MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

If I had to choose which online business to join either a mlm business or affiliate marketing, I would definitely go with affiliate marketing and I will explain why. Why affiliate marketing? Well to start off I do not have to recruit the whole point of affiliate marketing is to help your visitor’s, with mlm you really have to do a lot of recruiting and you are limited to what you are promoting compared to affiliate marketing I can promote what ever my heart desire’s.

Problem with MLM

Are all mlm bad? No they are not all bad, and there are some good ones out there that have been around for a while, but you also have to be careful what you getting into. Problem with mlm’s most the time is that they get shut down because there is no legit product behind their company, and it is mostly based on referrals ,but that not all here are some other reason why I dislike mlms.

  • Most the time overpriced memberships
  • only couple products to promote or , none
  • No or little training to help you get started
  • Most of the revenue come’s from referring others.

Why Affiliate Marketing and Not Mlm

With affiliate marketing you have a choice in what niche you want to get into, and  you can promote almost any product you want related to your niche. Affiliate marketing offers the freedom to explode your business with no recruiting necessary, but same time I am not saying you can’t do that with mlm, just with mlm your limited to what product’s you promote, and with affiliate marketing you can always promote something new.

Why Affiliate Marketing

  • No recruiting necessary
  • Focus on helping people instead signing people up
  • Choose what your passion is and turn it into a career
  • Low start up costs
  • Don’t have to be dependent on just one company to promote their products or service’s

Final Thoughts

Mlm or affiliate marketing my recommendation is affiliate marketing but there are mlm company’s that are legit, and actually worth joining just have to do your research. Like said earlier if you want more freedom and build a successful online business I would recommend affiliate marketing, and like always you will need hard  work and dedication.



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