Pexda Review

Pexda Review

Pexda a new way to look for products to sell on your shopify store. Maybe you have stumbled upon this site from a Facebook advertisement and was wondering if it is really worth investing in. I wanted to share my personal experience and tell you my take on it and if it is really worth investing in.

What is Pexda

Pexda is a spy tool or a tool to find winning products for drop shipping off aliexpress. Starting your own drop shipping store can be hard especially not knowing what to sell or trying to run ads to products that might not be winners. So with Pexda they give you products that might be winning products and they also have products that have already been tested and are getting engagement, and sales.

Cost to Join Pexda

Pexda has 3 different options that you can sign up as and below I included a picture of the pricing options


Is Pexda Worth the Investment

So is it worth getting started with Pexda, from my own personal experience I have seen potential and I believe that yes it definitely would be a good investment, to see products that could potentially make you sales or products that are already making sales all you have to do is test out a bunch of different audiences and see which audience will actually buy. Quick tip is to take $2-3 and make a bunch of different audiences and see which gets sales and those that don’t kill the ad.


  • Have different options of winning products and products that could be potential winners
  • Investment not to costly
  • Shows different audiences that you can target


  • Wish they had more products add more often

Other Ecom Spy Tools Out There

There are also many other spy tools out there like Big Big Ads and that is one my favorite ones that I am using because I can go and search for ads that are actually working on Facebook and their is no limit. Another one similar to Pexda is ecomhunt which is not bad as well.


Wrapping thing up just wanted to say Pexda I believe has potential and it might be good investment especially if you don’t want to pay too much. Below I will include a link if you will want to sign up and also feel free to drop any comments you may have.


Join Pexda

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