Make Money Doing Surveys

Make Money Doing Surveys

Can You Make Money Doing Surveys?            Make Money Doing Surveys

Big questions that most people ask today is if you can make money doing surveys, the answer is yes and no. Maybe you have had experience in the past of doing surveys but have not had much success that is probably because you probably  dint get paid or took forever. Most surveys pay only 1-3 bucks for 20 or 30 minutes of your time, and can be frustrating when you are almost done with the survey, and you get a message saying you did not qualify for that survey. But you can make money doing surveys just keep reading to find out how.

How to Make the Most of Doing Surveys

There is a couple things that I learned if you really want to make some money doing surveys, but before we get started I  just want to mention surveys wont make you rich, but it will get you some extra spending cash. There is a couple steps that I personally recommend you doing if you are going to do surveys.

  • Sign up with at least 5 survey sites so you can get a flow of surveys going since you only get about 1-5 surveys from a single survey site, but sometimes they give you more.
  • Referrals something I recommend doing if you want to make decent money, because  many people online will show you there earning with doing online surveys and some are in the hundreds , and most people get caught on that because most of that money ,if not all is from referring members and getting a commission from it.
  • I do not recommend wasting your time doing surveys that pay a buck for 30 minutes of your time that to me is just a waste of time ,but I will let you make that decision.

Things to Watch Out For!

There is some few thing that I would like to mention about doing online surveys. First thing is beware of scams, and do not pay money to learn some bs secret in earning money doing surveys, there is no secret. There will be many site’s out there promising that you will make thousands or hundreds a survey which is not true , and is likely a scam. There will also be survey site’s that have offers that you can make money with, for example there could be a offer to try Netflix trial, you earn 5 bucks , but if you do not cancel you will get charged full amount so be carful if you do decide to do offers read everything carefully, but my personal recommendation is not to do them.

Legit survey Sites That You Can Make Money With That I Personally Tested.

Global Test Market





Surveys are great for extra side pocket money but to make a living off it do not recommend. You can make money doing surveys but you wont make enough to work from home full time. There are many other things about surveys that if you would like to learn more about the pros and cons of survey check out my other page. Just to mention if you ever did want to earn a good income working from home than I would suggest getting involved with affiliate marketing most legit way to earn a living online. If you want to learn more on how to make money online than check out my post on affiliate marketing or click the banner below and start learning for free. Thanks and hope this will point you in the right direction.