Monat Review The Real Truth About Monat Products And Business

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There has been a lot of different reviews about Monat Hair Products . of course this is my personal review of trying and using the product for quite a while Now! If you are not sure if you want to purchase Monat products, than keep reading maybe you will change your mind. For those of you who do not know what Monat Is , They are a  anti aging hair care company and also now offering anti aging skin care products as well, they been in business since 2014 and a revenue of 1 billion dollars which makes them one of the biggest hair care company's out there!

IS Monat A Scam?

Many think that Monat Is a Scam because the company is direct sales company or a Multi Level Marketing and, yes they pay there distributors for selling the products, but that does not make the company a scam, because for most folks mlm's are pyramid schemes, and they are like a pyramid but if you look at life anywhere you work there is someone on top and someone on bottom. I consider mlm's  a scam when there is no legit product behind the company, in Monat there is great products that people do love and use. So to answer the question is Monat a Scam? From my experience and research that answer to that is no, Monat is not a scam.

Do Monat Products Work?

I have been using for products for a while now and I can say that my hair is more healthier and stronger than it was before, and so is the rest of my family that is using the products. One of my recent friends purchased the products because they were starting to get balding in some spots, and after a couple washes they where amazed how great there hair felt, saying that they did not ever think that a shampoo can make such a difference,  since he was used to using the shampoos they sold in retail stores. Now Im not trying to say that this shampoo is for everyone , but it is a shampoo that I would recommend for anyone that wants to improve their hair and skin. 

Monat Pro And Cons 

Monat Pros:

Does not contain: Phthalates, SLS/ SLES or Parabens 


Cruelity Free 

Dermatologist Approved

Ophthalmologist Approved  

Allergy tested/ Clinically tested  

Monat Cons:

Price Of the products can be a little expensive.

How To Purchase And How To Save Money With Monat

To purchase Products you can click the button below. For those that are interested in joining Monat As  Distributor you can also click the button below and click join and if asked for Sponsor Name if you do not have one you can use me : Inzhirov 

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There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee