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Big Spot Survey Scam

Big Spot Survey Scam

Big Spot Survey Scam Exposed

Hello folks today wanted to do a review on Big Spot Survey and give you a walk through on what you could expect if you would have signed up. If you have bumped into this site  and just wanted to know if Big Spot Survey is a scam then I ll help you out with that question after I walk you through and show you what I found after signing up. Big Spot Survey has 2 websites one is

www.bigspot.com and other one is bigspotpanel.com

Big Spot Survey Scam   Big Spot Survey Scam


What Is Big Spot Survey and is it a Scam?

Big Spot Survey Is a survey site that claims you can make money doing survey’s. What I found out was that Big Spot Survey is actually a site that offers a list of other survey site’s that you could sign up with. With Big Spot Survey when you sign up it will take you to the page below and there will be different survey site’s that you could join but, you might be asking what is the point in that well when you sign up the owner of Big Spot Survey gets a referral and most of the time makes a commission for referring some one depending on how the other survey site’s work. The whole point of Big Spot Survey is to get you signed up with other survey site’s so they can make a commission.

Big Spot Survey Scam


Verdict: Is Big Spot Survey Scam

Well folks you can decide that for yourself Big Spot is just there to collect referral’s in most cases people will say it is a scam some will say they are just providing legit survey site’s to sign up with either way, my recommendation is don’t do it only because you probably will get spammed and if you do sign up with the survey site’s they usually don’t pay much as they the claim in the tv commercial, unless you are referring other people. Either way thank’s for stopping by hope this post helped some of you out if you would like read my other post on survey money machines .

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