Online Profit System Scam

Online Profit System Scam

Online Profit System 

Name: Online Profit System Scam
Website: profit system
Price: Could not get that far
Owners: no names
Overall Rank: out of 100

Online Profit System  Review

Hello today wanted to share a small short review on a site called online profit system. I came across this site reading about online profit system scams, a scam by Angela Bussio’s that has been going around and, I stumbled across this site online profit system and wanted to see if it was the same thing or not.

Once I signed up or filled out the information there this is what I found

Online Profit System Scam


As you can see  after I filled out my info this poped up saying I just got a virus on my computer! So folks that is were I stopped I did not try it again because I then had to get a virus off my pc lol so my recommendation is to stay off this site if you ever come across it in my experience it is a website that gave me a virus!


My final verdict on this like I said stay away because I got a virus from it so I do not recommend lol below I posted a Picture on my web search result’s if anyone needs it. If anyone had any other luck or problems with this site feel free  to comment or ask question’s below, will appreciate any feedback or experience’s you guys might of had with this site, but from my experiacne I would stay away. Just wanted to say if you are looking for a work from home opportunity than my recommendation is to start in affiliate marketing, the most legit way to earn income today  so if you are interested let me know Ill be glad to help or you can read my WA REVIEW on how I got Started.

Online Profit System Scam



Online Profit System

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Legit spam

12 Replies to “Online Profit System Scam”

  1. Thanks for alerting us to this scam. I have heard of this system before but have never actually tried it. It seems weird that the site would actually give your computer a virus. That will make it hard for the scammers to make any money out of their scam if that’s the first thing that pops up.

    In a way it’s probably just as well. It’ll stop people wasting their money on whatever bogus program the Online Profit System is.

  2. Yikes! It’s unfortunate people feel the need to sabotage other people’s computers with viruses. My husband considers people who infect other people’s computers with viruses on the same lines of people who commit treason and should be punished accordingly. I feel his verdict is a little harsh, but understand his frustrations. He’s not had a computer for years and relies just on his smartphone these days. However, there was a time he was wiping his computer every few weeks due to viruses. Anyway, thanks for the scam alert.

  3. Truth about surveys is a clearly laid out site presenting a lot of the pros and cons about how they work. From the genuine ones Valetin states it is probably a good way to earn pocket money if you have the time, paying between 1-5 dollars. Do not believe their claims that full time incomes can be made. Every thing he states I know is true .

  4. Hi there! Thanks for opening my eyes on the real score about online profit system. I always wanted to join this kind of sites because I thought that it would help me pay my bills. But then I realized that the time and effort that I am giving is not compensated enough. So did you really get virus from this site? How did you cured it?

  5. The online Profit System certainly seemed like a scam before I even started with your review. LOL.

    WHAAAAAT?!?! That’s just ridiculous to know your PC had been given a virus when joining up to Online Profit System!

    Thanks for your warning, and I have just added this scam to my red-flag list!


  6. The Online Profit System is certainly a “no go area” from reading your review of this scam!

    This really is an unethical program, and not to mention the virus it gives your computer. Now, that’s just lame!!

    Thanks for your final verdic, and I’ll definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate instead.


  7. I have unfortunately fallen victim to this scam as well. Actually, it’s not a scam, it’s a virus. It’s not even a product. The virus is also very annoying since it looks like a real thing. I’ll admit I called the number. Of course, there was no answer. Getting my computer cleaned was a hassle, but I learned my lesson. Thanks for the review Val!

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