What is Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie as you may know is a survey site where you can go to earn cash and gift cards for taking time to fill out surveys on various subjcts. What surveys you get will depend on what you have filled out in your profile when you regester for Survey Junkie. Once you have accumillate 10000 points you will then have the opportunity to redeem the points for  gift cards or even cash .



Does Survey Junkie Pay


Does Survey Junkie pay? Well just from looking at the site and for the fact that they have been around for a while is yes you can earn gift cards and cash. Other questions is it easy? From personal experiance of doing surveys and even trying to do a couple surveys on Survey Junkie I found it to be very time consuming  and with little reward for your time. One think I found on Survey Junkie that was diffrent was that if you did not qualify for a survey they still rewarded you with some points for trying so  that was the pros of Survey Junkie.


My Personal Experiance Doing Surveys

I wanted to also share a little about my own experiance about being involved in many survey site’s and actually even doing it for couple hours a day. The things I found was if you want to make  money doing surveys you will have to regester a new email becuase you will get a ton of spam. Second if you want to earn cash or gift cards find more than one survey site to regester so you will have more surveys to do, and as time will go on they will send you eventually better paying surveys and even products to test and try and sometimes keep. Also like I said earlier it is time consuming, and that is one of the reasons I stopped becuase it was taking to much time with not much reward for my work, but it is great for anyone that has the time.

time consuming

Alternatives to Survey Junkie



I wanted to also share some alternatives to  doing survey for those that are interested in actually earning a income online or just spare cash that is better than doing surveys. First is you can get involved in affiliate marketing  and there is actuallly training that I recommend called Wealthy Affiliate so check it out. Second options is building your very own store and dropshipping products, the cool part of dropshipping and affiliate marketing you dont have to own your own product or even ship. If you are really looking to building a income those are my two options I had most success with. If you need help getting started in eaither affiliate marketing or starting your very own store feel free to contact me by droping a comment in box below.


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