My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

My Survey Reviews Legit Or Scam

About My Survey

Hello today wanted to share a post of my survey and wanted to begin talking a little about their history. My survey is a part of Lightspeed GMI, both owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups. has been gathering  the opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946 as National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS. My survey was created in 2001 for consumers to express their opinion online.

How to Earn Money With My Survey?


my survey review

There Couple ways to Earn money with My Survey’s

  • Survey’s is one of the ways you can earn money with my survey’s and talking from personal experience it is not east to make a living doing survey that only pay 1 to 5 bucks some not even that.
  • Referral is the other way to earn income and like many other survey website’s it is not bad income if you know how to  and most people do not so they just stick with surveys. With My survey you earn about 1.50 per referral which in reality is nothing.
  • Product testing is a probably a better way to get paid due to some product testing can pay 10 or more dollars.

My Survey Pay there members points and they can use these point’s to redeem either to your Paypal account or gift cards to like Macy’s ect…..

Is My Survey legit or a big Scam?

Well my survey is legit and you can earn a income with them but not enough to quit your job,maybe just enough to fill your car with gas! That is the most common problem with survey’s people get pulled into a lot of scam thinking they can make 5000 to 7000 dollars a week and that is not the case. My survey is legit but in reality there is really no money to be made but time wasted!


They are a legit company and you can earn some spare cash.


  • Survey’s do not pay enough if you are older you will be better off working part time somewhere than doing survey’s
  • If you hate spam in your email than this is not for you but that is your decision  just know with most survey site like My Survey your email will become a spam box.
  • A lot of reviews online of people not getting paid or waiting up to 6 week to get their payment.


To join or not to join decision is your, just sharing my experience with you that no one get’s rich doing survey’s unless there is a good referral with the survey site that you are doing, but looking at my survey’s not much potential to earn a lot of money. My survey’s is legit but if you looked at the pros and cones you can see that you will waste more time  trying to do  My Survey than earn money.

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