Keeping Your Domain Name Private

Keeping Your Domain Name Private

Is your Domain Private?

Keeping Your Domain Name Private

Are you a domain owner, and wondering  if someone can look your information up? When registering a domain in most place like Go Daddy you will be able to purchase a up sell to keep your domain private, but if you do not there is potential that anyone can go and look up your site and get your phone number, name and much more.

Why Keep Your Domain Private

Keeping your domain private will definitely keep your  information private like your phone number, since why would you want company’s or a bunch of spam call’s on a daily basis, it gets annoying trust me.

Cost to Keep Your Domain Private?

If you can afford about 8 bucks a year to keep your domain private then it is definitely worth it. Depending on the hosting, domain company price will be different every where, if you go with Go Daddy it is about 8 bucks, but recently I have been using Wealthy Affiliate to buy my domain’s and they include to keep domain private. To get more info on buying a domain through Wealthy Affiliate you can check out my domain page.

Who Should Make their Domain Private?

Anyone that has a website with their own domain name should get it even if you are just a blogger.

Final Thoughts

To keep private or not to? That you can decide for your self if I knew before I would have paid extra 8 bucks to keep my information private from everyone else. Keeping your domain private like I said earlier will keep your phone from ringing every day with spam calls. I hope this helps you understand why to keep your domain private. If you have questions or comments feel free to ask will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.