Paid Surveys at Home Scam

Paid Surveys at Home Scam

What is Paid Surveys at home?         Paid surveys at home

Hello today wanted to talk about paid survey at home scam. Paid surveys at home is a site that charges money to get a list of survey’s out there, that you can make money with. Paid surveys at home charges 68, then 34, 17 and then free. The question I ask my self why would I pay that much money to get a list of survey site’s to sign up with when I could look it up myself and find it without having to pay anyone. If you do sign up with the survey site’s even if you do get the free membership there is a good chance that they are collecting referral commission.

Why  Paid Surveys at Home is a Scam

Well first is that they try to get you to pay for something that you could do yourself and that is research. Second is that why charge money and then offer it for free, why not offer it for free to begin with. If paid surveys at home offered it for free than it would be different story other wise if your charging people money and other folks get it for free seems unfair and more like a scam.

Do the Surveys Pay?

Yes if you ever done survey’s most of them do pay but not a lot. Most paid surveys you will not earn to much with them unless you refer other members.

Pros and Cons of Surveys


  • You can earn extra pocket cash and a lot of surveys out there are legit but not all.


  • Little pay 1-5 bucks
  • a lot of time needed sometimes and also a lot of time wasted due to because you have to qualify for surveys. When qualifying for surveys you can do a survey and get almost to the end and a message will say sorry you did not qualify.
  • Need to sign up with bunch of survey site’s in order to keep getting a good amount of surveys to do.


To wrap it up my personal recommendation is stay away from survey site’s that charge money that is my personal recommendation to you, either take or leave it. Also another recommendation is if you are looking for legit way to earn income and make a living doing it I suggest affiliate marketing and best place you can find info and training is on Wealthy Affiliate . If you want more info check out my earlier post affiliate marketing course. If you have any question’s or comments feel free to ask.

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