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Direct Selling Opportunities

Direct Selling Opportunities

We all dream of having that perfect job waking up in the morning working couple hours a day and spending the rest of our time with our family, and friends or doing something we love. Direct selling has become a great way to start earning some great income on the side and also a great way to replace your income if you really put in the work.

What is Direct Sales

Direct sales is where you are selling products or service for different companies like Avon for example. You are promoting their products or services either face to face going door to door or like most people today through social media, which has become a very popular place to go to sell and recruit new members.direct sales


Direct Selling Opportunities

There are a lot of direct sales opportunities out there and I will give you a list of what I tried and really had success with in the recent years and also ill include some tips on how to really get selling with direct sales.

My first recommendation would be a company called Monat Global it is an anti aging hair care company. Monat is a unique and different from other company’s because it is the only direct sales company in the anti aging hair niche. There is huge potential to be successful with this company due to the fact that it is unique, and due to the fact that they have a very genourus compensation plan and if you are interested in learning more check out my older post on Monat

Here is also a list of other companies that I believe are good but some of them might be older and little harder to due to the fact that there are to many people promoting so makes it very competitive.

  • Avon(Lots of Competition)
  • Le-vel
  • Vasayo
  • MaryKay ( Lots of competition)
  • nuriem
  • Monat( Still young and lots of potential)


Other Alternative to Direct Sales and Also Some Tips

There are of course other alternative’s out there to make money online like for example being an affiliate marketer that is one of the best way to make money simply because if you have a website you can get products and services in front of a lot of potential customer’s, and in return you could be making commissions on those referrals. Of course this does take some time and involves having a blog and or a website. If you are interested in affiliate marketing you can check out my post on Affiliate Marketing to see how you can start. Some tips if you are doing direct sales or affiliate marketing having a blog or a website is a must in my own experience that will help you out a ton. Tip 2 focus on helping others instead of trying to sell to people. Tip 3 make sure if you are promoting a product or service out there make sure it is an actual product people need and not just some scam because there are a lot of company’s that are pyramid schemes where there is really no great product behind it just based on referring others with high membership fees, that I would stay away.

Direct selling opportunities


Well to wrap this post up I also wanted to include that there are some investment cost’s that are associated in direct sales, not always but there are a some they might not be in the thousands but most direct sales companies there is a fee of at least a $100 but there are some free ones like le-vel. I hope this post helped some of you if you want to connect and chat, or need any help with getting started in direct sales of affiliate marketing drop me a comment and ill get back with you.