Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Scam Or Legit?

Taking Surveys from home can be a great way to earn some extra money if you are good at it! Today I wanted to take a look at a survey site called Vindale Research and see if you can really make money doing surveys and if they are legit or not. Vindale Research is a older site that has been around for  a while now just becuase I remember taking surveys about 5 to 10 years ago  and seeing Vindale Research as one of the top ones. Now Vindale Reseach most likely not a scam but how hard is it to really make money with Vindale Research or any survey site in that matter?

Vindale Research Review

Sign Up Process And Facts About Vindale Research

To get started in doing surveys with Vindale Research it is pretty simple for the most part you fill out a sign up form or just link it to your facebook account and it will take a lot faster. After you get that done you will get offered to sign up with a lot of other survey sites that are similar to Vindale Research. If you wanted to take surveys all day then you can sign up for all of them, so you would have more surveys to do,and could pick out the better pay ones and leave the ones that dont pay anything alone. Once you are done with getting through the sign up process you will be asked to do a tutorial which takes 5 minutes,and you will earn $1 for doing it. I started doing the tutorial and ended up spending about 10 to 15 mintues and getting nothing at the end becuase the way it works is you will answer questions and they will find you a survey once you qualified for that survey and completed it you will then recieve your dollar. But in my case I was answering same questions for about 15 minutes and ended up getting disqualifed for it. Next Ill share some facts about Vindale Research

Vindale Research Facts

  • Hundreds of online surveys added daily
  • Millions have been paid out to members
  • You will get paid real money not points and you can get paid by check or paypal. The time it takes to get that money might be a week or more they process payments 15 of the month.

Ways To Get Paid At Vindale Research

There is several ways that you can get paid at Vindale Research here are 6 that are listed on their website.

  • Paid surveys which we already went over.
  • Reward points which you can get if you join the Vindale Community on the blog  and social pages, there you will find challenges, polls, etc.. there you will find reward codes worth cash.
  • Reffereals is another way to get some extra cash by inviting others to join Vindale  Research you will earn $5 for each person you reffer.
  • Take a picture of your self getting paind from Vindale and get another 5 bucks
  • Earn cash for reading your email
  • And last one is watching videos and giving feedback which in return you will earn cash.

How To Sign Up For Vindale Research

If you thinnk that you would like to join Vindale Research and see if it is something that you would like to do or just to give it a try I posted a link below.

Get Started With Vindale Research

Or if you dont think that this is something you would want to spend your time on than I will tell you about some other ways you can earn money from home!

Work From Home Blogging

Ways To Earn Money From Home

There are othere great opportunity’s out there that you can really make some extra cash or even a full time income something that every person dreams about working for them selfs and not a boss. Couple ways that you can get started in earning some income is by blogging, promoting affiliate products or services has been a great way for me and many people in earning extra cash and even turning it into a full time business! Doing affiliate marketing is maybe the least expensive way to get started in your own business, considering all you need is time a website and some seo skill which there is plenty of information. If you would like to start doing affiliate marketing and need great training in getting started Ill recommend joining a program called Wealthy Affiliate which it is free to join and get your feet wet! So if you would like to get started I dropped a link below .

Join Wealthy Affiliate


Another way that has been popular is dropshipping but it does take a little bit more money to start but it is still a great way to make money if you know what you are doing. It has become harder over the past year dure to a lot of competiton and many same products that are being promoted. If you are interested in dropshipping drop me a comment and ill get you some more info on how to get started!

Final Thoughts On Vindale Research

Overall I think that Vindale Research is not a bad survey site to take surveys, but it is very time  and  not so much pay. In my opinion if I had to choose from starting my own business or takeing survey I would go with starting my own affiliate marketing business rather than spending time taking surveys that might make me littlle income and ton of time invested into something that wont give me significant returns. I hope you enjoyed this Vindale Research Review have a blessed day, feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions. 

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