Monat Global Scam

Monat Global Scam

What is Monat          Monat Global Scam

Hello,  today I wanted to do a review on a company called Monat global! Like most people you want to know if Monat is a scam or is it the real deal if you keep reading ill explain everything  you need to know about Monat. First I wanted to give some information about  Monat Global and the business oportunity.  Monat Global started back in 2014 and became one of the first anti-aging hair care company’s that you can earn money with and the same time have healthy looking hair again. Monat Global is an anti-aging hair care company where it provides different hair products for different hair needs, from help with hair loss to just more youthful and stronger hair that everyone needs. Also with Monat, you have a chance to earn some money for anyone that is interested in that I will explain more later in the post.

What Products Does Monat Sell?

Well, Monat Global specializes in anti-aging hair products. Monat Hair products that can help with that dry hair to hair growth, and hair loss, Monat has different products for different hair needs.Just a little about the products. Monat hair products are naturally based so no harmful chemical’s in it compared to many other shampoos and conditioners that have harsh chemical’s that are bad for you. With Monat Hair Products we do not test on animals and also say no to.

Monat Says no to

PEG Sulfates
Harmful colors
Harmful fragrances
Harsh salt systems
Monat Has 10+ Different Oils in their products to help your hair grow and, be strong and, healthy.

Do Monat Products Work

Recently I got comments on the products if they really work or not and where is the proof that Monat Hair Products work. Well, to start off I had personal experience with the products because I use them daily and my hair is healthier than ever before, so is my wife’s. Also, there are many testimonials out there on the internet and proven clinical studies that Monat does work. Also, I want to Include a Facebook Link of customers, VIP, and market Partners of their testimonials so


Of course, every person has a different result so it is something you have to try and see for your self. And like always there are samples available to those that would be interested in buying the products.

Monat Hair ScamMonat Hair Scam




This is a picture of Jacqui Mac where she has suffered hair loss and she tried different products and nothing seemed to work until she tried Monat!


Plus more testimonials can be found in upper link.


 Monat Global Scam Exposed

Alright is Monat a Scam? From personal experience from trying the product to being in the market partner side, I found Monat to be a very great company to deal with. From a product point of view might not work for everyone, of course, has worked for me and my family and many others and if you been suffering from bad hair why not give it a try? There is a 30-day money back guarantee that Monat offer’s so you have nothing to worry about.

Monat Market Partners-Earning Money With Monat

For Every one that is interested in joining Monat and Earning some extra money or even have a full-time career.  I found Monat to be one of the best direct sales business that you can be a part of, I myself had lot’s of success with Monat and being able to earn extra money to pay my bills and even replaced my wife’s income, of course, it all depends on you and how much work you want to put in it. Below I wanted to talk little about why to join Monat.

Why Join  Monat

  • They carry real products that are good and are going to be around for a while, While comparing to many other company’s out there, Monat is the better choice if you are looking into direct sales.
  • They pay ( Personal experience).

Monat Global is a good business to get in to since it is still new and there is a lot of opportunity to earn money if you want to work for it. Monat is also know as a social company because a lot of folks promote it social media or face to face, because it is a direct sales company. Also it is a $40 billion market place with projected growth to $59 billion in less than 3 years!




Monat Global Market Partners receive up to 40 percent on personal sales and 12 percent on group sales. which is very good compared to many other company’s out there.


  • New and a lot of opportunity
  • Great products
  • Good Compensation Plan
  • Your own eCommerce store
  • No inventory to carry and no deliveries to make
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Consumable product line- with 30 day money back guarantee



  • Price for products a little expensive but worth it.
  • Price to join is 100 dollars for your kit and 20 dollars renewal fee every year which is not that bad since you are getting a lot of things in the kit including training material and samples.(If you buy product pack usually the 100$ kit fee is waived and you get up to 40% off the products with the kit included.

Training and Support

So how is the training on Monat Global? Well from my experience it is not to bad when you join you will get access to a lot of training material on the products and much more information on how to promote. I believe support is pretty quick in helping resolve any issue’s that there might be. From my personal experience there is someone to help answer your questions, it is a new company and as it is growing and they are always adjusting to meet customer’s needs.

Monat Reviews

Now there are many reviews out there about Monat and how they helped other folks, either with their hair or financially. Also, there are some bad review’s out there also, that some people might not have liked the product, that is why Monat offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and of course, samples that distributor like me offer for free at our own cost so you can try before you buy. If you want my personal review please make sure to visit my Monat Hair Products page how it has helped my hair and my family’s. If you have a review you would like to leave please do below, or if you have any question’s I would love to help answer any that you may have.


So the question again, is Monat Global Scam really a scam? and I will say again Monat Global is a legit company from the product side to the business side. Like always just want to say that it is something you would have to try to see if it works for you. Start a new career, or earn some extra income with Monat is definitely something I would recommend. If you are not into the business and want the products than the products are awesome and I definitely recommend trying. There are many scams’s out there this is not. If you wish to join you can click join below and or you can buy the products also. I hope this will point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading Monat Global Scam I hope this answered some or all your questions if you have any other questions feel free to comment below.



26 Replies to “Monat Global Scam”

  1. I hadn’t heard of Monat before reading this article so I think it’s good to bring light to a new and upcoming company, and I like how you talked about the process of earning money online promoting great products!
    How long did it take you to actually start earning money with them?

    1. Hello Brandon took me about a month to get things started but after that was eanring money couple times a month depending on how much effort you want to put in it.

    2. Hi Brandon, I started earning money with MONAT on day one! MONAT is an amazing company, the products are fabulous, clients love it, and the compensation plan, is the best in the industry!

  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed your article because it seems that you did your research and went deep into it, including the composition of Monat’s products!!! However, it seems to me that it’s an MLM company, isn’t it? Because in this case, I ma not truly a fan either. I find that it’s very difficult to make money in this kind of company, unless you are truly motivated. Anyway, thanks for your thorough review!

    1. Yes it is a direct sales you can call it a mlm but not all mlm are bad if you have a product that works and people love than I do not look at it as a scam but opportunity since most mlm’s don’t have a legit product and I have earned money with it. It is one direct sale’s company’s I do recommend.

  3. I enjoy your post because it is highly detailed and give me a thorough analysis about Monat’s business. It can give also a good opportunity for people who wants to start their business with products they might like. However, it sounds as if it were a MLM business, isn’t it? Any way, thank you for your analysis!

  4. I have always failed when it comes to surveys, and mainly because I joined up to the wrong sites.

    After reading about Monat Global, it does sound like a great site that rewards us for our time. It’s great to see the pros too 🙂

    Thank You for the review, and I will definitely consider joining Monat Global.


  5. I hear a lot about Monat Global and how you can earn extra money, but, there is nothing here that tells me do the products work! People want to know does it actually work on hair growth? Does it really work better than other products? There should proof.

  6. What I really like about the Monat business structure is that it took all the good from what MLM can offer and made their own. For example their procedure contract is very spiecfic and focuses on ethics. They do not promote income boasting, public advertising, solicitations, or inventory loading. I think they ensured their product can be available to the consumer at a reasonable price by making it available directly for purchase. If they put their conditioner on the shelf it would actually end up costing $120 a bottle…which will never work. People say that $30 a bottle is expensive but they forget that a regular bottle has 16 washes while Monat is 120 washes…
    $30 for 4 month supply isn’t bad…

    I never thought I would ever appreciate a MLM structure business being in the venture capital industry but they really nailed it I think…

    Only concern is the hope that the company can scale up with its clients to ensure lthey have enough support to handle the minor start up issues companies will have when they grow faster than expected…the product seems good however it’s sales people are 10-99 which can result in lots of misunderstandings and miscommunication that the company can’t control…like any retail store front…the customer service line is always long…so as long as the company is making sure the backend is good…I see nothing but the sky for Monat…

    1. My wife goes through a shampoo, conditioner, and an intense repair spray in less than a month, every month. At that rate, it is very expensive. How do you manage to get 120 washings per bottle? Are there instructions somewhere on how much to use per washing?

      1. Neil A A …
        How much shampoo is she using at a time??
        Is her hair really long? Does she wash it twice everyday?
        I am not a market partner yet … I have been using the products for almost two years.
        My hair is very long and I use about a “nickel size” each time I wash … This is a VERY concentrated shampoo!
        Make sure hair is wet first, then put shampoo in one hand and rub palms together … then my “trick” is to put head down and touch different parts of scalp with shampoo hands before massaging into the rest of hair …
        Hope that helps …

  7. Enjoyed reading this article, I must make a disclaimer, I really do not like the MLM business model.
    However, it seems like you have had a good experience with them both from a customer point of view and as a distributor. And they do seem to have a good product.
    My issue with MLM has always been them charging way too much for products that can be bought much more cheaply and focusing on recruitment rather than sales.
    Are you still with them?

  8. Best company I have been in! I’ve sold for 2 others and I recently traded the last for Monat. I work full time and this company and also still have time for my family! I’m proud to be a pet of Monat!

  9. I recently became V.I.P with Monat. I started with Revive Hydration system. At first it was ok then I went threw what they say is a hair detoxing turned dry frizzy and started getting handle fulls of lost broken off hair after every shower..I tried the oil left on over night (that seemed to help a lil) I have naturally curly hair but prefer to straighten my hair on most days. Some says just a lil gel mouse and I let the curls go . Since I have started Monat its almost impossible to let my curls go ..FRIZZ IS OUT OF CONTROL is still falling out and I keep wanting to give up…? Please HELP…I currently have revive ..renew.. black …THE MOUSSE..AIR DRY CREAM …SMOOTHING DUO ..THICKENING SPRAY ..AND TOUSLED SPRAY..
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    I can say I LOVE THE EYE LASH STUFF…MY EYE LASHES ARE GREAT..Thank you in advance

    1. Sarah, first of all, I’m sorry that you are having a less than positive experience right now with your stuff. I hope we’ll be able to figure it out and one way or the other, get you back on track. Whether by finding the Monat products that will provide you with hair you love, or by knowing if you need different products. Have you had any resolution to the issues with your hair? I’ll start by asking if you had been told that you will need to turn down that heat on your styling tools. Like to 250 degrees. Lower heat on hair dryer too. How long were you using the products before your hair was dry and frizzy? Did you get a replacement for your Revive? There was a recall and a replacement for Revive, Renew and Black because of a change in supplier as a result of the Hurricane in November. I had similar issues and almost threw in the towel. I received my new stuff, and I noticed improvement almost immediately. By the second wash.

      My curly-haired friends all seem to rave about the IRT conditioner for curly hair (not the shampoo). The conditioner seems to add extra moisture. Do you use the Blow Dry or anything similar before using heat tools? And now there is the curl cream.

      I would also like to ask, what was your hair generally like before you began using Monat products? What’s sorts of products did you use for your curls?

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  11. Both my husband and I experienced scalp breakouts and hair condition deteriorating — enough that my hair dresser noticed immediately when I went to get my hair colored / cut. It was a bad experience, and 30 days is a short window to try the products for true feedback. But they know that and cut you short on returns. If the products were that good, they’d have a longer return option policy.

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