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Top 5 Survey Sites

Top 5 Survey Sites

My Top 5 Survey Sites That I made Money With

Young or old we all need money! Question today is where to get the money? Well if you do not mind answering question’s or filling out surveys, then doing survey’s will be a great way to earn some extra cash wont be much but every bit does help, so today I wanted to share my top 5 survey site’s that I have made money in the past before I started my own online business.

1. Opinion OutPost

One of my long time favorite’s is Opinion OutPost it has been around for very long time and one of the faster paying survey site’s out there that I have made money with and had success with. Also they are the higher paying survey site’s out there so check them out. They Pay via Pay pal or you can redeem for mileage airfare which is pretty cool something new that has been added, and also you can donate to red cross and much more.

Sign Uptop 5 survey sites

2. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is another great survey site that you can make some spare cash with and I have made quite a bit with them in the past. They are pretty good about always paying on time. With Global Test Market you can earn points and then you use these points to get cash through PayPal or gift cards and much more so check them out below.

Global Test Market Link

3. Swag Bucks

Number 3 is swag bucks a very popular one today that has also been there for quite a while where you can earn swag bucks and redeem them for pretty much cash to gift cards and much more just by filling out surveys, watching something, or searching the web something that you do already.

Here is the Link to Join


Get paid to test products and do surveys! Toluna is another survey that I will recommend that I have received money from and that you can trust. They pay out in gift cards or Pay Pal, they also have sweepstake’s that you can join.


5. Ipoll Surveys

Last one that is not bad is Ipoll that you can earn money with, they pay through Pay Pal like most of the other survey site’s and  or you can exchange for amazon gift card or I tunes



To wrap this up just to finish and to say some last thing about doing survey’s is that they are time consuming and you will not always qualify for every survey you do, that is why I call it spare cash not a full time income so I hope this will help some of you out. If you do have any questions feel free to comment below. Or if you are interested in starting your own online business check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and how I got started.