Panda Research Is It a Scam?

Panda Research Is It a Scam?

In this economy, most of us could use an additional source of income, especially young people out there that live in countries where the United States dollar is worth a lot more than it is in the western world. This is the primary reason why a lot of people look for work online, but not everyone has a marketable skill that is sought after in the world of online business. Not everyone is a programmer, a web designer or a SEO expert.

If you’re new to the world of online money making then you’ve probably come across websites that pay users to fill out surveys. Now, this may seem like petty cash at the first glance, but people who’ve worked long enough at these websites swear by them and claim they’ve, over time, become their main source of income. There are dozens of these websites on the world wide web, some of them are better known than the others and some of them are still up and coming websites that don’t really have a reputation yet.

A new company of this kind has recently resurfaced and seems to be talked about a lot recently – it’s called Panda Research, and a lot of people are, rightfully so, asking themselves the following questions: Is Panda Research a scam or a legit website? How much money can I make working on Panda Research? Do they pay on time? How much do they pay? These are all legitimate questions and we are here to give you the answers, so make sure to keep reading.

Panda Research: Another Elaborate Scam or A Legit Website That Pays on Time?

Just like with most of these survey websites, what Panda Research is offering seems to be good on paper. Basically, they claim all that you need to do to make money is take a few minutes of your time each day and fill out a few simple surveys, but is this really the truth? Unfortunately no, it is not. Mind you, this is not just how Panda Research are advertising themselves, all of these websites do the exact same thing. Before getting into details, lets clear something up: making money is not easy, doesn’t matter if you do it online or offline and whatever it is that you do, you can be certain you will never be able to make a decent amount of money working only “a few minutes a day”.

This false advertising is the first thing that sticks out when you start researching about this website. But, as you research, you come to realize that is the least of your problems. If you type the phrase “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search bar, dozens if not hundreds of results come up. This is, clearly, another big warning sign. You can go ahead and type “Panda Research scam” into Google’s search box and see for yourself. Now, this doesn’t have to mean this website is actually a scam – a lot of websites have been written about online and most of them have been called scams, even those that are 100% legitimate and pay on time.

We have done a lot of research on this website and we’ve come to a few different conclusions. Of course, you don’t need to research a lot yourself, as we have done all the heavy lifting for you. You will get all the information that you might need in this article, so make sure to keep reading. So, lets continue.

What is it that separates Panda Research from other similar websites? First thing that one notices when doing research about this company is their ridiculously high payment threshold – you need to make at least 50 USD before cashing out your money. If you’ve ever worked on similar websites, you know very well how long it takes to make that much money filling out surveys. This could be a deal breaker for some of you, but others might not mind it as much.

Another thing that becomes pretty obvious about this online firm, after a while, is the fact that, as you do research, you come across hundreds of forum posts, case studies and blog entries from people complaining about not getting paid. Needless to say, this is incredibly worrying. Could this be a coincidence? Why would so many people complain about this? There must be at least some truth to it. Well, sadly, it really does seem like there is, not some, but a lot of truth to this claim. It really seems as if this Panda Research scam has properly scammed a lot of people. However, from time to time, you come across someone saying how they got paid on time and how happy they are with this website. What does this tell us? All that this means is that Panda Research is, most probably, a waste of your time.

Panda Research Scam or Not? Pros and Cons


• There are people online who claim they have been paid on time

• The company seems to have been around for quite a long timepanda research scam

• The sign up process is pretty easy
• You can start working right away


• A lot of people seem to have been scammed by this firm

• Their payment threshold is incredibly high

• They have a very negative reputation

• Their support team seems to be slow and unresponsive

• Takes a lot of time to make money

The Bottom Line: Panda Research Scam or Not, It’s Still Not Worth Your Time

While this Panda Research scam doesn’t seem like a completely obvious scam, there are hundreds of reports and hundreds of people complaining about them. To be fair, there are people who claim to have been paid, but does that really matter? What matters the most is that filling out surveys is not the best way out there to make money – far from it. Filling out surveys takes a lot of time and dedication and the end result is far from satisfying. You will not make a lot of money filling out surveys.

Granted, you might be able to make a little bit of money, but that much cash is only enough to get you started and maybe make it easier for you to work online, because you’ll be able to reinvest that cash into something more lucrative – like, perhaps, your own website. All in all, Ill leave the decision making to you, and it is my personal look at it and from reading many other online reviews. If you do want to earn a income from home  some ways I can recommend like affiliate marketing. If you need more info check out my older post learn Affiliate Marketing  

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    1. Ya a lot of survey site are like that but I remember doing surveys it took sometime 4-6 weeks to get paid lol if you are looking to make some money check out some of my recommendations on my recommendations page.

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