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Ways to Earn a Income Online

Ways to Earn a Income Online

What Are Some Ways to Earn a Income Online?

Here are a couple ways to help you start earning income online, ill start with my favorite and work my way down the list I hope you will find this useful.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to earn a income online. If you have a passion for something like books for example than you can make money online by promoting books out there, it does not really matter what your passion is the fact is that you can turn it into a career. The way affiliate marketing works is you choose a

  • Niche
  • Build a Website
  • Find Products to Promote
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Make Money

It is  a pretty simple process but not always easy does take work and dedication so do not expect to do nothing and make money. If you are intrested in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing check out Wealthy Affiliate where you can get started for free.
Ways to Earn a Income Online

Sell Your Own Shirts!

Have you ever though about designing and selling your own t-shirts? If you haven’t than this might be a great option especially if you are good at designing. Teespring and there are couple more site’s out there where you can design your shirt and make profit on it, even if you are not a  designer you could always have some one design for you for a small fee. Also you do not always need a website to sell the shirt good option is to make Facebook or Instagram page and promote it there, even start running some ads.

Ebay or Etsy

Like making your own stuff? How about try and selling it on Etsy a great place where you can post your stuff that you make and earn money for doing what you are good at. Also other option is eBay most of you know eBay it is another option that you can take.


Another way to earn some money is through drop shipping but it is not my favorite way but is not to bad ,especially if you have your own site where you will be selling otherwise I found to much competition on eBay and was hard to make a profit.

Online Surveys

Its free to get started but you will need a lot of time, it wont make you rich but it will provide some spare cash. You can check out getpaid. social my personal recommendation on a survey site, and they offer many tasks that you can make money with. Some other sites like global testmarket, and opinion outpost  are the other one that personally recommend but like I said wont make your rich but will put some extra cash in your pocket if you have the time.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world you can really make money with anything you want online if you really want to but most people tend to give up to quick. Couple things I will recommend especially if you want to build a strong online career and quit your full time job is take some time and learn and implement what you learn, like I said earlier if you want to learn affiliate marketing than Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start not just because I promote it because it actually works, and that is where I got started online. I hope this will help you get going in the right direction if you got question’s or comments feel free to ask.

How to Boost Blog Traffic

How to Boost Blog Traffic

Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog or site can some times be very frustrating, today want to help you with boosting your blog traffic, and ill share what has worked for me. So how to boost blog traffic, well first thing is first are you posting daily or at least 3 times a week? Here is a list of things that I came up with that actually helped me.

Steps to Boost Blog Traffic   increase blog traffic

  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Do a good keyword research on each topic to make sure I will be actually able to rank for that.( here is the tool I use to do it Jaxxy Keyword Research).
  • Post on Facebook, google plus and other social media site’s.
  • Go to google webmaster tools and let google know that you made a post by  going to fetch tab

Creating Post’s that Rank

When creating a post or page make sure you do your keyword research and a serp analysis. When you found what you are going to write about follow these couple steps bellow to help you get better rankings on google and bing.

  • Post should be minimum 300 words, I recommend a little more than that anywhere 500-2000 words all depends if you can cover everything in what your post is about.
  • Your keyword should be in the title, and somewhere in first paragraph.
  • Make sure you have good keyword density but do not stuff your article with keywords, that is called keyword stuffing and you will not rank.
  • Post a image with your keyword relevant to what you are writing.
  • Post a video, your or someone else’s
  • Share your post social media
  • Let google and bing know that you made a post through google webmaster tools
  • Something else I like to do is see what my visitor’s are doing on my website or when they are reading my blog post’s, I do that by using a heat map and you can check out more about heat maps here

Final Thoughts

Those are just some basics that will help you get started if you want more info feel free to ask or you can check out Wealthy Affiliate a great online training university where you can learn more.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Start

Hello and welcome today wanted to share with you on how to start affiliate marketing business, and ill give the steps you need to take to get going in the right direction.

Find a Niche

First off when starting a affiliate marketing business you will need to find your self a niche that you would be interested in doing, by that I mean if you like football you might want to get in on the football niche and sell football apparel or helmet’s, but also find something that  you can write about at least couple times a week, because you will need to build your own site and have content put on it regularly to keep it up to date, and fresh for your visitor’s to read.


Research would be our next step after you found your niche you will need to then do some research about see if it will be something worth getting in to or not. Here is a great video that you can watch at Wealthy Affiliate about learning how to research and brain storm your own niche.How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business



This is the most critical step and most important step for me personally is learning, if we do not learn we will get no where. Start Learning for free at Wealthy Affiliate like I mentioned earlier is the best choice I made for myself, with Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to learn how to build your site, and all the way to driving traffic to your site and much more. Wealthy Affiliate is your online school to learning how to start a affiliate marketing business.

Hosting and Domains

After you have completed those couple steps you will be on soon to building your own site! Next step would be is to choosing a domain and hosting if you are not sure about what you want yet and just want to use Wealthy Affiliate they offer 2 free websites that you can host with them for free until you decide on a domain name. Where you host is up to you I do my hosting through Wealthy Affiliate because it comes with my membership and offers much more like site comments. There are many other options also like Go Daddy and or going through WordPress, but if you want the most of  out of your membership I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, and the hosting  comes with your premium membership of 47 dollars a month, which is pretty good deal because you get awesome training and much more all at Wealthy Affiliate.

choosing a domain



Building Your Website

All right our next step is building our site, this is the step people worry a lot today thinking they need some html to build a site and all reality that is done already for you , all you have to worry about is the content and not the html. WordPress is what I recommend  when building your site it is easy to use and  has lots of options for you to customize the themes to what you want it to be. If you are registered with Wealthy Affiliate WordPress is already there and you can start building your site and getting things setup if you do not have Wealthy Affiliate and do not want to use it than you can go to WordPress and get your site going there or through GoDaddy. As free member at Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to start watching these videos below on how to setup your site and how to get things rolling.

setting up site

setting up your website


Final thoughts

To wrap things up I hope this will help you out and get you going in the right direction with your affiliate marketing business. There is way more steps after setting up your site but Ill share that next time or if you have signed with with Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to find all the training there you need to keep going with your business. If you have questions or comments I would be glad to answer them and any thought’s that you have feel free to comment below and thanks for reading how to start affiliate marketing business. If you want more info on Wealthy Affiliate Please be sure to check out my older Wealthy Affiliate Training Post.



Making Money Online As A Affiliate

Making Money Online As A Affiliate

Can You Earn Money as  a Affiliate?Making Money Online As A Affiliate1

Making money online as a affiliate has become one of the best ways to earn income today and more folks are trying to learn affiliate marketing but many fail over time. Most folks that start doing affiliate marketing think that it will be a easy  and you will be making money in no time, although I wish that was true but sadly it is not and believe or not it takes hard work and not to mention lot of learning but if you stick with it eventually it will pay off and you will be glad you did not give up.

Why so Many People Fail in Affiliate Marketing?

So why do many people fail in affiliate marketing, well there is a couple reasons and that is people are in the business for the short run what I mean by that is that they want to make quick cash with little work which that will never work out and most people get frustrated because they are not making any money within there first month or third month. If you want to be successful in the online business you need to not give up and work to achieve your success.

Other reason why some many people tend to give up is because lack of information meaning they do not know how affiliate marketing works, or how to maybe start building your own site and marketing it online ectt… There is big list that I could make on why lot’s of folks give up but these two reasons is why I gave up in the first place, but later realizing that nothing is easy and everything takes work, and if I put my time and effort for my business than it will definitely be worth doing.

Push Through the Wall that is keeping you from success!

Sound pretty funny but very true we tend to build a wall around use with obstacles that keep use from reaching our goals, and some are being lazy! or making up excuses  to put things off to the next day instead of working twords your goals that you set. If you can I like to put in at least one hour of work into my business everyday  either learning new things or working on my site’s.


If you want to be successful you have to learn and I mean learn and keep learning, because the more you learn the more value you will add to yourself. Things that helped me out is a site called Wealthy Affiliate where I started out my online learning and probably the best course out there right now that you can learn from and be successful online, but of course it all depends on you to put the effort to make things happen no effort no progress.

Final Thoughts

So to answer the question can you make money online as a affiliate? Yes you can and but it takes work and dedication and wanting to succeed online. I hope this will help you out and get you going in the right direction and I do recommend for folks to sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate and give it a try to start learning online marketing for free, and if you want more info check out my older posts on Wealth Affiliate Training Program.

Making Money Online As A Affiliate 

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Best Way Make Money Online No Scams

Learning How To Make Money Online

So what is the best way make money online no scams? Today wanted to share just that and what I found that worked for me, and also share other ways to earn money online that are not so great.Ill will start by talking about Affiliate Marketing for my first pick in earning money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process where you earn commission for selling other people’s products or services. Example would be I have a website about shoes and I found shoes on amazon that I like, and like amazon they have a affiliate program where you earn commission for selling their products, so when I promote those shoes or write a review on them I then could make commission off that item. Amazon or other affiliate site’s other give you a affiliate link with your own code that you use to direct other people to. Depending if you get traffic to your site or not and if your content is found useful.

Things you need to make money with Affiliate Marketing

  • Website
  • Traffic
  • Content that Converts

But before even all of that you will need to learn how to build a site and how to get it ranked so you can get traffic and start making money. Biggest mistake people do seem to make with this business is that they go after the money instead of trying just to help people in their niche. When you do start affiliate marketing put your mind on creating content that helps people instead just selling things to people.

How to Get Started?

To get started with Affiliate Marketing I recommend you read my best way to learn Affiliate Marketing post  and that should point you in the right direction.

MLM or Direct Sales

MLM or direct sales is another way that you might notice a lot of folks promoting their stuff online. MlM  is a multi level marketing and sometimes people call it a scam, which in a lot of cases there are many scams so knowing which company to join is very important. Direct sales is company’s like Avon ,Monat Global ,Mary Kay and many others these are called direct sales they are based more on talking to people and building your business socially online and by talking to people face to face.

Pros of MLM

  • Residual income


  • A lot of time do not have a product that you can promote more based on referrals and usually get shutdown quickly
  • Start Up Cost’s and monthly memberships could get costly if your not making any money
  • Usually Bad Training

If you Join MLM or Direct Sale thing to look out for

Make sure when you join a company the company has a good product that you can promote, because if there is no product or legit product or service company fail. Watch out for get rich quick schemes and also what they call ponzi schemes. Look for company’s that have good product and free start up cost’s or low start up costs if you decide to join. My personal recommendation is do not but If you do decide I will recommend Monat Global a hair product company that been out for only year  and still you will have the opportunity to be on top since not many people know about it because it is new and the products are great!


What are surveys? Well it is as it sound you get paid for your opinion. Ill keep this one short and sweet paid survey are great for those that do not need a lot of money. Most surveys that I have done and I have experience of about a year worth of surveys and Ill tell you that you will not make a living doing it you can get some spare cash for the movies and gas for your car. So far the only way I saw people make some decent money with survey’s is by referring other folks.


  • Survey’s are legit but also a lot of scam out there so be careful
  • Can make some spare cash


  • Time consuming
  • Low Pay
  • Survey you do you have to qualify for them so you can do survey for 15 minutes and then you will get a message saying sorry you did not qualify that is what I called time wasted.
  • Long time to get payment about 4-6 weeks with most survey site’s


Well those are just some ways to earn money online the one that I recommend is Affiliate Marketing, making money online take’s work and nothing will be just handed to you and, will have to put some effort into it  so be careful with site’s that promise you thousand’s or hundred’s within a week or days because if it sound to good than probably a scam. There are many other ways to earn money online like Ebay and Fiver or working for online company’s being a live agent, but I recommend what I tried and worked for me although tried many thing affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn a full time income online. Your success depends on how hard you want to work for it. I hope this will point you in the right direction if you have any question’s or comment’s feel free to comment below. Also to any one that is interested in learning affiliate marketing I recommend you get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate  where you can learn the online marketing and be successful online.