Traffic Authority Scam

Traffic Authority Scam

Traffic Authority

This is my personal opinion on Traffic Authority.

Economy has taken a huge blow, years ago, and still hasn’t recovered from it. The job market is incredibly competitive and the money is tight. That’s simply the way it is for most people in the western world. This is the primary reason why so many of us are looking for additional sources of income – we could all use some extra cash.
The world wide web is flooded with these advertisements, that go something like this: “Make money from home! Become a millionaire overnight. Never work a day again!”, you’ve probably seen them before. There are so many up and coming online entrepreneurs, wannabe marketers and marketing “gurus” out there, it’s hard to keep track of all these companies and supposed “money making methods” that keep popping up every day. However, most people that try and work hard at making money online fail. Why is it that way? That is a completely legitimate question and it’s not because they’re lazy or unimaginative, the answer is: Because they’re getting scammed. There are thousands of con artists and charlatans, taking advantage of people in financial trouble, one of the companies that does this is called Traffic Authority.

traffic authority scam

The Traffic Authority Scam – An Elaborate Pyramid Scheme

Traffic Authority masquerades as a legitimate MLM (multi level marketing) company. If you’re not sure about what multi level marketing is, to put it simply it is a form of marketing in which you, as a seller, don’t only earn money from your sales, but also from other salespeople that you recruit. Now, MLM is completely legitimate and there are thousands of companies that operate like this – some of them are worth millions.
On the other hand, there is what we call “pyramid schemes” which is a different type of business model (more often than not illegal) that works on the principle of recruiting individuals through a promise of payment, but only if those individuals recruit more people and so on. The points is: pyramid schemes are unsustainable and complete and utter scams.
Unfortunately, while Traffic Authority advertises as a MLM company, it falls into the second category that we have described – it’s much closer to being a pyramid scheme, than it is to being a legitimate company. Take a look at the reasons why we think this Traffic Authority scam is gonna burn holes in many peoples’ budgets.

Why Is Traffic Authority A Scam?

• Traffic Authority scam is not the only scam of this type, there are many similar “companies” out there but what separates Traffic Authority from their competitors is their aggressive, yet naive marketing. For a start, their sales video is full of exaggerations and false promises. They keep offering “free” training and in return, all they want is to lure you in, so you can spend more money to get any of their products.
• Another thing unique about this Traffic Authority scam is the fact that they want you to spend money, before you actually get to try anything that they’re offering out. They offer these different packages (basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium) – the cheapest one is around 200 USD, while the most expensive one costs over 4000 USD. This basically means, they’re offering people to buy up to 4000 dollars worth of website traffic, but what’s worrying about it is this: they do not state where the traffic is from, how targeted it is or even if it’s real. They might as well sell bot traffic. Now, why would you even want to spend that much money on something you have no way of knowing if actually works?

• Here is how Traffic Authority operates like a typical pyramid scheme. It’s one thing their traffic doesn’t seem legitimate, but it’s a whole other thing when they offer you additional money if you get people to sign up under your link. So, not only that they are scamming you – they’re also trying to turn you into a scammer. Imagine how many people fall for this and just keep encouraging others, even their friends, to join this company and buy their products, there is no official data, but that number must be staggering. In fact, it can be said that, just like with any other pyramid scheme, the only people that are making money with Traffic Authority are those at the top of the pyramid – everyone else is just there to set a trap for as much people as possible, without even being aware of what they’re doing.
• Additionally to turning other people into scammers, by luring their into their own pyramid scheme, Traffic Authority also sells a bunch of other “tools” that they call essential. Supposedly these tools are meant to aid you in your pursuit of money and make the entire process of monitoring traffic a lot easier. That seems good on paper and there are actually tools like these out there, that may webmasters and digital marketers use, but here’s what the problem is with Traffic Authority’s tools: All of these tools and products are pretty expensive, but they have constructed the entire scheme in such a way that the entire process seems futile without the use of these so called tools which, in return, means that they are simply trying to get more money out of you while they still can, before you realize this is all an elaborate pyramid scheme.

Traffic Authority Scam: The Verdict – Is Traffic Authority Really A Complete Scam?

What more is there to say in the end? You know what they say: if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Companies like Traffic Authority confirm this decade-old statement. Traffic Authority seems to one of those companies that preys on peoples’ emotions and capitalizes on the fact that we live in such a uncertain age, economically speaking.
They are the definition of an unethical company that is looking to squeeze every last penny out of their gullible, desperate customers’ pockets. In essence, Traffic Authority is not only a scam, they are also a highly unethical company that operates as a typical pyramid scheme. It is highly recommended that you avoid them at all costs and try to find real, legitimate companies out there that will not scam you out of your money and that will actually provide you with useful, quality content and products.

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  1. Boom! it is an outright scam involving a shady few individuals.

    I was almost sucked into it. But decided against it at the last minute as I quickly realised that, well, the traffic is not that targeted if your client is not in the MMO niche (and thus the traffic you are selling is trash, untargeted and low quality to your customers). Also, if you are setting yourself up as they recommend as traffic reseller, you are,in short creating your own competition with every sale. (which sounds like a kinda dumb ala crazy idea to me).

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