What are Surveys

Hello and welcome to my site truth about surveys.com today wanted to share the truth about paid surveys the pro and the cons, but first Ill start by explaining what paid survey’s are for those folks who do not know. Paid survey’s are as it sound you get paid to express your opinion on product or services. Survey’s have been around for a good while now and people have earned money from doing survey’s online not a living of course but some spare cash.                             Truth About Paid Surveys

My Experience with Paid Surveys

Many folks today think that you could make a full time income in doing survey’s maybe you can if you are very good at referring people, but even if you are it will be very hard to make a good living doing survey’s. In my personal experience I have done survey’s for about a year or more and found that not a very good way to earn a income because the pay just wasn’t enough to  even cover gas to fill up my car at that time. I was part of more than 10 survey site’s doing surveys everyday that pay 1-5 bucks sometimes more for 5-30 minutes of my time. The question people often ask are survey’s legit and I will be the first to say yes they are.

The Truth About Paid Surveys Exposed

What is the real truth about paid surveys? Well surveys are a good way to earn some spare cash if you are a teenager. Paid survey’s in my experience are

  • Low Pay most survey’s pay 1-5 bucks a survey which is not much
  • the time it take’s to get the money or reward for doing the work can sometime’s take up to 4-6 weeks on average with many of the survey site’s out there.
  • Most of the survey’s you will have to qualify in order to take it or in some cases where you start taking a survey and you do not qualify for it when you already spent over 20 minutes doing it which for me was very frustrating and a big time waster.
  • A lot of survey site’s now do what they call offers where you can earn more but you will have to sign up for something like a credit card or do a trial offer, something that I do not recommend because if you do not cancel the trial offer you will be billed the full amount. Also a lot of the offer’s seem to spam you a lot that is another thing to watch out for.
  • Spam is a big one with Survey’s if you ever done survey’s than you know that your email inbox will be spammed with a ton of email’s everyday.

Pros of Paid Surveys

  • Survey’s are good to earn some spare cash

Watch Out For Online Survey Scams

There are a lot of scams out there today that promise you will get rich doing survey’s , do not fall for that because you will not get rich doing survey’s online. Survey’s site’s that ask for money are usually scams because a lot of them will try and sell you things like learn how to make 70 bucks a survey or some crap like that which is total bs . You will also run into site’s that ask for your info and than redirect you to page full list of legit survey site’s that you sign up with and the person earn’s a referral off of you those are some other site’s out there , not really a scam but they are just trying to get you signed up with bunch of survey site’s so they can make a commission for referring you.

Thing to Watch Out for When Joining a Survey Site.

  • Never pay to do survey’s
  • Never pay to get info about how to earn money with Survey’s
  • If you do not know if site is legit do some research or you can always comment on my site and I will be glad to tell you if it is a scam or not
  • Don’t fall for scam’s that offer or promise that you will make 100 bucks or some high number for doing survey’s good chance it is a scam.

My Recommendation

A lot of folks today heard and know that it is possible to earn a living online but how is the question people ask. Also people want a safer way to earn income with no scam’s or false promises. Making money online is not magic and not done over night other wise it is a good chance that it is a scam. When I started out I tried many thing survey’s, mlm, and much more and, only found one legit good way to earn money online that I am still working on everyday and that is affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is by far a better way to earn income online, is it quick no it is not but if you work hard you will see results that are way better than doing survey’s. I am not promising you will be rich although you could be but it depends on the effort you put in to achieve success. Also I found that success is nothing if you do not know what you are doing. I am still learning and will be learning because I have a passion to be successful if you would like to get started in affiliate marketing than I recommend you get sign up for free with Wealthy Affiliate not because so I can make commission that is not my purpose my purpose is to help folks out and point them in right direction. If you do decide you would like to learn more Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know if you want more info read my review on wealthy affiliate.


Verdict Truth About Paid Surveys

Earning money with paid survey’s is ok but not a great way in my opinion to earn money online. In my opinion you will make more working part time somewhere than doing surveys because I only managed to make maybe 50 bucks a month and a lot of time went into doing that. Whatever you will decide on that is your decision to make I just wanted to give you  a heads up to what to expect when you join a survey site. Every one make’s different amount with survey’s, some make decent money only because they refer other people but you would have to refer people constantly to be making decent amount of money and most folks do not know how to do that. I hope that  this will help you get going in the right direction. If you have a question or comment or any experience’s feel free to comment will be glad to hear from you and what you have to say. Thanks again for stopping by and reading Truth About Paid Surveys.