Vasayo Scam Exposed

Vasayo Scam Exposed

Everyone could use a bit of extra money to spend, especially considering today’s climate and the way things are going on the job market. Are there any  legitimate ways to make money online? Of course there are, but a lot of them require a degree of technical proficiency, which is not something that we all have, or at least a bit of money to invest. Which is, let’s face it, also not something most of us are willing to do. So, what is left? A company called Vasayo could be the answer. Read our review below to find out.

Vasayo Scam

What Is Vasayo?

Founded by two people, Dallin and Karree Larsen, Vasayo is a recently launched network marketing company. In fact, they have just been launched, so they’re definitely offering some great bonuses for people who sign up first, which is always a great thing for marketers.
Vasayo is offering 5 products, as of this moment and they are, as follows:
1. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Essentials

2. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro

3. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy

4. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew

5. Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

According to information posted on their official websites, their products are a unique blend of exotic and healthy ingredients, meant to improve one’s overall physical and emotional health. The Essentials, the Neuro package, the Energy package, the Sleep supplement combination, the so called Renew – there are endless possibilities as to what product you want to promote if you decide to work with Vasayo.
This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of this company – the large selection of product guarantees that almost every marketer should be able to find a way to reach out to a certain demographic interested in a certain product. Why? Well because the products themselves are:
a) Of the highest quality

b) Versatile
And by versatile we mean there is something for everyone. Whatever your health issues are, there probably is a Vasayo product that can help you out. This is great news for everyone who wants to get involved with this company because every marketer loves when they have a good reach and when they have the possibility to sell to a larger audience.

Vasayo Compensation Plan

That aside, what matters the most is the compensation pln. Based on a binary payment strategy, which is pretty standard in this industry, Vasayo seems to have a really solid structure. But, at the first glance, it doesn’t seem very special. However, that changes once you take a closer look at their compensation plan, because:
1. There are 8 ways to earn a commission

2. There is a 5% executive benefit check match

3. All the marketing levels are fairly balanced

All in all, Vasayo seems like a solid company and a great opportunity to make money. The only problem for some could be the lack of information to be found online. As we are sure you’ve already noticed, you may have searched for info about this company online, googled things like “Vasayo scam” or “is Vasayo scam”, “Vasayo review”, “Vasayo experience” and probably haven’t come across a lot of info.

Vasayo Pros and Cons

It’s always great to take a look at a short pros and cons list, just to repeat what we have already talked about in less space and, perhaps, with a little bit more structure.

  • Reputable owners,
  • Wide selection of products,
  • Great compensation plan
  • In it’s Pre launch Stage
  • Not too much info or reviews online
    Clearly, the lack of information is the only thing that’s really bad about this company, but it’s pretty much to be expected. This is probably due to the fact that this is a very fresh, new company, so there isn’t much info about them out there. However, if you don’t mind that, we can’t do anything but recommend them highly.
  • Lack of info if the products really work or not

Vasayo Scam? The Bad and The Good

So, what is there to say in the end? Is Vasayo a scam or a great network marketing company? Is it worth your time and money? Is it worth dedicating yourself to marketing and selling their products? Those are all legitimate question, but we feel like we need to talk a bit about multi level marketing in this section of our review.

MLM or multi level marketing is nothing new. MLM has been around for ages and it is a completely legitimate, albeit a tad bit complicated, way to make money online. What is the problem then? Well, the problem is that many scammers and con artists have penetrated this industry and started their own online (and “real”) firms based on the MLM model. In short, multi level marketing is not inherently bad, but it makes it very easy to masquerade a pyramid scheme as a legitimate business. Unfortunately, this is what some people are doing. Most importantly, is that what Vasayo is doing? More about that below.

Final Verdict

To answer the above question – no. According to our research, Vasayo is a good, completely legitimate firm that operates smoothly and is based on a decent financial structure. Perhaps the best things about it is the product selection and the solid compensation plan. The only issue for some could be the lack of information that can be found online about them but, as we said earlier, this is a very, very young company so that is more than understandable. With that being said, in a few months time there will be tons of info about Vasayo online, so you probably won’t have a problem finding more unbiased reviews to read before making up your mind.

Lastly, this seems to be a great company that has a lot of potential. The real question is, are you ready to dedicate yourself to promoting their products? If you really, truly are then consider applying for their program. You never know, as long as you work hard, you may even be able to quit your job and immerse yourself in the world of network marketing full time. Whether or not that will be the case depends solely on you, but one thing is for sure – if you’re looking for a well-built system, a company that will help you build a solid foundation for your life, look no further than Vasayo. That is our conclusion. We highly recommend you give them a shot, the choice is yours!


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27 Replies to “Vasayo Scam Exposed”

  1. Hi Val, you have posts dating back for over a year so i am sure you know what you are doing but when I opened your site it was very slow….. and the large black truth about surveys header may be slowing things down in some parts of the world. Also your links do not open in a new window so i found navigating around even slower… sorry to give it such a poor review, I trust it was a problem on my end and not yours!

  2. Hello Val,

    I think Multi-Level Marketing is perceived negatively by most people. Most of the unethical product or service providers use a similar concept, if not the same way of direct selling and referrals. Indeed you are right. If MLM has been ages and still exist, then it means the methodology is still well-regarded. If it’s otherwise, then lawmakers would have ban and prohibit it in the financial world.

    It’s actually debatable as there is theory that MLM is still practiced till this day only because the ones who brought up and about were associated with legislators, if not the legislators themselves. Financially conspiracy? Well, just a hearsay. That’s all.

    1. Yes there are a lot of mlm that are scams beca use they have no real product and just based on referels but vasayo and monat these two company’s that I have been with helped me replace one of my full time income!

  3. Hello,
    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about company called Vasayo. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about this program before we join. It seems like a legit program, and I will consider to join. I will let you know about the progress.
    Have a good day

    1. I have just recent joined and I have chronic migraines and I personally use the renew and I can tell you from personal experience that it is truly amazing and works almost immediately. It is perfect. Better than any medication I have been prescribed.

  4. I’m always on the look-out for legit ways to make money from home. I’ve been involved with 2 or 3 different MLM companies, all in the health niche. In 2006, I earned over 28k with one such company. Everything was going along really great, then there was a huge scandal in the company and the founding members (those they put at the top) walked out and tried to steal the company from the founder. Needless to say, everything fell apart after that.
    How long have you been involved with this company? It’s probably too soon to tell if they are still in pre-launch?

  5. First off, I really love your logo. It’s very catchy!

    About Vasayo, I am skeptical of MLM companies, especially those based on nutritional supplements and the like. I’ve learned the hard way that the stuff these companies usually sell are junk that have no health benefits whatsoever.

    Vasayo, as you describe it, doesn’t seem like a bad deal, in comparison to other things I’ve seen out there. but like you said, there’s not enough information about this company yet to make an informed decision. I will keep my eye on this company though!

  6. Me encantan los productos sobre todo el de Sleep que me ayuda a dormir muy bien y el de Energía me ayuda para no sentirme ahuevonado.

    Buscas patrocinador Whats App +1 505 3065692

  7. Dallin Larsen is not a stranger to scams, and his history with Monavie shows it. Even his own son sued him. A friend of mine got in “on the ground floor” and signed up as a brand partner. He’s been selling it now for close to 4 months. I tried 3 of the products for 2 months, Essentials, Neuro and Renew. Did not notice a lick of difference. The Renew bottles had an issue in the first batch, the pump was sticking. Second bottle was fine. They were promoting higher energy level, alertness, and well being. I call BS on it! Eat more veggies, workout more often, and take a multi vitamin. That’ll save you $150 per month. Monavie was lab tested, and was determined to be nothing but “expensive fruit juice”. Vasayo is the same. I wouldn’t spend the $$$

    1. V3 is an 8 gram packet, of whichb4 grams is SUGAR! At $60.00 for a months supply, I think I will pass. Kiwi Strawberry was tasty I admit.

      1. Did you know that an apple has 20 grams of sugar? The 4 grams of fructose (naturally occurring sugar) is a drop in the bucket and nothing to be concerned about.

    2. Sorry you had a bad experience! Vasayo products have changed my life. No longer do I suffer debilitating headaches, knee & joint pain and my IBS is under control. My 11 year old autistic son finally has some nutrition in his life and he is able to focus because of Neuro. He is actually absorbing these products and the result was immediate. I loved it so much, I became a Brand Partner. These products will not work the same for everyone – but I, for one, and a believer!

  8. hi i am from india.i want to do something online for make money. bcoz i need money for my uncle medicine. he have spinal fracture. so plzz if u known about any plan for making money online. plzz tell me about it.Sure that its working in India. i thanks you.

  9. I have to disagree with anyone who finds Vasayo’s products to be BS. The formulas of each one, Renew, Core, Neuro, Energy and Sleep are legit! I tested them on different folks with different needs and got some wonderful feedback. And yes, this is a very new company.And they are still having growing pains. But there is great leadership, caring people and lots of support to elp anyone who wants to succeed. IMO

  10. My wife and I joined a couple months back as brand partners. We decided not to attend any of the weekly meetings. Our strategy was to hand out products to friends and loved ones and see if it truly works without any hype. We handed out six Renews and a couple of Sleep and Core Essentials. One person had great results. The other five didn’t notice any differences. We personally tried the Sleep, Energy, and the Core Essentials. My wife really liked the Sleep and Energy but didn’t feel that results achieved were worth the money. We decided to part ways with the company and get a refund from our unused products. I really wanted this company to work but I’m not comfortable selling something with such mixed results. I wanted to leave an honest opinion somewhere on the internet. They do not have a listing under Google Reviews. Best regards.

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