to Sign up

You can sign up by clicking here  or on any banner.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam?

Wealth affiliate is certainly not a scam. The company was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and has been a top online company since 2009 which besides offering you an opportunity to earn, you will also learn how to earn from your website and other companies including Amazon, eBay, and Google AdSense.

Therefore, besides being a work from home business, Wealthy Affiliate provides you all the training and information needed to be successful in online work and also offers a platform that members can use to earn money. For any question or comments feel free to comment below.


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12 Replies to “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Exposed”

  1. I love wealthy affiliate. I have been part of the community for three months now and I have learned so much and gained so much more momentum on my online goals than ever before. The price is unbelievably cheap considering how much value you get as part of this community. In the past I have bought really expensive online training programs which got me nowhere in the end because they were just overly complicated or I was just not ready for the information they provided at the time. I don’t see myself leaving wealthy affiliate anytime soon-especially as recently I made my first sale and things will continue to build from here! Great review.

  2. Everything mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate was right on point. It is really what it says it is and after having searched online a countless number of times for a way out. Trying to be what you’ve always wanted to be,trying to finally set yourself free, trying to feel like you’re actually doing something constructive with your life, trying to build yourself and help others, finding Wealthy Affiliate will immediately reveal to you that you’ve found the right place. You’re absolutely right Valentin when you say that nothing is easy, but that’s what makes the reward more valuable. WA is a symbol of Freedom! And that hope that you get being here gives you a small taste of that freedom, now all anyone joining the WA community has to do is just keep fighting till they break free, never giving up. Beautiful stuff Valentin!

  3. Val,

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now and feel comfortable vouching for it.

    Summer 2015, I was struggling for directions in my life, what am I gonna do and how. It was confusing and throughout difficult. And I’m glad I stumble on Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s truly the best place to learn online marketing, I’m also able to earn a small income with it as well (some other were much more profitable than me!). The truth is that it takes time to build your business, but with the right training and supportive community like Wealthy Afifliate, few things can go wrong. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. love the insight into wealthy affiliate and exactly what it offers. To be honest i’m yet to see a bad review for wealthy affiliate.

    I think the only thing we forget when we sign up, is the currency difference between countries. The currency exchange between Australia and the US had me a bit worried.

  5. Really interesting stuff! I’ve read a fair bits about WA recently and thought I knew what there was to kknow, but you told me some new stuff!!! Can credits earned within the site be used to purchase domain names?
    I’ve also been researching a lot about Drop Shipping – would you say the possible earning power of Affiliate Marketing is greater than Drop Shipping? Should we incorporate both methods perhaps

    1. Yes Sam credits can be used to buy domains. Both Drop Shipping and Affiliate marketing is great methods to earn money and both take work. With drop shipping you will have to do little more like collect taxes if your run your own shopify or your online store.

  6. WA seems to offer a lot with all of the training, support, and feedback. Is this just for premium members or can you get this from the free membership? Have you used this yourself? What’s your personal take on it? For example, how helpful is the training in your personal opinion?

    1. Hey Chris Wealthy Affiliate is free to join but I do recommend getting premium membership to get most out of it. I personally love Wealthy Affiliate and training is top notch.

  7. I was actually going to sign up for this bunch this morning but that nagging feeling was banging about my head – is this a legit platform?
    So glad to come across this review – you have managed to settle my nerves and allow me to continue with signing up with them! Thanks for that!

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