Monat Hair Review

Hello and welcome to my Monat review, this review is based on personal experience. I have been with Monat for about two years now, Monat is one of the fastest growing hair company in North America, Not only does Monat provide great product but also a opportunity to succeed with them and earn money working full time or part time. This review will be for any one looking to become a distributor or looking to try the products.

Becoming a Distributor

2016 is almost over! It will be soon 2017 a new year, and maybe new resolutions for some of you, some of those resolutions  might be to be your own boss or earn extra 1000$ month to help you pay the bills, whatever those goals are why not start making money with Monat? What happens when you become a Monat distributor? Well you will be able to promote one of the fastest growing company’s  in the industry and earn up to 40% percent commissions! Monat has a lot to offer for those that are ready to work hard and when you work hard you will see great result that you will not regret! I am not trying to just hype up Monat  so you can join than your off on your own, like most online company’s out there, I want to help you succeed in 2017!

Monat Hair Products

There are a lot of talk about Monat hair products and the reason why is that becuase Monat truly has the best hair products that I personally came across, and I am not saying that becuase I am promoting the products, but because I use them everyday, but if you do not believe me go ahead and try them yourself, I will be even glad to give you a free sample, samples that I pay money with so you can try it free for your self.

Monat Pyramid Scheme?

There is another thing that I want to clarify many  people ask when they look to starting an online business,and or some kind of  business opportunity online , is the business a pyramid scheme? Well to start off just wanted to say all of use are part of a pyramid scheme, you might ask why? If you have ever worked at a company or a regular job, think about who is in charge usually on top is the ceo or the company owner, than it goes manager, supervisor and most likely than you at the bottom of the pyramid  an employee. So is Monat a pyramid scheme, ill let you answer that your self, because with Monat you do not have to sponsor other member to your network, you could just sell the products but if you really want to build a business than I recommend you sponsor people and help them grow their business, at same time it helps you!


My review is not very big  because what I have written is true and from personal experience , Monat Overall is amazing company if you are looking to earn extra income or just wanna use great hair products that work, then Monat might be for you! Check out my link below and if you want to try free sample feel free to comment below and I will get in touch with you thanks again for reading this Monat Review.

Monat Review

2 Replies to “Monat”

  1. Very cool. What type of hair products does Monat sell and are they strictly hair products? What is their compensation plan? Two years is a long time for you, would I be able to quit my job within that time frame? How much does it cost to start? Thanks for the introduction to Monat, it’s nice to actually hear from people who are actually distributors for the company.

    1. To quite your job depends how much effort you put in, myself replaced my wife income so it is a great opportunity and they pay up to 40% commission on what you sale and there is bunch more. I’ll send you link. Cost is around 100$ but you get lots of material and samples.

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