Monat Hair Products

Monat Hair Products

Monat Hair Products that Work!

Hello this is a post to my other post on Monat, except today I wanted to share a little bit about the products them self and why I use Monat myself. Have you ever thought about what exactly goes into your everyday shampoo? Did you know most of the shampoos today have harmful chemicals that do more harm than good! If you are interested to learning about Monat please keep reading. One of the first things someone may ask is why are Monat products so expensive, and how long do they actually last you. If you did not know this, I will tell you now that most shampoos you are using today contain 80% water, they are diluted so much with water, you are only paying for 20% of actual product. With Monat you are paying only for product, Monat products are so concentrated-a bottle of shampoo will last you twice to three times as much as regular shampoo would.



What Are Monat Hair Products

Monat Hair Products are the new anti aging hair products that you can not find anywhere else. Monat hair products are natural based meaning that Monat says no to parabens, sulfates, DEA/ MEA, Phalates, PEG, Harsh Salt Systems, Silicons, Harmful Colors or Fragrances. You might ask what make’s Monat Hair Products so unique? The answer to that lies in Monats rich formulations that make these naturally based ingredients work together in harmony, Below is little bit of science behind Monat.

Monat Hair Products

Some Monat Science!

    • Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive a flagship of all there products because with Rejuveniqe oil Intensive you get 11+ unique molecular ingredients which include vitamins,antioxidants,minerals, omega 6 fatty acids, beta carotene, nutrients and amino acids which is suitable for all hair and skin types. The ingredients have been proven to mimic  the body’s natural oils and to help reduce hair thinning and prevent oxidative stress and add volume and shine and promote hair growth.

Monat products contain 3 key ingredients that make all the difference for your hair.

  • Capixyl Powered with Red Clover Extract  is a gentle emollient that helps reduce scalp inflammation and strengthens the hair and same time thickens it. Capixyl also hydrates the scalp to stimulate noticeable hair growth.
  • Procataline- is a Pea Extract–a source of secondary Metabolites which help deliver nutrients to promote hair growth.
    • Helps reduce hair loss
    • Protects against environmental damage
    • Protects the natural pigment in the hair follicles
    • Keeps a healthy environment for hair growth.
  • Crodasorb Helps to protect from the suns damaging rays and uvb damage. Crodasorb also provide defense against oxidative stress and locks in moisture preserving hairs natural pigmentation.

Benefits Of Monat

There are a lot of benefits from using Monat Hair Products and here are just some that men and woman noticed.

  • 46% increase in hair growth
  • 48% decrease in dht hormone that contributes to hair loss
  • 35% increase in hair follicle strength
  • 70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
  • 76%increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
  • 58% decrease in fiber breakage
  • 88% increased manageability
  • 55%reduced breakage and brittleness
  • 100% increased natural shine

Monat Hair Products

Monat Products

Monat has many different products and here is a list below of different Monat Products.

  • Monat Junior Line (Great For Kids)
  • Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive
  • Moxie Magnifying Mousse
  • Magnify System
  • Balance Treatment System
  • Let It Grow System
  • Volume Treatment System
  • Classic Confidence System
  • Monat Black System
  • Stylized System
  • Power Boost System
  • Irt Shampoo
  • Irt Conditioner
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo
  • Renew Shampoo
  • Restore Leave in Conditioner
  • Replenish Masque
  • Revive Shampoo
  • Revitalize  Conditioner
  • Reshape Root Lifter
  • Mens 2 in 1 Shampoo+ Conditioner
  • Monat Black Groom Styling Clay
  • Monat Black Cream Shave
  • Monat Black Aftershave+ Moisturzer
  • And Much More to List……

Who Can Use Monat Products

Monat products can be used by  anyone  even little kids, in my case I use the Monat Junior Line for my toddlers, I love the smell of the products and how the hair feels and looks after. If you are unsure if the products are for you then feel free to try out a sample and see for your self.

Monat Hair Review

I also wanted to not just talk about the product but share some of my personal experience. I have been using this product with my wife, which has added hair growth and health to my hair, and my wife’s for about 2 years now and recently also  started using Monat Junior line for kids and it has worked great for my 2 year old and 4 month old, and Ill tell you why. After our second child was born from day one he had skin rashes, that later we found out was baby eczema. When we washed the baby he would always get red little bumps on his hair and his scalp was very dry and itchy, we have tried many different shampoo’s of all brands and nothing seemed to work for him, until later this year Monat launched a junior line, and that is when I decided to give it a try! To Make Long story short our little 4 month old dose not have red itchy bumps and dry skin, and most of all  his hair grew over the past couple weeks thanks to Monat!

Where to Buy

If you would like to buy some product feel free to visit my buy now link below


Monat Hair Testimonials

If you are interested in getting some hair testimonials CLICK HERE



To wrap this up, if you are looking for some great hair products that will help restore life into your hair then I definitely recommend you buy some of their products or if you want to try before you buy feel free to drop a comment in the box below and Ill reach out to you regarding free samples for you! Also if any one is interested in maybe starting your own business with Monat feel free to contact me or visit my previous post about the  Monat Opportunity for more information.

59 Replies to “Monat Hair Products”

  1. Interesting!

    I have honestly never heard of Monat. Can this only be ordered online? I used to work in a pharmacy, so I am familiar with a number of hair-care products, including some high-end ones, but this one is new to me, so thanks for the write-up.

    I am curious about the “increased hair growth.” I assume that is in reference to the volume of hair, not how fast it grows. As I… mature… I could use a little help in the hair department, like many men. I also find that my scalp seems to be becoming a bit more sensitive, so I am looking for an alternative to what I have been using.

    The price may be a bit high, but as you pointed out, a bottle will last longer than normal due to it being so concentrated.

    Are the products scented? My wife is sensitive to strong smells, although it does depend somewhat on the actual scent.

    1. Hello Craig

      Yes they do have a pleasant smell to it and what I recommend is if you are not sure about buying the product I have samples that you could try and see for yourself.

    1. I am not sure I am understanding your question correctly. Are you asking if Monat will help you go back to your natural hair color? Monat shampoo does not contain sulfate so it is softer and healthier for your hair, but it won’t necessary help you get your color out. But if you are going to be bleaching or using chemicals in your hair, it is good to put shampoo or the mask or oil into those products to help protect your hair from heat or chemical damage.

  2. Sometimes our first reaction when faced with choosing between two products is to select the cheaper of the two.
    But if one of the products lasts longer then obviously this becomes the cheaper option. Of course how can you know that without the advice of someone who has used the product?
    So thanks for your helpful review.

  3. Interesting product! I will send my wife to this site, she has fine hair and has issues with most products.. they tend to break out her scalp. She is always looking for a product that can add shine and tame frizz. She is pretty skeptical though, so she could be a hard sale. Especially after seeing the costs. Haha

    1. Yes costs are high but it is worth it,and if you would like to try samples Ill be glad to ship some for you free of charge. You can also save money by being a vip or market partner.

  4. Good hair products are always something Im searching for. I have gone through a lot of shampoo and conditioners only because they dry out my hair ALOT.

    Right now Tresemme shampoo and conditioner have somewhat been doing a good enough job for me. I have tried “some natural” products but still am on the hunt for that “one” shampoo that will treat my hair right lol.

    What are the reviews on using this product on kinky curly hair? Would you recommend me this product?

  5. Greetings,

    Recently, I thought about my hair products, particularly my shampoo. I ‘m not sure what prompted this thought, but often times, I just grab whatever isn’t too costly and smells nice But I would definitely like to be more informed about the products I’m using. I like how you have the stats for key areas around hair growth; one area that is really important to me is the decrease in breakage and brittleness.

    I turn 50 this year, so I’m really curious to see how long my hair will grow. Generally speaking, do any of these products become less effective after a certain age?

    Great article, Val.

    1. Hello Veronica I am not to sure if the products become less effective after we age, but I do think everyone should be using more safer products that help and restore our hair. Monat does a good job at any age so feel free to try it out.

      1. Using it systen drying hair out and i shedding slot ran out of it leave in cond today only 2 weeks in. Seemed to be helping till 2 days age now hsir looks worse

  6. Hi Val, your site contains useful information on Monat hair care products, but does not explain why I should use them. I understand there are chemicals in hair care products, but what sort of chemicals, and how are they dangerous? Why should I switch from my favorite hair care products that are just a fraction of the cost of Monat?

    1. Chemical in products that is something that differs from product to product and can be usually found online. As for Monat there is no Harsh Chemicals so that is one of the reasons why to use Monat and Second reason is that it actually works, if you want healthier hair than definitely try out Monat , or request a free sample from me and Ill be glad to send you one to try.

  7. Hello,

    Very informative article on hair products, I now understand why I am not receiving the results from the shampoos I have been trying.

    My hair does not have the shine or texture it use to have in the past, no matter what shampoo I use the results is about the same some are a little better than others but none are giving me the results I am looking for.

    Monat hair products does sound worth giving a try, I did not realize other shampoos were so much more water. That does explain why i am not receiving the results.

    Do you use this brand of shampoo yourself, I do like when people use the products they review?

  8. This is a very interesting read! I had heard that many hair products have lots of harmful additives in them but I was blown away when I saw how much they are diluted. Is there a place where I can see testimonials on how Monat has helped men with male patterned baldness? I am in my early 20’s but I have discovered a slight thinning in my hairline. Also, is there anything I should look for on the bottles for my current hair products that should be a red flag? Thanks!

  9. I’d never heard of the Monat Hair Products before, but I’m interested in them now! I’ve read too many places that the shampoos we normally use are just full of awful chemicals. And given how easy and common it is to lose hair, or have your hair thin, as you get older, we should all be on the lookout for good alternatives.

    Do you know if the product has a smell? just curious.

  10. Hi Val
    I confess that i always buy the cheapest shampoo that you can buy, and sometimes just use soap. This could be why i don’t have much hair!
    In my younger days when i cared more for my appearance i would have tried this option. But as an old man now i don’t care(so sad i know)
    Great to see that it works for your young ones.
    Thanks for a great review(i didn’t know shampoo is mostly just water)

  11. Thanks for informing us about monat. It is amazing when you start looking at the ingredients at your local store of all the shampoos and conditioners that a majority of them contain basically the same ingredients. I’ve spent my whole life buying these cheaper brands off the shelf but am beginning to realize that I may need to spend a little more for something that actually benefits my hair.

  12. Hey,
    Monat seems to be a legitimate product and you stand behind it because of the results you have gotten from it. Very understandable and awesome at the some time.

    I am seeking a really good shampoo that I can use personally. I am really looking for something natural. I am going to have to try this out. Also how much should someone wash their hair a month if they are using this product? Thanks for the detailed information.

    1. Its up to you how much you want to wash I use daily, don’t need much just like a dime size of shampoo will last you very long time.

  13. Hi, thankyou for your article, I’ve never heard of Monat before I must say, but im always willing to try different brands out. Can these shampoos and conditioners also help with dandruff? My husband is loosing a lot of hair, he’s receding at the top of his forehead, mind you he’s in his fifties now and I don’t think he’s going bald. So this may help to thicken his hair?

  14. It sounds really interesting given the variety of products you can find on their site. I’d never heard from this company before.

    I’ve always had scalp problems, and I’ve tried many products, and the problems seem to not give away.

    I find them a bit expensive, but if they work it’s really worth to pay the money, since these kind of products usually are not cheap and sometimes you pay a lot for something that doesn’t even work.

    Thanks for the review and recommendation!

  15. I have never heard of this product before. But my wife is crazy about her hair. She has all kinds of formulas and gadgets to make sure her hair is beautiful each and every day. I like how you broke this product down to the T. I will be sure to share and bookmark your site.

  16. Hi there,
    This is a very interesting post and thanks for sharing your wisdom, information and great knowledge.
    I am interested in this product for lots of reasons, namely I’m heading for the 60s and as a result getting a little lite on top.
    The great part of this product that I like is that it is mostly natural ingredients and that fact alone interests me more than anything else.
    I have bookmarked this page for future reference.
    Thanks again for the info.
    Cheers……Phil Browne

  17. I’m always looking for some natural hair products, I’m kind of obsessive with styling my hair, I like it to long ok and feel a certain way.

    Like you said with all these other products using harsh (non-natural ingredients) and then ponning off the amount they are giving you is just wrong.

    I want to give this a try, you listed off a ton of their products, but do you have any recommendations to start with?

    Should I just get their shampoo and conditioner?

    I use a little paste to style my hair so I need to have my hair healthy and soft but not to oily or it won’t style, just throwing that out there in case it’ll affect a choice I should make!

    I also have semi think, short, slightly wavy hair.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    1. Yes I would recommend going with the black shampoo and conditioner, replenish masque, reshape root lifter, and also refinish control hair spray.

  18. I am glad I came across this article on Monat hair products because it is so hard to find good hair products that actually work on my hair. I have many textures to my hair because of my origin. I am mixed with black and white. Do you know if Monat can help very damaged hair from coloring and bleaching?

  19. I would love to sample the Volume treatment system.. Or just order it if I don’t have to go through a long sales pitch it recurring orders showing up charged to my credit.
    Thank you.

  20. Hi,
    This monet shampoo sounds great i have never heard of this shampoo before, i have to use head and shoulders not because i get dandruff other shampoos make my head itch and my hair gets greasy very quickly.
    It always worries me when i change my shampoo if i am doing the right thing by keep changing it?
    I must say i really would love my hair to look healthy for at least a couple of days but it never seems to it gets greasy really quickly, maybe i should try this it may be the answer.
    I believe it is important for your hair to look good as it makes you feel good.
    You say your baby got itchy spots i also get them in my head do you think i maybe allergic to my shampoo?
    I will look into trying this shampoo.

  21. I have actually never heard of Monat i might have to try it out sometime. I think i may be slowly going bald myself so i could use a little extra volume and stuff. Looks like the real deal though if you ask me! how much is it though? I’m just curious

  22. Well, I could definitely do with the extra 46% hair growth on the top of the head!

    Hadn’t heard of it before, but Monat sounds like a nice and natural product. I’ll take a closer look at it. These days, I think too many people focus on what they put INTO their bodies and forget about the things that they put ON their bodies.

  23. I’m very keen to try Monat hair products, I have tried too many shampoos and conditioners that are not cheap either, only to feel let down.

    My hair has changed in texture, clearly all the signs of aging, sun damage and medication not to mention, hair dye and bleaching have all played there part in the health of my hair.

    I do know quite a lot about hair follicles etc… being a Beauty Therapist but not so much about how to treat damaged hair.

    Are all the products listed available for UK shipping and if so, what would the estimated cost be please?

    Brilliant post – thank you

  24. How often do you need to reorder products? I just started using Monat and am getting extremely good results, but I’m on a tight budget.

    1. Are you a vip? if you are a vip all you need is 3 qualified orders of 84$ in a year and than its up to you when you want to order if you have a flexship order you can push it back up to two months at a time. Let me know if you need any additional help.

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