Tag: What Is GetPaid.Social In Depth Review

What Is GetPaid.Social In Depth Review

What Is GetPaid.Social In Depth Review

Product: Get Paid. Social

Price:Free to Sign up , and complete tasks, 9.97 month premium or 97 yearly, and last option is 297 lifetime membership

Overall rating: 7 out of 10

Legit or scam: Legit

What is Get Paid. Social

So what is Getpaid.Social? Well it is a new site that launched here recently where you can earn money for completing tasks like viewing a website, or clicking on a ad. With Get Paid Social you will also be able to advertise with them if you are a online marketer you can pay other members to complete your task’s sorta like pay per click type of deal. This kinda reminds me of traffic exchange site’s where you view some one’s site, and earn credit’s to spend so other folks can view your site, it might be a cheap way to market your stuff but I believe wont see much success because people are on the site to just make money , and not interested in what you are offering, but might work for some one.

How to make money with Get Paid Social

If you want to make money with Get paid Social there is 2 ways to earn. First way to earn is to complete tasks, which with free membership you only get like 2 task a day so far that is what I had with my luck, but in order to receive more task, and higher earning you will have to upgrade to a premium membership, and that will cost you about 10 bucks a month, or 97 yearly, and last option they have is 297 dollars for lifetime membership.

Getpaid.Social Review



Second way to earn money with Get Paid Social

The second way you can earn money is by Referrals. Earn money when someone becomes a premium member and earn up to 40% percent commission every time your direct referral upgrades their membership, and also earn 10% percent when the person you referred and they referred someone who upgrades get 10% percent commission also.


Earn by Completing Surveys Recently Added

GetPaid.social recently just added a place where you can start doing surveys to earn money also and most surveys start out paying around a dollar, and you will be able to take as many as they have available or 5 at a time.

Perks of Having Premium Membership

  • Earn more with referrals , and get unlimited tasks.
  • Vip and Priority live Support get help with less than 24 hours  on your ticket.
  • Unlock paypal option
  • Get Gold task that pay .50 or more.
  • 100% percent off task listing do not have to pay a fee to list your ads.

What can you really earn as a free member?

Can you really earn as a free member? Question to that is yes you can but probably nothing except pennies since as a free member you will not get that many tasks to do. If you want to earn money you would have to upgrade to a premium membership to unlock unlimited tasks, and the referral bonuses.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap membership costs
  • Not bad Commission on referrals
  • Not bad ad system


  • Free membership is kinda useless since you will not make much just by doing task, most you will earn couple of cents.
  • Not many tasks available  due to program being new.
  • surveys do not pay much like any surveys site but you do have the ability to take as many as you like, or what they have available.

Is GetPaid.Social scam or Legit?

Yes GetPaid.Social is legit, and you can make money.

Final thoughts

To finish up my post just wanted to say this is a legit opportunity that you can really earn a not bad income if you take advantage of building your downline with the premium membership. As for free membership I do not see much value in that. My final recommendation’s if you would like to earn a income online get paid social not bad place to start if you are a premium member. If you would like to try Get paid Social you can do it buy clicking the banner below. If you need help starting your online business than I recommend reading my older post how I got started in online marketing, and you can find free training there to so check out my Affiliate Marketing Post