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Everyone is trying to find an additional source of income, especially in this day and age. The job market is as hectic as it’s ever been, world economy has collapsed a few years ago, the world wide web is an integral part of our lives – all of this is the perfect breeding ground for scammers. Its sad, but true. How, you may ask? Well, there is no definitive answer to that question, some people are just unimaginably unethical and they would do almost anything to get some money out of your pocket. These charlatans thrive on desperation, they advertise themselves aggressively, pay for reviews online and do everything in their power to appear as legit as possible while they are just the opposite; they are cheaters, scammers, thieves, con artists and generally just bad people.

This may sound dramatic to some of you reading this and if that’s the case, then consider yourself lucky because you still haven’t been scammed or cheated. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. Most people fall into the trap of thinking: “I’m not that naive or stupid, no way someone would manage to scam me!”. Do you think that way too? Well, think again. These scams have, over the years, evolved. Companies are using the internet to advertise and assert themselves in a very aggressive manner. Laws and regulations are hard to implement online and scammers always manage to find a way around them and just keep on scamming more and more people each day. To them, the ends justify the means. Their only goal is money. That is all they care about and they will do just about anything to get some money out of your pocket.

One of these companies that does exactly what’s been described in the first two paragraphs of this article is promoting a fake software called Neo2. If you’ve never heard of them before, then just by googling the words “Neo2” or “Neo2 review” or even “Neo2 scam” should be enough to give you an idea about these people, but if you’re interested in specifics of how these charlatans are scamming thousands of people every day, then make sure to keep reading as you will get all the information that you might need in this article. Prepare yourself, because what we are about to tell you might be too shocking for some of you.

Personal Experience

I wanted also  to share some of my personal experience with Neo2 since there are so many shady review promoting this pile of junk, so I actually paid money and tried this software! After I have joined Neo2 I  was directed to deposit 300 dollars with one of the brokers that they have assigned me, and let me tell you right now most of the brokers they give you are shady brokers and you will not receive your money back! Keep reading to learn more why it is a scam!

Neo2 Review – Just Another Scam

Will these people ever stop? Whenever you browse the internet, no matter which website you visit you see all these ads popping up that go something like this: “New revolutionary system – become rich overnight” or “Make money from home doing nothing”. Needless to say, this type of advertising is ridiculous in itself, but why does it still work if its so obviously fake? That is a good question but the answer can be summarized in one word: desperation. They are cashing in on desperation, vulnerability and the need for money.

As previously mentioned, these online scammers have graduated from pyramid schemes into full blown organizations, companies and websites – they use every shady tactic out there to create an image of legitimacy, trust and reliability. But, how do they actually do that? Before we elaborate further, its important to note that even though these scams do seem carefully constructed and expensive at the first glance, they are definitely not. What these people do is they pay vloggers, website owners, hire freelancers, buy gigs on Fiverr, pay for fake reviews and they do all of that just to spread the word around about their product or service. This is exactly how they operate. People have caught on to these scams, so these charlatans are constantly trying to find additional ways to keep their scam going. This is their modus operandi in general, keep reading our Neo2 review to get a closer look at how this particularly shady “company”, if we can call it that, operates.

One wonders what to start from when writing a Neo2 review, because their website is loaded with sentences that are perfect examples of false advertising. For a start, the headline on their website goes something like this: “Our technology is making ordinary users 4 000 USD a week!”. Isn’t that a laugh? If it’s so easy, why don’t they do it themselves? Why would they share such valuable information with others if they actually had the means and the technology to make this sort of money? Besides, do you really think its that easy to make 4 grand a week doing nothing, just clicking a few buttons with your mouse every day and letting the software do all the work? If it was really like that, wouldn’t all of us already be millionaires? What’s the catch? Of course, there is no catch because there is no way to make that much money easily – those who do make that much money online, however, work incredibly hard and are usually individuals with years experience when it comes to trading and guess what? They’ve all probably failed more times than they can remember, but what separates them from others is the fact that they kept working even after they failed so many times. That is the only difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person – successful people work hard and smart, while unsuccessful people try to get easy money all the time and, in the end, they end up being bankrupt.

But, to continue with our Neo2 review, who do these scammers usually target and how do they keep scamming people like this? They target up and coming internet marketers and traders, generally people who are trying to make a bit of money online, to supplement their regular income. The words “The most powerful trading algorithm today” seem to pop up everywhere on their website and they have also installed an email submit button on the side – this is to get your first name and email, so they can spam your inbox with their offers. Do not fall for this and don’t even leave your email to these people because, not only will they constantly send “valuable information” about Neo2 to your email address, they will most probably bombard your inbox with dozens of shady emails in which they masquerade as a 100% legitimate company that is, for some reason, offering you free money. This is spam by definition. But, this is just the beginning. To write a full-blown Neo2 review we would need 10 pages and perhaps an additional e-book to name all the tactics that these scammers are using, but lets stick with the basics in our Neo2 review – they are more than enough to prove how unethical this company is.

Their software is focused on binary options, which is a legitimate way to make money in itself and they are using this fact to manipulate people into believing that their software will help when it comes to making money with binary options. Binary options are basically a form of trading that is based on predictions of whether a certain asset will go up or down. That sounds simple enough, but just like with any type of trading like Forex or stock trading, a good software is only the foundation, a lot of knowledge and countless hours of market analysis are needed to make money with this type of business. The general population does not know a lot about binary options or any form of trading for that matter, but that is exactly what Neo2 is using to their advantage to get people to join their program, buy their software and give them their money. They are using desperation, need for money and lack of knowledge to build their elaborate strategy of scamming you out of your money and burning a hole in your budget.

The golden rule is: “If something seems to good to be true, then it probably is” and that is what you should stick to whenever you come across these programs and websites on the internet. They may promise a lot, but they deliver nothing. In the next part of our Neo2 review we will describe how their website looks like and what it is that they are actually doing – these people are so unethical that what you’re about to read might send shivers down your spine as you stare at your computer screen in disgust and disbelief.

Neo2 Review Part 2 – The Shadiest Website On The Internet

Lets continue with our Neo2 review to see what it is they’re actually doing on their website. Once you open their website a video they have come up with automatically starts playing. In this video, they state how major publications and media giants such as The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have mentioned them and recommended their software as the best software of it’s kind. This is a blatant lie – they have never been mentioned in any of these papers. Can you believe that they would actually lie about something like this? Yes they would and yes they have. They actually claim that these newspapers have mentioned and recommended them, does it get shadier than that? Unfortunately, it does. There are more videos on their websites that are videos of their “clients” and of their CEO, someone named Dr. Jack Piers. However, after you google for that name – it is nowhere to be found. Do the same with the rest of the names on their websites and nothing will come up. But, maybe some of these faces seem familiar to you? Its because they are paid actors. Let that fact sink in a little bit before you keep reading. Yes, they actually hired actors to lie in your face. All of these people, their names, degrees, companies, incomes – it’s all made up. They don’t exist. Its just actors reading from a script and acting in front of camera. It’s unbelievable how far have Neo2 gone with their scam. They have outdone everyone else on the market and did the most horrible, unethical thing possible.

If you’re already cringing and thinking “This can’t be real, they can’t do this!” think again, because this is exactly what they are doing. All of this is just a part of their scheme to get your money. Is there anything good that we can mention in our Neo2 review about this company? Well, about the only good thing about them and on their website is the fact that the actors they hired are so bad, you might get a laugh out of watching them stutter as they fail to remember the script properly. If you’re trying to scam people, at least try to make it look a bit more believable. Neo2 definitely went a step further with their scam when they did something like this, so its probably just a matter of time until they start getting sued by people that they have stolen money from. Maybe The Washington Post an The Wall Street Journal will sue them too for trying to ruin their reputation, who knows. But one thing is for sure, until that happens, they will probably manage to steal more money from naive people just looking for a way to make some extra cash.

Neo2 Review – Avoid These People At All Costs


As we previously said in our Neo2 review, we could go on about how shady, unethical and worst of all, arrogant, these people are, but this is most certainly enough to give you a rough idea about them. If our very own Neo2 review isn’t enough all that you need to do is type the words: “Neo2 review” or “Neo2 review scam” into Google and see how hundreds of websites pop up and how literally everyone is saying that this website and this software is a blatant scam. There are countless testimonials and reviews online that prove what we are saying.

What more is there to add? We hope that, after reading our Neo2 review, you will avoid these scammers and everyone that has anything to do with them at all costs. Please share this article with your friends or on your social media profiles, help us spread the word around so everyone knows that these people are scammers. No one deserves to be scammed and cheated by them. They need to be stopped before they scam more people out of their money. We are all looking for a way to make a bit of extra cash on the side and we need to help each other and expose scammers like Neo2.

Their software is rubbish, they spread false information, advertise in an unethical way, pay actors to fake testimonials, hire people to act as their employees and clients and pay bloggers to write fake positive reviews of their website. They are, by definition, unethical scammers and they have to be stopped. Avoid them at all costs and spread the word around so they finally stop scamming people.


If you have any question or comments feel free to ask below, or if you would like to learn how to earn money from home working as an affiliate feel free to check out my older posts How To Make Money From Home



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