Survey Money Machines Scam

Survey Money Machines Scam

survey machines scam

About Survey Money Machines Scam

Hello and welcome to today wanted to share a honest review on survey money machines and ill start by explaining a little about them. Survey Money Machines was created by Hailey Gates and was made to help folks find survey’s that pay. Survey Money Machine’s you will not earn money with them they basically just give you information or a list of different survey site’s that you can join.

Is Survey Money Machines Scam?

I wanted to go through and show you around what I found about Survey Money Machines. First thing I did was I went ahead and registered and used email that I don’t care much about so I don’t get spammed on the email I use most. Once I signed up it took me to this page. On this page I was asked to fill out some general info, something like you would do for a survey.Survey Money Machines Scam

Took me about maybe 3-5 minutes to do that and then I went to the next page and basically got a big list of survey that I could sign up with.

Survey Money Machines Scam


Scam Or Legit?

So here is the question is it legit or a big scam? Survey Money Machines in my opinions is not a scam only because they are only offering a list of survey site’s. Most of the survey’s there I have been a member of and they are legit but only problem is that survey’s don’t pay worth a crap to even earn a living, so in that case it is a scam to some folks so depends how you look at it.

The Problem

Here is another thing I found if you asked your self a question on why would some one make site like Survey Money Machines? It is simple once you get to the last page and you do sign up with all theses survey site’s  the person that made Survey Money Machines is earning referral credits and it could range from 5 bucks to more or less depending on what all those survey site’s pay. The other question is are you gonna make as much doing survey’s as this person probably not because from personal experience surveys only pay 1- 10 bucks and you only get 1 to 2 survey’s a day. Also you would have to qualify for those survey’s in order to make anything and be registered with 10 or more site’s to keep the survey’s coming.

How do people earn money with surveys?

Most folks that have experience actually make most of their money referring other folks and the best way to do that is through a website like Survey Money Machines. If you are a beginner and want to make money with survey’s it is possible but you earning will be little and you will waste a lot of time and I am taking from personal experience.


  • Survey’s are legit


  • Little pay
  • Don’t always qualify for survey’s
  • Can become a big time waster
  • Payments on most survey sites take about 4-6 weeks to get which is pretty long for me.


Well to wrap up my post just wanted to say Survey Money Machines is not something that I would recommend joining but that is up to you and, you will probably gain nothing out of it except research and you can do that your self if you wanted to. Survey Money Machines is another way someone will make money if you sign up with all the survey site’s they have posted. Survey’s that are shown on the last page most of them are legit and some I would not even waste my time on kinda do the research on that, or if you have question’s feel free to ask ill be glad to help. Thank for stopping by and reading my Survey Money Machines Scam post.

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6 Replies to “Survey Money Machines Scam”

  1. Hello,
    I have always wondered about these surveys. I see them all the time i go on the internet. You gave a lot of insight on how they actually work and if they are worth doing. Some surveys seem like they literally pays pennies. My advice would probably stay clear of them because if one of them they can try and take all of your information. Nice job.

  2. Hi Val,
    Filling out online surveys…that’s one of those things I investigated when I was first looking into making money online.
    As you rightfully point out its a huge amount of time and effort invested to earn peanuts: you’re never going to get rich with this sort of thing!
    Affiliate marketing to me sounds like a much better way to build a solid business online that actually makes a decent income!
    – Luke

  3. Great job man! I am also revealing the scam and reviewing the survey sites (Earnyfy). Many people lie in order to earn the commission. And you really know about survey sites.

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