My Points Review Get Rewarded

My Points Review Get Rewarded

MyPoints is one of the most popular rewards program website that pays users for doing certain tasks online. The service has been around for more than two decades now and there have never been any indications that it is a scam.

There are dozens upon dozens of MyPoints review and all of them are of the opinion that the site is legitimate.

Apart from being paid for shopping online through the platform, here are more tasks users get rewarded for:

To watch videos.

Take surveys.

Play games.

Follow email links.

Use their web browser extension.

Print coupons.

Searching the internet.

Refer friends.

How The Website Works

First off, the free registration process is pretty straight forward. The first reward you get is a ten dollar gift card offer when you make any purchase worth $20. The catch is that you will only receive the bonus if you make the purchase within the first thirty days of signing up.

Immediately your registration is approved, which is when you confirm your email address, you can start earning points.

You will earn about ten points once you complete your profile and another hundred when you add the MyPoints score to your favourite web browser. This is basically an extension that will save you time because it will register your online actions automatically with the platform.

This saves you time from constantly going back to the MyPoints website and you can enjoy surfing as you earn points. Completing your profile unlocks daily surveys. The completion of each survey gets you about 50 MyPoints points.

The next step is to look at the video topics on offer. Watching videos can give you up to 500 points per day. To put it into perspective, one point is the equivalent of about $0.006. Therefore, about one thousand MyPoints points will net you $6.

The rewards will come one of these forms:

Get retail electronic vouchers.

Receive airline miles.

Convert your points to gift cards.

Convert MyPoints points into cash and receive it through PayPal.

The minimum a member can redeem is 700 points. This is about $5 when converted to cash. There is a feature where a user can deposit accumulated points into their PayPal account. The same goes for miles, a member is able to deposit their travel miles to a mileage account. Gift cards can be redeemed at various service providers and the common one is Amazon.

Who Qualifies For The Service?

If you are 18 years of age and above, then this is the best platform to earn a bit of extra cash and make savings on purchases. MyPoints is a great service for people that love shopping online because they get to earn $10 for every $20 purchase they make.

If you enjoy playing games online, then it is time to think about getting rewarded for this hobby. Other platforms offer points for gaming online but very few services will allow the user to convert their hard earned points into hard cash. Video gaming is a great way for mental development and so the rewards are just part of the benefits a user will enjoy.

An advantage is that a member is able to watch a video on one tab and carry on with other tasks in other browser tabs. A user is able to take surveys as well as read emails while following the links and even refer friends all simultaneously. This is a great strategy if you are looking to rack up points at a faster pace.

If you are penny-wise, printing coupons and shopping online through the MyPoints service will net you much needed discounts.

The secret is that the more MyPoints points a member accumulates the bigger the reward. There are many benefits to using this reward program service and apart from being rewarded for your online activities. Here are some more:

Completing surveys

Many people overlook the fact that surveys contain valuable information. Doing surveys is a great way to consume news. This is because surveys will inform about current as well as past and future events.

Some surveys will contain hidden information of the direction a particular organization is going and what their plans are.

For example, today, you might fill out a survey that seeks to learn about the internet consumption habits in your area. Then months later, a new internet service provider pops out of nowhere and becomes a successful venture operating in your area. After sometime, you get another survey gauging your view on investing in such a venture and that is how you miss out on identifying signs of a life changing investment opportunity.

Many people look at the real reason behind a survey and they take advantage of that information to better their lives. That way they get rewarded twice.

Watching videos and reading emails

These videos and email links contain life changing information. This is because the topics being discussed are purposefully made for the betterment of consumers.
Watching free MyPoints videos will save you money because the same information can be found on premium platforms.

Instead of paying a $10 subscription fee to a health and fitness program, why not watch videos related to the topic and earn more than the ten dollars. First, you get to keep fit and receive valuable tips and tricks and second; you get to earn from the process.

It is possible to watch videos that will make you an expert and at the same time get paid for the activity.

my points watch videos

Shopping and printing coupons

There are more than two thousand retail stores that have partnered with MyPoints. This gives a shopper a wide range of options on where to shop to rack up cash back offers.

The offer size depends on the purchase amount. The higher the amount, the more the cash back is. This reward system becomes significant if you are a frequent online shopper and if make large purchases. MyPoints is ranked among the top five of some of the best services that offer these kinds of discounts.

Each time a member prints a coupon, they earn about ten points. This is different from the coupon’s discount value. A user can print a coupon from the site and use it at their local stores and they will still receive points for that.

Playing games

Members get to enjoy phenomenon games like Angry Birds and many more. Apart from being rewarded for having fun, there are many advantages to playing games. They improve the player’s critical thinking skills and increase their ability to learn better.

Believe it or not, playing video games makes a player physically active. The activity is also a great way to manage stress.

Travel miles

A member earns point when they compare travel related content. All you need to do is compare travel offers to get rewarded with airline miles. This is a great opportunity for those that love to travel to take advantage and gain more experience in the travel content.

They can use this knowledge to land well-paying gigs that are related to travelling. These are not limited to travel blogs and consultation. If done correctly, a MyPoints user can earn as they enjoy travelling the world.

Mypoints review


The mobile app version of the platform offers users the freedom to earn without being tied to a specific location.

The use of the application encourages members to go about their daily life and treating the tasks as a side hustle.

Referral program

Members will receive 25 points the moment someone they referred signs up. When that referred person makes a purchase worth $20, the member is rewarded 750 points. On top of this, they also go on to enjoy 10% of the points that person is rewarded in future.

Think about how effective this system becomes as a form of passive income. A member can focus on referring people and in no time have an entire network that brings in passive rewards.

Of all the great things members get to enjoy, they will also come across these disadvantages:

The platform is only open to users who reside in Canada and the United States of America. People from other parts of the world are not legible to apply for MyPoints.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. Many people that want to get rewarded for services online expect to cash in big after a very short period. Anyone that has earned significant amount from the internet is well aware of the patience and hard work required.

The only way a user can earn a lot in a short time is if they carry out all the tasks being offered by MyPoints simultaneously. This is an unrealistic strategy. The best approach would be to go big; make huge and regular purchases to receive the most discounts. Another way is to focus on the most rewarding tasks where you will get more points for a single task.

It is recommended to have an effective plan and stick to it. There are many tips around on how to make the most out of such services like MyPoints.

In Conclusion

MyPoints is a great service is you are looking to make some income on the side. Click here to sign up and explore more of this reward program website. Just like other similar services, this is not suitable for people that are looking for full-time engagements.

The best part is that the platform has endless activities for the member to earn significant rewards from.

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  1. Thanks for writing this review on my point. I must commend you for taking your time to writing  this article and also explaining about my point in details. Everything you said about my point is true. Have been a member for many years, love the opportunity to voice my opinions through surveys, earn points for purchasing gift certificates and reading about new products sent via email, and especially love the rewards offered

  2. An excellent review regarding MyPoints. I don’t believe that I have tried that one. I’m not a huge fan of the survey sites, though I do subscribe to one. I find it is very hard to qualify for most of them. Luckily, it sounds like MyPoints utilizes other earning methods. I think survey sites are evolving! Thanks for the massive in-depth analysis of the service. It’s definitely useful!

  3. Hi Val

    I really like this MyPoints reward scheme. It’s an excellent idea that allows you to earn vouchers or even cash. I think it’s amazing how just by watching videos can earn you around $6. I can just imagine how easy it would be to earn a side income that could help pay towards household bills.

    A great and in-depth review. Thank you

  4. Hi Val

    I really like this MyPoints reward scheme. It’s an excellent idea that allows you to earn vouchers or even cash. I think it’s amazing how just by watching videos can earn you around $6. I can just imagine how easy it would be to earn a side income that could help pay towards household bills.

    A great and in-depth review. Thank you

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