Survey Say Scam Exposed

Survey Say Scam Exposed

Product: Survey Say

Price : Free

Overall Rating- 1 out of 10

What is Survey Say?

Survey Say or maybe you have heard of Big Spot Survey is basically the same thing  they even have the same homepage when you  just get on the website  now in this review I will do a quick rundown on what you can expect when signing up with survey say.

survey say review      and   Big Spot Survey Scam


Can you actually earn money with Survey Say?

The problem with Survey Say it is not a survey site where you will take surveys but  a site that has a list of surveys that you can join to make money. Whole point of Survey Say is to gather information and also to get you signed up for the survey site’s that they have listed, because most of the survey site’s have a referral program where they probably get a commission off every person that sign’s up. So the questions is can you make money with Survey Say and that is a no.

Pros and Cons


  • Get a list of surveys


  • Mostly there to collect your info and probably good chance they or someone else might spam your inbox
  • No  money to be made


Here is the verdict to join or not to join? In my personal experience this site was useless to me as the same way as many survey site’s out there little or no money to be made unless you refer other folks. Is it a scam, well I cant really say it is a scam because they are not taking your money but  I would not wast my time signing up for it because if you really want to do surveys there other methods of finding surveys sites, but ill leave that option up to you, and let you decide. I hope this review will get you pointed in the right direction and if you want you can also read my Big Spot Survey Review , any comments or questions are welcome will be glad to help thanks.

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