legacy Direct Scam Exposed

legacy Direct Scam Exposed

Product: Legacy Direct TV

Price:$399 for box 25 for controller and  25 for game pad controller

Website: freedom.legacy.direct

What is Legacy Direct

Legacy direct a new company that not to long ago just launched where you can stream movies and shows online, and surf the internet and much more. With just plugging in the box and hooking your internet you could be watching your favorite show online, but not only that, you can also earn money online by promoting and selling the tv box and earn a income from home. One of the questions that I ask is is it legal  according to legacy direct it is legal because your just streaming. Ill try and explain more in depth about the company as we go,and ill give my opinion if LegacWhat is Legacy Directy Direct Scam is really a scam.

Legal or Illegal?

I am not a lawyer so I will not be saying if it is legal or not but just throwing couple thoughts out there how does big company’s like Netflix  for example don’t they need to pay something and get licensing to allow its users to stream movies and shows? Even though they say it is legal I don’t agree with pirated things make me not want to join a business like that but that is my personal take  on that, if you do decide to join that is totally up to you.

Legacy Direct Opportunity

With legacy direct you will be able to earn income for selling the tv boxes, the cost to join is 49 dollars that will get you started with your back office and replicated website. Can you earn money with this,sure if you want to sell a 400 dollar box that is not including remotes which is another 25 bucks. I personally believe you can make money online with anything but personally selling 400 dollars boxes that could be found cheaper on eBay or other boxes that are probably the same for 50 or 60 is not very appealing to me and not something I would want to promote but you can if you choose to that is just my look at things.


Legacy Direct Scam is it or not? Well if it is legal than no in this case if they say that it is than yes it is legit but my take on this is your still watching pirated movies and shows which I do not feel confident in selling this box or buying just for that reason but I will let you decide this is just my personal opinion. If you do wish to earn a income online I will recommend something that did work for me called Wealthy Affiliate that is where I got started in learning online marketing if you are interested read my review on Wealthy Affiliate also you can check out a similar box called vstream ,it is another review that I wrote that is similar to Legacy Direct Box. For comments or questions feel free to comment below thanks.

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